The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Glitches

Easy Daetric Armor, Weapons, or Gold
Along the way, you may have noticed you can buy Daedra Hearts at alchemists shops. i Usuallly go to whiterun and talk to the alchemist in the area with belthedor or the inn. talk to the girl and look for the daedra heart. if you cannot find it, save, kill her, load and try again. when you have enough daedra hearts, make as many pieces of the armor as you can if you are in need of gold. if you have a house with the manniquins, press A and a folder will pop up asking what you want to give to the manniquin. give him the armor and take it back without backing out of the folder. if you have the heavy armor upgrade that allows you to carry as much of the same piece of armor, you can hold as much of the same armor as you want without increasing your carry weight. when you sell the armor, make sure they have their maximum cash or buy something till he or she has as much money as the item. if they dont have anymore money, save, kill him or her, load and continue. hope this helps!!!