The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Tips

Dark Boss Battles 2, 3, 4, and 5
Dark Boss 2:Arghus
After find Arghus you need to get those baloon thing off first Hookshot then sword after Arghus is bare hold B and after he comes you should let go.
Dark Boss 3:Mothula
After going down the square crack you will find a giant moth first use your Fire Rod after your Magic Power is gone Use the B button to attack Mothula.
Dark Boss 4:Blind
After freeing that girl get the Titans mitt then go to the place in the Dungeon where it looks like a square then walk into the light Blind should turn into a boss then you will hear Boss Music after that happens charge your sword then attack thrre time after that do the same thing 2 more times
Dark Boss 5:Kholdstare
First Kholdstare is stuck in ice use your Fire rod until Kholdstare is free you can start fight but there is three Kholdstares charge Link's Sword then keep on hitting them until one is left keep on hitting it then you'll get a piece of a heart.

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