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I'll try to give you the scoop as I see it.

The good:

It's easy to catch on to and if you score low on the game you can choose not to save that data or just quit without saving and replay it with the answers. If you are under 18 and or live with your parents forget this game.

The bad:

This is not a game you will play with the family. Mom and dad will not like it. Your girl friend may not like it and I doubt she will play with you.


I have not played the game all the way through YET, but I certainly expect to. I must say that I like what I see so far. Some of the language is crude, vulgar and silly. It can certainly spice up a party and can get guys in a great mood to go out and party.

This game is what it describes it is right there on the game's case. If you like girls and "Spring Break like activities" this game is for you. Once you get to the end though you will have seen all there is to see and on rainy days it might be nice to revisit some of the triva contestants. As for me I am very satisfied with the purc...

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