The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Cheats

Control ONLY Epona
This glitch is neat. Make sure you have the Goron mask on any of the C-Buttons. Then, enable all items on Epona (see my "Enable All Items On Epona" cheat to find out how). After you've enabled it, put on the Goron's Mask. Right after Link turns into a Goron, Goron Link will be floating in mid-air. Forget about him, you can now control Epona alone! If you try to exit, you will come to a dead end. You won't be able to exit this place because the game doesn't know that Link is floating in air. This means that the game can't teleport you because Link isn't on Epona. Your stuck in this place.

Note: You can perform the "All Items On Epona" cheat anywhere in Termina, but once you wear this mask your stuck in that place. I recommend you first perform the "All Items On Epona" cheat, then save & quit, next enter your game, later exit Milk Road then put on the mask.