The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Tips

Explore TERMINA with Fierce Deity
By the way, you might regret it, but you can also do this with the Giant's Mask!

1) Play the folloing notes on your ocarina until you are transported to the final day at morning.
C Right x2 - A x2 - C Down x2
And slow down time by playing The Song of Time backwards, for more time to play with Fierce Deity...well, more time on your clock anyway.

2) Play the Song of Soaring and warp to Ikana Canyon

3) Jump off of the cliff and land, head to your left, and when you reach the dead end with the two stone pillars where you will see Kafei hiding behind, turn right at a certain location and you might see a large rock door, you'll know when you see it

4) This is the hard part. As normal Link, roll through either of the two cracks at some kind of angle. You don't need to, but it's best if you wear the Bunny Hood when you do this. Why? You might find out on your trip through, it helps if you have something to extend your jump.

5) **** knows if Nintendo made this next event and the cheat itself on purpose, or is this an accidental glitch? But, you'll see Kafei there, and as he steps on this switch big enough for YOU to see in person, make sure you still have your Bunny Hood or some kind of mask on, then push Kafei out of the way and step on the switch.

6) As Kafei, first go to the Masks Subscreen and replace your Bunny Hood or other mask that you are still wearing with the Fierce Deity Mask, do not replace a mask not being worn. Then continue and do Kafei's part of the hideout.

7) Link is forced with no choice but to put the mask on. Go bat**** with him and finish Sakon's Hideout.

8) Now you begin exploring as you climb out of the dungeon, take a quick look at Ikana Canyon, explore a while, get your *** kicked by some Octorocks and jump down, swim in the river in the direction of Sakon's Hideout. Notice that you, now being in the Southern Swamp, can bully people back at Clock Town.

9) Things to explore at Clock Town:
a. How tall Fierce Deity REALLY is!
b. Don't talk to the Bombers or shopkeepers, compare your size with Jim at North Clock Town!
c. E-mail me when you discover what Fierce Deity's sword looks the Curiosity Shop!
d. By letting the Takurai (did I spell it right?)
by the entrance to Milk Road damage you
e. Then go to the Curiosity Shop of course
f. Confront the Skull Kid...not much though