The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Cheats

Fierce deity link anywhere/Be only epona
First you must do the ''any item on epona'' trick. To do this call epona and ride her to the milk road. Ride her into the gorman brothers track and back out. Use the owl statue to save and quit while still on epona. Without getting off epona follow these following steps: To get Fierce Deity Link anywhere you must have atleast 10 rupees. Get these before doing the any item on epona trick. After you have 10 rupees and have done any item on epona trick go into the gorman brothers race track. Accept to race them. Make sure you have The Fierce Deity Link Mask on a c button before doing so. As soon as it says 2 on the screen press the c button you have it equipped to. Let the gorman brothers win the race, there is not much to do. After they pass the finish line you have Fierce Deity Link anywhere! Have Fun! Ok now to be only epona you must do the any item on epona trick (which i mentioned before). Make sure you have the giants mask equipped to a c button. YOU MUST GO INTO TERMINA FIELD AFTER DOING THE ANY ITEM ON EPONA TRICK!! As soon as you get into termina field, press the c button which you have the giants mask equipped to. Link will be propelled into the air, and you will have only epona! Have Fun! (Note link wll not turn giant)
(Note i am not responsible for any damage this causes to your cartidge or n64. You have full responsibility on if you want to do this or not.)
(Note for every single time i have done this (which is like 10000000000000 times) no damage has been caused to my n64 or cartridge. It is very unlikely for that to happen. I have not seen anyone who did this have damage done to their n64 or cartridge.)
(Note sorry for making you read all that.)