The Conduit review
A new beginning comes to wii

The good:

-Fun and mysterious story line. With many plot twists and discoveries, you'll be wanting to uncover them before you know it.

-Fun extras. Things like: Hidden codes in the story mode is also a very fun and unique feature to this game. Instead of just a campaign, it adds fun hidden messages that you can look to find.

-A wide range of weapons to choose from.

-Fun wii based controls that enables the use of the wii gun, and or motion sensor. In addition, the adjustment to the controls and look of the game makes it easy to use by anyone, even beginners.

-The vast multi player that enables the use of friend play, and around the world is a great feature. With seven maps and several gun sections to use it's never a bore! This game also allows you to choose how your multi player character looks like which allows great variety. It enables you to color him how you want as well. It also allows for the use of wii speak.

The bad:

-Bad graphics. Although they seem alright for wii, you'll find it very hard to 'be there' when some of the surroundings look off placed compared to other games.

-A shortened campaign? The campaign, with it's many surprises and fun's, drops off at a horrible spot and sets up for an entire new game. Instead, they should have just increased the length of this game. There's only about nine campaign maps, all of which can be beaten relatively easy.

-Multiplayer problems! The whole wifi thought to this game was a great idea, but not enough time was spent in doing so. Many times you get spawned glitched, unable to move from the beginning of the match, along with many hackers that can do just about anything there is. Getting in a match with someone who simply can't die, and has increased the power of his guns only isn't fun.

-Weapon selections. This game doesn't allow you to choose your weapons and sides; such as a class. No, at the lobby the players will vote on the map and gun set along with the game type. You get what the lobby randomly chooses out of the batch; with the higher bids with a higher chance. This eliminates some chances of you using the gun you would like to, and/or the map and game type.


Bringing a First person shooter to the wii was a wonderful idea, and on some degrees they succeeded with this game. It has wonderful campaign and multi player, but the lack of well spent time into this game was a horrid mistake. If you're looking for a well made shooter then I'd suggest the xbox 360, but for a wii shooter; this game is for you. It has many ups and downs, and excels past other previosly made shooter games for the wii, but in some areas of the game you'll be caught saying:
"If only they spent more time".

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euben0 Mar 19, 10
your always good at righting i think i even spelled righting wrong
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majora272 Jul 8, 10
i dont think there are that many problems with the game.. only that there are hackers in wifi that have rapid fire SMAWs
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