Test Drive Le Mans Cheats

Test Drive Le Mans cheats, and Codes for DC.

Older Cheats:

Test Drive Le Mans Cheats

Unlock all tracks
At the name entry screen you can enter GOOZ as a name to unlock every track.

Unlock every championship
Enter the Championship Mode and enter CARNAGE as your name.

Unlock regular Le Mans cars
Enter the Championship Mode and enter MONSTA as your name to unlock all the regular cars.

Cheat Codes
Enter any of the following as a name:

All Cars & Tracks*TATOO
Automatically Win RaceFIRSTON
Beach Buggie 1BIGGY1
Beach Buggie 2BIGGY2
Beach Buggie 3BIGGY3
Beach Buggie 4BIGGY4
Beach Buggie 5BIGGY5
Beach Buggie 6BIGGY6
Beach Buggie 7BIGGY7
Beach Buggie 8BIGGY8
Space Race TrackNAIMAR
Swimsuit Girl on Loading ScreenJACKPOT
1999 Audi Prototype**MAYOU
1999 BMW Prototype**POHLIN
1999 Toyota GT1**PINOU
Cheese Car**FROMAGE
Hot Dog Car**HOTDOG
Pie Car**PIE
Pizza Car**PIZZA
Spaceship MM1
Jet MM2
Mad carMM3
60's busMM5
Ice Cream truckMM6

* Only in Quick Race Mode.
** A race will immediately begin. Complete that race and the car can be driven on other tracks.

Alternate Replay View
Press Y during a replay to cycle through various views.

Full Pause Screen
Pause the game and press X + Y.