[edit] Background

Disney's hit TV show is brought to your handheld with "That's So Raven" for the Game Boy Advance. You'll have to team up with Eddie and Chelsea and make your way through the school, the mall, and more in Raven's latest adventure!

[edit] Gameplay

You control Raven in a side scroller-esque environment and avoid the many obstacles, including (but not limited to) janitors, mascots, and teachers. If you don't avoid these obstacles, you'll take damage and lose a small amount of health. If your health bar runs completely dry, you'll get a game over and have to retry the level. To regain health, you have to collect powerups that you find throughout the game that come in the form of fruit drinks and water bottles. You can also accept small fetch side-quests and complete them to regain full health. The levels of the game are separated into short episodes, and most of the time you need to collect a certain amount of items to complete these levels.

[edit] Features

16 levels to play through, extra minigames, unlockable yearbook, and the stories of the episodes is ripped right from 4 That's So Raven episodes.

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Release Dates
  • North America: Oct 13, 2004
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