The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Glitches

Unlimited Gold\Max Skills (Oghma Infinium)
Warning: This may make your game boring due to having as much money as you want and maxed skills. Also, there's no guarantee it wont screw up your game somehow so make a new save before attempting.

You must have first gotten the Oghma Infinium through the quest "Discerning the Transmundane" and you need access to a bookshelf such as one you can get for a home you own. I have only confirmed this on the Whiterun home, on Xbox 360 version.

1. Crouch and go to a bookshelf really close putting your cursor in the top left hand side corner of the bookshelf.
2. Press A to open the bookshelf menu.
3. Select at least 1 Oghma Infinium from your inventory and press X to store.
4. Hit B to close and VERY QUICKLY press A again to bring up the bookshelf menu before the book(s) spawns on it.
5. Press X to take all OIs on the shelf which closes the menu.
6. VERY QUICKLY press A before the book(s) disappear off the shelf and go into your inventory. If you did it right it will zoom in on the OI like it does every time you pick up a book.
7. Press A on the (do not read) option and your inventory should now have 1 more OI than before. Rinse and repeat for great justice!

ALSO WORTH NOTING: Do not have more than 1 OI in your inventory if you want to read them for skill point bonuses, put the extras in a container or on the floor. If you do and use 1, the game will think you've used the OI and delete all the duplicates because the game thinks there is only supposed to be 1. However you seem to be able to sell them without these problems.