The Eye of Judgment (PS3) Cheats

The Eye of Judgment cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Decks To Play Against
When you first get the game, you will notice that the computer can only use either the Starter Deck, or any deck that you've set up. Well you can unlock more decks by playing on Normal Difficulty and using the Original board, and beating the computer when it is using the particular deck. Here's a list of what you unlock:
UnlockableBeat Computer When It's Using
Fire Crusader DeckStarter Deck
Water Barrager DeckFire Crusader Deck
Earth Emperor DeckWater Barrager Deck
Wood Swarm DeckEarth Emperor Deck
Biolith Scourge DeckWood Swarm Deck
Arbiter DeckBiolith Scourge Deck
Goal ModeArbiter Deck
Goal Mode
Complete all decks when playing against the CPU under the Normal difficulty setting and using the "Official Layout" option. Goal mode will be unlocked after the Arbiter deck is completed. Six new goals under each theme deck playing against the CPU will appear. To unlock a new card in Goal mode, complete the following tasks with the CPU under the Normal difficulty setting and using the "Official Layout" option.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Fire Crusader Win without using spell cards.
Water BarrageWin without destroying any enemy creatures.
Earth EmperorWin without opponent controlling a single field.
Wood SwarmWin within ten rounds.
Biolith ScourgeWin with five Biolith squares occupied.
ArbiterWin by having five creatures of the same element on board.
Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Gatemaster (Bronze)For braving the gateway to battle. (Victory vs. starter deck)
Mourning Ascetic (Bronze)For training in the rites of the flame. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Fire Crusader)
Okunadan Monk (Bronze)For suppressing the aquatic mutiny. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Water Barrage)
Swordsman of East Reach (Bronze)For gaining the recognition of your earthen comrades. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Earth Emperor)
Til Vorg Riders (Bronze)For those who have joined the liberation army of wood. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Wood Swarm)
Biolith Castle Gatekeeper (Bronze)For proving oneself to the Bioliths. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Biolith Scourge)
Black Goat Prison Guard (Bronze)For capturing the unscrupulous followers of the flame. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Fire King's Rage)
Venoan Mercenary (Bronze)For passing the initiation of the water clan. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Water Conquest)
Undead Battalion (Bronze)For suppression of the earthen dead. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Earth Atonement)
Green Bandits (Bronze)For being admitted into the band of wood thieves. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Wood Unleashed)
Biolith Castle Archive Curator (Bronze)For reaching complete and true understanding of the Bioliths. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Biolith Godmaker)
Theraclave Gatekeeper (Bronze)For being admitted into the army of flame. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Fire Havoc)
Tritonan Palace Guard (Bronze)For being admitted into the army of water. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Water of Death)
Blade Guild at Visvar Vaas (Bronze)For being admitted into the circle of earthen knights. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Earth Desolation)
Alchemist's Lab Worker (Bronze)For being recommended to the wood research facility. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Wood Mayhem)
Biolith Godmaker (Bronze)For those who might become a Biolith godmaker. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Biolith Revenge)
Yaksha Ninja (Silver)For victory over the federation army. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Arbiter)
Parmetic Inquisitor (Silver)For meting punishment to the Parmetic heretics. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Parmetic Wrath)
Sacred Darkness Academy Attendee (Silver)For gaining entrance to the academy. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Eye of Judgment)
Mourning Reverend Father (Silver)For fending the trespassers off with your bare hands. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 1)
Okunadan Father (Silver)For the inspiration required to end a battle swiftly. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 2)
Liberator of East Reach (Silver)For conquering every outpost of your enemy. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 3)
Forest Chief (Silver)For ambushing the enemy with relentless forces. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 4)
Battle Master (Silver)For gaining ground on the great expanse. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 5)
Ninja Patriarch (Silver)For inspiring steadfast unity in battle. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 6)
Black Goat Prison Warden (Silver)For suppressing the riots with an iron will. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 1)
Venoan Don (Silver)For utilizing intelligence to confuse enemy forces. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 2)
Undead General (Silver)An award for complete and total dominance. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 3)
Green King (Silver)For claiming all for one's own in the blink of an eye. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 4)
Unsinkable Biolith Armada (Silver)For abolishing the Prime Elements. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 5)
Parmetic Prior (Silver)For punishing heretics near and far. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 6)
Chief of Dhees' Army of 1000 (Silver)For pushing your foes back with a deific physical prowess. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 1)
Tritonan Admiral (Silver)For achieving victory without needless spilling of blood. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 2)
Ten Tyrants (Silver)For utter annihilation of your blasphemous foes. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 3)
Lord of the Forest (Silver)For victory achieved before war could be declared. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 4)
Condemned Biolith (Silver)For striking fear into the hearts of the heartless Bioliths. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 5)
Master Summoner (Silver)In recognition of your rank as a master summoner. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 6)
Divine Warrior of Juno (Gold)In recognition of those truly experienced in battle. (victory in countless duels)
Divine Summoner (Platinum)In recognition of your rank as a true master summoner. (Acquisition of all trophies)


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Eye Not Reading Cards
If your eye doesn't seem to be reading cards, the best thing to do is to cover the Eye with your hand and then let it go. This seems to solve the problem most of the time.
Great Card Combo 1
If your looking for a good combination of cards to add to your deck, then try adding a Red Cubic along with an Infernal Sciondar Dragon.

I don't recommend using a White Cubic since it only has a dodge attempt, where as a Red Cubic on a fire field means that it has 3 HP, so if you manage to pull this off relatively soon (as I was able to) the computer usually can't pull off the right combination to counter it. In my case only the Elven Berserker Maiden was able to destroy it on the first go since they just summon her to an Earth field and there you go, 3 attack + Dodge attempt.

If however you get the combo to work, your left with a dragon that does 5 damage initially, and more damage based on EACH fire creature on the board. That and the fact that it is on a fire field which means +2 HP (bringing it up to 10) AND it's activation cost is only 1 Mana, which is a god send since it means no enemy on the line of fire would honestly survive. Put it on one of the four corners, and the computer WONT place any cards in it's line of fire, at most it'll turn your dragon and then put it there, but if you have three Beguiling Fog in your decks as I do, it's not much of a worry, since I always keep it ONLY for these types of situations.
Summon The Most Powerful Of Cards
Some cards have an overwhelming cost to their name (i.e. Sciondar Fire God). You can however summon them for practically nothing and that too fairly easily.

Firstly you will need for this a Cubic card. there is one for each element as well as a "White" Cubic, the elemental cubic card allows you to summon any creature of that element for free, where as the White Cubic will allow you to summon any creature for free.

The way to do this is to first summon the Cubic (who with such low health also has a dodge attempt - but only for the White Cubic) and then place the card you want to summon on top of it (you must obviously wait a turn since summoning means end of turn, and there you go, Sciondar Fire God for practically zero cost (though it will cost his 5 mana to use it's attack the next turn).
Trouble Seeing Entire Board
You may have noticed that the stand is a tad bit shorter than it needs to be to see the entire board, well the best thing to do is perch the stand on top of the Eye of Judgment box that the game came inside. This will allow you to see the entire board, and it will read the cards much faster this way.