The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Cheats

Kill Gyorg more easily
To perform this trick you will need aproximately 2 fairies. O.K. here's how you do it.
1.Stand on the very center of the blue tile and hold down R then hold down B to do an eletric barier on land (if you did it right you will stun him).
2.When you stun him you gotta' jump in the water real fast swim down and hit him with your electric barier.
3.After you hit him 3-4 times he'll realise his minions(plllease note that after his minnons are realesed you can't hit him with your electric barier attack when he jumps out of the water to stun him).
4.Sense you can't stun him as easily now you must wait for him to land in the water(I also reccomend Z-targeting his face when he lands)then move over to the ledge but not to close or he'll Knock you off the ledge and gobble you up and shoot him in the face with an arrow this will stun him. the same as step 2 1-3 times and you'll defeat Gyorg.

Hint:never go too close to the ledge or else.