Based on the blockbuster film series, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins focuses on the exploits of now 30 year old John Connor in a world on the road to the extinction of humanity.


Terminator Salvation is a third-person action game with concentrated armed combat and will have players battle for survival against the superior forces of Skynet and its deadly Terminators utilizing an incredibly fluid and realistic control set. Using the environment and objects in it to provide cover and protection as the T-600 and T-7T shoot relentlessly at you and your squad from all angles and the lethal Aerostat blasts you from above.


  • Terminator mythology: Set two years prior to the upcoming Terminator Salvation film, play as John Connor for the first time and continue the epic fiction of the Terminator mythology.
  • Intelligent robotic enemies: Unrelenting and incredibly resilient iconic enemies from the Terminator franchise fight to the bitter end on land and in the sky.
  • Destructible cover gameplay: Advanced cover mechanics allows you to use the destructible environment as protection and strategically navigate through enemy entrenched territory. The cover mechanic's multi-faceted design changes the way "cover" gameplay is executed.
  • Diverse weaponry: Utilize a wide array of advanced weapons including shotguns, fully automatic machine guns, huge mounted weaponry, grenades, rocket-launchers, and even a plasma-firing Skynet tank.
  • Rugged vehicle battles: Pursue, attack, or evade enemies through post-apocalyptic environments on foot or inside rugged armored vehicles in extremely kinetic and extensive cinematic gun battles.

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Cinematic trailer for Terminator Salvation (the game) released

Skynet's Murderous Robots 1, Humans 0

Mar 31, 2009, by Kevin Spiess | 3 comments
Terminator Salvation gets the green light

Date and general outline of title announced

Nov 20, 2008, by Gabriel Vega | 5 comments

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1000/1000 Ok game,some parts were harder but it has been easy overall. TerminatorSalvation
Feb 10, 10 3:09pm
3/5 TerminatorSalvation
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Jun 18, 09 12:35pm

It always seems that if you're money grubbing corporate head, you'll look for a movie...

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • May 21, 2009 (Movie)
    • May 19, 2009 (PC)
    • May 2009 (iPhone)
    • Q2 2009 (Wii)
  • Japan: Jun 13, 2009
  • Europe:
    • Jun 3, 2009 (Movie)
    • May 29, 2009 (PC)
  • Australia:
    • Jun 4, 2009 (Movie)
    • June 2009 (PC)
    • May 27, 2009 (PS3)
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