The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tips

Criminal Activity and Holds
Usual Crimes:
    Trespassing; entering an area that is off-limits. Depending on the level of security, you will often be warned and given a chance to leave peacefully before the crime is triggered. (Bounty: 5 gold)
    Pickpocketing; Pickpocketing a guard of civilian and being spotted. Just looking at their inventory is not a crime; you have to actually take something. (Bounty: 25 gold)
    Theft; swiping an item marked "Steal". (Bounty: Half the item's value)
    Theft; stealing a Horse. You acquire this bounty each time you mount the stolen horse. (Bounty: (50 each time))
    Assault; attacking a guard or civilian with your fists, weapon or spells.(Bounty: 40 gold)
    Murder; killing a guard or civilian(Bounty: 1,000 gold)
    Escape; escaping from Jail after being imprisoned. (Bounty: 100 gold)

Unusual Crimes:
    Vampirism: Feeding on the blood of a guard or civilian and being spotted. (Bounty: 40 gold)
      - Once you reach Stage 4 and become a full-fledged Vampire, all guards and civilians will be hostile towards you. Fighting back against them is considered a Crime, and a Bounty accumulates as normal.

    Lycanthropy: Transforming to or from a Beast Form in sight of a guard or civilian. (Bounty: 1,000 gold)
      - While in Werewolf form, all guards and civilians will be hostile. However, fighting back against them is not considered a Crime (since they don't recognise you), and a Bounty will not accumulate.

    Cannibalism: Eating a corpse while wearing the Ring of Namira is considered assault. (Bounty: 40 gold)