The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Glitches

Infinite Infinium Gain the highest level
Some of you or most of you should know of the Oghma Infinium (Idk if thats how you spell it) and it well give 5 levels to all your skills in magic, strength or stealth. BUT it disappears after used. I KNOW HOW TO RE-USE IT SO YOU CAN GET TO THE LAST LEVEL AND ALL YOUR SKILLS 100!!! Level 81.5 (it doesnt finish leveling up to 82)

1) Ok you will need the book
2) You will need a house or a book shelf you can use
3) Enter the book shelf menu
4) Read the book while still in the book shelf menu (you will gain levels of course)
5) Now since it wont disappear in the book shelf menu you should still have it. Now place it on the shelf (after reading in menu) and it will still be there
6) Now its on the shelf. Select on the shelf (not while in book shelf menu) and do NOT read it when asked and remove from the book shelf
7) Repeat

Note you will need to get to level 15 or higher first to be able to obtain the book

2nd Note Please follow it this way or else you risk losing your book

3rd Note Some people said it may work with chests and cuboard but this works more efficiantly

Last Note Save after reaching some of the higher levels where it may lag because we all know skyrim has a bad tendency to do that

Thank you for reading!

I do this for alot of my characters