The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Glitches

Whiterun Secret Chest
First, go to the gates to Whiterun. Face the gates, and go to the small room to the left of them. There is a barrel. Jump on the barrel and try to jump from there to the space between the wall and the roof (easier if you go towards the wall facing the gates). Once you get through, stay on the same side of the gates and walk around the city going away from the gates. If you hang around close to the wall, you will eventually see a patch of ground where toy can see through it. Just go past that. The second one you can see through is the one you want. Turn around and go up the small hill over that large see through area (you can walk on it). Walk up the hill, hugging the wall until you go through the wall and rock into an open area under the city. Go towards the underside of the Skyforge. There is a chest. Loom in the chest and take all the weapons and armor you want. And crafting supplies. When you want to leave, just walk towards the stairs going to the town square (the place with the big tree).