The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (N64) Cheats

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Command codes

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Start Movie Sequence #2
at the file select screen press b and it will play the second movie sequence and with the same music as the first one.


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Easy Way To Get A Piece Of Heart
Fast way to get a piece of heart, very easy too.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Piece of heart1- Go to The West clock town. 2- Go to the door closest to the stairs that lead to the south clock town. 3- this room is the post office. 4- theres a kid on his bed playing a mind game. 5- he'll ask if u want to try . 6- accept, the game will start. 7- press A when the time turns EXACTLY to 10:00, secs. 8- He'll give u a heart piece for getting it. have fun.
Complete Anju's Grandmother's ReadingsWear the All Night Mask for both storys and she will give a Heart piece for both stories (seperate)
10 Second Challenge (Post Office)Wear Bunny Hood and Stop the clock exactly at 10:00 seconds and he wil
Woodfall BossBeat Odolwa
Stone Tower BossBeat Twin Mold
Snowhead BossBeat Goht
Great Bay BossBeat Gyorg
UnlockableHow to unlock
Postman's Hatgive postman the delivery and he will wait outside the latte bar
couple's maskcomplete anju's and kafei's quest
bremens maskhear guru gurus confession
don geros maskgive the chunk of meat to don gero found in goron shrine
kafeis maskaccept to search for kafei
giant maskfound in stone tower temple
Romani MaskDay 1 At Night Go to Romani Ranch at 2:00 and help Romani fight off the Aliens that steal the cows until the morning of the next day. Then romani will give you a bottle with milk in it. Then go into the Romani Ranch Barn and talk to Cremia and later on in the even go back to Romani Ranch and accept the carriage ride. Then shoot arrows at the Gorman Brother bandits wearing garo masks.
Captain's Hatgo to ikana graveyard go to Mr. Dampe's House and stand near Captain Keeta whom is resting and Play the Sonata of Awakening then he will get up and brake the top of the House and then you must chase him down and fight him he will eventually give up.
Bunny Hoodgo to the Cucco Shack in Romani Ranch, wear the Bremen's Mask and turn the baby cuccos into adult crested cuccos and the grog will give you this mask.
Gibdos Maskslow down time, go into the canyon house and play the Song of Healing to the Researcher who was turned into a Gibdo and he will give you the Gibdo's Mask
Keaton MaskAsk on the Third Day at the Curiosity Shop and you will have to get it from the OWNER
Goron's MaskMust have already of Beaten Goht to be able to climb up to the top of the Mountain and enter the Goron Graveyard. Go over to the grave and you will see a shadow that shows on the floor right in front of the Darmani's Grave. Put on the Lens of Truth and You will see Darmani The III's Spirit Talk TO Him and Heal his Soul and then He will leave behind his mask.
Zora's MaskOn Day One go to Great Bay, you will see seagulls flying around a unconscious figure whom is Mikau the leader of the Indigos go out there in the water and he will ask for help. Push him to shore and he will walk for a while and then collapse. Go up to him and heal his soul which then he will leave his mask.
Deku Maskyou must get back the Ocarina of Time and then go to the place where the Happy Mask Salesman is and she will teach you the Song of Healing which then it will turn the Deku Curse into the Deku Mask that you can put on and take off at any time.
All Night MaskOn Day Three Go To the Curiosity Shop and buy it for 500 rupees (you must have the Giants wallet in order to buy this mask)
Fierce Deity maskget all masks and before the final boss speak to all kids (kid with majora last),you will get into 4 dungeons after that you should have no masks left, if you dont have any go speak to majora masked kid and he will give you it.Gibdo's Mask The Real Way To Get The Mask|+|First go the the cave that is behind the Music Box House. Then Sharp the other Composer brother will play the Song of Darkness to try to kill you and play the Song of Storms and The Curse will be lifted off of Sharp and the land will refill with water and the music box house will start playing Goodbye Gibdos and after that cut scene, leave the cave put on the stone mask and Pamela won't see you and enter the music box house. Go down to the basement and go up to the casket, Pamelas Father will come out, then play the song of Healing and he will give you this mask.
Giant's MaskTurn Stone Tower Temple. Get on the top platform then beat the eyegore and a treasure chest will appear open it and get it.
Gerudo mask (transformation mask)Defeat Gyorg 5 times.
Smooch maskGo to the Honey and Darling shop. Then play each game on the 3 days 3 times.
Majora's maskGo to the moon and fight majora's mask (with fierce deitys mask) 5 times. (Before remains react, put on fierce deitys mask)
Hero's maskDefeat every boss with the right mask, in order.
Save maskHit every owl save place in Termina.
Skull mask (transformation mask)Talk to every stalchild in Ikana graveyard.
All- Night MaskOn the first night, stop Sakon from stealing the Big Bomb Bags from the old lady in North Clock Town at midnight. Wait until the third night at 10:00 to go to the Curosity Shop to buy the All- Night mask for 500 rupees. This mask will helg stay up with the woman in the inn that tells the stories and help you get two pieces of heart! Need the Giant's wallet for this. NOTE: Stopping Sakon on the first night will not allow you to complete the Anju and Kafei storyline!!!!!
Unlockable Weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
Great Fairy's SwordGet all fairy's from the Stone Tower dungeon and take them to the Great Fairy in Ikana Canyon
BombsGo to bomb shop in West Clock town and buy bomb bag
Light arrowsBeat Garo Master in Stone Tower and open treasure box
Fire arrowsFind in Snowhead temple
BombchuBuy with bombs in bomb shop in west clock town
Deku stickKill deku baba with spine and pick up stick
Deku nutKill deku baba without spine and pick up nut
Powder KegBuy from goron in Goron village in hole or at bomb shop(lone goron, have to be goron)
Lens of TruthFollow owl in goron village across hidden platforms and in cave
Pictograph BoxGet from man in tour shop for not having one
Magic beansBuy from guy in eastern chamber underground eating beans
Ocarina of TimeHave from beginning
Explosion MaskGet from stopping Sakon from robbing lady from bomb shop in Northern Clock Town at 12:00am on first day
Ice ArrowsBeat the eyeball monster in Zora Temple
razor swordgo to the smith shop in mountains and thaw out the furnace and pay 100 rupees and he will make it for you be care full with it because it can only take 100 hits before it goes to a normal kokiri sword
gilded swordafter you get your sword back ( razor sword ) dont break it then after you beat the snowhead temple go talk to the biggoron in the goron willage he will give you a powder keg and go blow up the giant rock next to th little goron then when it blows up go inside as a goron and win the races to get gold dust then take it to the smith on the second day if you do it on the third you wont get it
gilded swordafter you get your sword back ( razor sword ) dont break it then after you beat the snowhead temple go talk to the biggoron in the goron willage he will give you a powder keg and go blow up the giant rock next to th little goron then when it blows up go inside as a goron and win the races to get gold dust then take it to the smith on the second day if you do it on the third you wont get it
Razor Swordafter you beaten Snowhead or unfrozen the guy in the mountains wierd oven, you can just give your sword to him and he'll upgrade it to Razor sword the morning after (does NOT work third day!)
Mirror Shieldis found in the well near stonetower, you need to give the mummies what they want until you find the chest


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Another way to defeat Goht
Unfreeze Goht first. Stay in the doorway where you entered, and shoot an arrow (fire arrows do more damage, i think)at him whenever he passes. the 2 normal pots will give you arrows, and always come back, and run out and attack a green pot for magic energy. This method will take longer, but is easier. If you are planning on trying to get your sword reforged, i suggest that you play the Inverted Song of Time.
Anti-Wait powder keg explosion
Buy a powder keg from the goron in the bomb shop(he's the cheaper one) And place it wherever there is a big boulder, instead of waiting for an annoyingly long time just shoot it with your arrows.
Bomb Bag Upgrades
Big Bomb Bag: Stop Sakon from stealing the bombs from the old woman at North Clock Town on 12:00 at night(stop Sakon with your sword and not your arrows or he and the bombs will explode until you play the song of time)and buy the Big Bomb Bag at the bomb shop in West Clock Town for 90 rupees.

Biggest Bomb Bag: After getting the Big Bomb Bag, go to Goron Village as a Goron and talk to the Deku Scrub there and trade your Big Bomb Bag for the Biggest Bomb Bag for 200 rupees(Biggest Bomb Bag originally priced at 100 rupees).

Bomb Bag Upgrades
To upgrade the Bomb Bag. You must do the following things.

Big Bomb Bag (30 Bombs) - Stop Sakon from stealing the Bomb-Shop Lady, then go to the Bomb Shop and buy the Big Bomb Bag

Biggest Bomb Bag (40 Bombs) - Talk to the Deku Scrub in Goron Village as Goron Link with 200 Rupees and the Big Bomb Bag to get the Biggest Bomb Bag
Bomb Mask
Go to NORTH CLOCK TOWN at NIGHT and go the tree were thiers a heart on top of the tree.Check the pillars behind it. You will find a man who says "I am not doing anything suspishus really". Wait till the clock at hte bottom of the screen is 12:00. He will go to a old lady, and swipe here bag and run menacley. Hit him with your sword and riecieve a BOMB MASK. You will loose on heart every time you use it. Enjoy. And don't e-mail if you have queistions about the game I really suck at Majoras Mask.
Bomb Mask Quick Rupees
Well, what you do is first you have to have the Bomb Mask on. Once you've got that on, jump into that little basket thingy above the door of that Honey and Darling place in East Clock Town. When you're in the basket thingy, blow up the Bomb Mask and a whole bunch a green rupees will come flying out.
Bomb mask without damage
To not lose a piece of heart when you use the bomb mask, hold your shield then set off the bomb mask and presto, you still have your life piece.
bubble money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well if you shoot a buble the flying skull thingy with a light arrow it will drop 50 ruppies
catching the bombers gang
an easy way to catch the bombers gang is if you are the deku scrub or have the bow-n-arrow. if you use the deku can use your bubble blast thing and hit the kids, they will fall on there butts and all you have to do is go tag them. (also if you need to catch them with link in order to get the bombers book, hit them first with the bubble blast and then tag them as link.)
theres a kid ontop of a building holding a chicken and the kid wont be able to fly off. then you can hit the kid.

then if you wanna do it again as link and you have the bow and arrow, shoot them with the arrow.
Cheap maps
This is for beginers! Yay noobs! anyway, instead of paying tingle full price for a map early on, just buy one when your going into the area you need the map for. It's much cheaper to do it that way. You can save at least thirty rupees and still get your map!
Cheat at zora pot game =)
When you go to Great Bay as Mikua (the zora) in the second part of the beach(go right when you enter the area) ok, this has to be done fast, stand where you want to shoot from, should be closer than usual. really fast turn into link throw a bomb in the middle of the pots, and then turn into mikau and throw your fins at any one pot before the bomb exlpodes. its really hard to do but it works!

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Couple's Mask Correction
Couple's Mask
Uniting Kafei and Anju is the most involved good deed you'll be asked to complete, and it involves the collection of three masks. The sequence spans all three days, and you cannot travel back in time at any point without losing your progress.
Day 1 While wearing Kafei's Mask, talk to Anju at the Stock Pot Inn between 2:18 p.m. and 9:10 p.m. Meet with her that evening at 12:00 am to receive her love letter to Kafei, then deposit it in a mailbox so the postman picks it up during his next run.
Day 2 By 3:40 p.m., Kafei will have received the letter. Visit Kafei in the Curiosity Shop back room by entering the door at the Laundry Pool between 4:15 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.
Day 2 Inside the back room of the Curiosity Shop, Kafei will explain his troubles and give you the Pendant of Memories. Return to the Stock Pot Inn to deliver this symbol of undying love to Anju.
Day 3 Receive the Keaton Mask and talk to the Curiosity Shop owner in the back room to recieve the letter, Between 1:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Before delivering the letter soar to ikana canyon and jump of the ledge and go to the Hideout.
Day 3 Between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., Sakon will enter his Ikana hideout. Hide with Kafei behind the rocks when Sakon enters, then sneak in after him. After helping Kafei reclaim his Sun's Mask(YOU SHOULD HAVE SIX MINUTES LEFT TILL MOON TIME), Deliver the letter to the postman in his office at night, then speak to him at the bottom of the moomoo bar, after he's delivered it (IT WILL BE VERY CLOSE TIMING BUT DONT WORRY). Return to the Stock Pot Inn and go up to the second floor of the inn and go into the first door you see and you will be in a small room with anju. Wait there and talk to them after kafie arrives to complete your complicated task and receive your reward. You Still have time now play the song of time to keep the mask and save and quit if you dont there is no save point on the moon making it impossible to save or continue. If you go to the moon before saving and returning to first day you will have to do it all over again. dont goof up like TheGamerLink Did.
If you get cursed by a Blue Bubble just play The Song of Storms and you will not be cursed anymore.
Dampé freaks out
Go to Ikana Graveyard during the day and put on the Captain's Hat. Talk to Dampé, and he will freak out, run around for a bit, then run back to his house.
Deku Flower Deeds
(You need to have the swamp,mountain,ocean and canyon for this to work.Also have a biger wallet)At the begining of the game the deku with the yellow flower wants to trade a Moons Tear for the land deed,right?Well did you know the trade can go on?After you get the Land Deed go to the swamp as a human.Trade with that deku for the swamp deed.Then go to the goron village as a deku and trade there.Then to the messy room in zora hall as a goron and trade there.Last go to the entrance to sakons hideout in the canyon and trade there as a Zora.No more trading.But now you have to fly over to a ledge on the other side with the Deku Flower you got from the last deku.When you get there open the chest and get 200 rubys!And there is also a heart piece!v

Note: You do not find the 200 rupees in a chest, but you get them from the last Deku. And also, every time you give a Deed to a Deku and he flies away, use it's Deku Flower and check the area close by, because there is always a heart piece to fly to! That means that you get a total of FOUR heart pieces when you do these trades!!
Dog Race
-put on the mask of truth and go to the yellow dog and see how he's feeling
-If it does a high pitched "Ruff" then it will deffinately win(it always worked for me)
Doggie Race Track
You will need the Mask of truth for this, which can be obtained by completing the first spider dungeon.
Now, go to Romani Ranch and run to the doggie race track, which is along the left wall, enter it. Put on the mask of truth and talk to the lady and she will tell you to go and pick the dog that you think will win. Go inside the pen and when you pick up the dogs you will be able to see what they are thinking. You need to pick the dog that says \"today i feel i can win!\" he is the best! The other dogs that begin their thought with a \"ruff\" will also work good.

What you bet and what place the dog comes in will determine how much you win(or lose)and if you win over 150 rupees then the owner will also give you a heart piece. Pretty neat right??
Don't fall asleep during old lady's stories!
You know what happens when you go the Stock Pot Inn and listen to the old lady's stories? You fall asleep, right? Well, all you have to do is go get the All-Night mask, then before you talk to the old lady put it on and you'll stay awake!

Happy Majora's Mask-ing!
Easiest Way To Get Heart Piece From Bank
In West Clock Town There is That Bank Guy right? Well,You have to give him 5000 rupees before you can get a heart piece from him. Ok, In order to perform this tip you need the bow. In Termina Field, Go to the entrance to Milk Road where the Takkuri Bird is. Fight the Bird, Taking Turns of Sheilding and firing arrows until it dies. As most people know it drops an Orange rupee which is worth 200 rupees. Buying arrows when necessary, just fight the Takkuri, Deposit the rupees and repeat until he has 5000 rupees.
easy heart piece from bank and easy goth boss battle
for this to work properly, you have to be far in the storyline for this to work. the items you will need is romani's mask, light arrow, adult wallet. optional items are giant wallet, stone mask. go to your bank and withdrawal 230 or 240 rupees, depends on your quiver size. go across from you bank to the store that sells arrows. buy arrows till your quiver is full. at 10pm go to the bar and buy the expensive milk. drink it for infinite magic. play the soaring song to ikana canyon. go to the trail that leads back to town. you will see the flying skulls. use light arrows to destroy the flying skulls. you will get fifty rupees every kill. this investment will pay off in no time. when your wallet is full, just deposit it in the bank. repeat till you get the heart piece.
now for the goth boss in the mountain temple. it is not that hard, but most people face it, they see the goat fall down, and stop rolling to punch the boss. instead of stopping, just keep on rolling. aim right between the legs so you will not be redirected away from goth. you will knock out a lot of his health that way.
Easy Money
At termina field, go to where Tingle is (you need the phototbox) and take a picture of him. Then go to the photo house and show the guy the picture. He'll give you a heart piece, and if you do it again, you'll get 100 rupees (you can keep doing it until your wallet's full).
Easy Pirates Fortress
Before you go to Great Bay Coast, by a red potion and go East from Clock Town. Keep going until you see a large cliff. Look for a circle of rocks with the Lens of Truth and talk to the guard. When you give him the potion, you will be able to see him and he will give you the Stone Mask! You will be able to sneak past the pirates in Great Bay easily without being seen. You can go right by them and they wont notice you!
Easy Rupees
100 Rupees- Go to East Clock Town and climb the stairs until you get to a rooftop where Bombers Gang member is. Jump over a guard and land ontop another wall (use the Bunny Hood to go faster). Then jump again and land on the awning above The Honey & Darling's shop. Next jump on the wall behind the Shooting Gallery. Run to the end and open the chest and find 100 rupees.

100 Rupees- Go to the Bombers Gang hideout in East Clock Town. Stand by the edge of the water and equip the Zora's Mask. Go in the water and go left. Defeat the Skulltula and go to a ledge with a cracked wall. Bomb the wall (use the Blast Mask if you don't have bombs). Open the chest and find 100 rupees.

200 Rupees- Go to South Termina Field and put on the Stone Mask. Defeat the vulture with arrows. Every time you hit it rupees with fall. Don't bother with those. When it is defeated a gaint rupee will fall down. Get it. It's worth 200 rupees.
Epona beats Dodongo!
You can kill Dodongos' by running into them, and you get NO damage. Perfect way to get more than 100 rupees from them.
Explore TERMINA with Fierce Deity
By the way, you might regret it, but you can also do this with the Giant's Mask!

1) Play the folloing notes on your ocarina until you are transported to the final day at morning.
C Right x2 - A x2 - C Down x2
And slow down time by playing The Song of Time backwards, for more time to play with Fierce Deity...well, more time on your clock anyway.

2) Play the Song of Soaring and warp to Ikana Canyon

3) Jump off of the cliff and land, head to your left, and when you reach the dead end with the two stone pillars where you will see Kafei hiding behind, turn right at a certain location and you might see a large rock door, you'll know when you see it

4) This is the hard part. As normal Link, roll through either of the two cracks at some kind of angle. You don't need to, but it's best if you wear the Bunny Hood when you do this. Why? You might find out on your trip through, it helps if you have something to extend your jump.

5) **** knows if Nintendo made this next event and the cheat itself on purpose, or is this an accidental glitch? But, you'll see Kafei there, and as he steps on this switch big enough for YOU to see in person, make sure you still have your Bunny Hood or some kind of mask on, then push Kafei out of the way and step on the switch.

6) As Kafei, first go to the Masks Subscreen and replace your Bunny Hood or other mask that you are still wearing with the Fierce Deity Mask, do not replace a mask not being worn. Then continue and do Kafei's part of the hideout.

7) Link is forced with no choice but to put the mask on. Go bat**** with him and finish Sakon's Hideout.

8) Now you begin exploring as you climb out of the dungeon, take a quick look at Ikana Canyon, explore a while, get your *** kicked by some Octorocks and jump down, swim in the river in the direction of Sakon's Hideout. Notice that you, now being in the Southern Swamp, can bully people back at Clock Town.

9) Things to explore at Clock Town:
a. How tall Fierce Deity REALLY is!
b. Don't talk to the Bombers or shopkeepers, compare your size with Jim at North Clock Town!
c. E-mail me when you discover what Fierce Deity's sword looks the Curiosity Shop!
d. By letting the Takurai (did I spell it right?)
by the entrance to Milk Road damage you
e. Then go to the Curiosity Shop of course
f. Confront the Skull Kid...not much though
Fat fairies
Go up to any mystery stone and play the song of storms. Most people know this already, but just in case, after playing the song of storms a really fat fairy will appear. Go up to it and it will heal both health and magic. You can't put it in a bottle though, it's too fat.
Fierce Deity Anywhere on First Day
On the first day, do the items on Epona cheat(ride Epona to milk road and save at the owl stone while on Epona, then load the saved file)and go to the Gorman Brothers Ranch.Then, talk to one of the brothers and say you want to race After that, it will show the starting line, and when you hear the gunshot, put on Fierce Diety Mask.It will show you put on the mask and show you holding the bow.When the Gorman Brothers come and win the race, it will show them saying you lost the race, but they will be talking to Fierce Deity. You can Then play as Fierce Diety anywhere! Good Luck!
Finish the Bomber's Notebook!
All of the prizes and masks are worth doing the minor tasks around town!
floating epona glitch
this isnt neccesary but its pretty funny.
when you are first entering the southern swamp from the termina fields there is an archery shop. ride epona to the shop and there is a pond on the left side. dismount epona once youve reached the furthest ape of the pond and against the wall. eponas feet will have to be partially in the water. enter the shop and ome right back out. epona will be floating in the air
Fun Cheats Anywhere, Anytime
These cheats might be piontless but fun:
1. When your playing the Hide and Go Seek Game as Link, Transform into the Deku Form and shoot bubbles at all five(or one) then transform in to Link again and catch them(note:they will sit and freeze and look around: making it easy for you.

2.As you Zora Form, go to the dog race, and every single dog will follow you(making you the leader of the dog bad group)

3.To get simple 90 ruppees, go to Great Bay and transform into your Zora Form. There you'll see two zora beatiful ladies waiting for the great handsome Mikau but unfortunately no. They are there to give you practise with your boomarangs so shoot them.

Note: It make take a while but try, try...If you miss a 10 ruppee fee will be charged. You can also do this reaptidly. So go break the pots RICH boy/girl!!!
Go to the place before the southen swamp and with
and with the pictograph take a picture of tingle
now go to the soutern swamp and go straght ahead
to the bulding and go inside it and talk to the fat man and he will ask for your pictograph then with c give him your pictograph and he will give you a heart peice

REMEMBER! you have to have a picture of tingle or it won't work!
Get all the masks!
Get all the masks before the end, and give them to the kids on the moon! You will get your masks back and the Fierce Diety's Mask!
Get Bomber's notebook
After you transform back into humanoid Link, just say the previous code to the little Bomber at the door to the astronomer and when you exit, Jim will give you a notebook.
get into sakton's hideout {glitch}
Go to ikina canyon then to the rock that guards sakton's hideout and look through the crack. Then roll at it repeatedly.if you dont do it right then you go out of bounds
get out of clocktown with fiece deity's mask
I have found two wacyes to get out of clocktown with the fierce deity's mask on (sry bout spellin) The first is face away from a gaurd, z target so u are just lookin straight ahead away from the gaurd, and back up to the gaurd (holding z) and be on the right side of the gaurd (still with z) the speak icon should come up and SOMETIMES you will go through the gaurd and end up in termia field. here is a diagram

wall=| gaurd=G L=link
| GL|

The other way i found was to get in the basket abouve honey and darling shop and run to the left. The screen and link will sorta shake and 1 fo 3 things will happen. you will either suddenly stop, fall through the ground, and end up in honey and darling shop, jump and end up somewhere random, or jump through wall, and end up behind gaurd. Sorry if u dont understand my explanation

P.S. with fierce deity's mask u can pull yourself onto the wall in the laundry pool at entrance. found out somehow ?:-/ o well
Get the couples mask
On the first day go to Anju in stockpot inn at 2:00 and get the room key off her then talk 2 her with the kafei mask on and agree 2 meet her. At 12:00 (shes a bit late) talk 2 her and post the mail (you can get a heart piece by giving it 2 the hand who wants paper in the bog but u have 2 start over.) At 3 oclock go 2 Kafeis house near the laundry pool an when he comes out, go into his house. talk to him and give the pendant to Anju. On day 3 go to Kafeis house at 1:00 and talk to the man who will give you the Keatons mask and express mail. Warp to Ikana canyon andjump down to the riverbank. Go in the hole to your left and find Kafei behind a rock play the song of double time. wait here and sakon will appear. When he opens the door go through and you have to control Kafei and Link and get through the puzzles (push the blocks onto the switches in the first room, then second room you have to move them) then you should get the suns mask. Warp to clock town and go to the employees only room in stockpoy inn to find Anju. wait til the timer says 1:20:00 and Kafei should come in you will get the couples mask. NOW GO BACK TO DAY 1 USING THE SONG OF TIME BECAUSE IF YOU LET THE MOON CRASH IN YOU LOSE THE MASK!!!!!!!!
Get The Last 3 Zora eggs without the sea-horse
Go to pinnacle rock. Once you have entered go towards the second sign you see underwater. Then follw the directions to get the last three eggs: from that spot go right twice, go left once don't go twice, go left from there not towards the rock, you will find some fish continue on until you see a sign, go right from there, go right again, and turn left and you are therenow go find the 3 eggs and kill some eel.

Note that doing this will cause you to miss a heart piece though, as the seahorse is needed for that.
Get up the Clocktower without the Deku Flower
If it's the final day and you are ready to battle Majora but you havn't gotten the Moon's Tear to the Deku Scrub... dont fret! On the left side of the Clocktower (the opposite of the owl), as kid Link, there is a little path up to the platform!
getting room in stock pot inn and meeting kafie
if you go to stock pot inn at east clock town i think dont ask the lady before 1:00 because then you can\'t get get a room. After the postman comes put on kafie\'s mask and talk to the lady. she will tell you to meet her in the kitchen at 11:30 at night she will give a letter and you deliver it at south clock town by the luandry pool. then go to the luandry pool at 2:00 or 2:30 one of those then you will meet kafie
giant wallet
To get a giant wallet that can hold up to 500 ruppies you have to start on the first day and slow down time by playing the song of time backwards then soar to the great bay coast and go to the hut that has nothing in it.
Next get out a bomb and blow up the wall in front of you where a crack is then go down a passage way and you will be in a underground cavern after that kill all the spiders and collect all the tokens.

HINT=use you hookshot to pull down paintings that may have spiders in them.You can also use it to pull tokens towards you.
Gilded Sword
Requirements: second bosses mask, spring in the mountains, powder keg, goron mask, and 100 rupees.

Finish 1st at the goron race track and collect the gold dust as a prize. Go to the blacksmith sword guy and get your sword upgraded. Now come back in the morning or night to get your sword back and talk to the guy again and give him your dust and he will get your sword upgraded to the gilded sword!
Great Fairy Gifts and Upgrades
Find and collect all of the 15 Stray Fairies in the Dungeon and take them to their corresponding Fountain to receive a gift from the Great Fairy. Hint: If there is a Stray Fairy in the room you are in, the Great Fairy Mask will glow when you are wearing it.

Charged Spin Attack - Find the Stray Fairies in the Woodfall Temple and return them to their Fountain.

Longer Magic Meter (doubles in size) - Find the Stray Fairies in the Snowhead Temple and return them to their Fountain.

Defense Upgrade (Damage taken is reduced by half) - Find the Stray Fairies in the Great Bay Temple and return them to their Fountain.

Great Fairy Sword - Find the Stray Fairies in the Stone Tower Temple and return them to their Fountain.
Hidden Underground Areas in Termina
When you get to the observatory, look around in Termina through the telescope. You should be able to find strange men wearing weird clothes, having big smiles, and doing jumping jacks. Remember where you saw them! Leave the observatory and go to those spots and there should be a hole instead of the person. Go down the hole to find some surprises!
Horse-Only Race
Want to do the Gorman Brother's Race with only Epona? Follow these steps!

1. Get on Epona and go to milk road

2. While on Epona, switch any mask to the Giant's Mask

3. Save your game at the owl statue and don't turn the machine off

4. Reload your game

5. Go to the Gorman Brother's Racetrack and challenge them to a race

6. When the race starts (says Start or Go or something...) switch to the Giant's Mask

7. You will be able to now race around Gorman's Brother track with only Epona, and you will see Link trying to transform with a blue glow around his head

{NOTE}: You will not be able to beat the race with only Epona because there are no carrots

I hope it works for you!!!
Hotel reservation; and how to beat Gyorg
Hotel reservation: On day 1, go to the Stock pot Inn. Don't talk to Anju yet. Around 10:30am, she'll go to the kitchen and cook. Then, she'll go to her Grandma's room, then upstairs to the Employees Room. Wait for her downstairs. At 1pm (not 12pm), she'll return to the desk. Talk to her and she'll give you the key to the Knife Room, which is the locked room beside the Employees Room. Go in it to find a chest with a silver rupee. If you stick around at the front desk until about 4pm, you'll find out that the room was actually reserved by a Goron with the same name as you. Now the poor guy has to sleep outside. Nothing much to see there.

About Gyorg: I recommend you gather all the Stray Fairies first and get the defense upgrade. By then, Gyorg's gobble-up attack will only cost you one heart instead of two. Now, stock up on at least two red potions and a fairy. Go to the boss dungeon and go underwater as Zora Link. Use Z-target when Gyorg is near enough, and deploy the boomerangs. They will hit him only if he has his side to you, so it works best if you position yourself at the corners of the room. Whenever you hit Gyorg, hit him with the boomerang again while he's down, then swim to another corner so he'll have a smaller chance of gobbling you up. When he spits out piranhas, just swim away from them, coz unless you swim so near, they won't attack you. If they attack you though, just press R while floating to deploy the barrier.
How to find skultulas faster in the Shore Skultula House
Method 1-Listin to your ears to see if you can see it and try to find it.
Method 2-If you don't like the sound then look in supicuos spots like some vases are blocked up and some have holes in them! Even the classic (hiding in holes and on the celling).
How to get all the 6 bottles!
The bottles are very useful in the game. The more you have, the easier it will be. Here is the places you find them:

#1: In Southern Swamp, when you have found Koume in the woods, go talk to Kotake in the potion shop and she will give you this bottle filled up with a red potion.

#2: After completing Snowhead temple, enter the Goron Races (you will have to blow up the giant boulder in front of the entrance with a powder keg). If you win, you will get a bottle filled up with gold dust.

#3: On Day 1, blow up the rock in front of Romani Ranch, go inside and talk to Romani. She will hire you as her assistant to kill the ghosts. At night at 01.00, keep the ghosts away from the barn until morning to get this bottle, filled up with milk.

#4: At Great Bay Cost there is a waterfall. Above that waterfall you will find a cave. To get there you use your Hookshoot on the trees on the platforms. Inside the cave you will have race two beavers as Zora Link, and when you have beaten both of them they give you an empty bottle.

#5: You get this during the Anju/Kafei notebook quest. When you get the Express Mail to Mama from the Couriosity shop owner, DO NOT give that to the postman, but instead go to the Milk Bar at night on the Final Day. Wear your Kafei mask and give the Express Mail to the mayors wife, and she will give you this bottle filled up with Chateu Romani!

#6: The final bottle is found in the Ikana graveyard. Go to the graveyard at night on the Final Day, wear you Captains Hat and talk to the skeletons. Tell them to open the grave. Down there you will meet Dampè (some of you will recognize him from Ocarina of Time). You will have to lead him to the 6 sandbanks. When he has dug up all of them, a Big Poe will appear. Kill it, and you will get the sixth and final bottle in a chest!

I hope this was helpful to you! This is not a cheat, but a tip
How to get gilded sword
These are the items required: goron mask, Huge bomb, Razor sword,

First you have to learn how to lift huge bombs. Next go to the goron mountain. Go to the area where you have to roll up the tiny hills and where there is a huge rock. Throw the big bomb over one hill. Then roll up the hill. Then pick it back up throw it on top of the other hill. Roll up. Pick it up throw it at the rock it will blow up. Go through the opening there will be a goron race going on beat the race ( NOTE ) if you run out of magic power break a pot and get more. Once you beat the race a goron will give you gold sand.Go back to the goron village go in the blacksmiths house give him your razor sword and gold sand come back in a couple days and you got it!
How to get the Giant Wallet
(NOTE: This cheat is for those of us who have almost beat the game, but slacked off at the beggining: You can only do this cheat my way if you have the Zora mask and hookshot and bow)

It needs to be Day 1.
First you need to go to the Woodland Swamp. Past the building with a monkey waiting for you, change into the Deku scrub and hop on the lillys to get to a small island with a cave. Be prepared; you'll need sticks if you dont have arrows. Theres a web covering the entrance to the cave; use the fire-arrows or flaming stick, to get rid of it.
Once inside, there will be a deformed-spider-guy asking for your help, and a seemingly-pointless dog running around. Pick up the rock in the room: Do not continue through the door just yet. Pick up the rock, and collect all three beetles in a bottle; you'll need three bottles, or you'll have to go back and forth for the rest. Go through the door.
Now you're in a large room, facing a golden statue with blue eyes. Dont waste time shooting the eyes, you'll only get a few rubees, and you dont have alot of time. There will be dirt-squares with a hole in the middle on the walls, one of the second level. Use ONE bug to get the spider out; simply open the bottle facing the dirt. If nothing happens, scoop up your beetles and get closer.
Listen for the spiders; you can hear them moving. Check the pillars, and bust everything you see as you explore the rooms of the temple.
In one of the rooms, there are large decorated pots. Roll into them and two spiders in all should come out of either of them.
There is a tree there. Simply roll into the tree and the spiders will fall down.
Dont forget to bust open all the bee's nests! You cant hear the ones inside them, so you have to makesure you bust them all.
There are 30 spiders in all. By the time you're done, it needs to still be day, or night, 1.

After you get them all, go talk to the spiderguy. He should be a man now, and he blabs on and on, then gives you a mask; the Mask of Truth(the eye mask).

Next warp to Great Bay and swim as Zora(it's faster, but you can just swim as Link if you want) then go to the circular hut next to the fat, pirate-obsessed guy's house. Bomb open the crack in the wall. If you dont have bombs, go outside to the garden and bust up some ferns.
Got arrows? Hookshot?
Use your hookshot and collect the two spiders on the walls, then go down and look up. Use your firearrows and get rid of the webs. Then get the spider. Now hookshoot your way over the gate and go on your way to burn away all the webs on the first floor. Roll into every box and barrel you see; some spiders will fly out of them like the decorated pots in the temple.
Look up; check every black lining near the ceiling; some are scuttling around up there, and one is on a plank, legs sticking out.
As you explore, you'll get the hang of finding them; bust a box here, burn a web there, ect., until you get to the place where the skeletons are silently laughing. Bomb them, shoot them, kill them- doesnt matter. They wont hurt you unless you hurt them. Shoot the pitures down. Roll into the pots, and look up. Theres a black chandiler with three spiders. Use Zora and target them, then shoot them and you'll easily get the tokens.
What about the colored-mask faces near the fireplace thing?
Here's the pattern; shoot them in this order with your arrows: Green, Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Green.
Go in, and theres a chest. I forgot whats in it. As you leave that room, get the spider above the way you went in.

If you're struggling with the library, push a few desks around, and a bookshelf against the wall, and shoot away with your hookshot.

If you get all the spiders, leave the place(the exit is upstairs)and use your hookshot to get over again, then change into the Gordon guy thing and roll up. If it's still Day 1, or night, the spider-guy man will be frowning at you in his happiness. And he'll talk some more and give you a Bigger Wallet. It can hold 500 rubees. Yippie.

Hope this helps...
Happy Hunting. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
I Know What Time It Is!!!!!!!!
This cheat is for when you are getting the mailman's heart piece. You must get 10 perfect seconds on his "timer", and is VERY difficult. Instead of using a watch or actually doing the perfect 10, just put on the bunny hood, and walk into his house. When you talk to him he should talk regular as ahe always does, but the bunny hood enables you to use his timer(counter shows up on the game screen)!!!!! This cheat is helpful if you are having a hard time with this mailman!!
Incredibly easy Goht
When you fight Goht at Snowhead Temple, you will notice when you walk into the boss chamber that to both sides of the door there are pots. Inside the pots are arrows for melting Goht with a fire arrow. The thing is, these pots grow back. There are also magic pots for the goron spikeball. The doorway is also a shletered area. So All you have to do is melt Goht, and if you're lazy like me, shoot him with fire arrows everytime he comes by. It's kind of funny, since he'll try and shoot you with electric static and bombs. Occasionally a bomb will soar next to you, but don't worry. Just wait for your controller to rumble and the screen to bump a few times and let go of your arrow. It seems to take awhile since you arent really doing anything exciting, but it's a lot easier if you're fighting him for the first time.
Infinite magic on the Moon
I\'m not sure if this is exact, i did this several years ago. Use the Chateau Romani just before fighting the skull kid. Fight him and get on the moon. your magic will be infinite for the rest of the time you\'re on the moon.
kill sakon
go to north clock town on day 1 before 12:00 midnight. At 12:00 a sakon will steal the old ladie's bag.You can hit him with your sword for a new mask,but if you hit him with an arrow he will explode and die.NOTE:he will not appear unless you go back to the past.
Magic beans
To make a magic bean plant grow without spring water from a bottle play the song of storms.
Magic Mushrooms
When you get the mask of scents go to the woods in the swamp and go through the first entrance to your right and as you go through it you will see a purple mist it will be small but go up to it and catch it in a bottle. You catch a mushroom take it to the old hag potion shop. (make sure you have a empty bottle!)
make great fary sord invisable!!!!
go to ikana canyon go in the well get out your mummy mask put it on then get out your great fairy sword swing it 1 time talk to the mummy give him ur great fairy sword he w'ont take it and when your done talking swing your fairy sword it will be invisable!!!

note:if u chang your item or go tru a door or something it wont be invisable
If you are having problems following the deku butler through the maze to get the scent mask, wait until you get the bunny hood then put them on hylian link and you can chase him easily and make extended jumps with ease. I got through on the third try and never had to change characters or try to memorize the route.
Money by the barrels
All you need is the Gibdo/Garo/Captains hats,go to Ikana Canyon and to the Kings Burial Ground.Walk in the room and the re-deads will dance,for each one you kill you get 30-50 rupees.Keep doing this until you have a full wallet.
Not Very Helpful, but fun!
I have a few pointless tips that I found out about running aimlessly about. First, that strange, sad mask that the Circus Leader dude gives you at the milk bar after sending him on a one-way trip to Memory Lane? Well, take that mask over to his brothers on their racing track near Romani Ranch. Stand in front of either one, doesn't matter, and put on the mask. Their big-ass eyebrows will fall down. Then, take the mask off. They'll turn back to their snotty selfs. Put it on and off again really fast, over and over. It's really entretaining when your really bored! When your a deku Shrub, head over to that doggie farm on the far side of Romani's Ranch. Stand in among the puppies and just stand there. Have a whole herd of puppies near you, and watch the fur fly! Alllll the puppies will attack you! It doesn't do any damage to you, but it's just really funny! That's all I can thik of, except to not get too frustrated, because it's not very healthy! Bye!
Picking the Right Dog
Are you trying to find a dog to race but can't find the right one? Just put on the Mask of Truth (the one-eyed mask used to hear info from the Gossip Stones) and listen to thier thoughts....


...Today, I should do pretty well.

My four paws feel lighter than
usual today!

Today, I feel like I can win...

...I'm here for my wife and child.
There's no way I'll lose!

Oh, yeah! I feel unstoppable.
I don't think I'll lose!

I wonder if my cute-faced owner
will let me quit practicing yet...


I should do all right!

I feel like I could win, but then I
feel like I could lose, too...

I can't predict the future, so I
don't know how I'll do...

I don't feel much different than


Oh, my belly hurts! Ugh, I feel

I'm tired. I'm gonna take the day
off tomorrow. Can dogs do that?

My head! I stayed up too late...
I shouldn't have been barking at
that moon all night...

I'm too old for this. My right leg
hurts...The hind one...

Did I lock the door to my

Have a fun time racing!

quick way to get the bomber book
when u get the code as a deku, memerize it. when u go back in time a change back to human link, give that password to the bomber by the entrance to the den as it will be the same password as it wont change. he will then out of ure way to let u in. enter then come back out and the leader will come up to u and give u the book without having to catch them.
Quiver Upgrades
Link can hold a large amount of arrows with him initially, but his quiver can be upgraded to hold even more.

Large Quiver (40 arrows) - Get the high score in the Town Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town

Largest Quiver (50 arrows) - Get a perfect score in the Swamp Shooting Gallery
really easy rupees!!!
u must have the light arrows and a bottle of chateau romani, and make sure to play the inverse song of time to slow time down, and the giant rupee wallet that holds 500 rupees.

1st fast foward the time till its night time drink the chateau romani to gain unlimited magic power for a limited time then go outside through the east gate towards the canyon. there you will see the floating skulls with the blue flame around them (i forgot what they were called). then shoot them with a light arrow. each one you shoot will drop 50 rupees, they also respawn too. so if you have 50 arrows x 50 rupees = 2500 rupees!!!! and the arrows only cost 50 rupees to buy!!
happy rupee hunting
ReDeads and Gibdos
You might want to get the Gibdo's Mask before doing this. Shoot a Fire Arrow at a Gibdo and it will become a ReDead.
Redo in the Snowhead Temple
If you ever get stuck in the Snowhead Temple where you go on the big pedestal thingy and you smash the ice segments, then just drop down to the bottom floor and Goron Pound the switch and go back into the blue door and redo it again. All the ice segments will be there again.
skipping zora
when your a zora, swim to the bottom of a body of water and then pull up towards the surface. as soon as he breaks the surface he will skip across like stones
thief's hideout
When it's time to go to the hideout on the last day or any day, put the invisible mask on and you can dance all around the thief all day long and he won't see you. This is good when you are late for when the crook's door opens and he is ahead of you, just pass right by him and wait for the door to open.
tired of the pirates
well when you make it to the pirates have the stone mask on and go up to one and hit them with your swoird bow and arow or your hookshot and thell be knocked out
Treasure chest game pricing change
If you talk to the lady as a deku the price will be 10 rupees, and if you talk to her as a zora the price will be 5 rupees. Both offer 20 rupees as the prize.

Go as hylian Link to pay 20 rupees for a 50 rupee prize. Pay 40 rupees as goron for a piece of heart prize.
Tricky Grass
You know the grass in North Clocktown and on Milk Road? Use the spin attack while in the middle of the grass while wearing the Keaton Mask. A real Keaton will pop out after you get a couple of the rupees. Answer all of his questions right and you will get a heart piece!
Unexpected Scent
If you go into the third upstairs bedroom in the Stock Pot Inn and sniff (wearing the Mast of Scents) the underwear lying on the bed you will find a purple mushroom!
Use Sword When Jinxed
When You Get Jinxed You Can't Use Your Sword But can Use C buttons so Instead Using The B button Sword You Can Use The Great Fairy Sword Instead.
Very Easy Money.
If you need quick money to fill your wallet, then follow these steps.

1.Put on the Bunny Hood and run along the side of East Clock Town and get the chest behind the Shooting Gallery.

2.Go into the Bombers' Hideout and take a left at the entrance, then blow a bomb near the cracked wall.

3.After opening the chest behind the wall, you should now have a combined 200 from both chests, now wear Romani's Mask and buy a bottle of Chateau Romani to have infinite magic power.

Now all you need is arrows and step out into the East side of Termina Field and hit the Blue Bubbles with a light arrow. Each time you kill a Blue Bubble with a light arrow, you get 50 rupees.
This is a lot faster than beating the Takkuri, which takes 6 elemental arrow/12 regular arrows to take down.

If you ever run low on arrows, hitting the quickly-spawning Bubbles with a fire arrow gives you a bundle of 20 arrows.
Wallet Upgrades
At the beginning of the game, Link can only carry 99 Rupees. Howeverm you can upgrade the wallet by doing a few tasks. The Adult Wallet can hold up to 200 Rupees, and the Giant Wallet will allow you to carry 500.

Adult Wallet - Deposit at least 200 Rupees at the West Clock Town Bank.
Giant Wallet - Complete the Oceanside Spider House on Day 1.
ways to cheat the hotel
First when the hotel isnt open and you don't want to waste time change into a degu with the degu mask, then find the pink flower. Go into it and first you hit the wall but if you move around you will go onto a straw roof (you can also use this to get one of the bomber boys down) there should be a door there walk through it.

At 12 ask the lady at the desk and she asks you if you have a reservation say yes. Then you will get a key to a room and then go in it and you'll find 100 rupees. IMPORTANT - do this at 12 and do NOT speak to her before or she will no let you have the key just says somthing about her memory and customers.

It's not 12, it's 1pm. Anju is going around the hotel from 10:30am to almost 1pm,cooking and bringing/eating lunch. At 1pm she returns to the desk.


Back to top
4rth day glitch
to go to the 4rth day, you have to play the song of double time until it is night on the third day. Go to the observatory in the bombers hidout. there, look through the telescope until it is about .25 seconds from the moon crashing down. as soon as it is .25 seconds away, click b and you will be talking to the old man. wait a little than stop talking to him. congrajulations. you made it to the 4rth day.
p.s. you cannot press start after this cheat.
p.s.s. if you play the song of double time, the game will freeze.
a way to ride epna as a goron and more also go to just about any ware on epona in the
1) make sure you have the ocarina and one of the zora or goron or deku mask on your 3 arrow bottles

2 you have to go to milk road.

3)call epona go in and out of the brothers race track and do not get off the horse or it wont work Go to the owl Z target it and save on epona


5) go to your saved game. once it's done loading you should still be on epona. (if not try again)do not get off the horse or it wont work

6) go back to the brothers race track on milk rd

7) put zora's mask on one of the C buttons

8) then you will be epona you're man well be floating (the fairy will say something so just ignore her. so just go out of the brothers race track as epona no rider you'll be epona it looks Weird its OK you will see the moon so on

9 )ride her around for a bit z will help you move

10) ride around tell the night comes and on the new day you will be in the middle of the field and able to use you're ocarina on epona and ride her any ware .
ps you can warp any ware 2 use the song of soaring epona will follow you

Just do the same thing except a different mask.
another way to be fierce diety link outside of bosses
1st, go to terimina field. 2nd, go outside of great bay where that small puddle of water is. 3rd,be a zora with fierce diety's mask set to the next button. 4th, go in the puddle and be on a slant. 5th, turn to kid link and dive. 6th, while you're underwater, turn to a zora and keep pressing B as fast as possible. it might take a few tries but it works.anyway, you should be moving like crazy. 7th, while you are moving, try to take the zora mask off. if B goes blank, you did it correctly. 8th, try to swim to land. note:you should still be a zora and A swim to land. once you hit land and can walk but not really move, pause and swap buttons for masks and put fierce diety's mask on.YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but your stuck... to undo, go in water and put on zora mask.
do not do...
1. talk to bombers or shopkeepers
2. go in to houses with multiple doors
3. buy things at stores
EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!email:<a href="" target="_blank"></a> tell me if i forgot to menchin somthing or tell me if you liked this glitch.gamertag:martybida110
baron mask and sword cheat
you know how when you use he baron mask you cant use the sword well i found ou you can use it wearing the mask first take out the sword then put on the mask at first it seems its useless but its not z target anything then press a ta da youll do a jump attack and you can attack with the mask oh and you can use the shield too and if you press a when ity says put away or open a chest or go through a door you will put away your sword and will have to do the sequence again
Dawn of a New Day

Go to the observatory on the last day, see through the telescope, stay there, wait for the timer that appears after midnight to reach zero, at the moment before it reaches zero, press B, when you get out of view of the telescope and talk to the old guy, the timer/clock should disappear. Congratulations, you are now on the fourth day <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />.
Explore Termina Field Early
When you first get to Clocktown. Go to East Clocktown gate. Remember how you can't leave Clocktown as a Deku Scrub? Well forget that, cause now you can. Note the gap between the Guard and the right side of the gate, his right.
Center the camera so you can see the guards back. Hold Z, and walk backwards, keep holding down on the control stick and if you have the camera at the right angle, it should bring you outside. You'll be in Termina field with no monsters and no music. You have free reign to collect as many rupees as you want. A good time to save up for that 5000 Rupees you need for the Bank Heart Piece.
Fierce Diety Link and Escaping Clock Town
Ok. This cheat requires nothing but the fierce diety mask and another mask of your choice (non transformation).

Part 1: Enter Sakon's Hideout on the third day. The easiest way to do this (and not waste half of the day waiting for Sakon to show up) is to kind of... ok go to the stone door and look at a crack on the right side (facing it). Notice it is somewhat bigger than the other side crack. Roll straight at the crack a few times (trust me, it takes practice) and eventually you will enter Sakon's Hideout.

Part 2: Help Kafei for your own selfish desires. Put on a regular non-transformation mask on (e.g. Great Fairy's mask) and wait for the cutscene to finish. Once you gain control of Kafei, quickly press Start and equip Fierce Diety's Mask on the same C-button as the regular mask. When you finish Kafei's cutscene, Link will put on Fierce Diety's mask (with the spastic look on his face like he's going to die). Note that you CAN do this with your Giant's mask, but it will freeze, well, not freeze, but it will lock your game. The shaking link effect is somewhat pleasing to look at though.

Part 3: Escape from Ikana Canyon. Once you finish helping Kafei (or letting the mask drop, you selfish jerk!) dive off into the water and out the waterfall. Feel free to screw around in Termina. Note that I haven't made any mention of a magic bean, have I?

Part 4: The escape from Clock Town. This is where it all gets fun. Proving that there is an EASY way to escape CT with Fierce Diety (or Oni Link) and not having to make all the before-hand preparations with the magic bean junk. Normally, Oni Link can not escape CT because the guards will talk to him like an adult yet treat him like Deku Link. You also can't escape because he won't pull out a Tuba when you press the Ocarina button (XD). To make matters worse, the normal way takes lots of planning and annoying time getting through Deku guards to get magic beans (I always sucked at that part). TIME FOR A BREAK! Enter east CT and go on top of Milk Bar, Latte. Notice where the bomber's sign is with all the stupid rules. Go to the fence opposite that sign (and nearest to the guard's exit). Take a leap towards the wall and the exit and push the control stick toward the exit (you will fall through the straw ledge thingy). When you land (and I did this on my first try after realizing it could be done after randomly jumping into the wild blue yonder) you will be heading out to Termina.

If you thought this helped a lot, please e-mail me with your reviews. Thank you!
floating arrow
first go to milk road(any time) call epona get ten arrows (or you can use one) ride epona to owl statue z target, pull arrow (dont let it go) when the blue button says check press blue button(arrow still pulled) then after the owl statue stops talking to you links arms will be down but the arrow is floating
Floating Epona!? (With picture)
Leave Clocktown, call Epona and ride her into the Southern Swamp. Take a left to the Swamp Archery Range. Dismount Epona next to the fence, with her front hooves in the small pond. Play the Song Of Double Time. Epona's missing? No, listen and look up using C up. OMFG! (The webcam is low quality, but if you look in the upper left corner, you can see Epona floating)
<img src="" alt="" />
Get past bomber kid without a Password.
I'm not sure if many people know this, but what you do is stand backwards from him.(so he's looking at ur back)Hole Z, make sure ur sorta close to him but not enough so u can talk to him. Walk backward and backflip over him. If done right you will go right over him. I will post a video on youtube soon also to show it.
Getting behind the guards as Link (Majora's Mask)
You be come Zora or Goron or any other transformation mask (other than Deku) and walk behind the guard and transform back to Link and move aroud behind the guard and they follow you just becareful to not walk outside when doing this.
In south and east clock town at the same time
First, do any "play as fierce deity Link anywhere cheat", then, make your way to South Clock town. Now, climb and find a way to get to the platform with a treasure chest on it near the stairs. Jump from that platform on to the small portion of the treasure chest building (try not to fall in). Walk along the building and drop down into the east Clock town area (where the shooting gallery is). Valla!!! You did it!! The shooting gallery doesn't actully exist so you'll go right through it! You'll fall and end back in south. You can also climb the wall and stand on a invisable floor! Just go to the chest if you want to go back to south. And If you go down the stairs, FD Link will turn around and end up in east! This glitch is useless, but very cool!!
Infinite number of days (The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask)
The way to do this is to play the Song of Double Time until you get to the night of the final day then tell the Bomber kid the code and go into the observatory. Then wait till midnight to use the telescope and when you almost run out of time exit the telescope screen. WARNING: Do NOT play any songs the game will freeze so the only way to end is to shut off the console.
infinite time glitch
this glitch has problems. before i tell you how to, im going to tell what not to do.
do not... reverse or speed version of song of time; only normal song of time.

1st, go to the telescope observatory. 2nd, look in the telescope at the last 5 minutes. 3rd, at the last very second on the last pad on the timer. DONE!!!!!!!!!!! only 3 basic steps!
don't forget to email me! i like when people respond to me. tell me what you think about this glitch. was it useful, did'nt work, or you hate it. tell me why!!!
Jump Over Fences Without Epona

Go to a place with a high fence that epona could jump over, place a bomb on the ground a few feet in front of the fence, leaving a little space in between. Go in between the bomb and the fence, turn into a goron, press "A" to curl, then "B" to jump, right before the bomb explodes, let go of "A" and the impact from the bomb should send you forward, the side-effect of this means you lose some health <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />.

you must time this near perfectly for it to work.
Jump Through Ceiling
Do the Fierce Deity anywhere cheat then go to the hotel in town. Go to the Kitchen and stand on the crates in the corner. Jump up and Link will grab something. Pull yourself up to go through to the top floor.

Note:If you enter the inn as Fierce Deity, you will not be able to leave
Magic enchantment (longer magic) without green great fairy
First, you must at least beat the game on one file getting the magic enchantment on that file. Next start a new file and do whatever you do as usual. Approch the door to enter clock town.

Fun Fact: You will experience the cutscene you'll warp to if you let the moon attack one the third day without game over.

Agree to help the mask salesman get majora's mask back and blah blah blah. Go to the Great Fairy in North Clock Town. She'll tell you to get the stray fairy. Once the fairies gather around you, you'll hear the sound of earning magic. If you heard that sound, the glitch should work later. Get the stray fairy,(on first day, not night) return, she'll give you the magic power, but the green will go past the white line making it as long as 2x magic. If you let the magic run out to 1x magic, you can't get the 2x magic without green great fairy anymore, you'll have to get the 2x magic the great fairy way. It only works on the 2nd file if 1st file is game beaten, 2nd file starts on link on epona, and only once. Sorry but have fun! And if it does work again by erasing the 2nd file and doing it all over again, then sorry because I didn't check.
Ride Epona into Snowhead temple!
Ok, so you know that one cheat that lets you use items on epona? So do that and make sure that you have an ocarina set to any c-button. After you've done that, use the song of soaring and go to snow head. Get off of Epona and play the little: Goron lullaby. then hop back on her and ride in. But dont get knocked of by a snowball!
Enjoy! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Seizure Link
Do the Anju & Kafei quest until you get to Ikana Canyon on the third day.Except when you enter Sakon's hideout you MUST be wearing any normal mask.When you enter,go through the door.Finish the video,and then step on the switch.As Kafei,press start and switch the mask that Link is wearing with the giant's mask.Do Kafei's part and then when you play as Link,he will have no choice but to put on the giant's mask.Somebody call a doctor, Link is having seizures!You will have to reset to keep on playing.<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Skip the Great Bay Mini-boss (Gekko)
Did you ever think the Gecko (with all the slimy things around it) was to hard? Well now you can skip it! Follow these instructions:
1) Go to the room with the Boss Key. (The blue and gold gate)
2) Use Ice Arrows to freeze a path up to the window in the gate.
3) Hop across them, then turn into Zora Link and jump into the window. (This might take a few tries, but is totally worth it.)
4) Claim the Boss Key.
5) Climb back out the window. (Don't go into the door behind it or you will have to battle him anyway.)
You now have the Boss Key!
Use items on Epona + Notes
Being able to use any item on Epona involves a few basic steps.

1) Call Epona and ride her into Milk Road.
2) Ride into the Gorman Race Track and then exit out again.
3) Go over to the Owl Statue and use it to save while still on Epona.
4) Without turning the console off reload the owl save.

Note 1: When you you put on the Fierce Deity Mask you should automatically get out your bow. You can then shoot arrows with any item button, but not B.

This will make you have to reset the game though, but his arrows are more powerful and glow blue.

Note 2: When you have enabled the "use items on epona" cheat and you play the song of soaring, DO NOT soar to Ikana Canyon. If you do the screen will turn black, and the game will freeze! Hope this helped to avoid going here later!
Use the lens of truth in the inn
If you go in the stock pot inn you can't use your lens of truth... BUT there's a way, just go to the room with 2 beds stacked by a ladder. Now equip you're lens of truth on any C-button and once you're on the ladder use the lens of truth and it'll work!
you have to do the fazing cheat on the door that you go in to fight skull kid on the first day and you will end up in the obsebatory with your game frozen.

Easter eggs

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dancing zombies
okay so get the gibdos mask. find one of them zombies not the mumies, the ZOMBIES .wear the gibdos mask in front of them and they will dance for you. ps: when the zombies bite you it looks like there violating link. LMAO!!!!
Fishing dude from OoT to MM to TP and very many random HINTS and TIPS
In OoT there's a fishing pond located in west Lake Hylia. In Majora's Mask he owns the shop in between the Curiosity shop and Bomb shop. In Twilight Princess, if you go way up north to the top of the river that leads to lake Hylia, you'll find a new and way better fishing pond than in OoT. Go in and go inside the fishing guide's house on the right. Speak to the girl and say no to the fishing requests and she will tell you to snoop around the the place and to look with the "c" stick/button at what might interst you. To the right of the desk/bar there us some pictures of her, her sister and some other stuff on the floor. One of the pictures is actually of the same guy from the first fishing pond in OoT and from the shop In MM. She tells you how he was a legendary fishing guru hundreds of years ago!!! Also how she wouldve wished to have lived way back then just to learn from him or something. I personally thought this was cool and hilarious at the same time because first off, he was always kind of a dork scratching his back and scratching his pits like every 2 seconds, and second you can snag his hat off with the fishing rod he gives you in OoT revealing a bald head! It's cool though because I'm pretty sure he's the only character besides link and skull kid to be in all three games! Oh and for those of you who don't know, to get fire arrows in OoT go to lake Hylia, by the tall dead tree and as adult link shoot at the sun with an arrow in the morning as it just starts rising. Complete the Gerudo valley training grounds to get ice arrows. Beat race challenge at Lon Lon Ranch under time limit to get Cow and Heart piece in house in Kokiri Forest. Play Epona's song to cow to get milk. Use mask of truth to talk to Cow and any other animal or gossip stone. Find Running Man/PostMan running laps around Lon Lon Ranch in daytime, as a kid give him bunny hood. As a kid give Keaton aka fox mask to guard at Death Mt. entrance in Kakariko Village. Give sad mask/wooden mask to little boy in Kakariko Graveyard that plays with a stick. Give Skull mask to Mysterious flute player in orange tunic aka Skull Kid in Lost Woods. Use Sexy Gerudo mask to talk to townsfolk to get reply either ooh you looking fine or something like that or ahhh! Gerudo Theif! Also use Zora/Goron mask to get funny a funny reply from a Zora or Goron. Have Dampe the Gravedigger dig at his own grave(one closest to house I think) to get hookshot, follow him through his grave to return to a ledge in the Windmill Hut to find heart piece. Get Epona to jump across bridge to Gerudo Fortress without using hookshot for an epic movie scene. Find 30 I'd say of Gold Skulltulas to get Stone of Agony which will rumble the controller when near a secret(hole in the ground), use bomb, play Song of Storms or use Megaton Hammer to open. Hole locations=1. Kakariko Village when you come in from Hyrule Field, dead centered in the middle of Town behind the tree and near the stairs to the left. 2. Hyrule Hield, entrance to Lake Hylia, right in the middle of the four tall metal gates. 3. To the left of the Lake Hylia entrance, back a little way somewhere around the skinny trees(run around through them and just feel for the rumble.)oh by the way roll into any if these trees to get some rupees or hearts, or on some rare occasions, a Gold Skulltula will fly out of these trees! Oh and another Hint, When searching for Gold Skulltulas, always search at night! They appear way the heck more often! 4. Gerudo Valley entrance behind Lon Lon Ranch, the red cliff bordered by a low wooden fence. Circled by rocks. 5. (I don't remember if this one was invisible or not) Hyrule Field, left side of the Castle,(not Zelda's Castle, the Market!) around the skinny trees near the small body of water. 6. Outside Zelda's Castle, directly infront of the tree all of the way right of the tall metal gate with 2 guards. (the place early in the game where you used the chicken to wake Malon, Owner of Lon Lon Ranch) 7. Death Mt. entrance to Goron Village, in a circle of rocks on a large, slanted pedestal. 8. Path to Zoras Domain, on top of a large cliff in a circle of rocks. Oh by the way in this same area, you'll notice a frog on a log(lol) stand on the log and get out your ocarina and play diff. Three note songs like Zeldas Lullabye or Epona's Song, infill you get the right song, more frogs will join in and play games with you, each win you get money and eventually you'll get a heart piece! That's all I can think of right now sorry. But if you ever happen to come across a circle of rocks there's bound to be a secret hole! Dang, it took me 2 and a half hours to type this on my itouch for the sake of all you awesome Zelda fans!!! Good Luck!!! Hope you don't get too frustrated!!!
Floating Skull Kid
On the third day ( make sure you haven't looked through the telescope through-out the three-day period) when the timer is counting down, look through the telescope where you would normally find him and he'll be floating!
gibdo redead
if you shoot a gibdo with a fire arrow the tape will melt and reveal that a gibdo is really a redead wrapped like a mummy.

this is really a pointless thing but I just santed to say this
Play as Kafei and LInk
When You enter Ikana Canyon on Day 3 at 6:00 wear the Stone Mask enter Sakon's hideout after you step on the switch you will take control of kafei then you will control of link.
See Lord Jabu-Jabu
In Zora Hall, go to Fapas' room, look at his lamp, it's Jabu-Jabu <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />.


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(Glitch) Goron drums handless
I dont know if this works with other masks or w/e but when your goron hold L and R and goron notes will play without him hitting drum
A VEEEEERY Rare Giants Mask Glitch
You know that trick where you can freeze the game by wearing a mask in Sakons Hideout then switching the mask your wearing with the Giant's Mask?Well guess what.You can play as Giant Link after you lose Sakons Challenge.(where u have 2 get the mask back.)Just do the Giants Mask trick,lose,and vwalla!Your playing as Giant Link.When this happened to me the only thing I could see was Link floating over Clock Town in Termina Field.Please note that you have about a 5/100 chances of this happening...SO DON'T INSULT ME IF IT DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!!
Actually a Glitch But Still Cool
In East Clock Town you can fall through stairs!! You know that treasure chest where you have to jump on those buildings to get to that silver rupee chest? well after that, just jump toward the stairs and you should fall through! I did this on That Legend Of Zelda: Collector's Edition game so I'm not sure if it will work on N64 since I don't own one. However, this Glitch doesn't affect the game in any way, but it looks cool!


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Be a zora, goron, or deku on Epona
Note: the only way to undo this cheat is to hit the reset button on the console.

Do the use any item on epona cheat. Then have your horse standing right next to the owl statue and apply one of these masks. Once you are controlling Epona alone z target the owl and click A. A message will come up about you being to big or small. Don't worry about it the form will still mount epona. You will be floating in the air but if you go to another area you will be at the right height. While on epona you can use your B attack, but DO NOT USE THE GORON B ATTACK. IT WILL FREEZE THE GAME.


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be the box
This is worthlessbut fun to do. In clock town near the inn there is a wooden create. grab the create. While the create is above your head and hold r to sheild. now press forward and you will have diss appeared in the box.
beat all the bosses
here\'s some ways to beat the temple bosses

ODALWA: easiest way is to try to get him with bombs or arrows. for more of an effect take him to a corner and hit him there.

GOHT: use the goron\'s spiky roll attack and get him. hit him on the top of his body to make him fall. you can also hit him with link\'s arrows.

GYORG: hit him with arrows and then go into the water and use the zora\'s blue barrier to hit him. keep avoiding him and use this technique continuesly.

TWINMOLD:first hit him with the giants mask on his tail or heads. break the rocks to get more potion. if you run out hit him on the tails with arrows... if you unfortunatley run out of both, use bombs or the blast mask, you have to have very good timing for that.when his head digs down into the sand, put on the blast ask and wait for the tail to come. hit them about 8 times each...(there are two of them).

MAJORA\'S MASK: last one! ok, first hit him on its back when it comes down, the best chance for that is when he spins just above you. hit him twice then he will call out the other boss masks, hit them twice when they come in distance. watch out though, they shoot you with these powerful balls of light.then take out majora, hit him twice again(but watch out for his fire laser). he will then turn into majora\'s incarnation. hit him with your sword a few times when he is dancing(he is easy, but watch out when he uses his only attack.) he will then turn into majoras wrath! block as he whips you and get close enough with fierce diety to slash him with your sword.(be very careful, he uses his whips very well) keep hitting him until he is destroyed.
there thats all the bosses..

now for a couple of glitches

1.where the captains hat infront of king ikana, he will only do half as damage as normal.

2. look at romani\'s broach, it looks just like bowser.

there, make the most of what ive giving you!!
Blast Mask
Its not much of a cheat but instead of using bombs if you use the blast mask and hold your shield out,you wont get hurt.
Bombers Note book as Goron or Zora Link
To do this complete the bombers hide and seek game (first time) as Deku Link and enter the hide out. Put on the Zora or Goron mask and walk out Jim should block you from leaving and will say something and give you the book.
Cheap treasure Chest Game
To do this you need a zora mask, change into zora link and go to the treasure chest game. The girl will think you're a total hotty(oo-la-la) and only charge you 5 rupees to play.
Control ONLY Epona
This glitch is neat. Make sure you have the Goron mask on any of the C-Buttons. Then, enable all items on Epona (see my "Enable All Items On Epona" cheat to find out how). After you've enabled it, put on the Goron's Mask. Right after Link turns into a Goron, Goron Link will be floating in mid-air. Forget about him, you can now control Epona alone! If you try to exit, you will come to a dead end. You won't be able to exit this place because the game doesn't know that Link is floating in air. This means that the game can't teleport you because Link isn't on Epona. Your stuck in this place.

Note: You can perform the "All Items On Epona" cheat anywhere in Termina, but once you wear this mask your stuck in that place. I recommend you first perform the "All Items On Epona" cheat, then save & quit, next enter your game, later exit Milk Road then put on the mask.
dieing as zora with nothing to kill you (very descriptive
go to the Zora hall and turn into Zora. go into the water in front of the big shell thing and swim to the LEFT. once you hit the end of the LEFT side if you swim a little under the water and correctly once you hit the corner you should just swim up in the air and the go down and get hert and do it over and over until you die and that's how you do it. if you have any questions about any part of the game (besides glitches) email me at
Easy 500 Rupees in a day
First things first, run up the stairs next to the stock pot inn and jump across with link, jump to the red circles against the wall walk along the path and open the chest for 100 rupees. Behind you to your left there's an opening jump out and go to the bombers hideout (bomber code required.) DON'T go in yet and run back to the inn it should be around 12:00 go inn and speak to Anju and tell her you have a reservation (don't tell her before 12:00 it wont work if you do.) receive the key and go up the stairs and into the room next to the staffs room. Open the chest for 100 rupees (please check, I'm not sure if the chest appears on the first day for everyone sorry.)
Ok only three hundred rupees to go right.. easy.
(blast mask required) Go back to bombers hideout and jump into the water, swim to the left past the skull spider and jump up to the platform. Equip the blast mask. Look at the crack in the wall, shield yourself and press b to explode that will destroy the wall. open the chest for another 100 rupees.
300 rupees so far one more thing to do... run out to termina field and go to the bird. Equip the blast mask again and lock on to the bird, wait for it to attack and shield yourself and press b to explode. Quickly unequip the mask and hit the bird with your sword. it will fly away and retaliate. Take out your bow and shoot it before it comes back. repeat this as many times as it takes to kill the bird for a really Big rupee that's worth 200 RUPEES!!!!!! SWEETLERS!!!
So there you go easy 500 rupees. if you want to do this again you have to play the song of time.

Note: There's also a 20 rupee chest on the souternpart of the central area of clock town but you need the hookshot to get it. Also on the third day there's a chest on top of the tower the construction workers are building, you also need the hookshot for this one. sorry you can't use the deku shrub to get it.
Easy bomber catching
This one's easy, use deku nuts when you get close and the flash will stun them, or make them stop and turn towards you. Simple yet effective.
Easy Bomber Catching
Where you start in North Clock Town, There are to bombers. One next to a tree close to the great fairy fountain and the next bhind the slide.
There's another bomber in West Clock Town towards the north next to the postman's office.
East Clock Town, One ontop of the stocpot in next to the bell. The second is to the right of the bombers hideout, up the walkway. He will Be holding on to a chicken and will jump off if you get too close. I'll tell you this one right away. Simply run towards him and attack if you roll to late he will escape if you roll to early you wont reach him.
Now all of the bombers run right? Well simply chas them untill the run into one of the walkways to another part of town. stand in the walkway without going through and he will eventually run right into you! This works for all of the bombers! Easy.

Note: if you do this with deku link you wont be able to get the bombers notebook and you would have to do it all over again!

Easy dog race strategy
First you must have the Mask of truth. Put it on and talk to the dogs they will tell you how they are feeling today. if it's something that makes em seem energetic then pic that dog.
Enter Sakon's hide out glich(very discriptive)
to enter sakon's hide out you need the bunny hood.Ok here is how going:warp to ikana canion and go to that giant need your full speed,i mean your bunnny hood,and roll at the right crack of the rock(imediately when you past through stear left if no,you will go down through nothing.i am a romanian.i spelled corect?becose i love english.if you have questions email me at ,,''(:
epona in thin air
ok i found this out by doing these things:
first do the "all items with epona" cheat but make sure that one of you c-buttins have i ocarina and another the goron mask.after that use the "song of soring" and warp to clock town.
wene u get there put on the goron mask and u will become epona.then run to the place were the jugglers are and there will be an open space
were u can run around in thin air.

if youhave eny questions e-mail me at have fun =)
Fierce deity link anywhere/Be only epona
First you must do the ''any item on epona'' trick. To do this call epona and ride her to the milk road. Ride her into the gorman brothers track and back out. Use the owl statue to save and quit while still on epona. Without getting off epona follow these following steps: To get Fierce Deity Link anywhere you must have atleast 10 rupees. Get these before doing the any item on epona trick. After you have 10 rupees and have done any item on epona trick go into the gorman brothers race track. Accept to race them. Make sure you have The Fierce Deity Link Mask on a c button before doing so. As soon as it says 2 on the screen press the c button you have it equipped to. Let the gorman brothers win the race, there is not much to do. After they pass the finish line you have Fierce Deity Link anywhere! Have Fun! Ok now to be only epona you must do the any item on epona trick (which i mentioned before). Make sure you have the giants mask equipped to a c button. YOU MUST GO INTO TERMINA FIELD AFTER DOING THE ANY ITEM ON EPONA TRICK!! As soon as you get into termina field, press the c button which you have the giants mask equipped to. Link will be propelled into the air, and you will have only epona! Have Fun! (Note link wll not turn giant)
(Note i am not responsible for any damage this causes to your cartidge or n64. You have full responsibility on if you want to do this or not.)
(Note for every single time i have done this (which is like 10000000000000 times) no damage has been caused to my n64 or cartridge. It is very unlikely for that to happen. I have not seen anyone who did this have damage done to their n64 or cartridge.)
(Note sorry for making you read all that.)


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Find A Second Moon
These are the directions to find a second moon:

1) Call Epona (make sure you have a transformation mask besides Oni Link in a C-Button)
2) Go to Milk Road
3) Save at the Owl Statue
4) Re-Select the File
5) Go to Gorman Bros. Racing Track
6) Press the C-Button that has the Transformation Mask
7) (DON'T PRESS THE A-BUTTON WHEN YOU TRANSFORM). Now, hold the joystick forward and Epona should run around without Link on her
8) Go to the exit as if you're leaving and take the left
9) The ground should stop, so just walk off. You should be falling down for about 1 minute until the screen turns black
10) Now, when the screen turns balck, you can navigate your camera with the Z-Button. If you hold it, you should see a close-up of a second moon that's stored inside the earth!


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Fins galore
Put on your zora mask throw his fins, take off the mask and put it right back on and if done correctly the first fins you threw will be on their way back and a new set will be ready to throw
floating in the unexcapable pit
use the go any where with epona cheat ("go any where with out" due to me not checking my work) and go to ghote's temple. there do the use any item cheat at that owl. the use the control only epona cheat and ride forward toward the temple.when you are on the skinniest part of the snow bridge have one of the snow balls push you off. you will be floating in the air.
Floating west clock town
i was doing my other cheat when i found this out:
first do the "all items on Epona" cheat (make sure
that the c-buttins are the ocarina and the goron
mask)then play the "song of soring" and warp to clock town then put on the goron mask and you'll become Epona then run to west clock town and it would be floating.(Epona can run in the areas that are sky)

have fun.=)
if you have eny questions e-mail me at
flying zora
In Inkina Canyon go to the spring water cave.Then play the Song of Storms.After the movie plays be the Zora and sink in the deep water there.Then start rising,when you're rising out of the water,make sure your body doesn't leave the water.When you bounce out of the water,hold in your swim button and you'll be flying.
Freezeing Time
Go inside the clock tower and you wont see the time square and the time is frozen.
Frog mask
Ok Go to the goron place when it's winter. Light the torches (Best with the bunny hood.) Then as a goron crsh the chandelir until a chicken pops out. Then as a goron pick it up and carry it to the area with the sword shop. On a frozen pond, there is a goron. Throw the chicken to him and he will give you a frog mask. Beat the level. Go to North Clock Town and go to the Laundry pool. Then put the mask on and talk to the frog. He will now be at the sword store pond. Find the rest of the frogs and talk to them and conduct an Orchestra!
P.S I can't tell you where ALL the frogs are! I still need to Frog hunt! Good luck and have fun!
Getting Kafei's trust
It's been a long time since I've done this but get the Kafei mask (Go to the mayors place and go to the room with the lady and talk to her)and go to the inn. ON THE FIRST DAY! And put the Kafei mask on and talk to Anju. She will request ti see you in the kicthen at 11:30. Do that and send the letter to the closest post box soon as possible. Then hang around and mabey clear a few levels or if your feeling jittery play the song that makes 12 hours go.(do everynote twice in a row in the song of time.) And on the third day go to the laundry place and go to the door and open it. It should be open. Go and talk to Kafei.
P.S Also on the third day go to the grand canyon and somewhere should be Kafei. Talk to him and help him get his Sun's mask back!
Getting to the Stock Pot Inn When Closed
In East Clock Town be a Deku. Use The Flower. to get up on the roof. If you choose open on the door the door will open even if's on 6 A.M.
First use the song of Soaring to fly to CLOCKTOWN. Then go to west clocktown and go to the POSTOFFICE next to the SWORDMANS training office. And jump on his bead then jump on the table next to the bed. Jump off there and jump to the POSTBOX then you can run through the hole.
Go without Epona
Do the use any item on Epona cheat. Then you can use the Song of Soaring to go any where. The video will be the same but when you get to where you want to be you will be on Epona. The use any item on Epona cheat will be disabled but you can now go to any owl and do the cheat.
Great Fairy Charge
Once you get the Great Fairy sword,equip it to one of your C buttons,then press the C button, equiped with the Great Fairy sword,then imediatly pressed and hold the B button .if you did it right you should now be charging your Great Fairy sword instead of your normal sword.
Hidden Scene in the Stock Pot Inn
This is just a little hidden extra,but on the first day get the room key in the Stock Pot Inn.Then go to the crack in the wall thats in your room.Wait until its 9:30 at night and just as soon as it hits 9:30,press (A)and it will take you to a cutscene where Anju is talking to her fat (and moody) mom.XD.Hope it works for you.
Hide n' seek glitch
When you're playing hide and seek with the bombers to join the club, put on a different mask, run up to one of the bombers, talk to him, and he'll tell you to go away. Now, take off the mask, and he won't run away from you, but if you touch him, it won't count as catching him.
NOTE: You will be able to catch him, what I did was catch another person first, and then went back to him. I'm not sure if it's JUST that (doubt it) or if you leave the area or something.
How 2 find kafei
Go to the mayors wife. she should give you a mask looking like her missing son kafei. once you get this mask go to Anju in the STOCK POT INN. while wearing the mask talk to her and she will ask you to meet her in the kitchen at 11:30.( in order to get in with out a reservation turn into a deku shc
Keaton, the ghost fox
When you have the Keaton's Mask (do the Anju and Kafei quest and in it you should get it) Go to North Clock Town, and go to the grass. While wearing the Keaton's Mask, destroy all of the grass before it goes underground. The best way to do this is to charge your sword all the way (when it is orange) go in the middle of the grass, and release. Collect the rupee's that are on the ground and Keaton, the ghost fox will come from the ground. Answer his questions correctly and get a heart piece.
Kill Gyorg more easily
To perform this trick you will need aproximately 2 fairies. O.K. here's how you do it.
1.Stand on the very center of the blue tile and hold down R then hold down B to do an eletric barier on land (if you did it right you will stun him).
2.When you stun him you gotta' jump in the water real fast swim down and hit him with your electric barier.
3.After you hit him 3-4 times he'll realise his minions(plllease note that after his minnons are realesed you can't hit him with your electric barier attack when he jumps out of the water to stun him).
4.Sense you can't stun him as easily now you must wait for him to land in the water(I also reccomend Z-targeting his face when he lands)then move over to the ledge but not to close or he'll Knock you off the ledge and gobble you up and shoot him in the face with an arrow this will stun him. the same as step 2 1-3 times and you'll defeat Gyorg.

Hint:never go too close to the ledge or else.
Lottery Cheat
If you buy a lottery ticket on the first day, wait and see what the winning number is. Then, play the song of time and buy a lottery ticket of that number.
Lulu Pictures+Zora=$$$
okay theres this Zora in the zora hall and go up the ramp when you the zora and talk to the zora at the top she will ask you (MIKAU) if you have anything personal about (HER) Lulu and then go to Lulu and take a pictograph of her itf its a good shop the zora will give you 20 rupees if it sucks the zora will give you 5 rupees!
Im outie
mailbox trick
go to any mailbox in clocktown.Then equip an item to the item icons.(hookshot,fairysword,ect)Then get that item out and use it.Finally,go to the mail box and when it says deposit and item,use the item that you have out.ex.(you equip the fairy sword,get it out and stand infront of the mail box, when it ask to deposit an item,press the same button the fairysword is set to.)When the mail box says it cant take it,turn around and the item you choose will be invisible.
Making Items Invisible
This is sort-of a glitch as well.
Take your fairy sword, hookshot, bow or any weapon that can be put to a c-button and get it out. Then, go to a mailbox in town and try to deposit it in the mailbox. It will say that you cant but when you then try to use it with c it will be invisible! It might take a few tries but once you have done it you can still use the item. When you change the item on c or leave/enter a room then it wil return to normal but have fun anyway!!!
Mario mask
If you go to the mask guy inside the clock tower look at the sack he is carrying on his back there should be a fimiliar mustached face on the pack.
Follow these steps and you will have all the masks in no time ^-^

Great Fairy Mask: As human link go to the laundry pool, you will see a fairy floating above the water, jump on it and it will tell you to take her to north clock town. Go inside the shrine and she will give you the mask.

Mask of Scents: After you have beaten Wood fall temple enter the tunnel to the left of the Deku Palace, there you will meet the Deku Butler. Follow him all the way through. It is easier wearing the Bunny Hood.

Bremen Mask: At the night of the first or second day, speak to the man in the Laundry Pool listen to what he has to say and he will give you the mask.

Don Gero's Mask: Light all the torches in the goron village, then the chandelier will start spinning, then destroy the barrels hanging from the chandelier until you find the meat from inside one of them, take the meat to the shivering goron and he will give you the mask

Bunny Hood: Go to Romani's ranch and enter the door were the sad man is sitting beside the tree, use the bremen mask to march and find all ten chicks. They will grow up and then he will give you the mask

Romani Mask: Finish Romani and cremia's assignment then you will get this mask

Mask of Truth: Receive this mask when you finish the first spider house.

Blast Mask: Go to North Clock town at midnight, there you will see an old lady walking. A thief will go by her and take her bag, then you go and hit him with your sword, he will let go of the bag and run of then the lady will give you the mask

Kamaro's mask: Get this mask by playing the Song of Healing at midnight to the man who is dancing at the top of the mushroom shaped stone outside of Clock Town.

Garo's Mask: Win the mask by defeating the Gorman Brothers in the horse race through Milk Road.

Captain's Mask: Go to Ikana graveyard and play the song of healing were the big skull is, then defeat him and you will get this mask

Gibdo's Mask: Go inside the house that looks like a big music box, go down stairs and then you will see a mummy, play the song of healing and he will give you that mask.

Stone Mask: First what you have to buy the red potion then go to Ikana canyon. You will see a circle of stones,use the eye of truth and talk to the guard. He will ask you if you have something to cure him with. Give him the red potion and he will give you that mask.

Circus Leader's Mask: Go to the Milk Bar in clock town at 10 o clock. There you will see a zora.Help him with the sound checking with your instruments. The man sitting on the stool will be moved by your music and give you that mask.

Couples Mask: Complete Anju and Kafei's assignment.

Postmans Hat: Complete Anju and Kafei's assignment.

Keaton Mask: Complete Anju and Kafei's assignment.

Kafei's Mask: Talk to Mayor Dotours wife and she will ask if you can help find her son Kafei. Say yes and you will receive this mask

Giants Mask: Defeat the Stone Tower Temple

All Night Mask: Stop the theif who steals the old ladys bag then on the third day go to the curiosity shop and purchase this mask.

Fierce Deity Mask: Complete the Mini dungeons inside the moon
Moon Base Zora Dungeon
On The moon there is a dungeon where you navigate underwater tunnels with zora mask. Numbers 4, 6 & 8 represent directions to take.
4. take the right at the split
6. take the left at the split
8. do not turn at all

4648- & 6448- leads to a heart peice
488-Leads to a mystery stone
646-Leads to a mystery stone
68-Leads to a mystery stone
468-Leads to a mystery stone
6444 winner
Note there are other combinations but they all lead to a mystery stone. or to the places I've already described.
Music at night
Go to Snowhead and beat the temple. Now make it night and head to the
Goron Shrine. When you come out, you will hear the overworld music even
though it's night time! In fact, as long as you stay on Snowhead, when
dawn comes the music will continue to play as the DAWN OF THE whateverth
DAY message appears.
Ocarina Glitch
I don't know if it works every single time, or if its the same item every time, but if you go to in front of the windfall temple on day 1, and stand on the circle thing you need to be on to open the temple. You stand on it and face the temple (after opening it) you pause the game. move the cursor to the far left icon without turning the creen to the next page. Leave the game on while you go to work, school etc.... the game should have frozen. Pull out the cartridge, put it back in and turn off the n64. Turn it back on and all your files will be TEMPORARILY erased. (they change back to normal when you next turn on the game) start a new file in slot one and name it Link or sumthing. Watch the intro and when you are first allowed to move you automatically die. Continue, and open your inventory. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IS AND OCARINA!! EVEN THE MASKS PAGE! To revert back to normal, restart the game. It should all be good, but don't blame me if it isnt. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
play as epona with the abililty to get back on
do the use any item on epona cheat. Then as link pull out your orcania and play epona's song while on epona. Link will then be floating in the air and you will be controling epona(you can't leave the area you are in with epona alone). to get back on epona just press A and you will be back on. if you leave the area you can do this again, but if you press start the use any item on epona cheat is disabled.
play guitar sound with link
go to zora band as mikau(zora form)and go to stage. talk as zora to the person whos making the sound test and then play a guitar note until he says to put it a little louder. transform into normal link and play your ocarina-it should sound like a guitar!
Puppy mood
(This is more funny if you go to the puppy racetrack.)Get on the deku mask and they'll all jump at you,get on the zora mask and they'll all follow you,get on the goron mask and they'll all run away from you, get on the bremen mask and one will follow you, use the mask of truth and carry one and they'll tell you how they feel.
quick 'n' easy
Don't use epona to get around Hyrule field. Use the goron mask, it is much quicker and just go into grass if you start to run out of magic.
Quick Mask Switch
If, when you are using the Deku, Goron, Zora or Fierce Diety Mask, instead of watching the whole *putting on the mask* cinematic, just press A and it will skip it.
Replace Link's Sword With Deku Nuts
First, enable the "Use Items On Epona" cheat. You must make sure you have the Deku Mask on one of you C-Button items. After you enabled the cheat, put on the Deku mask. Ride around Epona for a little bit. Then, get off Epona and take off the mask. With Link, play the Song Of Time. Now you have Deku Nuts instead of your sword.

Note: to get back your sword you back you must do the same as above, except you should use the Zora mask. Remember to use the Song Of Time after you have your sword back.
ride epona in clock town.
do the use any item on epona cheat. Pull out your orcania and play the song of time to go back to the firt day. you will go through the cinema and then you will be on epona in clock town.

note: If you try to leave clock town you will make it out side but epona will get stuck and the only way to get her unstuck is to get off her and play the song of time again.
Romani Ranch Dog Race
Rather than useing the mask of truth, put on the deku mask and run around. when u take it off, find the dog that's closer and take that one. it worked for me!!
Scarecrow Songs
Here are the two songs from the scarecrow. He is right before the Astral Observatory (Bombers' Passageway).
Song of Double Time:
C-Right, C-Right, A-Button, A-Button, C-Down, C-Down

Inverted Song of Time:
C-Down, A-Button, C-Right, C-Down, A-Button, C-Right

The "Song of Double Time" speeds up time and the "Inverted Song of Time" slows time down!

Mod Note: The following has been written "the song of double time speeds up time" and "the inverted song of time slows time down" BUT that is not correct! The song of double time skips ahead to the next night/day (depending on what time it is) and the Inverted song of time slows time down and also returns it to NORMAL if you have slowed it down.
See links face through mask
Put on any regular mask like kafeis mask, keaton mask, etc. Then go stand in front of a door use the c up button to face a door and if you go close enough you can see his face through the mask.

Note: I did that at the door to the mayor's office in east clock town.
Sky glinch
First do the fierce didy cheat
Second go into clock town(east)
third get on the building that the mail box is leaning against
last but not least jump towards the wall that is north of the mail box after u jump hold forward and push "A" raptly u will then jump through the wall and u will hear link scream u will be in the "sky"
Any questions email me ;P

Try doing it at night and morning it always looks different depending the time and push "b" if u want hell start slashing
One more thing u can push left or right and youll start flying then in about 5-10secs itll make that falling voice and youll be back at the entrance do on second day while its raining thats when it looks the coolest ^-^
super easy post office challange.
by now you know that wearing the bunny hood makes this easier, but you can make it even easier. just play the inverted song of time(the song of time backwards) this makes it a peice of cake.
the worthless crow
ever notice that stupid bird the flies around the outside of the town? ever wonder what its there for? well i have the answer (and its not target practice.) if you stand under it and play the new wave bossa nova it drops a heap of ruppees one by one but the rupees disappear pretty quick so you have to keep up.
Twin fins
You all know of zora link's fin throw attack, well this trick will prove helpful.
Turn into zora link and throw your fins then immediatly take off the mask and then put it right back on. Then throw the fins that are now on zora link's arms and the ones from before should be half way back to you by now!
Two sets of fins
Put on the zora mask and the throw your fins by holding B, then take off the mask right after then throw and put it back on all in the same action (as fast as possible), you will then be able to throw a second set of fins!
Unlimited magic power
To get infinite power you need the cow mask to get into the bar you also need to have at least 200 rupeas. Then buy the chatue romani milk save it incase then when you`re about to fight majora pull it out and drink it now you have infinite until you die or go back in time or win. You dont have to use it at majora you can use it when ever you want.
Using the three mask on epona deku, zora, and goron
To do this cheat you have to go to milk road.
1)put zora's mask on one of the C buttons
2)call for epona
3)ride her around for a bit
4)Go to the owl Z target it and save
6)go to your saved game. once it's done loading you should still be on epona. (if not try again)
7)then just push one of the C buttons that have zora's mask on it.
8)then you should put it on. after that the blue button will say CHECK push the blue button.
9) then you will be on epona (the fairy will says somthing so just ignore her. But you will be in the air so just go out into termina feild and you'll be riding epona.

Just do the same thing except a different mask.
(if the deku won't work then forget about it that mask.
wear the fierce deity mask anywhere
go to sakons hideout and go in either wait for him or roll through the crack it must be the final day and u must hav already done everything ucould wit anju and kafei.

wile u conrol link put on the bunny hood

wen u control kafei replace the bunny hood wit the fierce deiy mask so that wen u return as link
u r now the fierce deity(must already hav the fierce deity mask to do this,also the hookshot n ur horseto get there)
do at ur own risk-if u go into townu cant leave if u go into a house u cant leave u cant use any weapons or items but ur sword and lastly u canttake the mask off
Zora Boomerang
Put your Zora mask and prepare your blades, shoot them into the air, now, quickly turn into link and again into Zora, throw as quick as you can your blades and recieve the first you threw, this way you'll have 4 baldes but you'll have to throw the blades that come to you as fast as you can so you can keep doing this for a while, when you stop doing this, you'll have two blades again. I've tried many times to have 6 at a time but i think it isn't possible but try!!!