The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Tips

Location of all the Shouts & Words of Power
Here is a list of all the words for shouts currently available in the game, the locations of the words that are part of the shouts, if applicable.

Locations in bold are related to the main questline, and locations that are italicized are side quests, and underlined locations are Dragon lairs. Dragon Priest lairs will have "(DP)" listed in the quest section, after the quest listing (if there is one)

It will be listed like thus:

Word (Translation), Word (Translation), Word (Translation)

Location (Region) - Group: Quest Name (If applicable)

Some locations for Words of Power have more than one quest associated with them.

Animal Allegiance

Ran (Animal), Mir (Allegiance), Tah (Pack)

Angarvunde (The Rift) - Dungeon: Medresi Dran and the Wandering Dead
Ancient's Ascent (Falkreath Hold)
Ysgramor's Tomb (Winterhold) - Companions: Glory of the Dead

Aura Whisper

Laas (Life), Yah (Seek), Nir (Hunt)

Northwind Summit (The Rift)
Valthume (The Reach) - Dungeon/Dragon Priest: Evil is Waiting
Volunruud (The Pale) - Dark Brotherhood: The Silence has been Broken, Dungeon: Silenced Tongues

Become Ethereal

Feim (Fade), Zii (Spirit), Gron (Bind)

Ironbind Barrow (Winterhold)
Lost Valley Redoubt (The Reach)
Ustengrav (Hjaalmarch) - The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

Call Dragon

Od (Snow), Ah (Hunter), Viing (Wing)

Main: The Fallen

Call of Valor

Hun (Hero), Kall (Champion), Zoor (Legend)

Main: End of Main Quest

Clear Skies

Lok (Sky), Vah (Spring), Koor (Summer)

Main: The Throat of the World


Zun (Weapon), Haal (Hand), Viik (Defeat)

Eldersblood Peak (Hjaalmarch)
Silverdrift Lair (The Pale)
Snow Veil Sanctum (Winterhold) - Thieves: Speaking with Silence

Dismaying Shout

Faas (Fear), Ru (Run), Maar (Terror)

Dead Crone Rock (The Reach) - Daedric: Pieces of the Past
Labryrinthian (Hjaalmarch)
Lost Tongue Overlook (The Reach)


Joor (Mortal), Zah (Finite), Frul (Temporary)

Main: Alduin's Bane

Elemental Fury

Su (Air), Grah (Battle), Dun (Grace)

Dragontooth Crater (The Reach)
Kilkreath Ruins (Haafingar) - Daedric: The Break of Dawn
Shriekwind Bastion

Fire Breath

Yol (Fire), Toor (Inferno), Shul (Sun)

Dustman's Cairn (Whiterun) - Companions: Proving Honor
Sunderstone Gorge (Falkreath)
Throat of the World (Whiterun) - Main: Throat of the World

Frost Breath

Fo (Frost), Krah (Cold), Diin (Freeze)

Bonestrewn Crest (Eastmarch)
Falgunthur (Hjaalmarch) - Side: Forbidden Legend
Skyborn Altar (Hjaalmarch)

Ice Form

Iiz (Ice), Slen (Flesh), Nus (Statue)

Frostmere Crypt (The Pale) - Dungeon: The Pale Lady
Mount Anthor (Winterhold)
Saarthal (Winterhold) - Winterhold College: Under Saarthal, Side: Forbidden Legend

Kyne's Peace

Kaan (Kyne), Drem (Peace), Ov (Trust)

Ragnvald (The Reach) - (DP)
Raanveig's Fast (Whiterun)
Shroud Hearth Barrow (The Rift) - Dungeon: Wilhelm's Scream

Marked For Death

Krii (Kill), Lun (Leech), Aus (Suffer)

Autumnwatch Tower (The Rift)
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (Falkreath)
Forsaken Cave (The Pale) - Side: The White Phial

Slow Time

Tiid (Time), Klo (Sand), Ul (Eternity)

Hag's End (The Reach) - Dark Brotherhood Radiant: The Feeble Fortune
Korvanjund (The Pale) - Civil War: The Jagged Crown
Labrynthian (Hjaalmarch) - Winterhold College: The Staff of Magnus (DP)

Storm Call

Strun (Storm), Bah (Wrath), Qo (Lightning)

Forelhost (The Rift) - (DP)
High Gate Ruins (The Pale) - (DP)
Skuldafn (Other Realms) - Main: The World Eaters Eyrie (DP)

Throw Voice

Zul (Voice), Mey (Fool), Gut (Far)

Shearpoint (The Pale) - (DP)

Unrelenting Force

Fus (Force), Ro (Balance), Dah (Push)

Bleak Falls Barrow (Falkreath) - Main: Bleak Falls Barrow, Side: The Golden Claw
High Hrothgar (Whiterun) (2nd and 3rd words) - Main: The Way of the Voice

Whirlwind Sprint

Wuld (Whirlwind), Nah (Fury), Kest (Tempest)

Dead Man's Respite (Hjaalmarch) - Bard's College: Tending the Flames
High Hrothgar (Whiterun) - Main: The Way of the Voice
Volskygge (Haafinger) - (DP)