The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Glitches

Notched Pickaxe. Takes Quite a Hiker To Get Up Here.
Alright I'm already back to tell about another cool secret of Skyrim. I just finished posting my info about the Dawnstar Invisi-chest, that's a cool thing to check out.

So on with this glitch, I found something very interesting. If you go to the Throat Of The World location where you find Parthanaax, start to climb the rest of the mountain. Once you get to the very top you will come to a small patch ot flat ground just under the tip of the mountain. On the flat you will find a malachite vein, 2 ebony veins, and... a pickaxe wedged into the wall of the mountain???

I wonder how that got there. After a few whacks at the mysterious relic with no success, I turned my attention from it and mined the ore. After I finished, I looked back to see the precious pickaxe had un-wedged itself and fallen to the ground.

I approached it and found it to be known as the "Notched Pickaxe". It's an enchanted pickaxe. The enchantment strengthens smithing ability somehow. I'm not 100% sure how it works but it's certainly something to put in my display case.