The Last Remnant (Xbox 360) Cheats

The Last Remnant cheats, Achievements, Unlockables, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Achievements Videos
The Godslayer Achievement "The Fallen" (00:09:08)
The Final Instance Achievement (00:01:26)
by KaiyoDark May 20 2013
AchievementHow to unlock
Death and Destruction (30)Do you want your party members to grow stronger? Try defeating lots of monsters.
Guru of the Mystic (30)Do you like collecting items? Try obtaining a certain one...
Hero of the Dawn (50)For a great challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain guild task.
Living Rich (10)You have obtained over 200,000G. Are you taking your friends out for nice meals?
Lost Words of the Gods (10)You have spent over 100,000G. Would you like some investment advice?
March of the Soldiers (10)Do you want a bigger party? Recruit some soldiers at a guild.
Monster Dismantler (20)Are you collecting components? Try taking apart lots of monsters.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (20)Do you recycle? Try taking apart lots of equipment.
The Battlemaster (20)Do you have a taste for blood? Participate in battles and find out.
The Bloodhunter (30)You have defeated over 30 monsters in one battle. You must have lots of rare items!
The Dragonslayer (40)For a bigger challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain quest.
The Final Instance (200)You have finished the quest "Things Unchangeable." Congratulations!
The Godslayer (140)For the biggest challenge of them all, defeat the monster they call The Fallen.
The Great Soldier (40)For a huge challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain guild task.
The Guildmaster's Faith (10)Have you accepted the guild masters' challenges? Try finishing lots of guild tasks.
The Heir of Ultimate Fate (30)Have you been creating items? Try creating a certain one...
The Last Remnant (200)You have defeated the Absolute Conqueror. Perhaps YOU are the Last
The Lone Fighter (30)Do you want a challenge? Defeat the monster that appears from a certain quest.
The Ravenous Hunter (30)How is Mr. Diggs? Try harvesting a certain item...
The Rules of Consecution (30)Are you keeping an eye on the chain count? Try to get as high a number as possible.
Timing is Everything (10)How is your hand-eye coordination? Try using Critical Triggers whenever possible.
Unleashing Secret Powers (10)Are you putting Timeshift to good use? Try using it as often as possible.


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Unlockable Characters
All of the Enlightened Seven can be recruited after you defeat them once. Once you beat them, find each character at the following locations:
UnlockableHow to unlock
HannahUnion of the Golden Chalice in Balterossa
HinnahUnion of the Golden Chalice in Nagapur
LudopeUnion of the Golden Chalice in Melphina
MiltonUnion of the Golden Chalice in Royotia
SnievanRing of the Labyrith in Elysion
YoungUnion of the Golden Chalice in Baaluk
ZuidoRing of the Labyrith in Ghor