The BIGS (PS2) Cheats

The BIGS cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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EZ Homeruns
OK u probably already know this but ok

Any stadium that has a high wall ( hit to the high wall the outfielders wont jump because its to high to reach if they jumped off the wall.

best score i have gotten with this is 43-0 because i got bored but could have gotten more

Good luck!


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good rookie
Create a rookie and enter "HOT DOG" as a name. He will automatically have good stats.

note:this is not my cheat i just found it and saw that neoseeker had none i got permission
When you can get bat graphics, select the flame bat. Then, try to get your power ratings to the maximum to automatically hit home runs.

While at bat, aim the batter in his batting direction and slightly up, then press Circle to hit a home run. For example, if the batter is right-handed, aim him to the right and up and press Circle. Usually this will result in a home run.

players to steal
In the Rookie Challenge, you have the opportunity of stealing ten players. Take outfielders first because if somebody gets a hold of a hanging curve you want speed; glove; and if someone is in scoring position, a good arm. These are two groups of outfielders that have those attributes. These outfielders should improve your win percentage and increase your number of shutouts and no hitters for experienced players.

American League

Carl Crawford
Vlad Guerrero
Torri Hunter
Alex Rios
Vernon Wells
National League

Andruw Jones
Carlos Lee
Jason Bay
Carlos Beltran