The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Glitches

In south and east clock town at the same time
First, do any "play as fierce deity Link anywhere cheat", then, make your way to South Clock town. Now, climb and find a way to get to the platform with a treasure chest on it near the stairs. Jump from that platform on to the small portion of the treasure chest building (try not to fall in). Walk along the building and drop down into the east Clock town area (where the shooting gallery is). Valla!!! You did it!! The shooting gallery doesn't actully exist so you'll go right through it! You'll fall and end back in south. You can also climb the wall and stand on a invisable floor! Just go to the chest if you want to go back to south. And If you go down the stairs, FD Link will turn around and end up in east! This glitch is useless, but very cool!!