The Amazing Spider-Man FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1
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: : : : The Amazing Spider-Man FAQ/Walkthrough

The Amazing Spider-Man FAQ/Walkthrough

by abiggeebabigee   Updated to v1.1 on
The Amazing Spider-Man!! - a walkthrough by Adam Richter
Version 1.1 - Created December 18, 2005
By: Adam Richter - email:
*Please put "Spider-Man" in the subject line*

Version History
1.0 - Walkthrough completed up to Roaring Flames, where I got stuck
Controls, Enemies, and Useless Adventures are done. (01/23/05)
1.1 - Walkthrough completed up to Yours!, where I got stuck again. (12/18/05)
Table of Contents:
1. Controls
2. Enemies
3. Walkthrough
4. Useless Adventures
5. Credits

1. Controls

Controls for Spiderman are simple. Just press 1,2,3, or 4 to select a Video
Mode (1 or 2 recommended) and then 1 to play in English (I'm fairly certain
that it has everything in English no matter what you press).

Once you're in the game, i recommend holding down the "+" button for about 3
seconds. This allows you to move faster, and reduces the frustration this game
can create (you'll probably end up breaking
nine or ten of your possessions because of the stupid Basement levels
anyway). If you want to slow back down, hold the "-" button.

To control Spiderman, use the Arrow keys. You can walk on all four sides
of most surfaces. You can also walk from surface to surface; if, for example
you are walking to the right on the floor and you come across a vertical
surface, hold right and up to start walking vertically up the surface.

To crouch, press the direction of the surface on which you are walking
(press down to crouch on the floor, up to crouch on the ceiling, left
or right to crouch on a wall.) Press the direction away from the surface
to stand back up again (press up while on the floor, etc.). To jump,
press the direction away from the surface while in the standing position.
You can also hold another direction; when on the floor, press up+left to
jump to the left.

To sling a web, hold down spacebar and press a direction (or two). This
is particularly useful to reach a surface above you; hold spacebar and press
up, then hold up to climb the web. You can make a web while you're in
mid-air, but it's a bit hard to master. Your web will break after a short
period of time, so climb quickly. You can use your web on most surfaces,
but not all. Press spacebar to break a web.

You can also swing from a web. For example. If you are walking on the floor
and wish to swing over a pit from the celing, you can do it two ways. Firstly,
assuming you could the pit is to the right of you, you could hold space and
press up and right, then press up to swing from the web. Or, you could do it
the smart way. Jump to the right, then quickly make a web in the up+right
direction. You can swing from multiple webs by breaking one and making another

Did I say the controls were simple? Ah well... it didn't turn out that way

To exit or start from the last "Take" you reached, press Escape, then Y,
and then press 1,2, or 3 to make your selection.
2. Enemies

There are a few types of enemies in this game. Giant rats, evil-looking
blue men, coyotes, mummies, and possibly some I'm forgetting. These can all
temporarily stunned if you shoot them with your web. If you touch any of these
guys, your health will decrease for the duration of the time you are touching
them. Don't get me wrong-other stuff can and will hurt you, such as fire and
neon yellow bars. There are few ways to kill an enemy. They all involve
bringing them in contact with any of the aforementioned inanimate objects that
can hurt you, as well as any painful inanimate objects I didn't mention. So try
to force the rats onto some fire or the mummies underneath a moving platform.

Your health is measured by the picture of Spiderman on the right side of the
screen. As you lose health, first the letters will start to turn from yellow to
grey, moving from the bottom up. Once the letters are completely grey,
spiderman will start to turn into a skeleton when you lose health. First his
feet will turn into bones, and it will move up all the way to his head. If
Spiderman turns completely into a skeleton, it's game over.

3. Walkthrough

You start off in a level called Midnight (level names are in the top-left
corner). Walk on top of the big blue box to your left and climb on top of
the helicopter. Walk to the centre of it and left it carry you up. Now walk up
the wall to the top of the building. Ah... now we become acquainted with 
switches. Those two little green things on the top of the building is a switch.
Switches in this game come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some can be 
stepped on, others you must shoot your web at to activate. Just walk on this
switch as you climb atop the
building. You'll hear a beep, the switch will turn red, and a little hole will
open in the ceiling. Fall down it. Don't worry about going to the right, we'll
get to that. Proceed to the right of the room and climb up the vertical blue
box thing. Walk to the right until you get into the next room.

In the foyer is a blue man walking back and forth. Before descending, notice
the celing. You can walk on only those parts that are not covered in green
lines. Freeze the blue man with your web while he is close to the right side of
the room, preferably under the ledge with the chair and the bench on it. Then,
walk along the floor until you are under some non-green-line ceilng. Use your
web to climb up there and crawl to the right. Fall onto the ledge. On this
ledge, two things act as switches. Each can be walked upon or shot with web to
activate. They are the light bulb on the celing and the red box on the right
wall. There is another ledge above and to the left of you. If leads to a
hallway which is blocked by a blue and black pole. Touch either switch and the
pole will dissapear, but touching the switch again will make the pole reappear.
Once the pole is gone, stand on the chair and use your web to climb to the
ceiling. Walk to the left and onto the green-lined area. You will slide across
it back into the upper part of Midnight.

*Midnight 2*
Back in Midnight, cling to the ceiling. Avoid the R2-D2 like robot. If you are
on top of the blue chair, hold up and left to transfer to the celing. Walk
across the ceiling to the very end and drop onto the green switch on the floor.
The switch will turn red and a door will open to a small room below you. You
have to go back through Foyer to get there.

*Foyer 2*
Crawl across the celing or slide across the floor until you reach the end of
the ledge. Drop down from both ledges to the floor, or swing across to the left
side of the room. Either way, travel to the left and mount the vertical blue
box. Walk left until you're back in Midnight.

*Midnight 3*
A small, dark room beneath some yellow stairs is now open. Inside is a switch
like the one you saw in Foyer. Shoot it with your web or step on it to make it
green. Go back to Foyer.

*Foyer 3*
A door has opened at the very bottom-right of the room. Go through it, avoiding
the blue man.

Once in lift, walk to the stack of white lines and climb on the wall up to the
green switch. Shoot across the room to the red switch and let the lift have
some fun lifty fun. Walk across the room and go through the open door on the
right side.

*Bad Moon Rising*
In the bottom-middle of the room is an area that you can't get to yet. A mummy
is walking along the floor, stopping every time he reaches a hole. Touch the
only blue switch on the celing that you can reach. The hole is filled in.  The
mummy can now walk across the whole floor. You can open or close the hole using
the switch above you. If you can reopen the hole when the mummy is on top of
it, you can make it fall to its death (which is a big help). Don't lose any
sleep if you can't pull this off. MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE that the hole is open
when you leave the room or you will be scaaa-rewed later on. Once the mummy is
dead, go back to Lift.

*Lift 2*
Climb up the wall to the green switch. Shoot across the room to the red switch.
Once the lift is done, go back through the door on the right of the room.

*Take #1*
Takes are the best. You can refill your health there and you can start from the
last take you reached if you die. Don't be afraid to walk on the blue crystals
covering the floor. They fill up your health while you stand on them. See the
big grey and white thing in the centre, you know, the things they use when
shooting movies (what is it called?) Well, if you climb to the highest point it
reaches, it will snap shut. This is not essential in this take, but get in the
habit anyway because you'll have to do it at other takes. Anyway, whether you
snap the thingy or not, climb through the small hall at the top-middle of the

*Bad Moon Rising 2*
Now you are in the previously mummy-filled area of Bad Moon Rising. Hit the
blue switch to the left that you can now reach. A wall will move and you can
reach the wide, open, upper part of the level. You have to go to the right,
past the moon going up and down. It will hurt you if you touch it and there's
no way to stop it. Just crawl by it when it's near the top of the level. Climb
on top of the bloody cross and see if you can jump onto the weird gargoyle-like
statue. If you can't, you have to get underneath it and shoot it with your web.
Then you can climb on to the top of it. Either way, it will start moving. It
will hurt you if it lands on top of you. You must ride the gargoyle to the top
of the ledge on the far right side of the room. Once on this ledge,walk across
until a piece of the ceiling falls through onto the floor. Fall through the
consequent hole and walk right into the next level. 

*Mummy's Revenge*
I'm warning you now, this is aggrevating. Climb to the top of the room where
there are two blue switches. Touch them both. A pathway to the room with the
mummy in it will be opened (in the centre of the room). Climb into the mummy
area but DO NOT touch the blue switch on the right wall. Instead, climb down to
the floor of the area and walk to the left where there is an opening leading
back to Bad Moon Rising.

*Bad Moon Rising 3*
In this small area of Bad Moon Rising, you can step on a blue switch. Do so.
A wall below will disappear. Walk back to Mummy's Revenge

*Mummy's Revenge 2*
Now you can hit the blue switch on the right side of the Mummy area. The
pathway you just came from will close, but one above you will open that leads
to the right, down to the bottom of the level. Before you go down this path,
climb up to the very top of the level and hit the red switches you activated
when you first got to Mummy's Revenge. Turn them blue again, and then proceed
to the bottom of the level through the new passageway. On the very bottom, 
cling to the celing and climb over the fire, seeing as it can kill you. This
fire may not kill you right away but in other parts of the game, it kills you
in about 3 seconds. Anyway, walk through the opening at the very bottom-left of
the level, back into Bad Moon Rising.

*Bad Moon Rising 4*
Hit the only remaining blue switch (just to the left of a red one) on the
ceiling to eliminate a double wall and open up a hole in the floor. It leads
into a small passageway in Take #1, but you may want to go back through the
hole just to left of that into the main part of Take #1 so you can refill your 
health. Whether you do or not, you must go through the hole on the right into
the small passageway in Take #1. 

*Take #1 2*
Just crawl throught the passageway to the next room.

*Rat Trap*
Analyze this room for a second; it's a bit complicated. The rat on the very
bottom will be underneath you no matter where you go. This can be a problem if
you fall down, but you can use it to kill the rat (recommended). But the rat
serves a purpose -- he can hit the blue switch on the bottom right of the level
for you. To do this, get to the upper right part of the room. Walking on the
red bridge will make it fall. It doesn't make a whole lot of difference. The
ceiling is covered in green lines, so you can attach a web to it, but you can't
walk on it. You can either swing from the hooks on the ceiling, or just jump
from floating platform to floating platform. Either way, get Spiderman over
top of the blue switch so the rat will step on it. If you fall, just stand
under a platform and websling yourself back up. After this, you can put
Spiderman above some fire so therat will stand on the fire, and eventually be
killed. This takes about 40 seconds if the rat is right on the fire, and longer
if he is moving on and off of it. In any case, the blue switch will have opened
a passageway on the top-right of the level. Don't worry about going through the
passageway on the right; it's useless. This will be covered in Useless
Adventures. Just go through the passageway on the celing by climbing up the
wall (preferably the grey one on the far right).

*Mummy's Revenge 3*
Welcom back. In the small corner of Mummy's Revenge, stand on the little ledge,
stand Spiderman out and walk onto the blue switch. A door will open at the top
of the room. Guess what? You have to go all the way back there! Start by going
back through Rat Trap. The switch closes off a passageway in Mummy's Revenge,
so you have to take the long way back, all the way through the upper part of
Bad Moon Rising. There is a "faster" way to get there, but you're a lot more
likely to get killed. If you're interested, see Useless Adventures-Underneath
the Soil.

*Rat Trap 2*
Just go back across the room the way you came, through the passage on the left,
into Take #1.

*Take #1 3*
Back through the passageway into Bad Moon Rising.

*Bad Moon Rising 5*
You can drop through the hole on the left to get more health from Take #1, if
you want. Once you're done that and back in Bad Moon Rising, just use the exact
same route you used when you first got here. To the far left, through the
passageway to the upper part of the level, past the spazzing moon, on to the
gargoyle and down the hole. The only difference is that you will have to mount
a moving gargoyle. Just walk onto it when it comes down.

*Mummy's Revenge 4*
Now climb up the celing where the two blue switches are. Whether you touch them
at this point is inconsequential. Notice the gargoyle in the top-right corner
of the room. Either hang from the ceiling and shoot it with a web, or stand on
it (I recommend the former, so you don't risk getting trapped under the
gargoyle). This will make it move down and hit a switch. You could go stand on
the switch yourself, if you felt like wasting some time. In any case, a door
will open in the uppermost centre of the room. Go through it! NOW!

*Bad Moon Falling*
This'll take longer than it looks. And it looks like a long time. It's not
hard, just time-consuming. Climb up the windy passage until you're right in
front of our old friend, the spazzing moon. As you get to the top level, the
moon starts falling towards you, as you may have expected. Run away from it,
back down to the bottom of the level. Hint: stand at the very end of one of the
big rows and let the moon hit you. This will send the moon backwards and give
you some more time. Once you get to the very bottom left, cling to the celing
and let the moon run into the wall. Then proceed back up to the top, and climb
along what look like pillars of the castle, to the right exit of the room. As
for the pillars up and to the left, getting on them is useless and difficult.

*Take #2*
Wheee, a take. Get health. Then climb onto the top point of the snappy thing,
and let it snap. The blue door on the ceiling will open, revealing a passageway
to the next level. Go there. 

*Fantasy Soundstage*
This is what I call the movie-themed part of the game. In Fantasy Soundstage,
don't worry about the upper part of the level just yet. Go down the straight,
left corridor into the next level.

*Cardboard City*
While under the wall, wait until the blue man is walking away from you, and
then start climbing up the far right wall. Stop when you get to the part with
green lines. Then press left to jump across to the opposite wall. Walking on
the green will make you slip. If you accidentally do, press the direction of
the wall to regain control. Anyway, upon jumping you should land just above the
green stuff on the opposite wall. Continue climbing up into the next level.

*Paper Plates from Mars*
Walk up to the green lines and jump back onto the right wall. Walk up to a tiny
green-line patch below a switch and jump to the opposite wall. Climb up and
line yourself directly opposite the green switch. Shoot your web across to the
switch which will turn red and complete the bridge above you. Allow the
dinosaur above to walk across the bridge, across the green stuff, and off the
screen to his demise. Then, shoot the switch again to get rid of the bridge.
Climb on top of the building in the middle. An attempt to jump on to either of
the other buildings will be a failure, since both have green stuff on the
corners. Walk across the buliding to the left side and fall/climb down the hole
on the left of the centre building, back into Cardboard City.

*Cardboard City 2*
Once you hit the floor of Cardboard City on the left side, step on the green
switch to reveal the pathway underneath the centre building. Go through it.
Climb back up the right side of the room just as you did the first time. Go
back to Paper Plates from Mars. DO NOT go to the left exit of the room. We'll
get to that.

*Paper Plates from Mars 2*
Again, line yourself up with the green switch and shoot across to complete the
bridge. Now, fall back down to Cardboard City.

*Cardboard City 3*
Once you are near the ground, crawl through the under-building passageway,
avoiding the blue man. On the left side of the centre building, crawl back up
to Paper Plates.

*Paper Plates from Mars 3*
Walk across the building, across the bridge, and across the goop on the right
building. You will go across the right exit, but it will take you to the left
of the room, on the left buliding. Once there, line yourself up underneath the
lever-shaped switch on the platform above, to the left of the flashing lights.
Shoot it with your web. A hole will appear on the roof of the centre building.
Jump to the buliding and fall through the hole.

*Cardboard City 4*
Now you'll be in the middle building, back in Cardboard City. On the bottom of
this building, in the middle, is a green switch. Step on it. The peculiar-
looking chunk of wall on the far left will now be hollowed out. Climb up the
left side of the building, and step on the flashing light. The light on the
chunk of wall will start moving up and down. As it hits a switch at the bottom,
a series of 5 lights will flash on and off. You need to jump to the opposite
side of the building, and you will have to hit the other flashing light. It
stops the moving light in the chunk of wall. However, you MUST stop the moving
light while the series of 5 lights is ON. DO NOT leave this room unless the
series of lights is visible. Once they are and the flashing light is not
moving, you can get out of the room. Climb the right wall, but hold the right
arrow while you do, so that as you walk across the flashing light, you don't
slip down the wall. Go back to Paper Plates.

*Paper Plates from Mars 4*
Climb back through the hole on to the top of the building. Get back to the left
building via the bridge to the right. Once on the left, a platform of flashing
lights will be moving up and down. Climb on it and let it take you up to
another level.

A little note about the very annoying Spaceship: chances are, you will end up
flying out of a passageway at the top-right of the room, which is not yet
visible. If you do, you'll end up back in Fantasy Soundstage, on the upper
part. If this happens, jump to the red floating ledge, walk across it (try to
avoid the painful blue ball things) and jump down to the lower part. Just go
back through the lower left corridor to get back to Cardboard City. Mount the
Spaceship the same way, going through Paper Plates from the left side. If you
need health, drop down from Fantasy Soundstage to Take #2 through the hole in
the floor. And now on to Spaceship. Those yellow bars will take health off if
you touch them, as will the electrical blue stuff. Anyway, jump up on to the

floor of the Spaceship. You will have to hit a variety of switches to clear out
the stack of yellow bars on the left side of the Spaceship. Start by shooting
your web at the green switch between two red ones on the bottom-right part of
the level. Turn around and shoot a web at the green switch between to red ones
on the lower left, and voila, one of the yellow bars has disappeared. Now, you
need to walk to the bottom-right corner of the level. STICK TO THE FLOOR! The

gravity is a little screwy in this level, so walk on the floor even though you
will lose health on the little yellow bars. Once you haved walked as far as you
can to the right, you will be below a green switch to the right of two red
ones. Shoot a web at this green switch. Yellow bars in two place will
disappear. Walk a little to the left until you are underneath another vertical
corridor. Stand right beneath a green switch in between two red ones on the
ceiling. Shoot your web at it. Another yellow bar has disappeared, an
electrical blue bar has formed in that vertical corridor, and an opening has
formed up and to the left of you, beneath the R2-D2-like robot. Jump through
this opening onto a ledge and walk to the far left of it. You'll have to climb
along the celing or you'll be unable to do this. When you reach the end of this

corridor, remain on the ceiling and turn the corner so that you are now
climbing up the right wall of a vertical corridor. Jump to the left wall and
walk up to the three red switches in a row. Walk onto the middle of these
switches. The switches will disappear More likely than not, you will be flung
across the room to another series of red switches. They too will disappear when
you step on the middle switch. You'll probably end up flying out of the
spaceship into Fantasy Soundstage. Actually, this is a good thing, and I
encourage it if it hasn't happened to you by accident. This is a great chance
to climb back down to Take #2 and get some health. Once you too, use the method
at the beginning of the Spaceship description above to get back to Spaceship.
Once in Spaceship again, travel back up through the opening towards the R2-D2.
You will notice there is now an entrance to the room in the centre with the
robot in it. To get in it, and not be foiled by the stupid gravity, cling to
the celing of this corridor as you did before, round the corner as you did
before, but don't jump to the other side. Just climb up to the aforementioned
entrance and stop when Spiderman is still vertical, but hanging over the edge
of the wall he is on. Now carefully press the arrow buttons to turn the corner
and get in the robot room. That's right, press right, down, down and make
yourself crouching vertically, parallel to the uppermost long blue electrical
bar. Now, this is tricky. You need to end up standing on the exact centre of
the painful yellow bar across from the middle of the three red switches. Do
this by pressing the down and right arrows with care and precision. You don't
want to end up trapped between two electrical bars, and if you do, you'll have
to madly slam the spacebar and left arrow in a desperate attempt to free
yourself with your web. From the middle of the yellow bar, shoot at the middle
of the red switches. They will become an electrical blue bar and the last
yellow bar on the left of the room will disappear. When you exit the robot
room, come down the way you came. Don't try to come through the vertical
corridors near the exit leading to Fantasy Soundstage. Climb down the way you
came to the floor where you came into Spaceship at the very beginning. Above
the entrance to Spaceship is the corridor you have worked to make accessible.
Climb through it, finally out of Spaceship.

*Mission Control*
Does anyone know how to get to the upper part of Mission Control? I suspect
not. You are in the lower part. The underside of those flashing red things can
hurt you. Don't touch 'em. Freeze the R2-D2 robot with your web while he is
beyond the small indentation in the ceiling of this lower part of the level.
Then, Jump into the indentation and let wait for the robot to start moving
again. Once he moves back towards the entrance, proceed to the right and into
the next level. 

*Weighting Room*
Hit the switch in front of you with your web. Go back to Mission Control.

*Mission Control 2*
Hide in the indentation and wait until the robot is on the side of the
indentation closest to the Weighting Room. Drop down and run away quickly back
in the direction of Spaceship. That's right, we're going back into Spaceship.

*Spaceship 2*
Relax, this part's easy. Just go to the top-right corner, out the exit that
leads to Fantasy Soundstage.

*Fantasy Soundstage 2*
Proceed across the floating red bar, and try to avoid the pairs of circles
moving up and down. Jump down and go back through the corridor leading to
Cardboard City.

*Cardboard City 5*
Get past the blue man, under the centre building and straight through the exit
on the bottom-left into the next level. NOTE: you could also go up the vertical
pathway by climbing up a web, then cutting the web with spacebar, then quickly
slinging another web up and to the left.

*The Lab*
IF YOU CHOSE THE LOWER ENTRANCE: Climb across the ceiling, and when you have to
pass the mummy, slink past him when he's walking the other direction. Jump into
the hole in the centre-bottom of the level. IF YOU CHOSE THE UPPER ENTRANCE:
Shoot the lever directly across from you on the left side of the room. An
elevator will rise to a spot near that lever. Step on the elevator. It will
carry you down to the bottom and a yellow bar will disappear. Step into the
lower room in The Lab and walk underneath the lever on the ceiling. Shoot it
with your web. With another yellow bar gone, you can climb to the area above
the mummy. There's a red switch up there. Step on it. A purple flashing light
will appear below the mummy. Give him about 15 seconds, and he'll disappear.
Go back down and drop into the hole in the centre-bottom of the level.

*Time Machine*
Walk right past the danger sign and turn the corner down the narrow, vertical
corridor, clinging to the left wall. Climb through the small opening on the
left side of the corridor, into the second corridor from the right. Jump right
through this corridor into the larger, central area. When the 3 moving blue
balls are traveling up towards the green/red switch, jump into the next
corridor and through the opening on the other side. Face downward, but stay
clinging to the red wall on the right side of the left-most corridor. The
switch that the blue balls are hitting controls a blue electrical bar right
below you. While it is off, jump down to the floor between a red wall and a
yellow bar. Walk as far right as you can in this corridor, and while the
electrical blue bar is off, shoot a web straight upward to hit a level in a
small vertical shaft. This reveals a red switch in the central area of the
level. Climb up the red wall and go back to the central area using the same
openings you travelled through before. Now this red switch... I call it the
chaos switch because chaos ensues when you step on it. But it's good chaos. The
other set of three blue balls start moving and the two sets start hitting the
switches on the top and bottom of their corridor. Go to the right, back into
the right-most corridor through the openings. Crawl down to the floor in the
bottom-right corner. Walk to the left a little and stop underneath a green
switch. Hit this switch. This clears out a weird bar of stars on the bottom
left corner of the level. Now, crawl over to the bottom-left corner of the
level, and while the yellow bar in front of the exit is not there, walk through
into the next level.

This is critical. One small error and you may have to start again at Take #2.
Oy. In the small opening in which you are standing, that's just big enough for
Spiderman to stand up in, jump on to the ceiling. Crawl all the way across the
ceiling to the top-left corner. Remember, the wall you can climb along. The
poles in the middle you can't. If you accidentally fall down on the right side,
you'll be able to make it out but you'll get smoked by an R2-D2 robot in the
process. If you fall into the middle, you're screwed. There's no way out. Press
the escape button and start back at Take #2. What you're looking to do is fall
down on the LEFT side of the room.

*Lift 2*
Look familiar? Good. On the floor of the upper part of Lift on the left side
you're supposed to be on, there's a green switch. Step on it. It becomes red
and a hole appears in the floor of the upper-centre part of the room. An R2-D2
robot might fall through and eventually walk to his demise on the right side of
the room. Another hole has opened on the very bottom-left of the room. You now
need to climb back up the left wall, back up to Shaft. 

*Shaft 2*
Now and ONLY now is it okay to fall down the centre shaft. Go ahead.

*Lift 3*
Fall through the newly opened hole in the upper-centre of Lift. You may want to
walk to your right and back into Take #1 to get some health. In fact, do this
for sure. You'll be back. Walk over to the left and fall through the other
newly opened hole in the very bottom-left of Lift.

Welcome to the Basement levels. I HATE the basement levels because of the
stupid water and stupid rats. This level is aptly named Basement. On the
descending staircase is a patch of green lines that you can step on. Do this.
The staircase will collapse and you will fall onto the floor. On the floor
above the grey rock things, the floor is solid. However, there is a small
crevice where there are no rocks. You can fall right through the floor into
here. You need to fall onto the red switch which seperates the water below.
Once this is done, climb out of the crevace and walk as far left as you can.
Once you are face to face with the wall in front of the boxes, shoot a web
straight upward and quickly climb up (make sure you are facing the wall - this

is the ONLY way out of here). Now you must jump up and climb across the ceiling
to the right side of the room. This may involve briefly climbing back into
Lift. Stop climbing along the celing when you are above a small crack in the
floor below. Drop onto this crack. A door will open in the floor. Climb through
it. Below is a red switch which opens another door. Climb throught it as well.
Crawl to the right into the next level.

*Storage Room*
Remember that trick I mentioned back in Midnight 2, where you hold up as you
walk along and then you end up climbing along the ceiling when you walk over a
pit? Yeah, you have to climb along the ceiling and down the right wall of the
corridor you're in. Remember: go down on the RIGHT wall, not the left.

*Into the Sewer*
Now keep this in mind: water kills you. Climb down to where the wall turns and
round the corner. DO NOT step on the green stuff. Instead, hang off of the one
block that you can stand on once you're around the corner. If you're crouching,
stand up. You should be hanging above the water, with your head pointing at it.
You must be facing to the left. Fire a web at the chain above the raft on the
right side of the room. The raft will start moving, so crouch up against the
ceiling quickly. Once the raft has reached the right side of the room, drop
into the deadly water, and hold up and right so that you jump all the way to
the raft. You must climb on to the raft and crawl to the right, into the next

*The Great Drain Robbery*
Slide along the green lines, past the blue circles, and onto a crack on the
floor near the rocks on the right side of the room. The crack opens a door
leading into a small room with water and a rock on the bottom. Drop inside
(mind the water) and jump onto the lone rock on the floor. Shoot directly
upward and hit another crack which closes the door above you, revealing a red
switch on the left wall. Now this part is annoying. You have to stand in the
water about four steps from the left wall and shoot a web up and to the left,
hitting the switch which opens a door outside this little room. After you do,
go back onto the rock and shoot upward,opening the door to this room again.
The only way out of this room is to hop along the water to the left. Then, jump
onto the flipped down door and climb up until you are just below the blue
circle. It will make you slip if you step on it. While you're just below it,
jump and and to the right, onto the ledge with the cracks in the floor that you
have activated earlier. Climb up and out of the little room and walk onto the
crack on the floor, once again closing the door to the little room. Walk to the
left and fall through the newly-opened hole in the floor, down onto a raft near
the bottom of the level. If you fall in the water, walk as close to the raft as
possible and shoot upwards onto a the celing with green lines on it. Climb part
of the way up and cut the web, holding left until you land on the raft.Walk to
the left side of the raft and shoot upwards into a blue circle. The raft will
start moving to the right towards a wall. Cling to this wall, below the blue
circle. HOLD DOWN THE RIGHT ARROW! The raft will hit a red switch on the right
side of the level, and if you are HOLDING THE RIGHT ARROW you will fall into a
corridor beyond the wall that just disappeared. Walk to the right until you're
one step away from the right wall. You will be below a vertical corridor with a
red switch on the left wall. Shoot upwards and climb until the web breaks and
you fall. Hold down the left and hopefully you will hit a red switch. Take as
many tries as necessary. Once you are successful, the water on the left of the
room will have been cut off and the raft will once again start moving. Don't
worry, it moves back and forth over and over again, so no problem if you miss
it. Ride the raft to the left side of the room, and exit through the bottom
left corner.

*Into the Sewer 2*
Now you are in the lower part of Into the Sewer. Hop into the water and hold up
and left until you jump to a pile of rocks. Climb up the rocks and you will be
right in front of a corridor with a rat in it, walking back and forth. Stand on
the highest rock so that most but not all of Spiderman is parallel to the rat.
Wait until the rat is as far left as he can go and shoot a web to freeze him.
Crawl along the corridor until you are under the small vertical opening on the
left side of the corridor. Shoot upward and hold right as you climb, so that
when you fall you will fall onto the box. The box will fall to the floor below,
sealing of the corridor through which you came. No matter. Step up to the brown
floor to the left of the rocks, so that you are in line to shoot the rat as you
did with the rat below. When the rat is as far to the right as possible, shoot
him. Climb onto the rocks and walk to the right until you are under a small

patch of normal celing between two large patches of green-line ceiling. Jump up
and crouch. Wait for the rat to start moving again. While he is moving left,
move to the right and climb onto the rock dividing the two rats. You now have
to deal with the third and final rat. While it is walking to the right, walk
underneath the other rightmost patch of normal ceiling between two patches of
green-line ceiling. While the rat is on the left side of you, jump down and
speed along to the crevace to the right, with a box in it tied to some chains.
Stand on the floor to the left of the hanging box, underneath a crack in the
ceiling. Shoot the crack and the box will fall. The box mentioned before that
blocked off your entrance will also fall to the floor below it. Climb onto the
box and onto a rock jutting out from the right, so that you will be infront of
two rocks stacked on top of each other. Shoot up and to the right so that you
hit the other crack in the celiing that is very close to your head. Now to get

back across rat-land... the rats are no longer  divided by a rock, but you can
freeze them if you stand on the box and shoot. Stand on the normal patches of
the ceiling as before, and hope that you don't get clobbered. Past the stupid

rats, you can fall through the floor onto the first box we mentioned. From
here, jump up and to the left onto a ceiling below the first rat I mentioned.
Climb through the exit in the bottom-left side of the room into anothe
 aggrevating level.

*Wot! No Turtles?*
Hold up and left as you walk along the ceiling until you are safely above land,
not water. Drop down onto the red switch. Now you can  walk into a corridor to
the left with a rat in it. You again have to cling to the non-green-line

patches of celing, walking there. On the  left side of the corridor are two red
switches. One is blocked by a rock.Hit the one that isn't. The door you opened
at the beginning of thislevel is now closed, but you can get to another
corridor above with another stupid rat. Go back to the right side of this
corridor (normal patches of celing, blah blah blah). Jump up into the second
corridor. AGAIN you have to cling to the normal patches of ceiling to get to
the left side, but remember that the very small, one-Spiderman size patches
can be walked across if you hold up and the direction you are going (left when
you're going to the left, right when you're going to the right). On the left of
this room is a red switch on the ceiling. Hit it. Now go to the right. On the
far right is a newly-revealed are of this corridor in which there is a red
switch on the floor, to the left of a stack of rocks. Hit the switch. You can
now climb above into yet another corridor. On the right of it, on the ceiling,
there are two cracks. Hit the one not blocked by rocks. Now you can climb all
the way back down to the lowest corridor. The difference is, the red switch on
the left side (on the floor) that used to be blocked by a rock is now available
to be stepped on. Do so. Now the third corridor up is blocked off, but you'll
notice the crack formerly blocked by rocks is not any longer. Now, climb back
up to the second corridor up and hit the switch on the far left side of it
(hang on to the non-green- line patches of ceiling to avoid the rat). Walk to
the far right of this corridor again and hit the switch on the floor again
(seem familiar? Yeah, I know, but you really do have to do this over again.)
Climb into the third corridor up and walk as far right as possible. Shoot up
and right to hit the crack in the ceiling that used to be blocked by rocks.
Now a now section of this corridor has been revealed to the left. Walk through
it, as far left as you can go and hit the red switch directly above you.
Continue left and climb up the left wall. Go as high up as you can, in the
standing position, not crouching, so that you can shoot across to the red
switch right across from you below a blue ball. With a fourth and final
corridor now available for you to walk in, hold up and left until you are as
high up as possible. You will be automatically turned to face the right. Hold
up and right to switch onto the ceiling. Now hold up and right and you will
walk all the way across the ceiling. Holding up will let you walk right over
the green patches on the ceiling, through the exit on the top-right corner of
the room.

*Into the Sewer 3*
Welcome back to Into the Sewer. Notice that there are now two openings through
which you can go on the ceiling. If you want to fill up on health,go through
the left one, through Storage Room, through Basement, through Lift and to the
right into Take #1. Then return to Into the Sewer. There are three areas you
can walk on on the ceiling of this room. We'll call them the left, middle and
right areas. Between each area is a verical hallway leading up to Storage Room.
If you are on the left area, stand in the vertical hallway and press right to
jump to the middle area. Walk  across the ceiling of the middle area and into
the vertical hallway between the middle and right areas. Walk up into Storage

*Storage Room 2*
You can now go either left or right. Go left. There are two places between
stacks of rocks that lead up. One is two spaces wide and is blocked by large
pieces of cement. The other is one space wide and is blocked by nothing.Stand
under the one-space path and shoot directly up. You will hit a crack in the
VERY top of the room, in the ceiling. The aforementioned large pieces of cement
will fall through the two-space path, making the upper part of  Storage Room
clear for you to walk through. Climb down back to Into the Sewer.

*Into the Sewer 4*
Climb across the centre area, and go through the upper-left exit leading back
up to Storage Room on the left side.

*Storage Room 3*
Climb through the corridor, back into Basement.

*Basement 2* 
Climb back up through the spaces between corridors and you will end up back in
the main, upper part of the level. You will probably have hit the switches on
your way back up, closing the doors behind you. Good. Now might be a good time
to climb up into Lift and to the right so that you can get health from  Take
#1. If you get stuck below the broken staircase, use the first Basement
description, which tells you how to get out of there. In any case, once you're
good and ready, walk to the right, into the upper part of Storage Room.

*Storage Room 4*
You may have guessed that that fire-like stuff on the floor will hurt you.
You're right. You can attach a web to the following things in this level: the
green parts of the ceiling, the floating platform, and the chains. Of those,
you can only walk on the floating platforms. You have two choices here.
Firstly, and I usually do this, you can hold up and right to jump across the
fire, sustaining minor damage, or you  can stand below a platform and climb up
a web to hit, after which you can try to swing from the platforms. I suggest
just jumping across to the level to the right.

*Way Out*
Quickly jump off the fire, onto the boxes, whether the rat is right there or
not. Jump across to the bottom of the staircase. Now this part is where I'll be
able to help you the least, because I'm bad at it. Getting up this staircase is
hard. Remember that you can attach a web to the green parts but you can't walk
on them. I just keep shooting webs up and to the right until I get lucky enough
to stand on a non-green-line part of the staircase, where I start again, until
I reach the top. Once you manage to get to the top, step on the crack on the
floor. It eliminates part of the staircase, letting you get underneath it.
Climb down there and crawl to the right (you will undoubtedly be hurt by the
rat, there's no way around it). Climb over the box and onto the crack in the
floor. A door will open, revealing the way out at the top of the staircase.
Now go back to Take #1 and get some health. You'll need it. In fact, you'll
probably need to do this a couple times. For help getting back, see Basement
descriptions 1 and 2. Now climbing the staircase will be even harder. Stand on
the floor where the lower of the two rats is, and you'll have to madly shoot
webs up or up and to the right to try to get onto the staircase. You might want
to stand below the leftmost patch of green on the ceiling, shoot a web and
climb up, and then break the web and shoot up and to the right to get onto the
staircase. If you can get past the first green patch on the staircase to the
small grey spot below the centre grey patch on the ceiling, you can shoot a web
upward, climb up part of the way, cut the web and hold the right arrow in an
attempt to get to the next grey area. Or, you can cut the web and shoot up and
to the right to try to hit the rightmost green patch on the ceiling, letting
you swing to the right. Sorry for my lack of help at this part, it's really all
up to luck. If you can get to the top of the staircase, walk right through the
exit at the top-right corner, into the next level.

*Take #3*
Yayyy! A take! Health! Yay! You'll need to step on the highest point that is
reached by the snapping thing in the centre of the room, making it snap,
opening a door on the top of the level which leads to the next level.

*Lion Low*
There are two mummies in this level. The one on the left is much more
important. He walks across to switches. The right one makes the platform on the
left of the room move up, the left one makes the platform go down. The mummy
sometimes gets squished by the platform and after this happens about 9 times,
the mummy will die. This is very very bad. Don't let it happen. You'll need to
get to the left of the room and on to the platform while it is down. You can
allow the mummy to walk by you if you climb into the spaces between the lower
part of the level with the mummies and the upper part of the level with the
burning pillars in it. Once you are on the platform, face right. This is a good
opportunity to study the upper part of the room. Remember approximately how far
the leftmost burning pillar is from the left wall. Now, this part takes some
practice. You need to shoot a web at the mummy while he just about to, or has
just, stepped on the right switch. If you he is frozen after he has just
touched this switch, the platform can rise to the top of the level and he can't
step on the left switch to bring the platform back down. If you can't get the
hang of this, you can use the alternate method, which is not preferrable. This
is to let the mummy be killed and then to step on the switch on the far right
side of the floor, letting the second mummy out. Then get onto the platform.
This mummy takes longer to bring the platform back down, so you can get raised
up to the next level. HOWEVER and this is key; doing this seals off the doorway
in this room leading back down to Take #3, meaning you can't get more health if
you screw up. Now that we've finally gotten up to the next level...

*Head Lion*
Climb up the right wall into the opening leading to the mountainous area of the
level. Remember when I told you to remember when the burning pillar is in Lion
Low? This is where it comes in useful. WARNING: the fire on the burning pillar
kills you ultra quickly. In any case, you will have to jump back down onto the
burning pillar. Good luck and God Speed.

*Mixture of "Lion Low 2" and "Head Lion 2"*
Once on the very painful fire, quickly jump back up into Head Lion, where you
must shoot a web straight up and climb up until Spiderman is slightly above the
opening between the platform part and the mountain part of this level. Then you
need to cut the web with spacebar and shoot another web up and to the right so
you can swing over to the lion on the lower right side of the level. You MUST
stand on the grey space to the right of the lion and crouch. Then crawl to the
right, into the next level. If you enter the next level at any other point, you
will need to come back and go through the way I said to. This isn't that easy,
as the next level is a maze of  repeating rooms. Just try different
combinations of walking through the  doorways until you fall back into Head
Lion. If you did it just the way I told you to, you will be on the lower left
side of the next level.

*Leo's Maze*
1. In this level, going through an exit on the right in the wrong manner will
just put you back in the room where you were. Thus, it is a maze. This maze
consists of four slightly different rooms. In the first one, there are rats.
Climb along the floor and over the two switches, eliminating the two black and
white poles and letting the two rats walk out of their little rooms. Once the
rats are at the bottom of the level, go the right side of the level. There are
four exits to this room. Climb on the platform leading to the third exit from
the bottom (second from the top). Stepping on the platform will make the lion
on the right at the top turn and face the right. This is good. With the lion
facing to the right, you need to go through the first exit from the bottom,
fourth from the top.

2. Another rat room. Again, release the rats using the switches on the bottom.
Again, stand on the platform leading to the third exit from the bottom, second
from the top. Climbing on there will make the right lion turn his head to the
right and then back to the left again. Jump up and hang downward from the
platform above. Take one step to the right so that you are one step away from
the exit. Drop down and step to the left so that the lion is facing to the
right. Now, drop down and go through the first exit from the bottom, fourth
from the top.

3. This room has a mummy in it. Let the mummy step on both switches, and then
freeze him with a web. You must do the rest of this while the mummy is frozen.
If you fail to do so, freeze him again and try again. Climb to the top of the
room where the lions are. Walk on the floor of the middle platform in this
area. The right lion will face right. With the mummy still frozen, drop down
and go through the first exit from the bottom, fourth from the top.

4. Another rat room. Step on the floor switches to reveal the rats. Climb up
the the lion area. On the floor of the middle platform in this area, walk a
couple steps to the right and the lion will turn to the right.This is the ONLY
way to do this next part: turn to the left and crawl onto the underside of the
platform you are currently on. Walk to the right and climb to the space between
this platform and the one of the right of it, so that you are standing parallel
to the floor. Jump across onto the platform on the right and crawl through the
only exit to this room. 

*Roaring Flames*
Then you enter this room, there will be four blocks directly in front of you 
with switches on them.  Stepping on these will eliminate these blocks. After
you touch one, you will into the put. Just websling directily up to get out.
You have to get them all, so go ahead, BUT: Above these blocks are two gold 
face-like switches and a floating platform.  Touching or using you web on one
of these faces sets the platform in motion.  It is important to keep the 
platform stationary, so avoid these faces at all costs.  After clearing the
blocks, you need to climb onto the underside of the floating platform.  Be
careful, though, because in the area with the rat, the ceiling isn't real.
You can fall right through into the rat area, which is very bad.  Jump from
the wall dividing the mummy and rat areas onto the floating platform.  You need
to stand one step from the extreme left of the platform, on the bottom.  You
will need to fire a web at the face in the rat area.  Note, however, that the
rat must be in motion as you do this.  If  you freeze the rat while trying to
hit this face, wait until he is moving again. When the rat falls, you'll have
to act quickly.  When he reaches the switch just beside the lions, a platform
will move into the space where the blocks used to be, revealing a switch.
Press this switch as soon as the platform is out of the way, because the rat
will be killed by the fire before you get  another chance. You won't see any
change, but you'll be done here. Exit through the left, where you came in.
(Thankyouthankyouthankyou Qadri)

*Leo's Maze 2*
Ugh... back into the maze.  You start back in the third rat room.  Go through
the bottom-left and you will be back in the mummy room. Turn around and go 
back through the entrance you just came through to get back to the second
rat room (I'm 99% sure about this. If it doesn't work, try it twice). Going
through the bottom left ought to take you back to Head Lion. If you get lost,
enough wandering will eventually get you there.

*Head Lion 2*
You will notice that there is now an elevator moving up and down the column
on the left side of this level.  That's what that ever-hard-to-reach switch
in Roaring Flames did. Your best option is to websling your way across to the
opening to this column.  If you fall into Lion Low, make sure you get off any
fire VERY very quickly.  Remember that Take 3 is just below you if you need 
it. You will have to use the same mummy trick described in *Lion Low* to get
back up to Head Lion.  Anyway, the elevator in Head Lion takes you up to
Take 4.

*Take 4*
Ahh, another take.  But the exit is missing!  Close the "take" thing and an
opening will appear in the left side of the ceiling.  Out you go! I
recommend climbing through the left side, though, because there is an enemy
on the right side when you get into the next room.

I guess they tried to make this level look like a bar... with... floating
platforms. That said, climb onto the crate in the bottom-left corner of the
level and jump to the single moving block above you.  From here, climb onto
the two-block platform to your right. You'll slide right off the blocks up
and to either side of you, so use a web to climb onto the ceiling. Shoot the
switches on either side of you to make an entrance between the two sections
of the "bar" (in the middle on the bottom) and an exit in the bottom-right
corner. The switch above the newly-opened space between the the halves of
the bar will set the crate in the bottom-left in motion, which can be
hazardous, but which can destroy the lizard, especially if you freeze it
with a web. The choice is yours. Enter the right half of the bar. Stepping on
the head of the, umm... scarecrow will reveal another exit in the top-right
corner. Don't waste your time trying to get to it, because it's useless.
Exit through the bottom right.

Well, this level is aptly named. Jump up onto the left cactus and climb up
to press the switch.  The power lines above you disappear.Jump across to the
cactus with a vulture on it or climb along the power lines.  If it comes down
to it, you can run through the wolves on the bottom, but I wouldn't recommend
it for health's sake. Climb up the black pole to your left and walk across
the power lines on the right. Exit through the top-corner of the level.

*Vulture Gulch*
Flip the switch in front of you, and then go back to Cactusville.

*Cactusville 2*
JUmp down onto the cactus, and get into the little space below the vulture's
head.  Jump up and hit his head from underneath.  A platform will move on the
other side of the cactus. Climb over the vulture and jump into the
newly-opened space between the cactus and black pole. Flip the switch and the
other power lines in this level will disappear.  Climb back up and walk down
the other side of the black pole.  When you get across from the blue switch,
hit it with your web. A door will open in the bottom-right corner of the
level.  Go through it, but be careful of the lava.

*Vulture Gulch 2*
In the lower part of the level, the switches move two platforms left and right.
One is in the top-left corner of the inside, and one is the rightmost part
of the floor on which the cowboy/scarecrow thing is walking.  The upper-left
switch opens a spot in the ceiling in the upper-right part of the bar, but
there's nothing to grip that lets you out.  Hit the switch on the bottom-left
to move the platforms.  MOve over to the right where a newly-opened space will
be above you.  Climb into it to hit the switch in there.  A door will open in
the bottom-right corner of the bar.  Walk off the edge of the bar and let 
yourself fall into the next fun adventure...

*Mine! 1*
You'll end up in the little room in this level with tons of switches.  Your
goal is to get both of those mine carts into the bottom-left corner of the
level where there is a little switch like a TNT thing.  On the bottom of your
little room is one switch to move each cart downward.  On the left is a switch
to move each one to the left, and so on.  Go down and explore the switches;
you can't do any damage, really. Then you'll know what I'm telling you to do
for the rest of this description.  Notice that some switches can only be hit
with diagonally-shot webs from a particular spot on the floor.  Start with the
cart that is located in the upper left area of the level.  Move it to the left
(into the corner), the down, right, down, left, and down.  Now, stand on the
black pole on the right.  You need to jump up, and shoot a web upward when
you poke into Vulture Gulch, so that you hit a vulture above and set him in
motion. Don't move the other cart yet.  Instead, climb out of this level on
the left  side of the little room. You'll have to step on a switch on the
ceiling to do it.   You must leave the cart in the bottom-left corner, on top
of the TNT-like thing.  You must also leave the other cart in the top-right

*Vulture Gulch 3*
Now, it's time to get back in the bar.  You need to hit the switch that's on
the left of the moving cowboy/scarecrow guy.  There is a trick for killing
him, if you want.  When he gets to the right side of his little platform, hit
the switch on the bottom right in the bar, and he will be send across with the 
platform, to his eventual demise.  Either that, or he'll fall down onto the
bar, which is slightly less in harm's way.  No matter what, hit the switch
that he is guarding, and a space will open up in the top-right corner of the
bar. To get to it, make sure the platforms are over to the left (use the
switch in the bottom-left corner of the bar). The only way out is to get onto
the moving vulture.  You have to hit him with your web, and you will lose
health in the process. It's tough and that's all there is to it.  Now, you'll
need to end up back in Mine!, but you have to enter from the far right so
that you can get into the section of the levels with the mine carts are.
If you can't get down there, move two spaces to the left, because you're
standing on a mine cart below.

*Mine! 2"
If you land on a piece of gold, get off right away because it sucks the crap
out of your health.  Once you're on the floor, walk over to the left as far
as you can.  Climb along the path that the mine cart took until you're
standing on top of it.  Avoid the gold on your way.  Once you're on the mine
cart, shoot a web at the switch on your right.  This next part if painfully
difficult.  You need to fall down into the lava and then quickly jump up and
to the right, onto the underside of the floor.  To do this, climb up on the
ceiling on the only space above the lava, then jump down.  Climb along until
you're on the right side of a wall, in the section with some floating gold
pieces. Jump and shoot a up web upward in the hopes of swinging from a piece
of gold.  That's right, you have to hope. Swing through the opening in the
bottom-right corner and be prepared to act fast...

I'm stuck somewhere between this and the next level, Behind Bars.
4. Useless Adventures

This is where I explain how do some hidden/glitchy/pointless things in 
Spiderman that are fun to do... sometimes. If you know any I don't, please

*Mysterio's End?*
The first secret I ever found in Spiderman can give you a glimpse of what
appears to be the last level of the game, and you can do it right from the
beginning of the game.

Starting level - Midnight: Climb up the helicopter and ride to the top of the
building just as you normally would, but once you step on the green switch, do
NOT fall down the consequent hole. Instead, jump across and remain on the roof
of the building. Walk to the right into the next level, which is the top of
Foyer. Climb on top of the blue box in the centre of this area and you will end
up in a level you probably haven't seen before called Black Thunder. You'll
hear a switch sound as you enter this room. Climb on top of the helicopter and
stand on the centre of it. Let it go all the way up and down without moving.
You will here another switch noise. Walk off either end of the helicopter into
the level below, and voila: Mysterio's End? You can only access the top of this
level, not the useful part below where Mysterio has Mary Jane captured... at
least, I don't think you can get there. Perhaps there is some sort of glitch
that lets you. In any case, if you want to get back to Foyer, climb back up to
Black Thunder, mount the helicopter (which might be moving) and stand in the
centre as before. When you here the switch sound part of the way up, climb off
the helicopter and you will be back in Foyer.

*Starry Starry Night*
Starting level - Bad Moon Rising: When you visit the main, starry upper part of
Bad Moon Rising, ride the gargoyle on the right side of the room. If you jump
just as the gargoyle is about to reach its peak, you can enter a totally empty
and apparently useless room called Starry Starry Night. If, when you are
jumping into this room, you can hold right and manage to jump over the wall in
Bad Moon Rising below, you can fly through the left side of Bad Moon Rising.
This provides no benefits whatsoever. Hint: it's better to stand on the left
side of the gargoyle, because this makes it go higher.

*Under the Soil*
This is a slightly faster but much more painful way to get from Rat Trap back
to Mummy's Revenge.

Starting level - Rat Trap: from Rat Trap, exit through the right side of the
room into a never-before-seen level called Under the Soil. This room has a
series of pockets with rocks for walls, and it APPEARS you can't get into any
pocket other than the one you started in. This is not the case. In the starting
pocket, climb onto the ceiling, over to a rock shaped like a bowling pin. As it
falls, hold left to walk onto another bowling pin rock, which drops into the
pocket below. Climb up into the pocket above, and into the newly-revealed
pocket above that. Go through the exit in this pocket (at the top-left corner
of the level) and you will find yourself in a level called Very Grave Yard.
Crawl on the ceiling of the pocket you are in and walk to the left, onto a
bowling pin rock. A bloody cross above will move to the left. Now drop back
down to Under the Soil. Drop down two pockets to where there are three bowling
pin rocks side-by-side. Step on the centre or right ones and they disappear.
You will fall onto the fire below. Quickly walk to the right, off the fire. In
this new pocket you are in, climb on the ceiling on the right side. Step on a
stone in the middle of this ceiling area and a door will open on the right
wall, providing access to a pocket with a coyote in it. Climb along the ceiling
of this pocket, and after a step down from one row of rocks to another, two
rocks that you step on will fall to the ground below. Hold left to avoid
getting crushed and hope to attain minimal damage from the coyote. A new pocket
is opened above. Climb into it. On the ceiling is a bowling pin rock. It too
falls to the ground below when stepped on. After you step on it, dive to the
left to avoid getting crushed (again). Climb into the next pocket above. In
this pocket, the bowling pin rock does nothing. Go to the bottom right corner
of this pocket instead. A rock there makes more ceiling fall and reveals two
openings to Very Grave Yard. Climb through the right opening, the left is
fairly useless. Once in Very Grave Yard, climb out of the pocket onto the
bloody cross and stand on top of it. Jump onto a tombstone below. One of them
acts as a switch that lets you fall through some parts of the grass into the
pockets below. Proceed to the upper-left part of the level. There is a vertical
piece of grey grating. It'll hurt if you climb up it, but you have no choice.
Climb up the grating, past the chain and onto a horizontal red bar in front of
a blue switch on the wall. Hit the switch. The chain will disappear and the
grating will take its place.  Consequently, a switch in the area that used to
be beyond the grating will be revealed. Fall down to the grass and hit this
blue switch to the left. A  vertical red bar in front of you will disappear.
Exit the level through the left side, and you will be back in Mummy's Revenge.
Wasn't that fun? No.

*Timeless Void*
A complete waste of time, but a fun one.

Starting level - Cardboard City: As soon as you get here, climb to the left
side of the level via Paper Plates from Mars. Now - and I'm sure you'll be
thrilled to hear this - we're going to completely ignore the level Spaceship.
Instead, walk right into The Lab, avoid the mummy, and drop into Time Machine.
Open the bottom-left exit of the room as normal (see Time Machine description)
and walk through it. Notice that above the doorway is a vertical strip of
yellow stars, like the one you recently eliminated from the doorway. I bet
you're expecting to end up in Shaft. WRONG! HA! Welcome to the Timeless Void -
the level that the whole spaceship journey prevents. You will be flung to the
left at a wall of orange circles. Climb all the way up this wall and shoot a
web to the right wall or orange circles. The crazy gravity will make it take a
while to get there. Climb up until you are one step away from the brick part of
the wall and jump to the left. You will be standing on a patch of star-wall
below an opening. Climb up into this opening jump to the left onto another
orange circle wall. Climb upwards and the opening behind you will be sealed off
by star-wall. Proceed to the left through an exit below some grey wall and you
will wind up in the upper part of The Lab. Go ahead and make your way back to
the Timeless Void for another adventure. Climb up the left wall, shoot across
to the right, climb up to right below the brick part of the wall. This time
when you jump to the left, you will continue to the opposite side of the room.
Climb downwards to the floor. Walk over to the orange circle wall to the right
and climb up it. Jump through the opening between star-walls into an exit on
the bottom of the level. You are back in Fantasy Soundstage. Go ahead, go back
to Timeless Void a third time. This time, when you are  approaching the brick
part of an orange circle wall, climb onto the brick part, and then jump to the
left. Climb up until you are standing upright, but standing on an orange
circle, not star-wall. Jump upwards and the gravity will carry you to the
ceiling. Walk to the right, out through the right exit of the level and you
will end up in Paper Plates from Mars. This is now the only exit you can use
from the Timeless Void, and the drop off in this level is a clue that it is in
fact time to go to Spaceship.

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