The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Tips

get out of clocktown with fiece deity's mask
I have found two wacyes to get out of clocktown with the fierce deity's mask on (sry bout spellin) The first is face away from a gaurd, z target so u are just lookin straight ahead away from the gaurd, and back up to the gaurd (holding z) and be on the right side of the gaurd (still with z) the speak icon should come up and SOMETIMES you will go through the gaurd and end up in termia field. here is a diagram

wall=| gaurd=G L=link
| GL|

The other way i found was to get in the basket abouve honey and darling shop and run to the left. The screen and link will sorta shake and 1 fo 3 things will happen. you will either suddenly stop, fall through the ground, and end up in honey and darling shop, jump and end up somewhere random, or jump through wall, and end up behind gaurd. Sorry if u dont understand my explanation

P.S. with fierce deity's mask u can pull yourself onto the wall in the laundry pool at entrance. found out somehow ?:-/ o well