The Fancy Pants Adventures

The Fancy Pants Adventures (PS3) Cheats

The Fancy Pants Adventures cheats, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
Trophies Videos
The Juggler Achievement Guide (Trophy) (00:01:30)
by AHCommunityVids May 20 2013
Achievement Guide The Juggler (Trophy) (00:00:49)
by PantsMan91 May 20 2013
TrophyHow to unlock
Paparazzi (Bronze)Collect all 60 stars
Fancy Fanboy (Bronze)Complete world 1 and 2
Storyteller (Bronze)Collect all 9 Message Bottles
The Champion (Bronze)Win a tournament on your home arcade machine
The Olympian (Bronze)Get one gold medal
The Newbie (Bronze)Get 100% in one Level
The Juggler (Bronze)Juggle a shell 10 times before it touches the ground
Big Brother (Silver)Story Mode Completed
Better than the developers (Silver)Get a gold medal in all the Challenges
Fancy Fashion (Silver)Collect all the customizable items
Squiggle Hunter (Silver)10000 Squiggles collected
Obsessed (Gold)Complete 100% of the Game


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Defeat Pirate Captian (Squiggleville)
To begin, he should be in the middle of the screen; you at the far left side. As the Captain moves towards you, wall run and then jump off the side of the bathtub. Run to the left side of the screen, and when the Captain approaches, do the same. (Here though, you won't jump off a wall. You'll jump off of the side of the screen.) Repeat on alternating sides until he does the Beardwhip. Following the funky beard move, the Captain will be dazed. You can charge him while he's dazed, but slide down before you reach him. Continue to do this until he falls down and Cutie Pants gets jacked by the Pirates. Beat this Colorful-Bearded, Smelling of Flowers, Clean, Pirate Captain, and have fun in Outer Squiggleville. 8)