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The Last of Us: Remastered review
The Last of us is not gaming Gold, it's gaming Platinum! it's Naughty Dog's first true Masterpiece (Spoiler free)


Hey everybody, ProKiller with a review for The Last of us, you can either read the full review or scroll down to the final verdict if you don't like reading, enjoy the review.

I was excited for The Last of us, I watched the trailer at E3 2012 and I'll tell you even though I was excited, I was a little bit skeptical, I thought The Last of us would be like Uncharted with zombies, but I bought it anyway because hey, it's a naughty dog game I had to buy it, so how is The Last of us? is it a gaming masterpiece or is it just another generic survival horror game? well let's find out, shall we?

Let's start off by talking about how good The Last of us looks, it looks downright gorgeous, the graphics are astounding to say the least, there is no game on the Playstation 3 system that looks better or even as good as The Last of us, the game also captures the post apocalyptic theme perfectly, it always reminds you that you are on a post apocalyptic world, the environments are always breathtaking, there's so much attention paid to every little detail, there are some environments that are so huge and so complex that it will be hard to memorize how they look, therefore if you do a second playthrough you will feel like you're visiting new areas even though you're not, you'll only understand when you see the game for yourself, now let's talk about the story.

The story of The Last of us takes place in a post apocalyptic united states, the game actually starts off right at the point where the fungus starts infecting people and turning them into zombies and then it fasts forwards 20 years into the future where the world turned into a complete and utter mess, then at that point Joel's goal is to escort Ellie to the fireflies (don't worry it's not one of those bad escort missions, you'll rarely have to protect Ellie, it's the good type of escort missions, like in Bioshock Infinite), sounds pretty simple? right? yeah believe me, it is not! the game has a lot of unexpected twists and turns that I'm not going to spoil because this is a spoiler free review so don't worry if you haven't played the game, the characters are all well done especially Ellie, she feels like a real person, unlike Joel she was born into this world so she doesn't know how the world before her was like, she has a lot of exciting conversations with Joel, asking him about how the world was before the apocalypse happened, and these two starts forming a relationship over the course of the 18 hours adventure. but let's stop talking about the story because if I get more specific I will have to spoil the game so let's start talking about the gameplay.

The Last of us plays unlike any game you played, at first it feels like Dead Space but it's actually not, the game has some role playing elements, it has system where you can improve Joel's abilities OR you can even give him more abilities to use like the "Shiv Master" ability for example, we'll talk how useful that ability is in a while, the game has 4 types of enemies: Humans, Runners, Clickers, and bloaters. the humans are either looters, Hunters or military soldiers, they will use every bit of tactic they got to surround you and kill you, they are very smart, if you set one of them on fire while sneaking, the others will hesitate to investigate, they will not waste time if you run towards them they will immediately shoot, so unlike in uncharted you can't make like Tom Cruise in this game and just walk into a room and wipe everybody out without breaking a sweat, you can handle encounters in more than one way, you can sneak through and of course you can do combat.

Now let's talk about combat first, you can use your fist or melee weapons for hand to hand combat, or you can use guns, throwable objects or even Molotov cocktails and bombs, the combat in The Last of us is realistic, you have to think on your feet, conserve your ammo because the ammo in The Last of us is very scarce, use your guns only if you need to and for god's sake make every shot count, crouch and stay put to steady your aim because shooting while moving isn't very accurate, you can shoot while you're moving but you have to be a very skilled and confident shooter in order to do so, every bullet you miss you will regret doing so because you have to find more and you better pray that the guy you just killed has some ammo on him, otherwise you have to loot the area, speaking of looting I like that this game encourages exploration, it feels like an open world game, even though it's not, you can explore every area to find supplies for crafting (we'll talk about crafting later), ammo for your guns, melee weapons which are more useful than fighting with your fists, and you can also find hidden collectables like notes, tape recordings and comic books but I digress let's go back to my topic about combat, other than guns you can do hand to hand combat that works like uncharted but it's better and more refined than Uncharted of course, you can use melee weapons like a bat, a pipe, a fire axe, a machete you get the idea, but these weapons can break easily so be careful of how you use them, let's talk about the infected, first the runners, the runners are exceptionally fast and they tend to attack in a group, in that case you have to try and run away so you can start fighting them again before they gang up on you again, and then there's clickers, clickers are very dangerous because one bite from them will end your life, you cannot use your fists against them, you have three options, either shoot them or hit them with a melee weapon, and the third option is only available if you have the previously mentioned "Shiv Master" ability, which will let you break free from the clutches of a clicker by stabbing him with a shiv, you can upgrade that ability which will allow you to use that shiv to break free from the clicker without breaking the shiv, well if it has full durability anyway, the clickers cannot see, instead they use sound to detect you, we'll talk about that later, now the bloaters, oh my goodness the bloaters, you cannot use a melee weapon or a shiv against them, you can only use bombs, Molotov cocktails and of course guns, they are very tough to defeat, they have a specific weakness which I will let you figure out by yourself, and if you don't figure it out then you might as well spend 6-8 shotgun shells to beat these bad boys.

Ok, time to talk about stealth, the stealth in The Last of us works kinda like how stealth works in games like Splinter Cell, you use the shadows and the darkness to hide from your enemies, you can sneak past them or take them out quietly by sneaking up behind them and grabbing them as a human shield, from there you can strangle them or you can stab them with a shiv which is faster than strangling but of course it uses up one of your shivs so use the shiv wisely, use them when you need to kill someone quickly like for example if one of their friends is about to detect you, the game will play a sound when you're about to be detected, it basically tells you to get the hell outta sight before you get detected, stealth can also be used against the infected, the runners will ignore your flashlight and like humans you can strangle runners as well, clickers cannot see you as I previously mentioned, instead they will use sound to detect you so stay crouched and walk very slowly, unlike humans and runners, clickers cannot be strangled, instead you need a shiv to stab them after you grab them, bloaters however are too big to be held as a human shield, don't try to grab them because you can't, just sneak through them quietly, if you get detected you can kill your enemy with your fists or melee weapon, but do it quickly before they alarm their buddies, and if they do run away to a safe place until they can no longer find you so you can sneak again, probably the most innovative feature of The Last of us is the hearing mode, it focuses Joel's hearing to let him know where his enemies are, it's a useful and innovative feature, I never would have thought about adding a feature like that in the game if I was a developer myself.

And then there's crafting, I usually don't do crafting a lot in games because it's usually a very long process, but in The Last of us, I do crafting a lot. crafting in The Last of us is easier than crafting in other games like Fallout, Skyrim etc. all you have to do is gather supplies as you're exploring and then open up your backpack and start crafting, which is why I like crafting in The Last of us and I do it a lot, all crafting is done in real time to add to the immersive and realistic nature of the game.

There's also a weapon upgrade system which works a little bit like Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 or 5, you gather weapon parts use them to upgrade your weapon's range, power, fire rate etc. you also pick up tool boxes to level up your weapon tools (which is your ability to upgrade weapons) it's a nice little addition to an overall perfect gameplay experience.

Now there are some critics that mentioned that the game has some bugs and glitches, thankfully I never encountered any of those, makes me lucky, eh? so for me the gameplay experience of The Last of us is flawless.

The length of the game is perfect, it doesn't outstay it's welcome, however you will feel kinda sad that the game ended, the ending is perfect but I kinda wished it would have gave 2 or 3 more chapters but I played the game on Hard mode and I died 200 times, I finished the game in 18 hours which means I'm very skilled because there are people out there that beat it on NORMAL with 18 hours, but it still has a lot of replay value, after you beat the game you will have a New Game + mode where you can start over again with all the skills and upgrades you had on your previous playthrough, you will also unlock Survivor mode after you beat the game on Normal or Hard mode, which is much, much tougher than Hard mode, and of course there is an online multiplayer mode which I haven't played yet, I will update this review later with information about the multiplayer of The Last of us, but it doesn't need multiplayer anyway it would still get the same score I'm giving it, which brings me to my final verdict.

Actually before I go to my final verdict I would like to mention one little nitpick I have with the game, it's not going to affect the score it's just something that ever so slightly bugs me, there are sometimes where if you're in stealth sometimes the enemies feel like they're ignoring Ellie, it doesn't completely break your immersion but it's noticeable enough to stand out. well ok, time for the final verdict.

The Last of us is a Masterpiece, a game that doesn't make you feel like you're playing as a character in a virtual world, instead it makes you feel like you are playing a real person in a real world with real people (and real zombies, ew!) The Last of us is that good, it is so immersive, it has the best graphics on Playstation 3, the best gameplay, and some of the best writing, storytelling and presentation, I know that Killzone, God of War, Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4 are amazing games in their own right, but I think that The Last of us beats them all, Naughty Dog has made a game for the ages, Naughty Dog has created what is arguably the best game they have ever created, it's better than Uncharted, Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot, it's going to be very hard for Naughty Dog to make a better game than this, The Last of us is indeed post apocalyptic perfection, it is so memorable that if you hit me in the head with a hammer I will forget everything except my experience with The Last of us, and I thought Bioshock Infinite would win game of the year but I think The Last of us has a higher chance of winning, it is the best Playstation 3 game ever, and in my opinion it is better than Bioshock Infinite, and I recommend Rockstar to bring out the big guns with GTA 5 because The Last of us is not going down without a fight, for me The Last of us easily jumps into the list of the top 5 greatest vidogames ever made, along with Resident Evil 4, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Half-Life, Super Mario 64 and Final Fantasy 7, The Last of us deserves a spot along with those legendary games.
It is a gaming Masterpiece.
And That is why I am giving The Last of us a perfect 10 out of 10!

OVERALL:10.0 Masterpiece

If you own a Plastation 3 then run out to the store and pick this game up, if you don't have a PS3 then i guess it's time for you to buy one because this is in my opinion the best game on the system. if you're bad at survival horror games then play it on easy, but even if you do, don't rush through the game, play it slowly, explore every nook and cranny and enjoy every second of this wonderful masterpiece of a game.

Thanks for reading my review and if you enjoyed it you can check out my other reviews, well so far I only have one other review, but I will posting more in the near future, so if you want you can read those as well, see you around.

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