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: : : : The Blackwell Convergence FAQ/Walkthrough

The Blackwell Convergence FAQ/Walkthrough

by The Lost Gamer   Updated to v1.3 on
Version 1.3 7/13/2013

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The Blackwell Convergence
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Allen Reiken
  003b. Frank Lyons
  003c. Claude Urdin
  003d. The Meltzer Foundation
  003e. The Countess
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called The Blackwell 
Convergence. It is the third game in the Blackwell series.
To contact me about this guide, use my email address, Currently, I check that 
email address about once a month. Make sure the subject is 
something like "Blackwell Convergence", so I don't 
accidentally mistake it for spam.


Rosangela Blackwell: Rosangela Blackwell is a writer and a 
spirit medium who helps ghosts move on to the next world. 
She is the main character of this game.

Joey Mallone: Joey is Rosangela's spirit guide. He's a 
ghost who has been connected to her family for a few 

Allen Reiken: A man who committed suicide when his business 
went under. He is the first character that our two heroes 

Nishanti Sharma: Rosangela's next door neighbor. The two 
are friends, and Nishanti invites Rosangela to an art 
gallery opening.

Josie Park: The owner of the Park Gallery. She hopes her 
art gallery will be a success.

Claude Urdin: The main artist featured at the Park Gallery. 
He is temperamental.

Monique Stahlman: A woman who works at CubeStar Films. She 
has a ghost problem that only Rosangela and Joey can solve.

Frank Lyons: An actor who died while filming the final 
scene of a movie. His ghost haunts the filming location.

The Countess: An angry ghost who has arguably gone insane. 
She caused problems for Rosangela's aunt in the previous 
Blackwell game.

Madeline: A ghost who appears in Rosangela's dreams. She 
seems to be preparing for something.

Paul Meltzer: One of the two brothers who run the Meltzer 
Foundation. He talks to prospective clients.

Charles Meltzer: The brother of Paul. He helps run the 
Meltzer Foundation. He is not talkative.

Marty Goldwater: A man who spends time near the Roosevelt 
Island Lighthouse, where his son John died.

Joseph Mitchell: A writer who was featured in the previous 
Blackwell game. His writing was popular, but he stopped 
writing once the Countess got involved with his work. 

Joe Gould: A man who used to spend time in the Minetta 
Tavern in New York. His odd behavior made him popular.


003a-Allen Reiken 

The game begins with Joey and Rosangela arriving at an 
abandoned office in New York. Rosangela checks to make sure 
no one is inside.

An optional tutorial starts at this point. In this game, 
you can left-click to interact with an object, and you can 
right-click to examine it. Try this out on the door, which 
is on the right side of the screen.

Since the door is locked, Rosangela cannot get inside. Joey 
is a ghost, so he can simply float through the door. Move 
your mouse up to the top of the screen and click on the "J" 
to switch to Joey. Alternately, press the "tab" button on 
the keyboard to switch characters.

Click on the door, and Joey will float through it. To move 
Joey around the room, click somewhere. Joey will float to 
the place you clicked.

There is a shiny object on the ground near the door. Right-
click on this item to see that it's a paperclip. Left-click 
on the paperclip, and Joey will blow it underneath the 
door, to Rosangela.

Switch back to Rosangela. You'll notice the paperclip is 
now in her inventory, at the top of the screen. Click on 
the paperclip, and it gets attached to the mouse. Then drag 
the mouse to the door and click again. Rosangela uses the 
paperclip on the door to get inside.

The tutorial ends here. You're on your own, now, when it 
comes to getting through this game! Well, not really, 
because you have this walkthrough to help you out.

Rosangela and Joey are looking for some sort of ghostly 
activity in this room. There is a desk on the left. 
Interact with the desk drawers to find an obituary for 
Allen Reiken, who committed suicide by jumping out of one 
of this room's windows. The information about Allen is 
added to Rosangela's notebook (which is in her inventory).

There are sheets on the windows here. Click on them to 
remove them. There is a ghost's hand, on the edge of the 
second window from the right. Examine the hand, then switch 
to Joey. Click on the window, and Joey goes through it.

Click on the ghost to talk to him. Choose any of the three 
conversation topics, and the ghost threatens to jump off of 
the ledge. The ghost is added to Rosangela's notebook.

You can talk to the ghost about the weather or about the 
fact that he's dead. Also, you can talk to him about the 
things in Rosangela's notebook. Just click on <Consult 
notebook>, then pick a topic.

Talk to the ghost about Allen Reiken's obituary, and he 
confirms that he is Allen.

Try to find the silver lining in Allen's situation, then 
then ask about what happened. Allen explains that his 
company went bankrupt after a fire, and his wife left him.

You can talk to Allen about three topics now: his wife, 
women and his business. Joey can be mean about these 
topics, or he can be nice. When he's nice, Joey tries to 
bring Rosangela into the conversation. Specifically, Joey 
will pretend that Rosangela is Allen's wife, a prospective 
date or a venture capitalist, depending on which 
conversation topic you chose.

Rosangela has three ways to respond to Allen: two of them 
are nice, and one of them is mean. Pick the mean option, 
and Allen is goaded into standing up for himself.

Allen realizes that he is dead, which allows him to move on 
to the next world.

003b-Frank Lyons

After the opening credits play, Rosa returns to her 
apartment, with Joey in tow. Rosa has a feeling that she 
forgot something today.

Right-click on Rosa's calendar, which is in the corner, 
above her computer. She sees that has an appointment with 
Nishanti, at the Park Gallery.

Click on the computer to use it. Click on the search icon 
to start the Oogle Search engine. Look up "Park Gallery" to 
get the address. Close the screen and the computer monitor, 
then leave Rosa's apartment. Use the elevator to leave the 
apartment complex. Then, click on the Park Gallery button 
to go there.

There aren't many people at the Park Gallery, probably 
because it hasn't officially opened yet. On the right, 
Josie Park, the gallery's owner, is talking with Claude, 
the main artist featured in the gallery. You can talk to 
them if you want to.

On the left, Nishanti is talking with a woman. Click on 
either Nishanti or the woman to start a conversation. You 
want to ask about Nishanti's friend, then ask what's wrong, 
then ask about the story. Nishanti's friend here is Monique 
Stahlman. Monique has a ghost story about Frank Lyons, the 
actor, which she remembered because Rosangela writes ghost 

Monique doesn't want to tell the story here, so she gives 
her card to Rosangela and asks her to stop by her office.

Once you get Monique's card, you can leave the gallery (or 
stay and continue talking to people). Simply go to the 
right and use the stairs to leave. Nishanti asks Rosangela 
to stay. If you stay, Rosangela will overindulge on wine, 
and if you leave, she doesn't.

Either way, the game skips ahead to later that night, when 
Rosangela has an odd dream. Click on the portal to leave, 
and a ghost appears.

Rosangela wakes up the next day. She still has Monique's 
card in her inventory. Right-click on the card to look at 
it. Monique works at CubeStar Films. Click on Rosangela's 
door to leave her apartment, then click on the elevator to 
leave the building.

Go to CubeStar Films and click on Monique to talk to her. 
Ask her about her ghost story. She talks about Frank Lyons, 
who died of a heart attack while filming the last scene of 
a movie. Monique believes that his ghost is haunting a 
bridge in Central Park, which is where he died.

Leave the office by clicking on the door, then go to Gothic 
Bridge. A ghost is here. Talking to him as Rosangela is a 
fruitless endeavor, so talk to him as Joey. Ask him about 
Frank Lyons to confirm that he is really the actor.

Talk to Frank about his memory, and he mentions the 
Minetta. Talk to him about other things, if you want, then 
end the conversation. Switch to Rosangela and click on the 
left side of the screen to leave the park.

Go to Rosangela's apartment. Use her computer and search 
for Minetta to learn that it is the Minetta Tavern. You can 
now leave Rosangela's apartment and go to the Minetta.

Nobody is at the tavern at the moment, besides for a 
bartender. Talk to the bartender, and ask about Frank 
Lyons. He's never seen Frank Lyons at the Minetta.

Leave the Minetta and return to Gothic Bridge. Switch to 
Joey. Open the notebook and talk to Frank about the 
Minetta. Joey mentions that they never heard of Frank 
there, and Frank will mention the Joe Gould Fund.

You can either look up the Joe Gould Fund on Rosa's 
computer, or return to the Minetta and ask the bartender 
about it. Either way, it will begin raining.

Return to CubeStar films. Now that it's raining, the cat on 
the ledge has come inside. The cat is named Ilsa, and 
Monique says it belonged to Frank Lyons. If Rosa tries to 
approach the cat, she gets scratched.

Switch to Joey and click on the cat. Joey uses his tie to 
distract the cat. Switch back to Rosa and examine the cat. 
Rosa checks the cat's ID tag to learn Frank's address.

Leave the office and go to Frank Lyons' Apartment, which is 
a new location. Frank lived in Apartment 4A, and it is 
locked. Switch to Joey and click on the door to have him go 

There are several things you can look at, inside Frank's 
apartment. The important thing to look at is the script, 
which is on the table on the left. Right click to read it. 
The beginning of the script looks like this:

Zack: I knew you'd come.
Yvonne: How did you know I'd come?
Zack: I know you Yvonne. Perhaps too well.
Yvonne: Listen. I have to tell you something.
Zack: Come on. The boat's going to leave any minute.
Yvonne: I'm not going.
Zack: Not going? What do you mean, you're not going?
Yvonne: I said I'm not going.
Zack: You're STAYING?
Yvonne: Yes. I'm staying here with Tom.

This dialogue should look familiar, if you tried talking to 
Frank with Rosangela. He's been reciting dialogue from the 
scene he was filming when he died!

After reading the script, leave the apartment. Joey will 
recite the script for Rosangela's benefit. Leave the 
apartment, by using the elevator, and go to Gothic Bridge.

Time for Frank to finish his scene. Talk to him as 
Rosangela. He says, "I knew you'd come". Respond by asking 
how he knew. Frank says, "I know you Yvonne. Perhaps too 
well." Choose "tell him he's dead", and Rosangela says, 
"Listen. I have to tell you something."

Frank says, "Come on. The boat's going to leave any 
minute." Tell him you're not going, and when he asks why, 
repeat yourself. Finish the dialogue by saying that you're 
staying with Tom. Frank will believe the scene is finished.

Talk to Frank again, and he realizes that he's dead. 
Rosangela is now able to take him to the next world. He 
talks for a bit before he leaves. Choose whichever 
conversation topic you want, and he mentions the fact that 
he was killed.

Rosangela is surprised that he was choked the death, seeing 
as all the reports said he died from a heart attack. Why 
was his murder covered up?

Back in Central Park, a ghost appears and attacks Joey. 
This ghost is the Countess, a villain who died in 
"Blackwell Unbound" (the previous game in the Blackwell 
series). When Rosangela gets up, the Countess leaves.

Rosangela returns to her apartment, and she forces Joey to 
tell her more about the Countess. The Countess was a spirit 
medium, just like Rosangela. She went insane and she began 
to kill living people, under the impression that they were 

The Countess latched onto a writer named Joseph Mitchell. 
Whenever he wrote a story about someone, the Countess would 
kill that person. The Countess tried to kill Lauren 
Blackwell, Rosagela's aunt, at the end of "Blackwell 

It looks like the Countess has returned as a ghost, and she 
is still angry with Joey. It's curious, though, because she 
died in the 1970's, and there was no ghost then. Why has 
her ghost appeared decades later?

After this, Rosangela has another dream. Click on the 
portrait on the wall. The ghost from Rosangela's previous 
dream appears and talks to her.

003c-Claude Urdin

The next day, Joey talks to Rosangela. He remembers that 
there was a painting in Park Gallery which looked like the 
Countess. That's the only lead we have on the Countess 
right now, so leave Rosangela's apartment and go there.

Rosangela and Joey examine the painting. The Countess's 
head is featured near a lighthouse. Talk to Josie Park, the 
gallery owner, and ask about the Countess painting. It's 
called "The Dark Lady".

Ask about "The Dark Lady". Josie is worried the investors 
won't like it, and she reveals that the location featured 
in the painting is the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse. You can 
go there if you want to, but there's nothing to see.

Talk to Josie about investors to learn that she is funded 
by the Meltzer Foundation. Return to Rosangela's apartment 
and look up Meltzer on her computer to get the address. 
Leave Rosangela's apartment and go there.

The Meltzer Foundation is run by the Meltzer brothers, 
Charles and Paul. Charles is not very talkative. Paul 
starts a conversation with Rosangela. Open up your notebook 
and choose to talk about the Meltzer Foundation.

Paul explains how the company works. They fund projects, in 
return for a share of the profits. For example, they helped 
Josie pay for the Park Gallery. In return, they will get 
some of the profits made from the Gallery. If the Park 
Gallery ends up being a failure, they lose money on that 

Leave Paul, and he will give you his card. After you go, 
Joey looks through the doorway. Choose to stay and 
investigate as Joey. Paul will occasionally talk to 
Charles, and he has a tendency to mention the wireless 
Internet router.

That would be the strange blue device, on the safe to the 
left of Paul. Click on the device, and Joey floats over to 
it. Joey interrupts the wireless connection, and Paul's 
Internet goes down.

Float away, and Paul will have to log back on to his email 
account. Paul asks what his password is, and Charles says 
that it's Tennis53.

Leave the Meltzer Foundation by clicking on the door. 
Return to Rosangela's apartment. Paul's card, in 
Rosangela's inventory, says that his email address is We know what his password is, so we can 
hack his email account.

Go to Rosangela's computer and select email. You may have 
to log out of Rosangela's account. Log in as "paulm", and 
use "Tennis53" as your password.

There are two emails from Josie. One invites him to the 
Park Gallery opening, and the other says that he can search 
for "artists" to learn how to talk to them.

Three emails are from Charles. Charles is going to leave 
next week, and he wants Paul to check his email in the 
meantime. Charles' password is the nickname that his 
brother gave him when they were kids.

If you look for artists on Rosangela's Internet browser, 
you learn that you should not tell an artist a painting is 
good, you should not ask what a painting is of, and you 
should not say you like the colors.

Leave Rosangela's apartment and go to the Minetta. If you 
asked Josie about Claude, she said that he went here. He 
likes to drink before public showings. Talk to him about 
"The Dark Lady", then open your notebook and talk about the 
Joe Gould Fund.

Claude mentions Joseph Mitchell. Joey mentioned this man 
last night, when discussing the Countess. She killed 
everyone that Joseph Mitchell wrote about, and Joey still 
dislikes Joseph because of that.

Leave Claude, and he mentions that he has to go to the Park 
Gallery. If you have not logged on to Paul's email address, 
Claude will not leave the Minetta.

Go to the Park Gallery. You need to talk to Claude a few 
times, to learn about the Countess. First, though, you need 
to get on his good side, by talking about his paintings.

Talk about The Dark Lady, then talk about understanding 
art. The tips on how to deal with artists, from the search 
engine on Rosangela's computer, come in handy here. Say 
"the hard lines in this painting are really provocative".

Claude moves to another location. Talk to him and ask "Does 
this painting represent darkness in shadow?". Claude moves 
to a third location. Talk to him again, and ask, "Why is 
one side so colorful and the other so dark?"

If you said the correct thing to Claude, at all three 
locations, he will invite you to talk to him outside. 
Otherwise, he will return to the first location and make 
you restart the challenge.

Claude leaves through the fire escape door, which is in the 
back. Click on the door to follow him there. A conversation 
between Claude and Rosangela begins. Claude has seen the 
Countess in his dreams. To finish the conversation, choose 
"how he met her" and "warn him".

The Countess appears and kills Claude. Later that night, 
the police release Rosangela after questioning her. They 
ruled Claude's death a suicide, due to the fact that he was 
drunk and had a temperamental nature.

Later that night, Rosangela dreams about the fire escape. 
The female ghost from her previous dreams reappears.

003d-The Meltzer Foundation 

In this section of investigation, Rosangela needs to learn 
three things, related to the Meltzer Foundation.

Go to the Park Gallery and talk to Josie about keeping the 
gallery open. She says that Claude's death has been a 
windfall for the gallery, and they are completely sold out. 
All the art was purchased at high prices.

Go to CubeStar Films and open your notebook. Talk to 
Monique about the Meltzer Foundation to learn that they 
paid for the film which Frank Lyons died. This makes it the 
second thing founded by Meltzer which profited greatly from 
a person's death.

Go to the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse, which was featured 
in the painting of the Countess. Today, a man is standing 
here. If you try to talk to him as Rosa, you don't get 
anywhere. Switch to Joey and examine the man's coffee mug 
to find the words "Gold Tech".

Return to Rosangela's apartment and look up Gold Tech on 
the computer. It appears that the chief researcher for that 
company was killed near the lighthouse. His father, Marty 
Goldwater, likes to keep vigil at the site of his son's 

Return to Roosevelt Island and talk to the man. Ask "Martin 
Goldwater?" to get him to talk to you, then open up your 
notebook and choose "John Goldwater". He believes that 
Lazarus Technology, a rival company, is responsible for the 
murder. You can talk to him to learn more; John was about 
to file a patent shortly before his death, and the rival 
company filed a suspiciously similar patent shortly after 
the death.

Return to Rosangela's apartment and look up Lazarus 
Technology. She gets a phone number for them. Use the 
telephone and selection option 1, which is general 
information. They are sponsored by the Meltzer Foundation. 
This is the third situation where Meltzer has directly 
profited from someone's death.

Go to the Meltzer Foundation. Paul talks a bit about 
Claude's death, then you can open up your notebook. Talk 
about Monique Stahlman and Lazarus Technologies to open up 
new conversation topics.

Close your notebook, then talk to Paul about the Park 
Gallery's success. Rosangela indirectly accuses the Meltzer 
Foundation of profiting from Claude's death. Talk about 
CubeStar's success, and Rosangela indirectly accuses the 
Meltzer Foundation of profiting from Frank's death. Talk 
about Lazarus Technologyç—´ success, and Rosangela 
indirectly accuses the Meltzer Foundation of profiting from 
John's death.

Once you talk about all three success stories, Rosangela 
gets more direct with her accusations. Paul gets upset and 
asks her to leave. After this, Paul calls his brother by 
the nickname Scooter.

Instead of staying as Joey, leave. Go to Rosangela's 
apartment. You might remember that an email in Paul's inbox 
said that Charles' password is his old nickname.

Log on to Bmail, with the login "charlesm" and password 
"scooter". Charles doesn't get a lot of emails, it seems. 
In fact, the only thing in his inbox is a list of the 
Countess' victims. While Rosangela and Joey talk about 
this, a new name is added to the list: Rosangela's.

003e-The Countess

The Countess appears in Rosangela's apartment, intent on 
killing her. Joey starts to fight with the Countess.

Click on Rosangela's door to leave, then click on the red 
door (which leads to the trash room). The Countess (and 
Joey) will go into Nishanti's room.

Click on Rosangela's door to go back into her apartment. 
Rosangela realizes that running away is not going to work 
for long.

You may not have looked at it earlier, but there is a 
picture of Rosangela's aunt Lauren above the TV. It is 
shaking now. Click on the picture to pick it up. The 
Countess and Joey enter. Use the picture of Aunt Lauren on 
the Countess.

The Countess recognizes Lauren and becomes agitated. She 
forcibly takes Rosangela and Joey to the place which leads 
to the next world. The ghost from Rosangela's dreams 
appears. She is Madeline, and she used to be the Countess' 
spirit guide before their bond was destroyed.

Madeline implores your help. Talk to her if you want. When 
you choose "agree to help her", you are taken to a diner. 
This is where the Countess' bond or link is located.

Go inside the diner. You see the two humans that the 
Countess formed a bond with: Joseph Mitchell and Joe Gould. 
She currently has a bond with Charles Meltzer, but he is 
not here because he is still alive.

Talk to Joe Gould, who is the man on the right. Talk to him 
about (Joseph) Mitchell to learn that Mitchell won't give 
him a cigarette. Ask Joe Gould why he is here, ask about 
his work, ask about The Oral History, and ask about essays.

Joe will show you some of his essays that he wrote for the 
Dial. Click on the paperclip holding the essays together to 
take it. Use the paperclip on the locked door to the left 
to enter the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, you have three ovens. Open the middle 
oven to see a ball of light. Looks like we found the bond! 
Talk to it, but the ball of light refuses to leave the oven 
because it's cold outside.

Joe Gould enters this area. Leave through the door, then 
talk to Joseph Mitchell. Talk to him about cigarettes, and 
mention that Joe Gould has gone to another room. Mitchell 
will give you his pack of cigarettes.

Go to the kitchen and give the cigarettes to Joe Gould. 
Talk to him about his cigarette, and he gives one to 
Rosangela. Use this cigarette on the ball on light in the 
center over. The ball of light will go from the oven to the 

Leave the kitchen and leave the diner. Rosangela and 
Madeline leave, before the diner disappears as the bond 
disintegrates. The Countess regains her sanity and realizes 
what's happened. She swears to get revenge on Charles 
Meltzer, and she leaves through the gateway.

Madeline can't do much anymore, seeing as she is bound to 
this plane of existence. Joey and Rosangela leave through 
the gateway and end up back in Rosangela's apartment. Leave 
and go to the Meltzer Foundation.

There has been a struggle here, and Paul is afraid. He says 
that the Countess took Charles to the roof. Rosangela and 
Joey go there, and they see the Countess choking Charles to 

Take the glowing cigarette from Rosangela's inventory and 
use it on the Countess. The Countess drops Charles and 
looks at the cigarette, and then she notices Joey. She 
remembers his role in her death, she rips off his tie, and 
the two begin to fight.

Remember, Joey's tie is used to take spirits to the next 
world. Pick up Joey's tie and use it on the Countess. 
Rosangela latches the tie onto the Countess' arm. If the 
Countess' arm is not raised when you use the tie on her, 
Rosangela will miss. 

Switch to Joey and click on the Countess. He punches her 
directly into Rosangela. If you do not do this quickly 
enough, you need to redo the challenge from the beginning, 
by using the tie on the Countess when her arm is raised.

Rosangela and the Countess go to the other plane of 
existence. This time, the Countess peacefully goes on to 
the next world. She does it successfully, because her link 
to this world is now broken.

After this, Joey and Rosangela return to her apartment. 
Thanks to her adventures, Rosangela has decided to start a 
new business as a spiritual consultant. Madeline, 
meanwhile, still remains in the other plane of existence. 
You'll see her again in the next game in the series: 
Blackwell Deception.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).