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The Conduit review
Awesome game, especially for the wii.

The good:

The story, the graphics were amazing for the wii, the levels, the easter eggs gave me something to look for while playing when I finished campaign.

The bad:

The online was sort of disappointing. It lagged a bit, and it was kind of a mess. I also noticed some similarities and possible ripoffs from the game "Halo".


Instead of a catchy introduction, let me just clear somethings out for people who never played the game. Drudge = weird mutant creatures that are your enemy. Trust = Humans with advanced weapons and suits. Also your enemy. Michael Ford = The main character. Prometheus = The guy who guides you through the game.

Story: 9/10

A good story I would say, instead of being one of those games that you just go around shooting stuff with no real meaning at all, it gives us some nice speeches on certain parts. They even went as far to quote George Orwell. I start to wonder if this is a game or a lesson. What was even more strange was the name of the guy who talks to you during the game, Prometheus. According to Greek mythology, Prometheus gave fire to the mortals, and in the game, Prometheus gave the ASE to Michael Ford. That's interesting. It's not like those games that have that incredibly stupid back story like: "As time went by, this guy with a long name slayed this guy with another long and hard to pronounce name, and the guy who was slayed came back to life and swore to get revenge!" The conduit doesn't have that.

Graphics: 10/10

These are the best graphics I ever seen on the Wii, it's finally one of those games that don't intentionally make the graphics bad to prove that graphics don't make a game. While this might be true, I say, if you have 2 same games, but the other has better graphics, then it's definitely gonna be a better game. High Voltage proved to everyone that the Wii can have great graphics, but Nintendo just doesn't try to make the graphics great on their games.

Gameplay: 7/10

This part includes many things, Fun Factor, Originality, and if it's keeping me absorbed. Well, for Fun Factor, I would say that it is very fun. If you get bored of fighting, you can look for hidden messages and Data Disks. Shooting things is quite fun, but there are some annoying creatures you have to fight. Like those explosive mites. They are EVERYWHERE! And they won't stop unless you find their egg sacks and blow them up. For originality, I'm gonna say something that I don't believe anyone has ever said. It's a complete Halo ripoff. If you listen, you can hear the same grunts from certain drudge, and the Convenant Elite. The weapon system is similar, and there's 2 kinds of enemys too. The drudge no doubt represent the Flood from Halo, and the Trust represent the Covenent. Am I really the only one that noticed this? Or am I just the only one that wrote about it? Something else I realised, when you do a melee with the pistol, you do a gun spin afterwards. The exact same animations with the Halo gun spin which also happens after a melee. It might be a ripoff, but at least it's a good ripoff.

Controls: 8/10

Like all games on the Wii, unless they are sequels, they will always have different controls. So obviously it will take a bit to get used to the controls. A is jump, you throw grenades by swinging the nunchuck, you swing the Wii mote to do a melee, you change weapons and grenades with the D pad left and right buttons, you use your scope/ binoculars with the down button on the D pad, you hold C to crouch, and that's the important stuff. The only thing that for sure will be the same in a first person shooter is that you press B to shoot. You can't bash the control scheme too much.

Sound: 7/10

My expectations were very low for this. As I mentioned earlier, some grunts by the drudge are similar to the ones of the Elites in Halo, but besides that, the sound effects perfectly represent what they need to. The background music is repetitive, so not exactly good enough to search and download a soundtrack for it. Although the menu theme is pretty catchy. This is just my opinion. Many people will have different opinions on it.

In conclusion, the game is worth buying and recommended, in fact, you might as well go to the store right now and buy it before they get sued by Bungie.

Final score = 82%

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