The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Tips

Deku Flower Deeds
(You need to have the swamp,mountain,ocean and canyon for this to work.Also have a biger wallet)At the begining of the game the deku with the yellow flower wants to trade a Moons Tear for the land deed,right?Well did you know the trade can go on?After you get the Land Deed go to the swamp as a human.Trade with that deku for the swamp deed.Then go to the goron village as a deku and trade there.Then to the messy room in zora hall as a goron and trade there.Last go to the entrance to sakons hideout in the canyon and trade there as a Zora.No more trading.But now you have to fly over to a ledge on the other side with the Deku Flower you got from the last deku.When you get there open the chest and get 200 rubys!And there is also a heart piece!v

Note: You do not find the 200 rupees in a chest, but you get them from the last Deku. And also, every time you give a Deed to a Deku and he flies away, use it's Deku Flower and check the area close by, because there is always a heart piece to fly to! That means that you get a total of FOUR heart pieces when you do these trades!!