The Darkness II FAQ/Walkthrough
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The Darkness II FAQ/Walkthrough

by horror_spooky   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Darkness II on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.
This guide for The Darkness II will help you complete the game! Vengeance is 

The Darkness II
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper
Copyright 2012

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
A. Embracing the Darkness
B. Swifty
C. The Brothel
D. The Mansion
E. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
F. Graveyard
G. Carnival
H. Asylum
I. Iron Maiden
J. Home
K. Hell
3. Vendettas
4. Conclusion

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2. Walkthrough
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Jackie Estacado has managed to suppress the Darkness powers that took over his 
body during the events of the original game. He is now comfortably the head of 
the Franchetti crime family, and living a life of luxury. Of course, he is very
heartbroken over the loss of his girlfriend Jenny, but at least he has the 
Darkness under control…

For now.

LT – Aim
RT – Shoot
A – Jump
X – Action
B – Reload
Y – N/A
LB – Grab/Throw
RB – Melee
RS – Crouch
LS – Movement
D-pad – Weapon select
Back – Objective
Start – Pause

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2. Walkthrough
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After the introduction, you’ll be introduced to various characters in a 
restaurant. As soon as you gain control, you’ll be asked to check out the rack 
of the brunette to your right. Move the right analog stick to the right to 
shift your focus over there. Instead of breasts, you’ll see a potted plant. 
So move the camera to your “other right” to see the goods.

Once the game is satisfied that you have mastered the art of rotating the right
analog stick, you’ll be lead through the restaurant to the “twins”. These 
scantily-clad gals are eye candy for sure as you sit down at the table with 
them. Before they can dig in, a bullet flies through the window and catches 
one of them right through the head. There’s no time for you or her sister to 
react, as a car bursts through the wall, killing the other twin, and completely
destroying one of your legs.

Luckily, you survive the incident. You’ll begin hearing voices of the Darkness 
trying to woo you back to their side. Ignore that. Vinny will start pulling you
through the restaurant, and Jackie will whip out a pistol. What follows is 
essentially an on-rails segment. Start picking off the thugs as you’re dragged 
back through the restaurant.

Vinny will stop behind a counter to rest. The thugs will come in and start 
firing. Jackie will quickly pick a gun up, and then that’s your cue to start 
picking them off. Vinny will grab you again, and he’ll instruct you to pick up 
another pistol. Dual-wielding the weapons, keep killing the thugs as you’re 
dragged to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Vinny will drop you as he smells a gas leak. Uh-oh. Vinny will 
then go try to open the door, but suddenly a Molotov will be chucked into the 
kitchen, resulting in a violent explosion. Jackie somehow survives the blast. 
The Darkness will try to get you to release it again, but Jackie will resist. 
Start crawling towards the hole in the wall, and a thug will walk up and begin 
taunting you. When prompted, press X to release the Darkness.

The Darkness will kill the thug, as well as the other enemies that are outside 
the restaurant automatically. Jackie’s messed up leg will be healed. Vinny will
be leaning against a dumpster in pain. Go speak with him and then head down the

This section will teach you how to use the Darkness powers. Approach the fence 
and a thug will pop up on a platform on the nearby building. He’ll begin firing
at you. That’s your cue to use LB to pick up the pole that’s leaning against 
the brick building to your right. Aim the reticule at the thug and press LB 
again to throw it like a spear, impaling the enemy. You’ll have to do this a 
couple more times. Once the threat is dealt with, smash the fence with RB. 
Then keep going through the alley and smash through the next fence.

An enemy will run up to you wielding a baseball bat. Kill him with RB, and then
kill any more enemies that come. You’ll have to use A to jump up on the ledge.
As you continue, an apparition of Jenny will appear. Jackie will be confused, 
but ignore that for now. At the next door, there will be a fuse box attached to
the wall. Press LB to attach to the box and then tap X to rip the cover off. P
ress RB and pull down on the right stick to slash the wires.

Head into the next room. Grab the enemy with LB and press A to execute him as 
he’s talking. Then head into the next room. Knock the next enemy down, then 
pick him back up and execute him as well. Pick up the pistols and head into the
streets. Start picking off the enemies. If you want to become practically 
invincible, grab one of the car doors with LB and use it as a shield.

Eventually another explosion will send you flying into a building. A thug will 
come to you and aim a gun at your face. A Darkling will show up just in time 
and kill the guy for you. You can pick up an Uzi off the ground near the 
enemy’s body if you’d like. Otherwise go to the next door and rip it down to 
head out into another alleyway.

Right outside the alleyway, you can find your first Relic lying on the ground. 
These will give you XP and achievements and what-not. Snatch it, then sprint 
down the alleyway to the big glowing dark blob, that the Darkling will lead you
to. Interact with this to begin the upgrade process.

As you notice, there are a ton of  upgrades for Jackie to acquire. I’m not 
going to tell you what to upgrade because a lot of fun in this game comes from 
customizing Jackie to your own tastes. Regardless, the first upgrade HAS to be 
the one that allows you to eat hearts. Purchase it, and then practice by eating
the hearts of nearby dead enemies.

The Darkling will get the next door open in a slapstick fashion. Start picking 
off the enemies as you continue in any horrific manner that suits you. As you 
go back out into the streets, one of your people will tell you that the 
attackers went into the subway. Kill your way to the subway steps and then head
down there.

A short loading screen will occur, and then you will be in the subway system. 
If there are lights above you, bust them out. Standing under them will render 
your powers useless and will leave you open to attacks. Bust out the lights and
kill your way through the subway.

The path through the subway is very linear. Just go through it, kill the 
enemies that approach you, and keep moving. As you go through the subway, 
you’ll find another upgrading blob thing. When you can no longer go forward, 
notice that enemies are shooting at you from across the tracks. Kill them or 
let the subway train do so. When they’re dealt with, head across the tracks 
(and make sure the coast is clear!) and kill whoever is left.

Then hop down onto the next set of tracks. A subway train will come barreling 
towards you. It will crash, but Jackie will get out of the way just in time. 
Go through the crashed subway train and started making your way through the 
flaming rubble. Kill the enemies that survived and blast your way through the 
other enemies that show up.

As you work your way through the subway system, you’ll see Jenny again. You’ll 
also see another train coming towards you. Jackie will be blinded by the light,
then he will wake up in a mental institution. You’ll see Johnny Powell acting 
crazy. Go talk to him. Then go talk to Tony. Then go through the open doors, 
and another bright light will blind you.

Once you awaken, you’re back in an alleyway, murdering someone. After the death
occurs, continue through the alleyway, where you’ll see Tony again. Talk to 
him and this level will be over.

Upon arriving at Jackie’s mansion, you can take some time and explore if you’d 
like. In one of the rooms, you can find a Relic for extra experience points. 
You can spend some time becoming familiar with the various mobsters that 
inhabit the mansion along with Jackie. If you push on the “back” button, you 
will be lead to your objective, which is to go to your bedroom upstairs.

In Jackie’s bedroom, approach the shrine he has made up in there for Jenny. Get
close to it and press X to light a candle in Jenny’s memory. As you go to 
leave, your Aunt Sarah will come into the room. Talk to her and then go talk to 
Vinnie and give him his orders to go find Johnny Powell.

With Vinnie out going after Johnny, he’ll tell you to go talk to Jimmy the 
Grape, who happens to be in your office downstairs. Head to your office 
(remember, you can use “back” to lead you directly to your objective). In your 
office, speak with Jimmy, and he’ll have more information on the people that 
orchestrated the attack on the family. When you’re done talking to Jimmy, go 
speak with Vinnie again. He’ll be chilling out by the elevator.

After going down the elevator with Vinnie, you will regain control of Jackie 
once again in an alleyway. You’re after a mobster named Swifty, a man that was 
seen leaving the restaurant right before the attack. Tell Jimmy that you’re 
ready to begin the attack. Jimmy will lead you down the alleyway, and then an 
objective marker will pop up on the screen that will lead you to your next 
objective (obviously).

As you near the doors, you’ll see an orb thing where you can upgrade. Do this, 
then break down the doors to enter the bar. There are a lot of lights in here, 
so be sure to bust out the lights as you kill all the enemies in the bar. You 
won’t be able to use firearms until you pick one up inside the bar, so be sure 
to kill all the enemies using your Darkness powers.

Head up the stairs and break down the next door you see. Swifty will be in 
here. He’ll escape, but kill all of the thugs he had in the room protecting 
him. Then go through the next door and head outside. You’ll want to grab a car 
door for protection as you push your way towards the group of nearby enemies. 
Munch on some hearts, kill people, and just keep pushing until the coast is 

When you come across another upgrading orb (I really have no idea what the hell
to call those things), if you look around in that area you’ll find another 
Relic. At any rate, upgrade if you want, and then start pushing through the 
junkyard more and kill more enemies. This section is another one that’s quite 
linear, in which you can really only move  in one direction and all you have to
worry about is killing everybody in your way.

Bust out any lights, rip down the doors, and keep going through the 
environment. A loading screen will pop up as you keep progressing, but it will 
only last a second. Continue, and then you will slide down a dirty slope. 
Swifty will yell at you from afar, and then take control of a crane outfitted 
with a wrecking ball. Swifty will start swinging the wrecking ball at you, so 
jump out of the way!

The Darkling will go look for some help. He’ll come back with an explosive 
tank. Grab that and chuck it at the crane to damage it. Enemies will start 
pouring into the arena, so kill them, but also be aware of the crane. When the
Darkling gets back with more explosives, grab it and chuck it at the crane as 

Pretty much just keep repeating this process. The Darkling will keep bringing 
you tanks to chuck at the crane. More and more thugs will start attacking, and 
they’ll turn on a spotlight as well. Avoid the light, avoid the wrecking brawl,
and kill the thugs, all the while waiting for the Darkling to come back with 
another explosive tank.

When Swifty has just a sliver of health yet, train your weapons directly at his
position in the crane and start firing (or wait for the Darkling to bring 
another tank). The crane will explode, which also creates a bridge that lets 
you get to his position. Unfortunately, it seems that Swifty escaped right 
before the crane blew up. I guess they don’t call him “Swifty” for nothin’! 
Har har har!

Break down a couple of doors, and then a blinding light will overtake your 
senses. You’ll be in a diner, and Jenny will be at the end of it, dancing to 
that song that totally kicked my ass in Elite Beat Agents. Approach her, and 
talk to her. Then sit next to her at the diner and continue the conversation. 
Another song will come on, and then Jackie and Jenny will start slow dancing.

Slow dancing inevitably leads to f*cking. It’s like a universal code. Jackie 
knows this. So, when the game prompts you, press X to try to kiss Jenny. She’ll
walk away and go to the kitchen area in a seductive manner. Try to follow her, 
but then Jackie will be thrust back into reality. Go through the kitchen area 
and then tear down the door to exit the diner.

Back in an alleyway, kill the thugs, break the lights, and work your way to a 
ladder. Push the analog stick against the ladder to climb up it. You’ll see 
Swifty through a window. He has fled to a warehouse. Continuing on the roof, 
you’ll see a light attached to a generator by a long yellow chord. Destroy the 
generator to take out the light, then continue. Kill any enemies, destroy 
doors, bust out any lights, and destroy any generators that you see as you 
continue along the way.

In the warehouse, you’ll see Swifty run away. Jump down and start murdering 
everyone in sight. When everyone’s dead, work your way up the nearby stairs, 
and towards a locked door. Break the light next to the door, and then rip the 
cover off the electrical box attached to the door. Slash through the wires and 
then continue through the warehouse. Keep on murdering and pushing your way 
through the enemies as you go through the warehouse.

You’ll see a shuttered door, so go up the nearby stairs, and press a button on 
the control panel in that room. Then go back down the stairs and go through the
now opened shutter door, and of course, kill every living then in the 
subsequent room. In the room after, Swifty will start pleading with you 
through the intercom system. Press a button on the control panel you come 
across to open another shutter door. To leave this room, do as the Darkling 
instructs you to do. Rip the cover off the control panel and slash the wires. 
Exit, go through the shutter door.

Another loading screen will appear. Kill everybody in the next area. Sorry if 
that’s becoming a broken record, but that’s pretty much all there is to it. See
guys with guns shooting at you? Kill them. When everybody is dead, you will be 
able to push your way to the end of the room and see the room Swifty is hiding 
in. You can’t destroy the control panel next to the door because Swifty has a 
generator powering a light that is trained directly on it. Sprint through the 
light, following the yellow wire, to reach the next generator. Destroy the 
generator to get rid of the light.

Break the control panel to unlock the door. Go through, and then Jackie will 
attempt to interrogate Swifty. Unfortunately, the Darkness has other plans for 
Swifty. The Darkness will kill Swifty, and an envelope stuffed with cash falls 
out of his coat pocket. It was the money given to Swifty by the organization 
that hired the hit out on Jackie. It’s back to the homestead in the meantime…

Arriving back at the mansion, Jackie will be greeted by Vinnie. Evidently, 
Johnny Powell has been rounded up! So, it’s time to go speak with him. He’s 
tied to a chair in the trophy room. This is also the room where all the Relics 
will appear as you find them. Go there and speak with Johnny.

Johnny will reveal he abandoned Jackie because the Darkness was trying to 
“change” him. Jackie tosses the envelope of money in the lap of Johnny. Go 
speak with Chief, the guy guarding the door, and Jackie will instruct Chief to 
free Johnny. Vinnie will say that Jimmy the Grape wants to see you in your 
office again.

You can explore the mansion more if you’d like. Aunt Sarah will be hanging out 
near your office door, and she’ll offer a bit of comical relief if you take the
time to speak with her. At any rate, head into the office and talk to Jimmy. 
Jimmy reveals that Eddie and Frank, two bozos that are a part of your mob 
family, actually discovered relevant information! Evidently a strange character
that “looks like Nosferatu on crack” has been seen hanging out at the brothel. 
Remember the weird old dude that appeared outside the restaurant right after 
the explosion?

Speak with Vinnie outside the elevator again to get on your way to the brothel.
Before you are able to leave, Johnny will approach you and freak out a little 
bit about the envelope you gave him containing the cash. Anyway, you’ll arrive 
at the brothel named the Lucky Mannequin.

Before going into the building, check around the parking lot for another Relic.
Then head inside. Go down the hallway. You’ll be stopped by the bouncers. 
They’ll check to make sure you’re not packing heat, then go through the next 
doors to get to the brothel. Walk by all the hookers and patrons to the back of
the room. The woman you’re looking for is Venus. She’s in a green dress, and 
she’ll be sitting down at a table when you first see her. Wait for her to stand
up, then go talk to her and follow her through the curtain and to the backstage

Venus will lead you to an elevator, so follow her there and ride the elevator. 
Next follow her through the winding hallways filled with rooms of girls being 
raped, mutually sexed, and all sorts of other horrible things. The Darkness is 
lovin’ it, and voices his opinion as you make your way through the area. Venus 
will lead you to her room and she’ll give you a handgun.

Turn around and start murdering all the dudes in your path. Break out all the 
lights. Keep progressing through the brothel until you reach a door locked 
electronically. The light trained on it won’t allow you to continue. Go speak 
to the Darkling. Jackie will instruct the Darkling to go through the air vent 
and take care of the light. You’ll now take control of the Darkling.

Move through the air vent. You can look down through the grates at people below
and listen on their conversations if you’d like. Anyway, keep going until you 
can drop down. Then move into the next room, and you can see an enemy. Sneak up
behind him and press LB to climb up his back and rip his throat out in a bloody

Then continue into the next room, where the game will inform you that the 
Darkling will die if exposed to light. You’ll notice that a nearby pole on the 
wall is highlighted in green. Make your way to it and then scale the pole. 
Climb along the tiles of the ceiling until you see another air duct. Crawl 
through there until you can drop down again. Rip out the throat of the guy in 
this room as well. Approach the fuse box, slice the wire, and then you’ll be 
back in control of Jackie.

Destroy the fuse box right next to you, then rip open the door. Head through 
and then if you go into the next immediate room, you will find a place to 
upgrade. When you’re done, head back into the hallway and approach the closed 
double doors. Enemies will burst through in slow-motion, allowing you to pick 
them off easily. Sitting on a platform in this room is another Relic.

It’s a wise idea to pick up an item that can shield you. There are a lot lying 
around this area. The next area will see a bunch of guys shooting at you, as 
well as lights on the walls that need to be shot. The enemies will be decked 
out in armor that means they take that much more ammo to put down.

Go to the next door that is electronically locked. Destroy the fuse box next to
the door as usual, and then head into the stairwell. Destroy the lights on the 
walls as you climb up the stairs. This area has a ton of enemies as well as 
generators to destroy. This place can be quite difficult if you’re not careful,
so try to hang back, use a shield to your advantage, and be quick to use a 
combination of your powers to defeat all the enemies.

Keep going until you reach a light attached to a generator that has a chord 
that snakes into the next room. Head in there, and Jackie will be overwhelmed 
by the light. Jackie will pass out and be attacked from multiple angles. You 
can try to resist it, but you will be brought down.

Once you wake up, you’ll discover you are being nailed to a cross, 
Biblical-style. The deformed man with the limp is in this room and he wants the
Darkness, apparently. He has a device called the Siphon that is sucking away 
at your Darkness powers. However, in order for the Darkness to be fully given 
away, the host has to comply. In order to persuade you, the limp man’s 
assistant, Peevish, turns your attention to a television set.

It seems that your mansion has been overrun! You’re now tasked with deciding 
whether Frank or Eddie gets to live. If you pull the left trigger, Frank will 
get sacrificed, and if you sacrifice Eddie, then Eddie will die. After the 
choice is made, Jackie still refuses to comply. The limp man instructs Mister 
Braggs, the psychotic man that lead the operation in your mansion, to kill your
Aunt Sarah.

A thug then starts beating the hell out of you. The Darkness calls on you to 
resist their efforts to take it. You’ll black out, and then wake up facing a 
brick wall with blue light coming out of it. Jackie will talk with the Darkness
as you complete this segment. Destroy the brick wall, and then head down the 
hallway and destroy the next brick wall that you come across. It is then 
revealed that the Darkness has control over Jenny’s soul, meaning Jackie has to
comply, otherwise her soul will be ravaged.

The thug will then return to beating the hell out of you. Start tapping X to 
resist, and Jackie will rip his hand out of one of the nails. With his free 
hand, he will then, in one epic fluid motion, stab the thug’s head to the 
cross and take his gun. In slow-motion, you’ll then kill the other thug in the 
room. However, the limp man and Peevish will escape with the Siphon, and then 
set fire to the building.

After you regain control of Jackie, you can upgrade yourself. You can also 
look in the corner of the room for a Relic. When you’re done here, break down 
the door and head into the hallway. The building is on fire, so sprint through 
it to avoid taking damage from the flames. Once again, the path is fairly 
linear, just avoid the flames as you work your way through the building, and 
kill any enemies that try to attack you.

When you can, head up a  flight of stairs to get on a catwalk. The path to the 
right will be blown up, so go along the left side of the catwalk. Go through 
the open door at the end, and then break through the door with the EXIT sign 
above it. You’ll be on a fire escape outside of the building that leads to a 
lower part of the roof. Hop down and then start making your way across the 

Since you don’t have any firearms at this point, you’ll have to rely on your 
Darkness powers to take down the enemies. On the rooftops, there are convenient
fan blades that kill with one throw. You’ll reach a point where enemies will be
on an adjacent rooftop far away and shooting at you. Kill them by throwing 
stuff at them before proceeding and continuing along the rooftops.

After you pass that last section, start sprinting. The enemies will start 
turning big spotlights on and aim them at you, so run through the light. The 
next set of enemies you’ll encounter will be outfitted with firearms, so kill 
them and take the weapons. Grab the firearms and then continue along the 
rooftops. When lights come on, start sprinting and push forward to avoid 
taking damage from the light.

Keep fighting along the rooftops until you see a hole that you can climb 
through to get inside a warehouse. Go through and drop down. Your gang will be 
there to pick you up so you can return to the mansion, save Aunt Sarah, and get
some much deserved REVENGE!

When you get out of the car, you’ll be at a parking garage. The enemies will be
carrying huge spotlights on their shoulders and they will also hide behind 
cars. Shoot at the spotlights to take them out, and then kill them. Approach 
the barricade of cars and turn to the right to see a door that you can break 
down to continue. Go through the subsequent hallway, upgrade at the next dark 
blob thing that you can, and then you will have access to the parking garage.

Destroy the fuse box and then break down the door. I highly recommend ripping 
a car door off a car for a shield. There are a lot of armed enemies in this 
area, not to mention melee-focused thugs that are heavily armored, and dudes 
rocking spotlights on their shoulders. Do your typical Darkness thing and kill 
them. You will notice a bright light preventing your progress. The light is 
coming from the headlights of a van. Shoot into the light to destroy the two 
headlights, then continue.

In the next area, a car will come speeding towards you. If you nail it with 
enough firepower, Jackie will cause the car to fly through the air and you’ll 
get an achievement. Otherwise you will be hit by the car and then have to shoot
out the headlights from the ground before engaging the enemies in the car. 
Continue through the parking garage in the next area and kill everyone in 

When everyone is dead, an objective will be completed. You have fought your way
to the elevator that leads up to the mansion. Go through the nearby doorway and
then you’ll see Dolfo fighting off an enemy. Kill the enemy and then speak with
Dolfo. Vinnie will then come down in the elevator. Dolfo decides to stay 
downstairs to make sure no one comes up through the elevator as you and Vinnie 
ride the elevator up to the mansion.

When the elevator stops, you can resupply your ammo or upgrade yourself. Do 
what you need and then continue, where you’ll bump into good ‘ole Johnny. Speak
with him to get the low down. When Johnny fills you in about the organization 
that attacked you, the Brotherhood, go through the door and head up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll run into Tony. When Tony is done talking, go 
past him and then start murdering everyone in sight. The enemies will be 
equipped with the spotlights from earlier as well as flashbang grenades. The 
flashbangs are easy to avoid if you run ahead of them. As long as you don’t 
look at the light they emit, then they are absolutely powerless against you.

As you once again fight across the rooftops, this time your own, you will come 
across a new enemy type. These guys have shields. You won’t be able to stop 
him from knocking your buddy over the railing and to his death, but use the 
distraction to take out the shield enemy from behind. Smacking him with your 
Darkness powers can damage the shield, so keep that in mind. Work your way up 
the stairs, kill the enemies, and then head inside the actual mansion.

Keep killing people. Yeah, there’s a lot of shootin’ and slicin’ in The 
Darkness II, but that should have been expected by anyone familiar with the 
material. The first obstacles you’ll encounter inside the mansion are nothing 
to worry that much about. You’ll have to destroy a generator and kill a couple
of bad guys, but that’s it.

When you enter the kitchen, go to the room to the right to find another Relic. 
Then continue going through the kitchen. You’ll bump into Jimmy the Grape, who 
says that the Brotherhood has your Aunt Sarah! When you enter your grand hall, 
the chandelier will fall. Climb up the stairs, kill the enemies, and then hurry
to your bedroom.

As soon as you open the door to your bedroom, Mister Braggs will shoot you in 
the face with a shotgun. He will then leap on Aunt Sarah as she drops to the 
ground to check on you and slice her up. As icing on the cake, Braggs will 
shoot you again, and the lights will go out for Jackie yet again.

When you awake, you’ll be back in that mental institution as before. This time 
you’ll be in a room, on the ground. You can look around the walls to see some 
messed up writing that seems to indicate your entire life is just a delusion. 
Looking in the mirror reveals a Jackie with no hair except for a beard, and 
decked out in clothes of a patient at the institution.

Vinnie will come for you. This Vinnie is an orderly at the institution 
apparently. He’ll tell you to go take your medicine. Go through the hallways 
and have a quick chat with Johnny, who is sitting on a chair in the mess hall 
and talking crazy. You can also chat with the other patients if you like, which
include many members of your own gang, including Tony.

When you approach the counter to get your meds, you’ll be stopped by Frank, who
is also working as an orderly apparently. He’ll tell you that the doctor wants 
to talk to you. When you’re done talking to Frank, go through the next hallway.
You’ll bump into Eddie next. He’s also an orderly, and he goes by “Edward” in 
the institution.

Go into the doctor’s office when you’re done talking to Edward. The doctor of 
the institution is evidently Jimmy the Grape, or Doctor James. Doctor James 
will explain that you are a resident of the institution and your life as the 
head of a crime family is all a delusion. The Darkness is all in your head, 
according to Doctor James…the Grape.

Of course, this news pisses Jackie off. He refuses to believe it’s real and 
rather that the Darkness is playing a trick on him. You’ll be told to go speak 
to Nurse Jenny. Following Edward to the nurse’s office to go have a chat with 
the love of your life…except she’s not the love of your life, but simply a 
nurse at a mental institution.

Sit down and now have a conversation with Jenny. Yes, this level is mostly just
talking to people, similarly to how the last couple of levels was mostly just 
moving forward and killing everything in sight. During the conversation, Jackie
will flip the hell out, and Vinnie and Edward will try to sedate you in the 
hallway. Johnny jumps on Vinnie’s back, which gives you the chance to escape!

Run through the hall. Dodge the orderlies as they try to grab you. Run down the
stairs, burst through the doors, and jump out into the sunlight! Freedom!

Jackie will wake up. It’s been four days since he the mansion attack on the 
Brotherhood. Johnny will be there when Jackie awakes, with bad news…Aunt Sarah
is confirmed to be dead, and her funeral is that very day. When you regain 
control of Jackie, you can upgrade yourself in this room. Afterwards, go speak 
with Jimmy the Grape, who will be standing in front of your office. When the 
conversation is over, go to the elevator and speak with Vinnie to head to the 

Before you can go to the graveyard, Jackie will be back in the mental asylum. 
This only lasts a few seconds, as you are then subsequently thrust back to 
reality, heading to the funeral service, walking with Vinnie in the rain and 
with an umbrella. Listen to Vinnie talk, and then walk past him, through the 
gate, and make your way toward Aunt Sarah’s coffin. Talk with Jimmy. He’ll be 
standing right next to it.

As Jimmy talks, suddenly Aunt Sarah’s coffin explodes! Turn around to see 
Bragg standing on a statue. He has Darkness powers it seems, and he can throw 
explosive balls of darkness. Fire at him repeatedly to drain his health bar. 
This will prompt him to flee and send in a bunch of enemies after you. Kill all
of them.

When they’re all dead, break down the gates to move through the cemetery. I 
think you can figure out what this next stretch of the game is going to be 
like. If you guessed, “Lots of killing, moving forward, and shooting out 
lights”, then you would be correct. Kill everything in sight, shoot out lights,
and use your Darkness powers to your advantage. Yes, this game is very linear 
in that regard, but oh well.

Bragg will show up again. He will teleport from one tomb to the other. 
Following the wisps of purple smoke and keep your weapons aimed directly at 
him. This will drain his health until he leaves. After his health has been 
drained, keep pushing through the area, ripping out any gates that happen to 
impede your progress. You’ll come across a place to upgrade yourself, so if you
can spare the XP, spend some time improving Jackie’s abilities.

In the next area, the enemies will be equipped with those shoulder-mounted 
spotlights that are such a nuisance. It’s really easy to die here, so always 
be sure to take out the enemies with the lights before you worry about anything
else. Also try to shoot out any other lights from afar before proceeding so you
have a lot of room to maneuver around in the dark.

As you fight your way through this level, as you’ve done so many other times 
before, be aware that there will be enemies outfitted with new weaponry. They 
will have purple whips that they can use to yank guns from your hands. These 
guys are a pain in the ass, so be sure to off them quickly, before they can rip
your favorite gun out of your hands.

There’s a lot of enemies. Shoot out the lights. Kill the enemies with any means
possible. That’s all there is to it to this section. I don’t believe a more 
detailed description is all that necessary. It’s like telling you to jump in a 
Mario game.

At some point, Bragg will show up again and do his typical teleporting around 
all over the place. Follow the purple wisps and keep firing at him. After 
you’ve taken away another chunk of his health, Bragg will once again flee from 
you. What a wuss.

You’ll have another chance to upgrade yourself. Afterwards, you’ll step out 
into a clearing near the church. A truck will pull up with a bunch of enemies 
inside. Shoot out the headlights and then take care of them. Bragg will show up
again and do his teleporting around business. Keep shooting the hell out of him
and avoid his attacks. He’ll throw purple balls at you, and he’ll also charge 
you. His attacks are easily avoided, thankfully.

When his health has been depleted almost completely, he will teleport at the 
end of the clearing and walk slowly towards you, never letting up on the 
trigger. Keep firing at him until he falls to his knees. Then walk over and 
press X to start interrogating him. When the interrogation process is over, the
Darkness will rip over his chest cavity and Jackie will rip out his heart.

Bragg revealed that the Brotherhood hideout is at the old boardwalk at Hellgate
Field. Jackie returns to his mansion to wash the blood from himself. Upon 
trying to leave the room, Vinnie will speak with you. When Vinnie’s done 
talking, head downstairs and speak with Johnny. You’ll find him chilling out in
the library.

When you’re done talking to Johnny, go speak with Jimmy and Vinnie near the 
elevator. Jackie will insist on going to the boardwalk and taking care of 
things himself. When the conversation is over, go into the elevator to head to 
the boardwalk.

Walk down the street. You’ll see Jenny at the end of the street, and she will 
challenge you to chase her. Follow the apparition. She’ll duck under the 
boardwalk. Click on the right analog stick to crouch and continue following her
under the boardwalk. You’ll get control of your Darkness powers when you reach 
a wooden barricade. Smash the boards and then climb up into a bumper car room.

Exit the room to be out in the carnival! Work your way along the carnival. You 
won’t have any firearms to begin with, so avoid the light. You’ll see a game 
booth, and that’s your cue to approach it. The apparition of Jenny will 
reappear. What follows is a mini-game in which you shoot mechanical ducks to 
get points. There are three rows of ducks. The top row is worth 100 points, the
middle row is worth 50 points, and I believe the bottom row is worth 25 points.
Regardless of how well you do in the mini-game, I am fairly certain that you 
are denied the prize of the big blue bear.

Afterwards, Jenny will disappear and you’ll be left to deal with a ton of 
enemies that suddenly show up. Start murdering fools and destroying lights. Be 
extra cautious in this level, as the moon serves as a permanent light source 
that can deal damage to you if step in its light.

Enemies will pop up all over the place, so use your Darkness powers to waste 
them. They will pop out of carnival booths, hide behind cover, use 
shoulder-mounted spotlights, and whatever else they can to take you out. 
Basically, every enemy type you’ve encountered in the game thus far will show 
up. Not to mention a new enemy type that mimics the teleporting ability of 
Bragg, so just follow their wisps to get a good handle on fighting them.

Snake your way through the carnival. Use what you’ve learned thus far in the 
game to take out the enemies as they appear. I imagine most people are just 
scrolling through these parts of the guide since there’s nothing else to say 
besides “kill the enemies and move forward”, but whatever. For the sake of 
being thorough, I’m going to mention it all.

Eventually you’ll walk into a little tunnel. The gate will shut behind you, and
then a light will snap on, that’s connected to a generator. Run straight at the
light, then go into the room on the right, following the yellow cord on the 
ground. Smash the wooden boards, and then in the next room grab the Relic off 
the ground. Destroy the generator, break through the boards, and then destroy 
the fuse box to open the gate. Head outside to initiate a loading screen and 
the next part of the level.

When you resume control of Jackie, shoot out the lights and kill the enemies as
usual. The moon isn’t as big of a problem here as it was in the last section. 
Slaughter your way through the carnival. You’ll eventually reach a ladder, and 
you should climb up it. Exploring this area will find a room where you can 
apply upgrades to Jackie. There’s a window in this room that you can climb out 
of and get to a ledge.

Walk along the ledge and then hop down. As you continue, Jenny’s apparition 
will appear and drag you to another mini-game booth. The object of this one is 
a typical shooting gallery. Kill the mobsters as they pop up, but avoid 
shooting the sheriffs. This thing is easy. After it’s over, you pretty much 
automatically win, and then Jenny is given a big blue bear as a prize!

Jenny will disappear and leave the bear on the ground. You can use it as a 
weapon if you’d like, but it’s not very effective. A bunch of enemies suddenly 
arrive. Take cover and focus on picking them off from afar. They can swarm you 
and surround you, which you definitely DON’T want to happen. When the first 
wave of enemies has been defeated, a second wave will hop over the walls, so be
prepared to kill them. Simultaneously, a group of enemies will burst through a 
door on Jackie’s right, with lights on their shoulders, so be prepared to take 
them out as well.

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, shoot out any lights and back 
yourself up against a wall, or dart into the room where the enemies came 
through on Jackie’s right. There is also a Relic in that room worth collecting.
Keep murdering the enemies as they come and hold your ground.

More enemies will pour out of a wooden side door. Kill them as they pour out. 
They will be equipped with shields and lights as well, but they aren’t as 
plentiful as the other waves of enemies you’ve been dealing with so far. When 
they’re dead, go the way they came from, Shoot out the lights, and approach the
next gate with the clown face painted on it to trigger yet another loading 
screen, which will lead to the next section of this lengthy level.

Upgrade yourself if you want, then continue through the streets. You’ll see 
Victor, the creepy man with the limp, hanging out on a roof. Fire at him, but 
he’ll teleport away when you do. Enemies will show up, so kill them. As you 
near the large clown gate, the door will shut. When all the enemies are dead, 
the Darkling will go up to the shut gate and decide to look for a way for you 
to get through it.

The Darkling will retrieve an explosive tank. Grab it from him and chuck it at 
the door. It’s not enough to completely destroy it, and suddenly Jackie will be
bombarded by flashbang grenades. Enemies will show up again, so kill them all. 
This section is VERY difficult if you’re not conservative with your ammo, 
however, so try to rely on your Darkness powers for the most part. When they’re
all dead, go down the long alleyway next to the gate.

There’s a door at the end. Upon entering, you will be able to look through the 
bars of a gate. Use LB to send one of your Darkness tentacles through the bars 
to retrieve a Relic on the table. Then continue into the next room. This part’s
a bit tricky. A bunch of enemies will suddenly ambush you, and a light will be 
trained directly into the room. Aim straight forward, into the next room, to 
destroy the generator. Once the generator is dealt with, backtrack a bit to 
avoid the attacks of the enemies. Try to make it so they come after you one by 
one. When they’re all dead, go into the next room and destroy the red door. Go 
through and up the ladder to reach the roof. You can upgrade yourself up there 
if you want.

Go through the door, shoot out the light, and then push your way through this 
building, killing all the enemies in sight. The only real difficult part about 
this is the lights in this building. Focus on taking out the enemies first, 
then sprint towards the light. Facing it, turn to the left to find the 
generator that’s powering it. Destroy it to take out the light.

Go back out on the roof from the other door. This roof is bathed in light. 
Sprint through the light patches on the ground to reach safe, dark areas. Kill 
the enemies. Go through the next door that you can go through. You’ll find the 
generator in here that is powering the lights that are covering the roof. 
Destroy the generator to kill the lights.

This building was a bust. Bummer! The building across the street will suddenly 
light up with the activity of enemies. Take them out from your current 
position, using the wood as cover. Hop back down to the street when the coast 
is clear. There may be a few stragglers to take care of. Otherwise, head inside
the building.

Climb up the stairs. Then work your way to the roof. Upgrade yourself on the 
roof if you’d like. Then walk to the other side of the roof. If you look down, 
you will see a group of enemies talking amongst themselves. Use the element of 
surprise to your advantage. You can chuck the poles leaning against the wall to
take them out and conserve ammo, and then take out the enemies from the roof. 
It’s easy to get headshots from this position, too. Jump down to the ground 
when the enemies are dead.

Take note of the fuel truck. On the other side of it, there is a Relic to 
collect. Otherwise, get access to the garage by destroying the red door. Head 
up the stairs and then press the button on the control panel to open up the 
gate. The Darkling will take control of the truck and drive through, bursting 
through the wooden door, and resulting in an explosion that kills a bunch of 
Brotherhood members.

Exit this area, and return to the clown gate. Now that you can get through, 
approach the House of Horrors building and enter. Yet again, you’ll be greeted 
by a loading screen. In the next room you can upgrade yourself again if you 
feel like it. As you walk through the House of Horrors, Jenny’s apparition will
appear again. She’ll lead you to a cart. Get inside and the cart will start 

Various things will pop out and try to spook ya. However, real threats such as 
Brotherhood members will sometimes accompany these scares, and they are packing
heat. Kill them as they come and otherwise enjoy the ride. Once the cart comes 
to a halt, Jenny will try to kiss you before disappearing.

Get out of the cart and approach the iron maiden that is bathed in red light. 
Open the doors, and then Jackie will be suddenly attacked by Victor. Using the 
Siphon, Victor blasts Jackie into the iron maiden! He’ll give a typical villain
speech and then shut the doors of the iron maiden.

Jackie will once again return to the world of the mental institution. He’ll be 
greeted by Edward and Frank. Evidently loony bin Jackie wound up in a  tool 
closet somehow. Leave the closet, and then head down the hallway where you’ll 
see Nurse Jenny. She’s understandably pretty freaked out by Jackie, and she’ll 
dart into Doctor Jimmy’s office.

Speak with Jimmy next to the medicine counter. Then go back down the hallway 
towards Jackie’s room. Speak with Dolfo, who will be sitting in his wheelchair 
next to Jackie’s room. Dolfo will suggest that you get a weapon from the 
janitor’s closet. Using “back” you’ll be lead directly to the closet. The 
janitor will let you in, and once inside, will reveal himself to be the 

The Darkling will press a button, and all the lights will go out. Turn around, 
revealing a winding hallway. Follow the Darkling down this twisted path. The 
path will finally end next to a red sliver that looks like a rip in the 
space-time continuum.

The Darkling will give a little speech and then disappear into the sliver. It 
will expand, and become almost bulbous in nature. You’ll now be able to walk 
forward and go through it.

Jackie is still trapped in the iron maiden and is pretty much useless from his 
current position. The Brotherhood are draining the Darkness from his body. So, 
once again, you take control of the Darkling. Your now tasked with freeing 
Jackie, who pleads with the Darkling through this little escapade.

When you gain control of the Darkling, head directly to the cellar. To do this,
sprint towards the fireplace, slash the wood off the hatch, and drop down 
inside. You’ll see an enemy facing away from you. Kill him with LB. Hide and 
wait for another enemy to patrol nearby. Wait for him to turn around, and then 
sneak up behind him. Hide again, and take note of another enemy that’s 
patrolling back and forth. Wait for his back to be turned to you, then rip out 
his throat.

Look for little holes in the walls that are like tunnels. Snake through the 
tunnels. These are very helpful in getting by the guards without attracting 
attention, and it’s also a good place to flee if caught. Snake through the 
tunnels and ignore the rest of the enemies you see. They can be stealthily 
walked past.

You’ll reach a light that keep blinking on and off, with a fuse box attached to
it. Wait for the light to go dark, then sprint forward and slash at the wires. 
If you get caught in the light, you’ll die. Once it’s out, smash the board 
that’s locking the nearby gate, then run through. Climb up the next pipe you 
see (it will be highlighted with green) and climb through the hole in the wall.

Hop down the next hole, and look through to see Jackie trapped in the iron 
maiden. Run through the tunnels and in the next room, there will be two enemies
to take care of. It’s pretty much impossible not to be detected by them, so 
charge them and execute the two of them before they can shoot. When they’re 
dead, search the corner next to the barrels to find a Relic. Train your 
attention to the ceiling.

Take note of the yellow wire that snakes along the ceiling. You’ll see an enemy
at a table. Kill him. Climb up the nearby pipe, crawl through the wall, and 
slash the wires to destroy the fuse box. Your perspective will then be suddenly
shifted back to Jackie’s point of view inside the iron maiden.

The siphon will continue draining Jackie of his juice. It will sap away all the
Darkness from Jackie. Victor and Peevish will walk off, leaving Jackie to be 
cooked alive in the iron maiden. You’ll then once again take control of the 

As the Darkling go through the tunnel. The back of an enemy with a spotlight 
should be towards you, so sprint up to him and rip his throat out. Hang around 
corners and use the camera to see down the hallway. Wait for enemies to get 
close, then jump up and kill them. Work you way through this area and smash 
through the boards that you come across, highlighted in green, and then 

You’ll be able to get to the iron maiden now. Sneak up on the guard operating 
it and kill him. Then release Jackie from his prison.

Back in control of Jackie, follow the Darkling. He’ll lead you to a room that 
Jackie recognizes as his father’s. Jackie then realizes that the Brotherhood 
has made their base in his childhood home. After the Darkling is done talking, 
grab the Relic off the table in the corner, and then take the gun off the back 
wall. This shotgun is extremely powerful and I certainly don’t recommend 
trading it for another firearm for pretty much the rest of the game.

Kill the enemies as you see them. Without your Darkness powers, you’re more 
vulnerable, but if you get close to the enemies, your new shotgun will deal an 
astonishing amount of damage, often killing them in a single blast. Grab ammo 
off the tables, and then continue through the tunnels. Kill the enemies as they
pop up, resupply your ammunition, and then just keep going through the tunnels.

The tunnels will open up to the cellar again. You’ll witness Peevish being 
given Darkness powers from Victor. Victor will vanish, leaving Peevish to deal 
with you. Peevish will summon little Darklings to fight you as well as dart 
around the room and deal with you himself.

Yup, another boss fight. I usually surround these segments with pretty 
asterisks and all that jazz, but I feel it doesn’t fit in with the “Darkness 
vibe”…and all the fights are way too self-explanatory to really give them their
own space. Pretty much, shoot at Peevish. Chase him around the room and lay 
into him. Also be sure to kill any of the Darklings that become a problem.

There is plenty of ammo lying around, so you won’t be hurting for bullets or 
shells or whatever. The only thing you need to worry about is getting killed. 
Since you don’t have your powers, you are more susceptible to damage. If you 
near death, hide behind barrels and wait for your health to recharge, but make 
sure your back is to the barrels so Darklings can’t sneak up on you. When your 
health is back up, continue attacking Peevish.

When Peevish’s health bar has been drained, approach him and press X to reclaim
 most of your Darkness powers. With your powers reclaim, it’s time to take the 
fight straight to the head of the snake–Victor. Continue through the cellar and
 you’ll find a set of stairs leading to a door. Go through the door and a 
loading screen will greet you.

In the next room, use the upgrade thing. Use your powers to destroy the wall 
and then continue through. Kill the enemies and work your way through this 
room. The sun will poke through the halls in the wall, so be sure to take cover
whenever it does to avoid taking damage from that.

Continue through the house. You’ll find a set of stairs. Get to the top, and 
rip off the poles on the side of the wall to create a makeshift bridge to reach
the other side. Keep killing and walking until you reach a grand staircase. 
Head down the stairs, and then approach the table. Examine the picture of 
Jackie and his dad.

Victor will then enter the room with his Brotherhood thugs. After another 
speech, start taking out the enemies. Fire a few shots at Victor if he hangs 
around to get him to leave. Then start killing all the enemies. There’s a ton 
of them. This is another situation, like at the carnival, where it’s best to 
hold your ground and just lay into all of them as they arrive.

When they’re all dead, a door will open up. Go through this door and follow the
hallway. Upgrade at the next possible time. Victor will appear. Fire at him to 
make him leave, then go into the next room. This room will feature even more 
enemies. Kill them. Work your way up the stairs. Kill even more. Destroy the 
next closed door you see and go up the stairs to reach the attic area.

Follow the Darkling through the attic. Victor will pop up during this. When he 
does, this is your cue to blast him with your guns. He will keep disappearing, 
but keep pushing through. You’ll wind up in a room where you can upgrade (one 
of your last chances to do so). Replenish your ammo here as well with the ammo 
crates on the table. Then break through the wooden boards and go on through 
when you’re ready.

In this larger attic, Victor will be invisible at first. And then a bunch of 
Brotherhood enemies will flood the room. Kill them. Victor will then show up 
and teleport around, not unlike Bragg. Follow the purple wisps and lay into him
whenever he is prone. Fire at him to drain his health bar.

When his health has been drained about halfway, Victor will disappear again and
send more Brotherhood soldiers to face Jackie. Off them. If you need ammo, 
there are plenty of crates lying around this room that can help you accomplish 

Victor will show up again. Use the same strategy as before to drain his health.
When his health is gone, he’ll drop the Siphon and fall to his knees. Look down
at the Siphon and press X to pick it up. Victor will then jump on you and try 
to wrestle it from your hands. Jackie will win the struggle and beat the hell 
out of Victor with the Siphon. Knowing that the Siphon can actually kill him, 
Jackie then thrusts it into his stomach. However, this opens a portal in the 
ceiling that sucks Jackie inside.

When the lights come back on for Jackie, he’ll once again be in the mental 
institution. A couple of patients will greet him, and then leave. Head outside 
into the hallway. Vinnie will realize something is severely wrong with you. 
Jackie quits playing to the illusion and becomes angry as the orderlies attempt
to restrain him and Jimmy tries to check on him.

Jimmy will inject Jackie with a sedative and decides to take Jackie to see 
Nurse Jenny to calm him down. Edward will then lead you through the hallway. At
the end of the hallway, you’ll meet up with Doctor Vick, the version of Victor 
that appears in this asylum world. Jimmy and Vick will discuss your mental 

When the conversation is over, follow Jimmy down the stairwell. Johnny will be 
standing in the corner, mumbling to himself. Talk to him, and then continue 
down the hallway. The Darkling/Janitor will pop out of a door and ask you to 
follow him. Follow him up the stairwell. The Darkling will then sacrifice 
himself to ensure your escape from the asylum by opening the door to the roof. 
The blast of light kills the Darkling, but there’s no time to waste.

Jackie will be chased by the orderlies. Sprint up the stairs and out onto the 
roof. Jackie will look over the side of the roof. When he turns around, you’ll 
see Edward and Jenny and Doctor Vick begging you not to jump off. If you want 
the bad ending, choose to stay with Jenny when asked by pulling the left 
trigger. If you want the good ending, pull the right trigger to choose to 
reject the asylum.

Choosing the latter option will see Jackie throw himself off the roof to his 
“death”. He’ll reawaken in a hellish, twisted hallway like the one from 
earlier. He’ll see Jenny bound to a demonic structure at the end of the 
hallway. Zombie-like monsters will rise from the ground. Kill them with your 
Darkness powers and then take their weapons so you have some firearms. Demonic 
firearms from hell, but firearms nonetheless. The structure will then raise 
through a hole in the ceiling, putting Jenny out of sight.

Fight your way up the spiraling hell area. Kill the zombies as well as the 
Darklings that appear. As you work your way up the spiral, you’ll see a Relic 
on the ground. Grab it. Kill things. Keep going until you see Jenny again.

Smash the barricades around the structure that Jenny is attached to. Kill the 
zombies as they appear, and keep smashing the barricades. Once all the enemies 
are dead and the barricades are dealt with, turn your attention to the 
structure. Latch onto one of Jenny’s binds and press X repeatedly to destroy 

The structure will rise once again. A large bulbous barricade will move out of 
the way and let you keep walking up the spiral. So, continue walking. Kill all 
of the monstrosities that cross your path as you do so.

When you reach the structure again, smash the barricade surrounding it again. 
Kill all of the monsters that are around as well. When the coast is clear, 
latch onto the second binding and tap X repeatedly to destroy that thing as 
well. A flash of bright light will knock Jackie down. Jenny will then walk over
to him and they will embrace.

STAY UNTIL AFTER THE CREDITS! You can press B to skip them if you’d like. When 
they’re done, you can press “X” to let go of Jenny. She’ll then fly backwards 
and be enveloped in white light. Remember that Angelus thing Johnny was talking
about? Well, here it is, in full form. It’s Jenny. Jenny is the ultimate light,
and Jackie is the ultimate dark. Aww, shucky ducky quack quack!

Well, that’s all she wrote.

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
3. Vendettas
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Accessible from the get-go, this co-op mode for up to four players sees 
mobsters working for Jackie taking on missions parallel to the plot of the 
game, as well as completing various other tasks and objectives. All these 
missions are very straight-forward (much like the game’s campaign), and none 
of the missions truly need an explanation.

This mode can also be played offline with one player, but unfortunately 
split-screen is not supported.

If demand is high enough, I will create a guide exclusive for the Vendettas 
mode. Please leave a comment below and voice your opinion!

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4. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat The Darkness II for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 

Special thanks to Jeremy Wise and everyone at Cheat Masters! Also special 
thanks to SBAllen of GameFAQs!

Got any tips? Hints? Suggestions? Did I miss a Relic? You can drop me a line:

Feel free to check out all my other work on Cheat Masters!

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