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2K Sport's The Bigs 2 Review

The good:

The many good things in this game include the player's effects such as Brian McCann's +1 To Pitcher's Attire, Ryan Howards No doubter home runs, and much more unique and incredible effects.

The game's graphics are actually pretty good as well. Another good thing about the game is the Become a Legend mode, the story is pretty decent to follow with and during the mode you play with and against some Legends of baseball.

Also in Online mode you are able to get updated rosters. The Bigs 2 also includes Home-Run Pinball, in which you select a Baseball slugger and go to 4 (You need to unlock one) different Venues (New York City, Las Vegas, Japan, and Retro New York City). Home run Pinball is a very fun thing to play when you just want to crush the ball instead of just Batting, Pitching, and fielding.

Another good thing about this game is you are able to unlock achievements/trophies for your Playstation Network Account.

The bad:

The only bad thing about this game is that there is only 3 starting pitchers and 3 relieving pitchers. There should be more pitchers allowed due to the way the pitching system is made up. If a person gets a hit your pitch gauge decreases.

One other bad thing is the Bigs Two servers for online play, sometimes when you go to a match room it doesn't go through even though it appears in the lobby.


The Bigs 2 game made by 2K Sports is a fun game to play. The game has players that have different unique effects effecting the whole team and some of the team. The game play is great and very fun but the online play is lousy.

The Game includes all of baseball's teams including international teams from Japan and Mexico, and the All-Star Teams. I personally thank that 2K Sports made a phenomenal game but need to work on the next installment (if there is one) of the Bigs series. So I do recommend people who love baseball and video games get this game.

Become A Legend Mode is a in-game feature t...

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