Team Fortress Classic Sniper Strategy Guide v1.01
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Team Fortress Classic Sniper Strategy Guide

by Dark Reaper   Updated to v1.01 on
Half-Life: Team Fortress Classic
Sniper Strategy Guide
Version 1.01
By: Dark Reaper
( (public email) )



1. - Version History
2. - Introduction
3. - About this Faq
4. - Sniper's Stats
5. - General Strategies
6. - Sniper Vs. Class specific Strategies
7. - Specific Map Strategies
8. - Usefull scripts
9. - Frequently Asked question
10. - Credits
11. - Other Stuff


1. - Version History.

- 1.01 - Fixed a few errors.
- 1.0 - First Release of this Strategy Guide.
- 0.3 - Started writing the Vs. Class Specific Strategies.
- 0.2 - Fixed up a few points, Sniper Stats.
- 0.1 - When I started writing the faq/walkthrough.


2. - Introduction.

I'm writing this faq to clear up a few misconceptions about the Sniper class in Team 
Fortress Classic. Specifically the point that everyone seems to believe that the sniper
is a newbie class, which is wrong. But yes many newbies do chose the sniper because 
they think that they will get plenty of kills, but they don't. The better sniper on 
the other team shoots them in the head as soon as the newbie steps out into the open.

So by writing this faq I hope that I will help out a few of those newbie snipers, to 
help them understand the class and how to use the sniper's powers effectivly.


3. - About this Faq

This faq was written for people wanting to be a better sniper. Maybe it won't help 
tons, but I'm sure it will help people better understand the sniper.

This faq is availible exclusivly to It will be availible elsewhere 
when it is finished.


4. - Sniper's Stats

Health: 90
Armor: 50
Weapons: Crowbar, Sniper Rifle, Sniper Rifle with Auto-Fire, Nailgun
Speed: Medium


5. - General Strategies

1. When sniping, make sure you charge your gun fully before firing. This is done by 
holding down the attack button for about 5 seconds. I have seen many people online
who don't even charge the rifle for a second they just start attacking. This is
usually because most people don't know that you can charge the rifle to get a stronger

2. Always aim for the head. Too always take enemies out in out hit aim for the head.
I can't say how important this is. If it takes you an extra second, do it. Always, 
I mean always keep your dot training on their head.

3. Remember that to fire the Sniper Rifle you need to have both feet on the ground.
That means that when going up ladders you wont be able to shoot, so have your 
Auto-Rifle ready incase there is someone waiting for you at the top or someone firing
at you from below.

4. The red dot is a great givaway to your position, so when you aren't aiming try to
hide it so no one sees it. Either it be on the other side of the map, or on the water.
(But remember people in the water will be able to see the dot under water.)

5. When sniping it is best to stay in the dark, and remain hidden. Don't run out into
the open and expect to kill anyone. You will be seen right away and killed.

6. Your sniper rifle is able to shoot trough thin walls/objects. Take the elevators
and lifts in well for example. If an enemy is on one and the other is up or being used
start shooting throught the lift and you will damage him. If he's at full life you wont
be able to kill him, but hopefully you can get him on the way back of if he falls 
somewhere and takes damage.

7. More to come.


6. - Sniper vs. Class Specific Enemies

6.1 - Vs. Scouts
Scouts shouldn't be a problem to take out. Just don't try using your sniper rifle at 
close range. You won't be able to get a lock on him. Instead take out your Auto-Rifle 
or Nail-Gun and start shooting. Make sure you watch out for caltrops he drops if you 
decided to take after him.

6.2 - Vs. Snipers
Don't sit in the battlements and keep trying to take out the enemy sniper. This will 
result in what is called a sniper war, where for the entire round the snipers keep attacking
each other and don't ocncentrate on helping the team with the rest of the defence. 
But if a sniper is trying to attack you at close range, lauch a grenade and start 

6.3 - Vs. Demoman
If you see a demoman running towards you, try to take him out with your rifle, but if
these fails, start running and watch out for grenades launced from his grenade launcher.
And when your at a safe distance you can try to take him out or get a team mate to help.

6.4 - Vs. HWGuy
When fighting a HWGuy at Close range you will surely be killed really quickly. So it's 
your best bet to take him out while he's waddling into your base. Or you may try taking
a fully charge headshot at him, but you'll only have time for one.

6.5 - Vs. Pyros
If a Pyro gets near you, you sure start running immediatly. He'll probably get you on 
fire, so you won'y be able to aim for him. So run away while shooting your Auto-Rifle.

6.6 - Vs. Engineers
Watch out for Mirv Grenades if your carrying a lot of extra ammo. Go for a headshot 
when you have the chance. Don't try running as his Super Shotgun will get you from 

6.7 - Vs. Soldiers
Try to get a headshot on the soldier quickly. A fully reloaded rocket launcher will 
make quick work of you. Either get him before he sees you or during rocket reloads.

6.8 - Vs. Medics
Start running, he'll probably have his medikit out so you'll be safe from his Super 
Shotgun until he clues in that he has it. Run a bit then aim.

6.9 - Vs. Spies
If you see someone running at you shoot him. If blood hits the walls, it's an enemy, 
if no blood than he's good. Watch out for spies sneaking up from behind.


7. - Specific Map Strategies

**Coming Soon**


8. - Usefull Scripts

**Coming Soon**


9. - Frequently Ask Questions.

1. Why don't I automatically kill him when I shoot someone in the head?

That's probably because you didn't have your Rifle charged up powerfull enough. Hold down
the attack button for a few seconds then shoot.

**More to Come**


10. - Credits

This faq was written by Dark Reaper
If you need to reach me you can Private Message  me on or by email at


11. -  All material in this faq is copyright 2002 by Dark Reaper, all reproduction in 
part or in whole is prohibited, blah, blah, blah.