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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tips

Easy enchanting skill increase (slow,but very effective)
You must have The Mace of Molag Bal and Azura's star. The mace can be obtained via the house of horrors quest in Markarth(which can be done in any point of the game,netting you an insanely powerful mace if you do this early.)and the star can be obtained by doing Azura's quest. (her shrine can be found south of Windhelm. Either spam the "Have you heard any rumors" conversation option with Edla in Candlehearth hall in windhelm which, conveniently,is located right at the entrance,to mark the shrine on your map or you can simply find it.)the mace has an "if target dies in X seconds it's soul will be placed in a soul gem" effect and Azura's star is an unbreakable soul gem (it won't dissapear if you use it.)Find a weak enemy to kill. then recharge the mace with the star (example,you fight a camp of fosworn,there is a fosworn forager and looter,you killed the looter first. immediately recharge the mace and kill the forager.). continue to do this and you will be leveling up your enchanting skill. or,if your level is high,take it up a notch; kill giants,and other high-level enemies recharge the mace. this may be a bit tough,but having a follower with you to weaken the high level-enemy then steal that kill from the last second to net a grand/greater soul to recharge the demonic mace for a bigger skill progress increase. keep in mind that the effect of the mace is if target dies in 3 seconds,so kill it quickly. good luck! may you stay safe in your travels around Skyrim.