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: : : : The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard FAQ/Walkthrough

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard FAQ/Walkthrough

by BluesSoul617   Updated to v1.1 on
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|  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Expansion Pack - FAQ/Walkthrough |
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                      -= Written by BluesSoul617 =-

        The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim      ゥ 2011 Bethesda Softworks
        Skyrim: Dawnguard                ゥ 2012 Bethesda Softworks
        FAQ/Walkthrough                  ゥ 2012 Johnren Barinque 

  This guide was written to show my love for the 2011 Game of The Year <3
  Skyrim was released on 11/11/11. No wonder it's awesome :P

Please ask me first if you decide to host this guide or at least take some 
content. It's not cool when I see my work on another site without permission. 
Google shows me everything. I also find it stupid to see outdated info of my 
work lying around on the internet when I've updated it. It doesn't hurt to ask.
I've learned this from my previous work. I'm completely aware of this so don't
think I'm oblivious about it.

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|_____dg1 _________________( TABLE OF CONTENTS )____________________ dg1______|

         Table of Contents  ......................................dg1
         Guide Info + Version History  ...........................dg2
         What is Dawnguard?  .....................................dg3
         Walkthrough  ............................................dg4
         Frequently Asked Questions  .............................dg5
         Contact Info  ...........................................dg6
         Closing + Credits  ......................................dg7

        CTRL+F and type the section's name or number. Hit Enter. Magic.

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|_____dg2 ____________( GUIDE INFO + VERSION HISTORY )______________ dg2______|

                       < Version 1.0 - 7/21/2012 >
The day this document has been uploaded on the internet. Updated info may be 
added on later when necessary. Working on the Walkthrough for the next update.
The update may come later than expected since I just downloaded Minecraft a few
days ago and I'm enjoying it hahaha

                              < Testing >
Since my previous guide work, I'm trying to create new "box designs". If you 
don't know what I'm talking about, this is what I mean. Look below:

               /--------------\            ----------------
              (  Sample Box 1  )           | Sample Box 2 |
               \--------------/            ----------------

If made correctly, the box on the left should have arrow-like sides while 
sample 2 should have the top and bottom sides slightly passing the left and 
right sides. If it does not, this guide is not hosted on the proper website or
possibly been stolen. Stolen content pisses me off.

                Did you know that the box designs I used for 
            dividing the major sections look like Elder Scrolls?
              The best part about them: they weren't intential!

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|_____dg3 ________________( WHAT IS DAWNGUARD? )____________________ dg3______|

Skyrim Dawnguard is the downloadable add-on for Elder Scrolls V released on
6/26/2012. It costs 1600 Microsoft Points to download and requires Patch 1.6
or later versions to play. This section shows what you will see in this DLC.

Fort Dawnguard
Volkihar Castle
Soul Cairn

                            \ NEW WEAPONS /

                             | Crossbows |
The newest weapon of Skyrim. According to the plot, Crossbows are used by the
Dawnguard for hunting down vampires. But really, fans have been waiting for 
their return from Elder Scrolls III so Bethesda decided to throw them in. 
Crossbows don't have their own perk tree but they counts as Archery. They do 
have their own rounds called Bolts, which are separate from Arrows. 

Preventing Content Theft. Email if on wrong site.

When starting the Dawnguard Quest, you will receive a free one along with some
Steel Bolts. If you decide to join the Dawnguard, you can smith your own 
Crossbows and Bolts (x10) inside Fort Dawnguard only. You can also smith 
stronger variants of Crossbows and Exploding Bolts (Fire, Ice and Shock). None
of these will be available to smith from the start. Talk to Sorine Jurard for 
sidequests and you will slowly unlock the option to craft them. 

| Crossbow                  | 1 Firewood, 1 Steel Ingot     |   Steel Ingot   |
| Enhanced Crossbow         | 1 Crossbow, 2 Corundum Ingots |   Steel Ingot   |
| Dwarven Crossbow          |                               |  Dwarven Ingot  |
| Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow |                               |  Dwarven Ingot  |

*Enhanced versions of the crossbow ignore 50% of armor.

|         CROSSBOW BOLTS           |           SMITHING SUPPLIES              |
| Steel Bolts                      | 1 Firewood, 1 Steel Ingot                |
| Dwarven Bolts                    | 1 Firewood, 1 Dwarven Ingot              |
| Exploding Steel Bolts of Fire    | 1 Firewood, 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Fire Salt   |
| Exploding Steel Bolts of Ice     | 1 Firewood, 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Frost Salt  |
| Exploding Steel Bolts of Shock   | 1 Firewood, 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Void Salt   |
| Exploding Dwarven Bolts of Fire  | 1 Firewood, 1 Dwarven Ingot, 1 Fire Salt |
| Exploding Dwarven Bolts of Ice   | 1 Firewood, 1 Dwarven Ingot, Frost Salt  |
| Exploding Dwarven Bolts of Shock | 1 Firewood, 1 Dwarven Ingot, 1 Void Salt |

*Each set of Bolts come in ten.

                        | Dragonbone Weapons |
The newest and strongest set of weapons that surpass Daedric Weapons. Now we
can finally match it with our Dragon Armor. Pat yourself on the back if you've
saved plenty of Dragon Bones.

|     ONE-HANDED     |                SMITHING SUPPLIES                 |
| Dragonbone Sword   |  1 Leather Strip, 1 Ebony Ingot, 1 Dragon Bone   |
| Dragonbone War Axe |  2 Leather Strips, 1 Ebony Ingot, 1 Dragon Bone  |
| Dragonbone Mace    |  1 Leather Strip, 1 Ebony Ingot, 2 Dragon Bones  |
| Dragonbone Dagger  |  1 Leather Strip, 1 Dragon Bone                  |

|      TWO-HANDED       |                SMITHING SUPPLIES                   |
| Dragonbone Greatsword |  3 Leather Strips, 1 Ebony Ingot, 4 Dragon Bones   |
| Dragonbone Battleaxe  |  2 Leather Strips, 2 Ebony Ingots, 3 Dragon Bones  |
| Dragonbone Warhammar  |  3 Leather Strips, 2 Ebony Ingots, 3 Dragon Bones  |

        |         ARCHERY         |        SMITHING SUPPLIES        |
        | Dragonbone Bow          |  1 Ebony Ingot, 2 Dragon Bones  |
        | Dragonbone Arrows (x24) |  1 Firewood, 1 Dragon Bone      |

                           | Arrow Smithing |
It is now possible to smith Arrows. WTF finally! Each batch will come with 
24 Arrows and require the appropriate Ingot and 1 Firewood to smith them (With
plenty of Dragon Bones, you'll have plenty of Dragonbone Arrows). Unfortunely,
you'll need Daedra Hearts to smith Daedric Arrows but I guess it's relevant.

* You can also smith Bone Hawk Amulets (Jewelry) and Shellbug Helmets (Misc).
  Their purposes are still unknown...

                           | Special Bows |

                           | Auriel's Bow |
This bow deals 20 points of sun damage. Damage is tripled if the target is
undead. It can be upgraded with  a Refined Moonstone and benefits from the
Elven Smithing Perk. When using the Sunhallowed Arrows on the sun, the sun goes
through an explosion that causes beams of sunlight on all enemies. Shooting
Bloodcursed Arrows at the sun will turn the sun dark-red along with the sky,
making it appear as if it's night time so vampires cannot be affected by the
daylight. This will last for a day. To create these unique arrows have some 
Elven Arrows ready.

                              | Zephyr |
This unique bow fires 30% faster. Other than that, it's just a normal Dwarven 
Bow. I doesn't seem like the Quick Shot Perk adds on to this. It's still worth
using, since it can be upgraded to Legendary with a Dwarven Ingot.

                         \ CHARACTER MAKEOVER /
You can now change your character's appearance in The Ragged Flagon by an 
NPC named Galathil for the price of 1000 Gold. You cannot change your race or 
gender, however. Upon doing this for the first time will grant you the 
Achievement "A New You" for 20G.

Bethesda added two new perk trees: One for the Werewolf and one for the new
Vampire Lord (perk trees are only accessed while in the appropriate
transformation). Gaining perks and the methods for gaining them are separate
from gaining perks in your normal state so you don't have to worry if your
character's level is maxed. In this case, it is possible to activate every perk
in each of these perk trees. Nice, no?

(Bkstunt_31 made a similar design with the tree so I changed it up a bit so it
doesn't look completely identical. Credits to him for the original design)

                        |  Werewolf Perk Tree  |

                   ( Totem of the Predator )
                               |    ( Totem of Terror )    ( Savage Feeding )
                               |             |                     |
                               |             |                     |
 ( Totem of the Moon )         |             |                ( Gorging )
          |                    |             |                     |
          |                    |             |                     |
( Totem of Ice Brothers )      |             |             ( Animal Vigor )
          |                    |             |                     |
          |                                                        |
          '--------------( Bestial Strength (0/4) )----------------'

So yeah, we finally have perks while being a Werewolf. This is definitely
needed, since being a Werewolf can make you weaker than your normal state so
perks can compensate for that problem. 

To gain perks, you must feed on dead corpses (any racial character) to gain 
experience. When the bar reaches full, a new perk will be available. Each new 
perk will require more feedings.

If you activate every perk in this tree, the Achievement "Werewolf Mastered" 
will be unlocked for 20G.
                        |  Werewolf Perk List  |

[Bestial Strength 1/2/3/4]
  Do 25% more damage in Werewolf form. With each added perk adds 25% more 

[Animal Vigor]    Requires: Bestial Strength
  Additional 100 points to Health and Stamina in Werewolf form.

[Gorging]         Requires: Animal Vigor
  Feeding restores twice as much health.

[Savage Feeding]  Requires: Gorging
  You can now feed off any dead creatures, not including undead (Draugr, 
  Skeleton, Vampire, etc). However, creatures will only restore half the
  extended time. Get this early if you plan on leveling up faster.

         /  Below are the perks related to the Totems of Hircine. \
         \  Activating theses perks will upgrade their effects.   /

[Totem of Ice Brothers]    Requires: Bestial Strength
  Totem of Brotherhood howl now summons Ice Wolf Spirits, replacing the 2 
  Standard Wolf Spirits.

[Totem of the Moon]        Requires: Totem of Ice Brothers
  Totem of Brotherhood howl now summons Werewolf Spirits. WEREWOLF SPIRITS.
  Replaces the shitty Ice Wolf Spirits. Shadow Clone Jutsu! xD Must cooldown
  before it can be used again.

Preventing Content Theft. Email if on wrong site.

[Totem of the Predator]    Requires: Bestial Strength
  Totem of Hunt howl has extended range. It now shows whether targets are not
  in combat, searching, or actively in combat. 

[Totem of Terror]          Requires: Bestial Strength
  Totem of Fear howl affects even higher level creatures.

                       | Vampire Lord Perk Tree |

                             ( Night Cloak )
                            ( Poison Talon )

                            /              \
                           /                \
                 ( Unearthly Will )   ( Blood Healing )
                          |                  |
( Supernatural Reflexes ) |                  |         ( Corpse Curse )
          |               |                  |                 | 
          |               |                  |                 |
    ( Mist Form )         |                  |       ( Summon Gargoyle )
          |               |                  |                 | 
          |               |                  |                 |
( Detect All Creatures )  |                  |        ( Vampiric Grip )
          |               |                  |                 | 
          |                                                    |
          '--------------( Power of the Grave )----------------'

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                            | Introduction |
The Vampire Lord is the newest transformation and the counterpart to
werewolves (If you decide to be vampire while already as a werewolf, the
werewolf abilities will be replaced). You can gain these powers by accepting
Lord Harkon's gift or ask Serana to do so during the " " quest or after 
completing the Dawnguard main questline. Note that the Vampire Lord form is
much weaker during the daytime.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To gain perks, you must kill enemies with Drain Life or Bite power attack to 
gain experience. When the bar reaches full, a new perk will be available. Each
new perk will requires more feedings.

If you activate every perk in this tree, the Achievement "Vampire Mastered" 
will be unlocked for 20G.

                       | Vampire Lord Perk List |

[Power of the Grave]
  Additional 50 points to Health, Magicka, and Stamina in Vampire Lord form.

[Uneartly Will]            Requires: Power of the Grave
  Night Powers and Blood Magic cost 30% less. I'd recommend getting this as
  soon as possible.

[Blood Healing]            Requires: Power of the Grave
  Killing  person with a power attack bite fully restores your health.

[Poison Talons]            Requires: Blood Healing or Unearthly Will
  Melee attacks deal 20 points of poison damage.

[Night Cloak]              Requires: Poison Talons
  A shroud of bats feed on enemies within melee range. Once unlocked, it stays
  active while in Vampire Lord form.

                     / Night Powers: Shout Button \
                     \    (Left Side of Tree)     /

[Detect All Creatures]     Requires: Power of the Grave
  Detects all nearby creatures including dwarven automatons for three seconds. 
  They will show up with a white aura, whether dead or alive.

Preventing Content Theft. Email if on wrong site.

[Mist Form]                Requires: Detect All Creatures
  Transform into an invulnerable cloud of mist while regenerating Health, 
  Magicka, and Stamina. Note that they regenerate to normal speed (this applies
  during the day too). Must cooldown before it can be used again.

[Supernatural Reflexes]    Requires: Mist Form
  "Everything slows down while you move faster". It appears that you still move
   somewhat slow like the Steady Hand Perk from Archery.

                       / Blood Magic: Left Hand \
                       \  (Right Side of Tree)  /

[Vampiric Grip]            Requires: Power of the Grave
  Can pull a creature towards you from distance and do choking damage when 
  close enough. Uses a big portion of Magicka.

[Summon Gargoyle]          Requires: Vampiric Grip
  Conjures a Gargoyle to fight along side. Becomes less useful on higher 

[Corpse Curse]             Requires: Summon Gargoyle
  Paralyzes the target. I find this the best left handed spell for the Vampire

                            \ NEW SHOUTS /

                  +         Drain Vitality          +
                   | Thu'um |  Meaning  | Cooldown |
                   | Gaan   |  Stamina  |    30    |
                   | Lah    |  Magicka  |    60    |    
                   | Haas   |  Health   |    90    |

      In-Game Description: "Coax both magical and mortal energies from 
                            your hapless opponent"

      In-Depth Effect: Drains Stamina, Magicka and Health from an enemy.

      Location(s): Dimhollow Crypt, Forgotten Vale, Arcwind Point.

                  +        Summon Durnehviir        +
                   | Thu'um |  Meaning  | Cooldown |
                   |  Dur   |   Curse   |     5    |
                   |  Neh   |   Never   |     5    |    
                   |  Viir  |   Dying   |   300    |

    In-Game Description: "Durnehviir! Hear my Voice and come forth from
                          the Soul Cairn. I summon you in my time of need"

    In-Depth Effect: Summons the undead dragon, Durnehviir. Must shout at the
                     ground. Unlike Odahviing, Durnehviir leaves when he is
                     defeated. A dragon follower, perhaps?

    Location(s): After receiving the Elder Scroll from Valerica, you will run
                 into the dragon you've just defeated which is Durnehviir. He 
                 will teach you all three words of the shout. However, you must
                 unlock them with your own Dragon Souls (All three words must 
                 be unlocked to properly use the shout).

                  +           Soul Tear             +
                   | Thu'um |  Meaning  | Cooldown |
                   |  Rii   |  Essense  |     5    |
                   |  Vaaz  |   Tear    |     5    |    
                   |  Zol   |  Zombie   |    90    |

    In-Game Description: "Your Thu'um cuts through flesh and shatters soul, 
                          commanding the will of the fallen"

    In-Depth Effect: Casts Soul Trap upon foes for two seconds, drains 
                     their health and revives them when they die.

    Location(s): Each time you summon Durnehviir, he will teach you one word at 
                 a time.

Learning the three words for Soul Tear will unlock the "Soul Tear" Achievement"
for 20G.

                          \ NEW DRAGON TYPES /

                           | Revered Dragon |
The appearance of this dragon is very noticable from other dragons. They have
long and flat bodies. As usual, they can use Fire and Frost Breaths but now
can use Drain Vitality which drains the enemy's Health, Magicka and Stamina.

                          | Legendary Dragon |
Now the strongest Dragon type in the game. They have curved horns on their head
with black and gold scales. In addition to the Fire and Frost Breaths, they can
can use Drain Vitality. They are available when you reach level 78 (not yet
confirmed). Defeating one unlocks the Achievement "Legend" for 40G.

                          \ NEW ACHIEVEMENTS /
Bethesda decided to throw in 10 new Achievements for the Xbox 360. This gives a
total of 60 Achievements to complete if you plan on completing them all (I'm
glad to have completed the first 50 before the DLC's trailer came out).

A New You (20G) - Change your face
   (> You can change your face and features in The Ragged Flagon for 1000 Gold 
      each time by talking to the new NPC, Galathil (Altmer).

Awakening (20G) - Complete "Awakening"
   (> This quest starts after completing "Dawnguard".

Beyond Death (20G) - Complete "Beyond Death"
   (> This quest starts around the middle of the main quests.

Kindred Judgement (40G) - Complete "Kindred Judgment"
   (> This is the last main quest of the Dawnguard DLC.

Preventing Content Theft. Email if on wrong site.

Lost to the Ages (30G) - Complete "Lost to the Ages"
   (> This is a sidequest found by reading "The Aetherium Wars".

Soul Tear (20G) - Learn all three words of Soul Tear
   (> Each word is learned each time you summon Durnehviir.

Auriel's Bow (20G) - Use the special power of Auriel's Bow
   (> Obtained in "Touching the Sky".

Werewolf Mastered (20G) - Acquire 11 Werewolf perks
   (> Self-Explanatory.

Vampire Mastered (20G) - Acquire 11 Vampire perks
   (> Self-Explanatory.

Legend (40G) - Defeat a Legendary Dragon
   (> They appear when you reach Level 78 (still needs to be confirmed...)


* Please be aware that if you remove or don't have Dawnguard loaded on your
  Xbox 360 after having any Dawnguard content saved, everything will be removed
  as if it was never there (DLC-related followers will disappear, naked 
  character if armor or weapons from the DLC are equipped, new locations, etc).


New Avatar Content

I can't say this has anything to do with Dawnguard but these are available in
the Xbox Marketplace starting 6/12/2012. I guess they've created this content
to commemorate the incoming release of Dawnguard.

Daedric Armor - Costume
The badass demonic heavy armor.

Elven Armor - Costume
The light armor worn by the Altmer.

Arrow in the Knee - Prop
This quote became so popular that they decided to make this. Wow!

Fus Ro Dah - Prop
The famous shout by the Dovahkiin: Unrelenting Force.

Dragon Priest Mask - Headwear
The mask worn by the Dragon Priests.

I thought I could throw this in. I hope this isn't considered advertising? -.-

 _____/  /____________________               _______________________\  \______
|_____dg4 ____________________( WALKTHROUGH )_______________________ dg4______|

                 //                                        \\
                //                                          \\
               ||  Dawnguard ...........................dgA  ||
               ||  Awakening ...........................dgB  ||
               ||  Bloodline ...........................dgC  ||
               ||               _____________                ||
               ||              /  Dawnguard  \               ||
               ||  A New Order .........................dgD  ||
               ||  Prophet (Dawnguard) .................dgE  ||
               ||              \_____________/               ||
               ||               _____________                ||
               ||              /   Vampire   \               ||
               ||  The Bloodstone Chalice ..............dgF  ||
               ||  Prophet (Vampire) ...................dgG  ||
               ||              \_____________/               ||
               ||                                            ||
               ||  Chasing Echoes ......................dgH  ||
               ||  Scroll Scouting .....................dgI  ||
               ||  Seeking Disclosure ..................dgJ  ||
               ||  Beyond Death ........................dgK  ||
               ||  Unseen Visions ......................dgL  ||
               ||  Touching the Sky ....................dgM  ||
               ||  Kindred Judgment ....................dgN  ||
                \\                                          //

        CTRL+F and type the section's name or number. Hit Enter. Magic.


         To start the Dawnguard main questline, there are two ways: 

         (> Go to any major Hold and talk to any guard.

         (> Wait for a group of vampires to attack in a major Hold.
            After defeated, talk to Durak (Orc).

         *Please note that your character must be at least level 10.

               ( dgA            DAWNGUARD             dgA )

Let's begin the newest quest of the DLC. With Fort Dawnguard located on the 
southeastern part of the map, fast travel anywhere near that location (I chose 
the Riften Stables). Off to Dayspring Canyon.

                                                       (DAYSPRING CANYON)
After walking through an alley of mountains, you'll run into our first new NPC 
Agmaer (Nord), a nooblet who wants to join in the Dawnguard too. No special 
dialogue, so continue on and you will see Fort Dawnguard. Assuming it's daytime
in your game, you'll see Durak standing next to the campfire shooting with a 
crossbow. Talk to him for a free set of Crossbow and Steel Bolts (x45) to start
off (If you feel like it, pick up the Steel Bolts that Durak shoots on the tree
for extra bolts). Now let's go inside Fort Dawnguard to begin our fun.

                                                         (FORT DAWNGUARD)
We have entered Fort Dawnguard. You will see two NPCs: Isran (Redguard) and 
Vigilant Tolan (Nord) talking about the Hall of Vigilants being under attack by
vampires. Talk to Isran about joining into the Dawnguard (even if you plan on 
joining the vampires) to complete this quest. This now triggers the next quest.

               ( dgB            AWAKENING             dgB )

Before we continue, if you haven't talked to Durak already for a Crossbow and
a set of bolts, you can get them from Isran. Secondly, Agmaer will shoot some 
bolts on the crates so you can collect them if you want. 

Next to the spot where Agmaer's bolts are, you should see a Dawnguard helmet
(Light Armor). 

If you head to the right from the entrance, you will find the fort's bedroom.
Look on the shelf on the left of the room for a gray book named "The Aetherium
Wars" to start a Misc Quest (eventually starts "Lost to the Ages"). You don't
have to do that now though.

You'll also find some Dawnguard Armor lying around but you won't be able to get
the full set so I wouldn't worry about it until later.

Head out and fast travel near the marker located on Dimhollow Crypt.

                                                      (DIMHOLLOW CRYPT)
Be advised: Vampires and the new Death Hounds are found in this cave If you
don't have 100% disease resistance, you may contract Sanguine Vampiris). 
Everything else is the usual: Draugr, Skeletons, and Frostbite Spiders. Yay.

The first room you enter will have two Vampires talking and a Death Hound. 
Either sneak and snipe them (You may use your new crossbow) or charge head on
if you don't fear getting contracted. Vampires will have at least Vampire Dust,
Armor, and Boots for looting. You'll also see some Vigilant corpses so loot 
them if you want. Since we can't continue on with the giant caged door in the 
way, head to the pathway on the right of the corpses. An enchanted sword is 
lying in the coffin. A chest and some leveled potions next to the switch can be
found up the stairs. 

Preventing Content Theft. Email if on wrong site.

Continue onwards to the path of running water. There's a vampire up ahead and
as you get closer, three skeletons will spawn. Take care of them and follow the
path to another caged door. The switch is on the right. Now take a right and 
you'll see a Vampire and a Death Hound fighting some Draugr. You may let them
kill each other to reduce the amount of enemies to fight, or fight on. Watch 
out for the Draugr Deathlord. Before we move on, check all three caged doors in
that room. One should have two leveled potions, another one has a trapped chest
and the last one is where we'll go next. 

After walking through the curved tunnel, three skeletons will spawn from the
water you see ahead. There's a vampire sitting on the cliff ahead as well so 
snipe her if she hasn't detected you yet.

Go up and around for a small hallway. You'll see some dead frostbite spiders
ready to be revived by incoming Vampires. Two Death Hounds will attack too.
Clear the way and find yet another giant caged door (before getting to that
room, go ahead and loot the chest on the right). You will see a Vampire taking
on a Giant Frostbite Spider. Activate the switch on the right to open the cage.
Either let them kill each other off or fight on. Note if the spider dies first,
the vampire will revive it. After killing them, head to the door to Dimhollow

                                                      (DIMHOLLOW CAVERN)
Upon entering, you'll hear a Vigilant talking to some Vampires (he will die
unfortunely). Ignore the switch on the left since it will just close the door,
unless you want to see for yourself -.- Continue downstairs and fight the two
vampires on the way or snipe them from above. Your call.

Keep going and you'll see a giant circle with a small statue in the middle. But
before we start, there's one more vampire lurking so kill him/her. Now examine
that small statue, press the button and watch as your hand gets stabbed by a 
spike. Ouch. Now we must move the Braziers (look like Goblets) up or down until
they light up with purple flames. Do that and something rises from middle.
Examine it and you'll see a beautiful woman with an Elder Scroll resting inside
it. If you haven't guessed already, she's a vampire but she's not hostile as
she will be your follower for the remainder of this entire quest.

She's voiced by Laura Bailey, who did Kid Trunks from DBZ ^^

Moving right along, head forward and you will see Gargoyles coming to life.
Kill them and loot their ores and jewels. Head to the right and open the wooden

two draugr, two skeleton, six skeleton, draugr deathlord, drain vitality

               ( dgC            BLOODLINE             dgC )

               ( dgD           A NEW ORDER            dgD )

               ( dgE        PROPHET (DAWNGUARD)       dgE )

               ( dgF      THE BLOODSTONE CHALICE      dgF )

               ( dgG         PROPHET (VAMPIRE)        dgG )

 _____/  /_____________                              _______________\  \______
|_____dg5 _____________( FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS )_______________ dg5______|

Questions that are frequently asked on the message boards while some others are
just thrown in because I see teh feeyoocha :P

Q: How do I start the Dawnguard quest?
A: Have your character reach Level 10.

Q: If I join The Dawnguard, do I still get the chance of being a vampire?
A: Yes. The earliest chance would be in the quest "Beyond Death" which Serana
   gives you the option to become one before entering the Soul Cairn. Other
   than that, you can become one anytime aftering completion of the Dawnguard.

Q: How do I get or make Firewood?
A: You'll need a Woodcutter's Axe. Then find some chopping blocks which are
   found in various Holds in Skyrim.

Q: How do you forge Crossbows and Bolts?
A: Fort Dawnguard only. They're not available for smithing right away though. 
   Complete sidequests by talking to Sorine.

Q: I notice my Drain Life spell as a Vampire Lord is weaker than usual. Wtf?
A: Apparently there's a glitch where it does that when Serana is your follower.

Q: I don't want to be a vampire anymore. It's yucky.
A: Go to Falion in Morthal. Have a filled Black Soul Gem ready.

Q: If I become Vampire Lord when I'm already a werewolf, don't I lose the 
   werewolf abilities forever?
A: You have the chance to regain Lycanthropy ONCE from Aela. I see that
   Bethesda added this option for already-werewolves so they get the chance to
   be a Vampire Lord and then revert back if they dislike it.

Q: Serana is sexy. Can she be married? D:
A: Unfortunately, no. She's pretty too. I like her womanly voice :3

Q: Why is it that when I put any type of Thieves' Guild hoods on, it glitches
   and shows my character with a bald spot?
A: This happens when you're a vampire. Either deal with it or avoid those types
   of headwear. Otherwise cure yourself or join the Dawnguard.

Q: Should I worry about being in stage 4 as a vampire?
A: People will no longer become hostile as a stage 4 vampire starting on the
   latest patch.

Q: Why can't I change my ugly face?
A: Apparently Galathil cannot change the faces of the undead. I'm guessing
   Bethesda can't have you editing the vampire features.

Q: Why can't I summon Durnehviir?
A: Unlock every word with Dragon Souls and shout at the ground. Make sure there
   is space for him. Does not work in the Soul Cairn.

Q: After mounting Arvak, Shadowmere disappeared. Where is he? D:
A: He should be at the last place you left him. Most likely at Volkihar Castle.

Q: Which faction do you prefer to join? The Dawnguard or Vampires?
A: I personally prefer the Dawnguard because the Vampire Lord involves some
   glitches such as the weak Drain Life spell when Serana is your follower
   throughout the ENTIRE quest AND upgraded Crossbows from the Dawnguard. I'm 
   glad to have learn this before. Besides, I like being on the good side and
   Werewolves are more fun to play as anyway. Team Jacob! LOL
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