The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Tips

Hotel reservation; and how to beat Gyorg
Hotel reservation: On day 1, go to the Stock pot Inn. Don't talk to Anju yet. Around 10:30am, she'll go to the kitchen and cook. Then, she'll go to her Grandma's room, then upstairs to the Employees Room. Wait for her downstairs. At 1pm (not 12pm), she'll return to the desk. Talk to her and she'll give you the key to the Knife Room, which is the locked room beside the Employees Room. Go in it to find a chest with a silver rupee. If you stick around at the front desk until about 4pm, you'll find out that the room was actually reserved by a Goron with the same name as you. Now the poor guy has to sleep outside. Nothing much to see there.

About Gyorg: I recommend you gather all the Stray Fairies first and get the defense upgrade. By then, Gyorg's gobble-up attack will only cost you one heart instead of two. Now, stock up on at least two red potions and a fairy. Go to the boss dungeon and go underwater as Zora Link. Use Z-target when Gyorg is near enough, and deploy the boomerangs. They will hit him only if he has his side to you, so it works best if you position yourself at the corners of the room. Whenever you hit Gyorg, hit him with the boomerang again while he's down, then swim to another corner so he'll have a smaller chance of gobbling you up. When he spits out piranhas, just swim away from them, coz unless you swim so near, they won't attack you. If they attack you though, just press R while floating to deploy the barrier.