The Godfather II review
'A game you can't refuse'

The good:

Gives us chance to become a Don.
Awesome music.
Unique features like "Don's view" & "Family Tree".
Great story.
Fun & unique gameplay
Your gang members assist you in combat.
All trophies are single player trophies.
Can get addictive.

The bad:

Sometimes you may not like graphics.
Fire graphics are badly done.
It would have been better if story was little longer.
May feel little repetitive near the end.


Hello, friends. This is unbiased and spoiler-free review of PS3,PC & Xbox360 game - "The Godfather II".This is a great game of which details I'll give you now.I'll love to help you in making the right decision.

  • AGE RATING reason:

First of all, this game is rated as "18+ " or "Mature" because this game have strong bloody violence. Also, occasionally you can hear bad language too.
There is nudity too.But there is no sexual content (On U.S. cover, it's said that there is but however it I didn't found anything.)So, this is great game for mature players. And if you are a parent, you can play this game but don't let your child play it until he/she gets 18 yr old.
  • Godfather 2 spoiler-free insight:
Story (No spoilers):

Godfather 2 is based on highly acclaimed real action/drama film of the same name. So, the story is really good. And most of the game is fast-paced and less repetitive.Unlike "The Godfather:The Game", Godfather 2 never makes you to do errands for certain story characters.This is your story and you are the center-part of it.But that doesn't mean original film's story is ignored.Actually the game does a great job of combining both of them to make it less boring and fast-paced.
  • Here's a brief info on story:You play as a likable character named "Dominic" who was an under-boss of Corleone Crime Family in New York.You worked for first game's protagonist "Don Aldo Tripani". Aldo gets assassinated by a rival gang assassin and Corleone's control of New York breaks.So, Micheal Corleone decides to make you new Don and tells him to take over all the control of three cities. Can you become The Godfather like Legendary Don Vito Corleone? Play this game to live your dream!
  • Graphics:

Graphics are as good as Grand Theft Auto IV.Although sometimes faces of characters other than Dominic can look little bad but still cars,environments and other graphics are good if not as great as Uncharted, God Of War 3 or Killzone 2.But gameplay will entertain you a lot. And in my opinion graphics aren't that bad.

There are three major cities that this game takes place-
1.New York, 2.Cuba & 3. remarkable Florida.
Because of this, you'll not get bored easily while playing the story mode.

Also, this game is an open-world or free roaming type of game like "Grand Theft Auto IV", "Assassin's Creed 2", "inFAMOUS","Saint's Row" etc.So, you can enjoy game for unlimited time. And can go to search safes or weapon upgrade.Or cause trouble by killing lot's of people or troubling the cops.
  • Now game-play elements-
1.Plan your moves in "Don's view"
2.Takeover rackets,Hotels & Businesses yourselves or by ordering your gang members who are obviously Artificial Intelligence.
3.Build your "family"- in other words your own mafia gang.
4.Customize your character's look, cloths & his shape of body in "Mob Face".
5.Stylish "Execution" finishing moves.
6.Last but not least on-line multi-player.

More details on above points:
  • Don's View:

Best and most unique element of gameplay in Godfather 2 is the- "Don's View". While it's as fantastic as it sounds, let me explain it in more detail.
Actually "Don's View" is a 3D map of the three cities this game takes place in. In this mode, you can rotate, zoom in zoom out and see the city as you like it.
Besides the ability of watching the cities, this feature let's you look after your rackets, takeover or bomb rival family's racket and see which of your racket is under attack so that you can send your gang members to protect it.
Also, you can see your Gang's "Family tree"- in which you can upgrade them, change their cloths,buy gun licences or even you can mark them for death!
You can also see your income/profit chart.See which collectibles are collected and which are remaining.This is very unique feature which you can only find in this game. As this is the only game that let's you become a Don literally.
  • Build your Empire:

One of the main gameplay element is taking over rival Family's rackets to build a chain of your businesses in all the cities.
This involves board game kind of elements i.e. If you bombed your enemy's racket, they will bomb one of your too.If you attacked one of their businesses, they will strike a counter attack on you!
And you need to "Think like a Don" by choosing the right racket to take over first. And if you took all the rackets of the same types, your Family will get new features and your income increases as well.
For example- Controlling all the Diamond smuggling rackets gives your Family "Bullet Proof" Jackets!
  • Building your own "Family":

Mostly, you'll enjoy recruiting and then promoting your gang members. In-fact you are asked to do so on certain part of the game.search cities to find unique characters who are willing to join your Crime Family.
Every character has special "ability" which can be beneficial to you as his "Boss". For example- An arson can burn a hedge to clear the path, A medic can revive a dying member of the "Family" etc.
They can act as your body guards and can protect you or kill your enemies.
Also, you can carry them with you. Anywhere- anytime!
This is another unique and innovative feature that is in this game which you will not find in any other game of this type.
  • Character customization:

This is one of the most entertaining feature in this game. You can customize your character, Dominic anytime in this game with the feature- "Mob Face".
In Mob face, you can change Dominic's cloths, facial features,hairstyle,shoes,accessories & his body's shape. In-fact you can make Dominic fat to slim and visa versa by just moving your analog stick!

While this feature is glitch free, hair sometimes can feel very unnatural.
Nevertheless, an awesome addition in this already fabulous game.
  • Show off some stylish "Exection" moves:"

This feature has been added in this series since the first game, "The Godfather:The Game". As the name suggests, you can finish an enemy with a stylish finishing move.
But this feature has given a lot more attention than this.Because, every weapon (even your hands) has different execution moves. So, style never dies because of this unique feature. But, sometimes your gangmembers will kill enemy while you are trying to perform an execution.
So, this is sometimes disappointing.But this doesnt happen often.
But you "Act Like a Mombster" by participating in lot's of firefights, eliminating rival family's compound and fighting police.
  • On-line multiplayer:

Although single player mode is the strong point of Godfather 2, still on-line mode is a great additional feature. Here, you can take your gang on-line to play in various on-line matches.
Which also let's you to upgrade your Made Men's weapon licences. Still, on-line is hit and miss feature but single player story is strong enough to keep you hooked on this game for weeks.
Also, you don't need to bother with on-line mode if you don't want to. Because there is no on-line multiplayer trophy to worry about!

If you have already saw the movie, you'll enjoy reliving the moments of film or if you would like to be a Don, you are choosing the right game.
But the fact is, This game have an interesting story which lasts for about 20 to 30 hours and you can play online-multiplayer too. This game is a free-roam type of game so, you can cruise around the cities even after or before completing the main story. Also, this game got some easy single-player (only) trophies. There are no multiplayer trophies to worry about. You'll get your Platinum trophy in 2 or 3 weeks!

This is a good game with plenty of fun to get. But despite being very interesting story, less repetitive & fun gameplay, It will only last for 3 or 4 weeks.But if you'd like to experience fun of being in the "The Godfather 2" movie again & again or being a Don then you'll enjoy this game even after 4 weeks of gameplay.
But if you are unsure, I recommend renting or borrowing this game first to enjoy it fully and then letting it go. But if you are a godfather movie fan, This is an offer you can't refuse!

So, Godfather fans (like me) should buy this game too keep it in their collection. If you are not, then this is a must try game so at least rent it.
  • Scores:
Music: 5/5
Voice acting: 4/5
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Graphics: 3/5
Production Value: 4/5
On-line: 3/5
Replay Value: If you are a "The Godfather" series fan or you'd like to be a Don, then - 4/5.
If you are a casual player, then- 2/5.
  • Final Score:
On the scale of 5, this game gets: 4/5
On the scale of 10, this game gets: 8/10
  • This is an excellent game which is worth a try.Because you will not find some gameplay elements in other games.
Thanks for reading this review.I hope you found it useful.

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2 thumbs!
brandonio Apr 6, 10
Nice review.I hope to see more of your game reviews soon(if you make any more).This review helped alot more than IGN and Game spot that's for sure
1 thumbs!
DarshD Apr 12, 10
Thanks a lot for such a nice comment .
And yes, I'll write more reviews of this quality as soon as I can!
quote brandonio
This review helped alot more than IGN and Game spot that's for sure
You are right, and, in-fact that's why I started writing unbiased & spoiler-free reviews.

I felt that IGN & Game spot don't review a game by the perspective of a nomal gamer.
They do it because it's their job. That's why sometimes they tend to be a biased reviews.
1 thumbs!
quest Apr 18, 10
woa i love your review can't wait for your next one you made this game more interesting then IGN lol
1 thumbs!
DarshD Apr 20, 10
Thanks for the compliment !

And I'll write more reviews like this as soon as possible!
2 thumbs!
jbh May 2, 10
Great review Darsh, I've played this game quite a bit and its quite fun. My comment would be the great explosions
0 thumbs!
DarshD May 12, 10
Thanks a lot for your kind remarks, jbh !

And yeah, many people bash The Godfather 2 for no reason. The game is awesome in the gameplay and music aspects and story is quite good too despite being a little short.
Don's view, family building and music are best aspects of this game and it's a must try for them alone..
1 thumbs!
brandonio Jan 13, 11
Because of your review I just bought this game today. I'm loving it so far .

0 thumbs!
DarshD Jan 14, 11
Yeah, this game is awesome. People just compare it to GTA, that's why they feel it's not good.
But it's not all the same like GTA. I mean, can you control rackets, order your men to bomb rackets and be Godfather in the epic film theme of The Godfather series?

Nice decision of you about buying this game. Try GTA:Episodes from Liberty City,Just Cause 2 as well !
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