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Love It or Hate It

The good:

- This is Tetris, everyone knows Tetris
- The new features they added
- MPlay, for the first month or two
- Everyone can play this!
- New game styles

The bad:

- Top screen isn't utilized too well
- MPlay, after the first month or two
- New game styles


This game is all about the nostalgia!

      As such, you will either love it or hate it. Let me explain:

      At first, this game will be fun simply for the fact it's Tetris. Pick it up and play, and you'll soon find yourself pleased by the addition to hold a shape until you want to use it later. You may also appreciate the fact you can see the next five shapes and plan ahead. The little shadow at the bottom, indicating where the current piece being played will fall, might also be appealing.

      You'll continue to play as the game speeds up, aiming for higher and higher scores, potentially ...


An old game with a few twists

The good:

Same tetris we love, with all the added twists.

The bad:

Somwhat limited in the amount of variety


I have to admit, i was a bit skeptical about buying this game at first. I thought that i wouldn't be addicted to it like the original because it wasn't the original. But then i played multiplayer with a friend who had a copy and i realized what i had been missing.

At it's core, this game is the same as the original tetris. You have different blocks which you have to put into lines, and when a whole line is filled, it disappears. Getting more than one line at a time gives more points.

But once you see all the games little quirks, you realize that Nintendo actually one-upped the original Te...


Good for some, bad for others

The good:

Tetris has been around for some good time now. There are plenty of Tetris games out there so you may ask "Why should I get this one?" The answer is simple. This is possibly the best Tetris game out there. There are over six unique modes to chose from. They are: Standard mode, puzzle mode, mission mode, catch mode, push mode, and touch mode. They each are fun in there own way and each give you a score which is added to your total Tetris score.

The bad:

Even with the wi-fi, you must remember this is a Tetris game. It can become quite repetitive. Some of the new modes might not be your specific cup of tea, but I'm sure you will gladly enjoy the sight of the more entertaining ones. For the new comers, Don't expect to automatically become good at this game. It requires effort and strategy that some players may not want to put in.

This is a Tetris game, so for those of you gamers who are interested in breath-taking graphics and amazing game-play, should look somewhere else.


Tetris is quite simple. You bring down different blocks of four cubes and try to form a straight line. It will then break. It's a simple, yet extremely addicting game.

The wi-fi runs smoothly and one can almost never except to see errors, or lag. There are three modes to chose from in wi-fi. There is standard two-player, 4-player with items and the new push mode. The new items are a refreshing new twist to the series.

Tetris keeps are your records, so you can expect to start bragging when your Tetris points sky rocket.

Tetris also supports wireless multi-player. You can link up...

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