Top Gear Rally Cheats

Top Gear Rally cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.


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Jungle tip
You can be fast enough to beat the jungle in just a minute if you can control your car. At the beginning and with any car, press break, break, accelerate, break, accelerate. Then if you did it right, you should jump to about 70 MPH, and you keep climbing to about 170 MPH.
Jungle tip two
When you make the first turn at the starting line, you will see the railing on the right end. Take a sharp right and you will go under three arches. In the end it shaves off 5 - 10 seconds, depending on how well you complete the shortcut. And you will also miss that really big turn where the back of your car hits the little island.
Ways through the Strip Mine
Main Road: Stick to the left and follow the road. You will come to a fork with a giant construction crane to the right and a tunnel entrance to the left. You will drive through a long tunnel and come out at a traffic light (there are helicopters in the air). Simply follow the road. You can also shave off some seconds by driving directly over the sand.

The Fork: After the curve you can follow the road straight, or make a hard left and drive down. A quicker way is of course to go left over the sand, but you may find the giant rock somewhat "obstructive." If you take the right way, you simply make a long turn and join the other road again.

The Fork 2: The next curve is again split into two. Skid either the lower way, or try to play out the speed you built up by taking the upper road.

The Fork 3: Another split follows. If you take the left path, you will have to drive underneath a construction vehicle. Switch to first-person view for some head-ducking action. The two roads join again after the curve.

This concludes one whole lap of the Strip Mine. If that wasn't enough thrill for you, try this route:

The Sewer: Right after the start, you will see a crashed airplane on the right side. Keep your eyes open for the road split now. Arrows will be pointing left -- but if you go right instead you will be able to take a shortcut through a sewer. After the split, there will be an opening on the right that leads into the underground. The sewer shortcut gets back to the main road at the aircraft carrier. Note that there are two levels to the sewer. Either stick to the left side and you will drive on the top one, or stick to the right and you will squeeze your way through a passage underneath, filled with the green stuff from Doom.

The Bypass: If you miss the sewer entrance, you will get back to the main road at the crane. If you have trouble squeezing by the construction machines left on the street, this is the road to take. Note that there is a nasty rock here, though. Don't hit it.

The Ramp: If you feel like playing stuntman, this is your chance. After you see the aircraft carrier, you get to a part with "post-apocalyptic" buildings. Stick to the right and you drive up a ramp. If you take the jump at the right angle, you can pull off a cool spiral and land on the track again. It doesn't really win you any time, but it's THE thing to do if you want to show off. It's not all that easy, however. You need to drive up straight and start veering off the ramp ever so slightly towards the iddle. Your right two tires will go off the side off the ramp first, causing the car to tilt and eventually flip slowly in the air.

Jump 2: When you get to a building, drive on its right side and you can take a small detour that lets you skip the two caterpillars on the main road. You will jump back on the track, so watch your speed.

Twin Bumps: If you took the jump, you will drive on the main track. However, if you braved the caterpillars, you can make a right (don't follow the arrows) and drive over an extremely bumpy part of the track that looks like it survived more than one earthquake. If you don't want to mess with the bumps, simply drive over the dunes to the right.

Gas Station: This is not really a shortcut, but if you want some extra room to skid after coming out of the sharp curve, simply drive on the left side of the gas station. That way, you can take a close look at the cool moving spot lights, too.

The Dunes: After the gas station, you can jump down onto the dunes to the right. You will be treated to an awesome mirage/water effect and you bypass the road completely, joining it again at the crashed airplane. Do this if you're in the habit of smacking into the discarded truck on the main road. Note that you can drive underneath that truck, too.


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360 spin
Go to the beach where the hill is. Get in the water on the right. Hit the gas and head for the small part of the hill on the left and turn sideways and you will do a 360 spin, or you may flip, or something else. If done right it will work.
All cars except mirror cars
In gameplay, press A, left, left, C (down), A, right, Z for all cars except mirror cars.
All Mirror Cars
Begin a race, then press Right, Up, Left, C-Down, C-Down, A, Right and Z. Now return to the Car Select screen and press C-Down for All Mirror Cars.
All Mirror Tracks
Begin a race, then press Right, Up, Left, C-Down, Right, Down and Z for All Mirror Tracks.
All tracks except mirror tracks
In gameplay, press A, left, left, right, down, Z for all tracks except mirror tracks.
Black or white color
Before choosing a car, hold down the L and R buttons as well as all four C buttons. Then push down on the Control Pad while holding those buttons for a black color or up for a white color. Then just hold L and R and one C button while pushing up or down on the Control Pad to get red, green, etc. Note: If you accidentally trigger the mirror car mode while pressing the C buttons, just hit the bottom button once.
Bonus Cars
New cars are awarded each time you beat a season. There are as many as eight bonus cars.

You start of with:
1. Type-LD (Lancia Delta)
2. Type-ES (Escort Cosworth)

In subsequent seasons, you are rewarded with these cars:
Second Season
3. Type-CE (Toyota Celica)
4. Type-IP (Isuzu P)

Third Season
5. Type-M3 (BMW M3)
6. Type-SP (Toyota Supra)

Fourth Season
7. Type-NS (Nissan GTIR)
8. Type-RS (Ford RS 200)

Fifth Season
9. Type-PS (Porsche)

Mirror Season
10. The amazing Milk Truck
11. The Helmet Car
Bonus Courses
In the Championship Mode, gamers are rewarded with new seasons and variations of tracks. There are five courses, four seasons, day/night, and mirror tracks.

The Tracks are Coastline, Desert, Jungle, Mountain, and Stripmine. Jungle, Mountain, and Stripmine open up after you beat certain courses.

The Mirror courses open up after achieving the proper point total in Championship, and beating all of the seasons.
Championship Mode
As soon as you beat a course in Championship Mode, you will be able to access it under Arcade, Time Attack, or Practice. Once you get to the mirror tracks, the same thing will happen. Note that some mirror tracks only become available in the second year.
Coastline stunts
On the coastline level, there are some really cool stunts you can do. First go to the beach area. Go up to the cliff on the side right of the guard rail. Here, you can do awesome flips and falls. Most of the time, if you were going to flip or your top, you will be dropped from the sky to the road. Your car now has graphical errors (possibly damage). This is just a cool thing to do.

Here's the second trick: Go to the bottom of the cliff, near the road openings. If you accelerate just a little, and in the right direction, you can pop a wheelie and get your underside trapped between your wheels, on the guard rail.
Credit scenes
Finish the second year (all six seasons, including Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Professional and Expert) and you will be treated to some cool credit scenes. From now on, you will be able to select the Helmet Car (left), which has a football instead of an odometer, and a helmet with a TGR logo instead of a roof.
Press left, C-down, right, down, and Z You can access the credits any time in the options menu. But to see the REAL credits, and a first look at the hidden Strip Mine track, do this: Go to the Credits icon, then press left, down c button, right, down, Z.
Cupra Car
Finish the third year (all six seasons, including Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Professional and Expert), and you will receive the oddly shaped Cupra Car. Essentially, this is an ice cube floating on top of four wheels. It doesn't have any special odometer or features, but it handles nicely and drives as fast as only an ice cube could.
Fade any color you want
You want to start by going to the paint shop, start off by painting your car white. Then start from the right and pick the first color, using the second pencil point make a line on the bottom of the door. Do the same working your way left through the colors and up on the door, the last color being used should be grey but depending on what car you use, you might not be able to fit all the colors but you should stop before the white. Your next step should be to mirror the door, after that do the same for the fenders, quarter panels, bumper and nose. When this part is done you should have a white roof and the side all around should rainbow. Your next step would be to pick the color you want to fade. I'll use yellow as an example. Start off by making all the colors you used white, to do this double click on each color and bring the red, green and blue to 255. Next start from the right working your way left. Start with the second square and double click it put the blue at 220 now do the same for the rest taking away 20 from the blue each time. example: 1st 255, 2nd 220, 3rd 200, 4th 180. When this is completed your last step is to pick the white and put the blue at 0. Once you get the idea of how it works you can fade any color you want, If your tired of the game this might put a little fun back in it.
Fly over the Jungle finish line
On the jungle level at the very end, park one guy on the end of the jump closest to the finish line. if you do it correct you will fly over the finish line.
Fuzzy bunny slippers
This code puts fuzzy bunny slippers on your character's feet. At the character entry screen, move the cursor over the following fighters, pressing start on each one: Ragnar, Dregan, Koyasha. Then pick your fighter and you've got the slippers.
Lots O' Damage
First you go on a race (not in time trials because there is no replay). Then during the last lap damage your car as much as possible by running it into walls, jumping off of cliffs, etc. Then during the replay it will damage the car but starting from the same damage you left off with. Then before it gets to the finish hit the A button to restart the replay and do it as much a you wish. When you are finished push start and when they show your car TADA you now have "Lots O' Damage."
Milk Truck
Finish the all six seasons, including Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Professional and Expert and you get the first bonus car, the Milk Truck (left). Next to the cow decal and the license plate that says "moo," your odometer also changes to a milk-bottle. Don't underestimate the box: It's fast enough to jump over the moon.
Secret cars
Begin a race and enter the following codes for the following cars:

Milk Truck: Down, A, Right, Z, Right, Up, C-Down
Helmet Car: Up, Up, Z, B, A, Left, Left
Cubra: C-Down, Up, B, Right, A, C-Down, A, Right (note: code spells Cubra Car)
Beach Ball Car: B, B, A, Left, Left, C-Down, A, Right (note: code spells B-Ball Car)
See the date and time of when the game was completed
Start holding down all the C buttons at the same time (Bottom C, Top C, Right C, and Left C) as soon as you turn on the game and wait until the Top Gear Rally screen appears. It should then show the date and time of when the game was completed.
Coastline Track

Two roads: The road forks before a tunnel. Take the right fork to shave off some seconds and overtake other cars safely.

Across the beach: After the second tunnel, be sure to drive through the gap in the fence onto the beach. Stay in the middle and head up the hill where you can get back onto the track through another opening.

Over the fields: After the beach shortcut, keep an eye on the left side of the track. After a curve, just before another fence begins, you can drive onto the green and cut across a pasture. Drive along the left fence (in case you're confused by mirror tracks, not the side where the lighthouse is).

Jungle Track

Tunnel: Turn right after the first curve and cut through a tunnel through the rock that leads back to the main course. You may find it necessary to slow down before turning so that you don't smash into the wall on ice or wet surfaces.

Over the field: After an S-curve, notice a natural "green ramp" that leads onto the embankment. Drive up onto the green and stick close to the jungle. Then turn slightly left and jump back down onto the track. There is a second (much smaller) shortcut like it after the next curve.

Ice skidding: When the water on the wide plains is frozen in the winter seasons, you can drive over the ice without losing time. In the very end, when the road turns left and leads back into the jungle, simply go in a straight line, rather than following the curved street. Be sure to start turning early, because you will eeeeeeee....

Desert Track

Turn at the house: The best shortcut in the desert. Right after the curve that follows the city you will see a house on the right side. Turn right, skidding over the dirt. Refer to the tire tracks on the ground to guide you back to the street. It's sometimes easier to stick close to the "tree walls" at the side, but be sure to get back to the road fast in the end (head towards the tunnel). Aim for the two little bushes toward the end. If you mess this one up and smack into a tree, the shortcut loses its effectiveness.

Two roads: Close to the end of the track, the road splits in two. Take the left fork (through the rock arch), that way you won't have any cars in your way. Watch for the left side of the track. There is a small rock there that will make you crash, so stay off the curb.

Mountain Track

Down the bumpy road: Although there is only one shortcut on this track, this one is got to be the coolest one in the game. After passing the lake and making it around a couple of more curves, you will see a yellow road sign and a small dirt road that leads down the mountain. Drive down as fast as you can and slow down for the exit ramp. If you drive too fast, you will go airborne and lose valuable time (and you will probably crash).