The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Glitches

Invisi-Chest. Free Goods.
This is a really cool glitch. If you go to Dawnstar, find IronBreaker Mine. when you're standing in front of the mine, look to the left. There should be some rocks and a tree. Look between some of the rocks and toward the ground. Between two rocks, the message "Open Chest" will appear. Inside the chest is a variety of goods. Armors, weapons, potions, etc. The goods in the chest correspond with the inventory of the Khajit merchant just outside of Dawnstar.

This is the good part, if you sell something to that merchant and then go back to the chest, you can retrieve the item yo u just sold FOR FREE! This could be a possible duplication glitch, however I've yet to test that bit myself. But I have tested whether you can retrieve goods you sold to the merchant.

If you're not interested in all the items you find in the chest, worry not, there is a way to refill it with different goods. Just wait 2 days or so and the merchant's inventory should be re-stocked with new items. New items for the chest.

If anyone finds out anything new about this interesting little chest that hates to show its face then feel free to inform me. I'll post anything new that I find.