[edit] Background

The Amazing Spider-Man game was released shortly after the movie and was worked on by several developers for a range of platforms; it was published by Activision on all platforms for a 2012 release.

Set as an alternative ending to the movie, the game takes place several months after the events of the film where Peter Parker and his companion have broken into Oscorp after most personnel have left the building. They discover and accidentally unleash a new threat on the city, a powerful new virus released alongside some strange cross-species experiments.

Spider-Man needs to deal with saving the city while his enemies get closer to uncovering his secret identity, putting his normal life and family in danger.

The game also features a post-credits scene after the main story has been completed which leads into the next game based on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film.

[edit] Gameplay

This is an open world sandbox action-adventure game where the player controls Spider-Man as he travels to different main missions and completes side missions; random events can occur in the city which the player can choose to deal with. There are also a number of comic book pages hidden around the city than can unlock a complete comic book for the player to read.

Combat in the game has players use melee and Spider-Man's special abilities to defeat enemies; Spider-Man becomes more powerful as the game progresses and more abilities are unlocked for the player to use. It uses a freeflow combat design that allows players to form their own combos and counterattacks without any restraints.

Stealth is also an option in the game and players are given the freedom to form their own playstyle. The health system is shown through the damage done to Spider-Man's suit, it takes damage over time and loses pieces as the player battles enemies; the player's health is recovered by visiting the central hub area in the game.

[edit] Other Versions

A variety of versions exist for this game and some are slightly different. The Nintendo 3DS and Wii versions of the game share the same plot as the main version however, the gameplay is very different. On these consoles, the game is not played in an open world and the player must select which level they wish to visit through the central hub.

The Nintendo DS version is a 2.5D side-scrolling game instead which makes the gameplay very different with a linear path through levels; there are no changes to the plot however.

[edit] Features

Open world to explore – Run, leap and swing through the city to visit a range of locations

Variety of quests – Complete a range of side missions in the city and stop crime in progress

Collect comics – Find the hidden pages to unlock real comic books from the popular Spider-Man series

Freeflow combat – Switch between melee and special abilities seamlessly to perform combos and counterattacks

Stealth – Approach enemies more cautiously to perform silent maneuvers

[edit] Played liked

  • Great combat system and use of stealth
  • Nice humor that's consistent with the movie
  • Large number of comics to unlock and items to find

[edit] Players didn't like

  • Side missions can become repetitive
  • Plot lacks any real subsistence
  • Boss fights are weak

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