Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins FAQ/Walkthrough v1.4
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: : : : Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins FAQ/Walkthrough

Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins FAQ/Walkthrough

by Hyperactive   Updated to v1.4 on
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 Made by: Aaron Baker
E-mail: azzbake@yahoo.com.au
Version: 1.4 NEW VERSION

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Table of contents:                sub contents:
01: Characters                    Ninjas|Other
02: Controls                      Basic|Special|Swimming
03: Attacks                       Rikimaru|Tatsumaru|Ayame
04: Ninja Items                   Starting|Scattered|Grandmaster
05: Obtaining Items               In levels|How many Grandmasters
06: Rikimaru Quick Walkthrough    ActI|ActII|ActIII
07: Rikimaru Boss Tactics         ActI|ActII|ActIII
08: Ayame Quick Walkthrough       ActI|ActII|ActIII
09: Ayame Boss Tactics            ActI|ActII|ActIII
10: Mission Editor                Levels|Tactics|menu|FAQ|Tenchu3
11: Enemy Health                  Archers|Spearmen|Swords
12: Combat                        Scythes|Swords|Multi people
13: Grandmaster                   obtaining|Enemeies|Guide
14: Tips to get a good score      Using items|Stealth
15: Ki Meter and Bar              Feelings|Health|Oxygen
16: Peoples F.A.Qs                questions|Answers|Quirey
17: Glitches                      enemies|Mission editor|Story mode
18: Funny stuff                   enemies|Wierd stuff|missions
19: Cheat Codes                   health|Items|Editor levels
20: Tatsumaru walkthrough         ActI|ActII|ActIII
21: Tastumaru Boss Tactics        ActI|ActII|ActIII
22: Help                          Questions|email|send in things


1.0: Wrote this FAQ                   July '02
1.1: Added funny stuff and Cheats.    July '02
1.2: Added Tatsumaru walkthrough.     August '02
1.3: Added Tastumaru Boss Tactics.    August '02
     Added Help section.
1.4: Added Stealth kills section      Sept '02
     Corrected 2 MAJOR mistakes

1- Characters
1.1:The three main nija's
*Rikimaru: One of the Three Azuma Ninjas. He is playable and his weapon
is a very long sword with a 3 hit combo.
*Ayame: Another one of the Azuma Ninjas thats playable. She has 2 short
swords with a big combo that can inflict lots of damage to the enemy
*Tatsumaru: The last Azuma Ninja, also playable. He uses Hand to hand
combat mostly.

1.2:Other main characters.
*Azuma Shiunsi: The leader of the three Ninja. He lives in the North
East house in the Ninja Village.
*Gohda Matsunoshin: The ninja's lord. You must fight for this guy, if he
dies, Gohda Motohide takes over.
*Lady Kei: Lord Gohda's Wife doesn't play a big role, she's only on
screen for about 20 seconds in a cut scene.
*Princess Kiku: The princess. She is Lord Gohda's daughter.
*Sikeya Naotada: He is Lord Gohda's senior advisor.
*Tachiana Jubei: He is lord gohda's fencing instructer, he is very good
at fighting.

Those are the main characters in Tenchu 2, well I haven't included all
the bosses, they are in a differnt section.

2- The Controlls
-L1- Look around, kind of like a camera motion where your body doesn't
move, just like a camera was built into you or something.
-R1-Stealth. Use this to hide close to the ground or hide behind
something thats not very tall.
-O- This has alot of actions, hold it down and it will block (there's
also another way to block). Double press will put sword(s) away. Press
it and the control pad and it will sidestep, rush in the desired
direction that you want to go in.
-X- Basic command is to jump, mainly. This can also be used when
swimming, it does a little glide if you press it softly, and a huge
paddle glide if it is continually pressed.
-Square- Of course, it's to attack the enemy, hit three times for a
combo. When sword(s) are away, use square to get them out.
-Triangle- Use to throw an item, use grappling hook, basically aim and
when you let go of triangle it will shoot, some items you just have to
-L2 and R2- Cycle through your inventory items, then press Triangle to
use selected item. L2 cycles left and R2 cycles right, as you would of
-Start- Pauses the game.
-Select- Shows map.
-D-Pad- Move around.

2.2: Special:
--R1 + O + Direction: You can roll in the desired direction, this is
good for sneaky stealth and is quick.
--O + Up + X: You can do a super jump, it is way more lenghtier than a
normal jump. It can cover three squares at the most.
--Down: Use to go backwards or block. I use this to block instead of O.
Don't double press it, just hold it down.
--R1: In gameplay, put your swords away and press R1 at an enemies head
to search them. They could have very valuable items for you to take.
--R1 + X: Use this combo to perform a quick turnaround. This comes in
very handy.
--R1 + O: Use this to drag boddies. First put your swords away, then
stand near the enemies head while their dead, and Hold R1 + O. After
about 2 seconds you can let go of R1 and just hold circle and it will do
it. Use D-pad to drag around.
--Down, Up + X: Not may people know about this move, it does a jumping
turnaround. It's good if you want to get behind the enemy and get some
crutial hits on him.
--X into wall: This does a jump of the wall. It looks spectacular.
--D-pad twice in any direction: Does a sidestep in the desired

2.3: Swimming:
X: Dive under water, while under water use to gently paddle,
continuously press to Glide fastly through water. Press X+Down to come
to the surface.
R1: Basically, use this when surfaced to hide underwater. You have the
reed so you can still breathe.
R1 + X: While underwater, this does a quick turnaround.
3- Attacks
All of the different characters have different combos, moves and stealth
kills. Here are Rikimaru's and how much hit points they take off:
Combo part 1: 8 H.P
Combo part 2: 12 H.P
Combo part 3: 21 H.P
Side attack: 9 H.P
Reverse Attack: 21 H.P
Crouch attack: 25 H.P (most effective)
Sidestep attack foward: 14 H.P

Now here is all Tatsumaru's attacks and how much they take off:
Combo part 1: 5
Combo part 2: 10
Combo part 3: 10
Combo part 4: 25
Side attack: 9
Reverse attack: 25
Crouch attack: 27
Sisdestep foward attack: 6 or 12

Ayame's are too hard to work out.

4- Ninja items
4.1: Starting items:

Grappling hook: Use this to get onto high things that the jump doesn't
reach, usually high places like roofs, tall buildings, basically tall
Usefullness: 10/10
==Healing Potion: Use to get your health back up to 100. In boss fights
you might want to use a Smoke bomb, then heal, because if your hit by a
boss while healing, you lose the potion and inflict damage. (Usually the
potion falls to the ground if your hit)
Usefullness 10/10
==Shurikens: Use to throw at the enemy, this does 15 H.P of damage to
most people, in the later stages, it doesn't inflict that much to
bosses. Just aim at the enemy with Triangle and let go and if it hits
him, his health should be down 15.
Usefullness 6/10
==Caltrops: These actually can be very useful, For me on most missions
if i'm seen I still like to get a stealth kill from the enemy, so I use
these to escape so I can still get a stealth kill. Just throw them
behind you, you can throw them while your running, just tap triangle and
keep on pressing up. This will slow them down and will inflict 2 H.P of
damage for each caltrop they hit. Other than that they are useless.
Usefullness: 3/10
==Coloured Rice: All I know for this is that it can be used as a Trail
marker in Maze missions. The best level to use it in is Rikimaru's last
Usefullness: 1/10

4.2: Items Found In Levels:

==Poison Antidote: Use to cure the affects of poison. Iv'e never used
one at all because Iv'e never been poisoned.
Usefullness: 2/10
==Smokebomb: A great item. Use this to make the enemy choke on smoke so
you can either get away to heal or inflict two combo's of damage. They
can't block. At most your hits will take off 70 H.P if your lucky.
Usefullness: 10/10
==Grenade: A fairly good weapon. Takes off about 20 H.P from then enemy.
Also knocks them down so you can hide, If you want.
Usefullness: 6/10
==Poison Rice: Roll this to an enemy, hide while he picks it up and
watch him suffer. Sometimes the enemy dies and other times they don't.
In Tenchu 1 you could throw it, Let the enemy walk towards it , and
stealth kill em and take back the poison rice before they got it. This
is laced with poison.
Usefullness: 6/10
==Air Bottle: Use this to refill your underwater air supply. This is
pretty useless and Iv'e never used it. You have enough air supply, and
why would you be down underwater that long anyway. Very useless.
Usefullness: 0/10
==Blowgun: This is probably the best weapon in the game. Fire from a
distance, aim let go and........ The enemy will die in one shot when
unaware. Very usefull for stealth missions. Limit is five when on item
Usefullness: 10/10
==Mine: It's ok. Lay it down on an enemies path and watch em be on fire.
Don't stand too close otherwise you migh get some of the blast. This
isn't that good since it alerts all enemies and doesn't kill the main
target. It takes off about half of their health.
Usefullness: 5/10
==Blinding Powder: Just use it and the enemy will be blinded, not for
long, but it can be very useful against bosses. Then use a combo after
use and it will take off alot. You could also use this as a diversion to
Usefullness: 7/10

4.3: Grandmaster Items:

Sleeping gas: Use to put people to sleep. This could also be used on
innocents. Go up behind them and use it. They will be put asleep. It
doesn't kill them. Then you won't be seen and your position won't be
given away.
Usefullness: 6/10

Ninja Camoflague: Use this to sneak right up to an enemy and kill em.
You won't be seen at all. This is also very good for stealth but hard to
get. After you stealth kill someone, your camo will go away.
Usefullness 9/10

Explosive Arrow: Fire this and the enemy will be on fire because of the
explosive tip. This inflicts about a quarter of the enemies health in
Usefullness: 5/10

Vanishing tree: Use this to instantly go into a bunch of leaves. Iv'e
unlocked it, but I haven't used it yet. I plan to save it, because it
sounds good.

Ninja Armour: I just unlocked this, it looks good covering your body. If
your hit while wearing the armour, it will half the damage and round it
down. e.g: If your hit by a spear that takes off 15, it will round it
down to 7.

Dragons Breath: Use to spread fire around in front of you. This goes
about all the way of your front view. Good for multiple enemies. Watch
out, it takes a while to get ready so be carefull using it. Watch out
that no enemies hit you while using it or you'll lose it for good. I
haven't got it so I'm not sure how much damage it inflicts.

Ninja Rebirth: Once you die, you will be born again.

5- How to obtain Items
Most Items are scattered on levels. Usually hidden in a box in a secret
place, Here are where these are.
Note that North always points to the top of the map, just to make it

Scattered on levels:
    -The Gang of Theives-
Item: Poison Antidote
Location: It's found on the east side of the map on the roof of a ruined
   -Treason at Gohda Castle-
Item: Smoke Bomb
Location: It's on the third floor of the map under a staircase and a
flat area with an archer. There is a creaking floor near it.
    -Lord Toda's war camp-
Item: Grenade
Location: On the West side of the map, near the parts where you can't
get to (the forest) It should be guarded by a Red Ninja.
    -Demon Mountain-
Item: Poison Rice
Location: At the start, go across the bridge onto the other side, there
should be 2 guys there, kill them. Advance through this track and
between 2 big Raised points it should be there
    -Secret Harbour-
Item: Air Bottle
Location: I think it's along the West side of the map near the beach.
Try up high.
    -Temple of Dreams-
Item: Blowgun
Location: From the start, kill the first two enemies in the level, at
the second enemy, turn to your left (west) and go in the water. Keep
going underwater until you find a Little Temple. There should be a
underwater passage. Follow it and find the Blowgun NOT underwater.
    -Ninja Village Under Attack-
Item: Mine
Location: Look around the training area where you did your 'Basic
Control Practice' Near the trench and a pillar it will be.
    -The Kasern Caverns-
Item: Blinding Powder
Location: About 2/3 of the way through, you come up stairs, once you
come up, Turn back and Go behind where you came up. It should be there.

   -Mountain Bandits-
Item: Poison Antidote
Location: Near the end of the level, just before the two split ways,
Look east (While facing North) and it's on the floor of the ruined
   -Lady Kei in Danger-
Item: Grenade
Location: Find a way to the Northwest Courtyard near an innocent Maid.
Don't be seen. Get it when she's not looking.
   -To Save A princess-
Item: Blowgun
Location: It's on a hill, near the beggining on the east side of the
map. A guard should be looking around.
   -Kubon Island-
Item: From the beggining turn right instead of left and kill the guard
Patrolling. There will be a bit where you can climb up with your
grappling hook. Out here there is small islands, it's the back one that
contains the Air Bottle. If your still having trouble, it's in the
Northwest corner.
   -Island Fort-
Item: Poison Rice
Location: Somewhere in the level there is a well, find it and go down
it. Follow the water path to find the Poison Rice.
   -Quarrante Village-
Item: Smoke Bomb
Location: In the middle of the level, there's a three sided building,
look in there to see the box carrying the Smoke bomb. If your still
having trouble, it's near a potion.
    -Kasern Kaverns-
Item: Blinding Powder
Location: Follow the water down into the waterfall, go down into the big
water area. Check around in the Cavern Parts. There should be an
innocent man there.

I haven't Finished the game with Tatsumaru yet because Iv'e been too
busy writing the FAQ and Obtaining Grand Master Score.

Grandmaster Items:
Sleeping Gas---------------2 Grandmasters
Ninja Camoflague-----------4 Grandmasters
Explosive Arrows-----------6 Grandmasters
Vanishing Tree-------------10 Grandmasters
Ninja Armour---------------15 Grandmasters
Dragons Breath-------------20 Grandmasters
Ninja Rebirth--------------25 Grandmasters

All these count for Ayame and Rikimaru. e.g: If Rikimaru gets a
grandmaster on his 2nd Mission and Ayame gets a grandmaster on her 3rd
Mission, thats 2 grandmasters. Each Character has now 1 of the slleping
gas. But if you play with ayame and get 'Master Ninja' or 'Grand Master'
or 'Expert Ninja' her Sleeping gas will go up '1' or '2'.
Just for her, not Rikimaru. So to get more sleeping gas with Rikimaru,
get good scores with Rikimaru. Same with Tatsumaru.

6- Rikimaru Quick Walkthrough
Training is very simple. Just do the exercises if this is your first go
at the game. Follow the stairs up to the Training area and follow the
man's instructions. Do all the exercises and choose where your going to
go next. Lets do Sword fighting. Go to the east of the map and follow
the trail into the forest. Chop some bamboo trees and do the
instructions. Now practise stealth. Go into the forest ahead amd kill
the enemies in one stroke. Another words stealth. Make sure that the
other guy doesn't see you eliminate the first guy. Once done, turn back
and go out of the forest, head to your left to find the swimming
portion. Do all the exercises swimming. Next, the Shuriken throwing.
Find the area on a big hill (Not Shiunsi's House Hill). Throw the
Shurikens. once done, pick them back up and head to shiunsi's house for
your final test. His house is in the Northeast most house. (North is top
of the map remember). After the cutscene, go foward and kill the enmy
there. Continue using stealth the whole mission if your new. Now, lets
skip to the most Trickiest bit. There is a sign that reads up. This
literally means go up. If your trying to get Grandmaster, keep going
foward and kill the guy up there. Jump down into the water. When you get
out, take it easy, there is a guy just up looking in your direction
mostly. Use the phantom hiding teqnique (stealth in water, then when his
back is to you, Well... you know what to do. The end is the big door
near a guard. If you pass, you will be a true Azuma Ninja.
-----The Gang of Thieves-----
The first real mission. Your objective is to drive out the mountain
bandits from a town. As you start, there is a guy on a house sleeping
and if you keep going straitish when you start, you will come to a guy
on a roof. Also, theres another guy in the tall thing. Grab the poison
Antidote on the roof of a ruined house. It will be in a box. You have to
go to the Northwest corner to fight the boss.
-----Treason at Gohda Castle-----
You start off on the bottom floor. You must make it up to the top floor
of Gohda's Castle to finish the level. Around the start, look for the
staircase going up to the next part. Keep following the path around
until you see no entrance. Or is there an entrance. Slash the door with
your sword but be careful that the guard near doesn't see you, because
once it's open, theres nowhere to hide. If you slice it from the front,
your open. Explore all possible ways to go, it could get you grandmaster
if you eliminate all of the enemies. Also, watch out for creacking
floorboards. Pick up the Smokebomb on the floor before the last go up to
the last floor to see the movie clip and fight the boss.
-----Lord Toda's War Camp-----
A very easy mission for lots of people. Watch out for arches on the tall
lookout posts. Search red ninja's when dead, they might have some items
for you. Watch out. Iv'e found Red ninja's are better than all of the
other ones in this level. Don't forget to pick up the grenade. You have
to make it to the Big structure at the back of the camp. Kill the Guy
behind the structure if you want to get Granmaster status. There is a
boss on this level.
-----Demon Mountain-----
There is two ways to go at the beggining, You can either go acroos the
bridge, then into the water and come out the other side or Climb up the
mountain with your grappling hook. The first way is the way to pick up
the poison rice. If you go this way, there will be two ninja's, one to
you right and the other straight. Go for the one on the right first,
then the other guy. There is a fair amount of Demons on this mountain
and even a big bear. Kill him in stealth. Try covering the whole level
and eliminate everyone to get grandmaster. Lots of enemies have items on
them. Get to the Northeast part of the map to fight the boss. You will
have to use your grappling hook alot in this level.
-----The Secret Harbour-----
I find this hard to get Grandmaster, it took me about 2 hours to get it.
At the beggining, watch out for the spear guard. Pounce when he's going
back the opposite way, not when he's standing still. Watch out for guys
on hils. If theres not enough room between the ledge and the enemie and
your in that space, when you kill, it will be counted as a spot so be
careful when your eliminating him. He is near the beginning. Also, there
are about 5 guards on the beach so watch out. Also on the beach there
are smoke traps which if your smoked, you will be gargling for about 15
seconds. Don't stand in the one place to long on the beach. Watch out
for rifle guards and Use Stealth. Watch out for mines on this level.
They are on the beach. The 3 female ninja's will have some stuff for ya.
Make it to the big boat to beat the level. Go downstairs to fight the
-----The Temple of Dreams-----
This is my favourite level in the actual game. It is well built and is
crawling with enemies. The first enemy is in a little room just ahead of
the start and the next guy is on a raised section. From here to get the
blowgun, look to the west of the map and jump in the water. Swim over to
the other temple to get the blowgun. There are 2 guards patrolling this
little part, both are very easy to eliminate in stealth. Now if you go
back to the start, now take the right path. There should be 2 enemies
and a path that leads to the right. There are about 3 enemies on the
actual floor and 1 on the little island. There are hidden islands all
over this part. Don't forget to check roofs of the temple for people.
There is 2 innocent people and about 25 enemies on this level. This
makes it a bit easier to get grandmaster. Go to the last temple past the
water and boats to find The boss.
-----Ninja Village Under Attack-----
You start the level out front of Shiunsi's house. There's a guy on the
house roof in front of you so be very careful not to be seen. The ! will
come up staright away so just crouch and strike when he's not looking.
In the upstairs training area where you did your 'basic controls' there
is two enemies. One with claws and the other a female ninja. Where you
did your sword fighting practice in the forest, there is 3 people. One
patrolling near the waterfall, the other just near the edge near the
forest entrance, and 1 actually inside the Forest near the bamboo trees.
Near swimming there are 2 guys, one up high and the other near the
water. Kill all 15 enemies and the level will be completed.
-----In Pursuit-----
A tough level, ther is a guy at the start near a rock, eliminate him.
This is a very hard level to do and get Grandmaster. Be careful not to
be spotted unneccesary. Use stealth items such as Blowguns and stealth
camoflague if you,ve got them. Go to the North part of the map to
finish. At the end path, there are 2 guys patrolling near each other.
Save a few smoke bombs and shurikens for the boss. My best ranking is
just 'Ninja'. My worst with Rikimaru.
-----Kasern Caverns-----
First, go up then turn right into the water. Drop down and make your way
over to the land part. There will be an enemy looking your way because
the splash of the water. Hide using the 'Phantom' Technique.
Get up when the coast is clear. Kill the rest of the enemies around
here. Go back to the water area and go down the waterfall. It will take
you into a new part. The splash will alert enemies so be careful. There
is an archer straight head of you. He will be looking out when you use
your grappling hook to Climb up, once again 'because of the splasjing of
the water' Wait to the Ki meter reads ? before attacking. There should
also be another enemy in this water area. Get back up and go back to
where you where and go ontop of the cavern and go down the little path.
Watch out for the arrow trap. This part will be swarming with enemies.
Also, near the end there is about 4 guys if you go straight instead of
right. There is no boss in this level so use your items you colleceted
on the enemies.
-----The Sea Battle-----
The first part of the mission you are out at sea. Jump in the water and
kill the enemies on the boats. Be careful though, some boats contain
your allies, it doesn't matter if they spot you. Some boats have 2
enemies on them so be careful when eliminating one. The stealth kill cut
scene takes to much time here. Use the Foward sistep attack To kill,
this will still give you the stealth kill and doesn't take hardly any
time. Go to the second large ship to fight the boss. You can actually
see him on the ship. After the movie you will be placed on the ship. I
don't remember much of this level because the first time i did it I
scored the best rank, which is grandmaster. There is Ample number of
enemies on this, I think around about40. If you kill everyone, you can
be spotted a few times and still get grandmaster. Abyway back to the
mission. Everyone on this ship should be carrying items, so search their
bodies. Defenetly use your blowgun here. To finish you have to go to the
Southeast corner of the ship to fight the last boss.
7- Bosses for Rikimaru
Here are my best tactics for fighting all of Rikimaru's bosses:
Just hack into him with your combo, as soon as your done your combo,
just keep pressing attack. Don't let him get any chance to hit you or
use his smoke tactic. Shouldn't be a big problem to defeat. He doesn't
have much health so take advantage of that. You shouldn't even need to
use any weapons on him.
The boss on Treason at Gohda castle, the boss is secret. he has a big
sword and a gun that takes of 20 health off you. Never ever give him a
chance to use it! Always be on the attack. If you get to far away from
him and not do anything, he will pull out his gun and you will be dead
after 5 shots. To avoid being hit by bullets, sidestep real quickly.
Don't even give him a chance to use his sword. Just Hack into him. It's
probably not a good idea to use the smokebomb on him as you have to be
away or he will hit you, and if your away, he will shoot you and you
lose the smokebomb and 20 health (only if your trying to use the
smokebomb at the time he shoots you you loose it)
Use your grenade on him straight away if you picked it up. Always block
when he is winding up for an attack. He does alot of damage with his
combo. It's probably a good idea to use your weapons that you picked up
off the red ninja's. You should have about 2 shurikens. This can be used
to stun him so you can get closer and use your combo to knock him down.
When the first battle starts, escape. Run straight foward and make sure
he doesn't hit you. Turn around and start walking back (just hold down)
you will get to edge. Hang off it and he will look for you and fall to
the ground. Get up. He should be in a state of !?. Once up, use L1 to
aim with the grenades you picked up from the Demons and fire with
triangle. This should take off about 40 H.P or 50 H.P. Use all your
grenades doing this. He shouldn't of seen you now but he will still be
in confusion. Wait to his confused and got his back to you. Jump down
and use your combo on him. By now he is probably dead if you used all
you combo. If not just keep pounding him.
-----Some wierd name-----
The boss on the secret harbour. When the battle first beggins, use your
grenade you should of obtained from the female ninja on the beach. This
will knock him back onto the ground so you can get closer. Now, if
possible get behind him so you can do a full combo on his back. This
does alot of damage. If something goes wrong, lead him around the
pillars until he gets confused. Kepp going around until you get to his
back and use your full combo.
-----The Firfly Princess-----
This may be hard for some people. Start off by using items you picked up
from enemies in this level. You should have some shurikens and maybe
some grenades and blowguns. Start off by throwing your shurikens at her,
make sure she doesn't destroy them by blocking and make sure she doesn't
use her shurikens on you. Now use grenades if you have time, then just
pounce on her with your combo. Never give her the chance to attack you.
Finish her with A Forward rush attack.
Just reduce his health to about half. Do this any way you can. The best
way is with a smokebomb. Throw it, wait till the enemy Gargles, then
attack. He hardly blocks here, by the time there back up, they are still
gargling, use another combo. This should of done lots of damage.
A hard boss, that thing he holds in his hands is quick and painful so
watch out. Throw some surikens at him followed by some grenades and even
try to poison him if you have the chance. Defenately be prepared with
some weapons to face him. Don't just battle sword to sword, you will
lose unless your a super ninja like me (I'm kidding)
The first boss on the last level. Watch out for his nasty attack, and
when he uses it, block. There's a little step on the ship, you can
crouch behind it and get the boss to come over and use a crouch attack
(R1 + Square). This will knock him over. Keep doing it until you kill
the boss.
A tough boss. The first part is easy. Just fight normal, attacking then
blocking and throwing some shurikens.  Just battle to when the movie
clip comes in. The enemy will change weapons. By now you might want to
heal up. If youv'e got a potion, use a smoke bomb or caltrops to escape
so they cant hit you. Now use your heavy material, powerful combo's,
smoke bombs, grenades and any other thing that does damage.
8- Ayame Quick Walkthrough
Exactly the same as Rikimaru's. If you didn't get grandmaster then,
defenately go for it now. It your second try so you should get it.
The end is the big doors by a ninja.
-----Mountain bandits-----
The exact layout of Rikimaru's mission, but this time it's in night.
Some guards are sleeping here so it makes it a bit easier. There are
also, there is 5 more guards then Rikimaru's level, so check everywhere.
You have to get to the Northeast corner this time. Check all around
here, there is a hidden guy near a rock on the hill near the end, it
will fall down if you get directly in it's path, be careful this takes
off 40 health if your hit. You need to save some H.P for the boss.
-----Lady Kei in Danger-----
A hard level for grandmaster, just follow the paths inside the
buildings. Find the grenade in the northwest corner of the map near an
innocent women. Also, you'll notice Ladies with spears, their on your
side so don't hack the down. It doesn't matter if they see you. You have
to make it to the Northwest section of the map to complete the level.
(The end is inside a building not outside)
-----To Save a Princess-----
A stealth mission, hard for newcomers to the game who first started off
with Ayame. You cant be seen on this mission or you fail. There is 14
guards to contest with and you have to kill them all in stealth in order
to get grandmaster rank. Where you need to save the princess is in the
Southwest corner of the map in a hut. You will know if it's the right
hut because you can hear Kiku.
-----Kubon Island-----
At the start, instaed of going to the left, go to the right. Eliminate
the enemy and you'll notice that there is a part that can be accesable
up high with the grappling hook. Use it to get up there. You should now
be next to a rock that falls down a ramp. Stay out of it's path if
possible. There is a whole bunch of ialands here, explore them all and
kill the enemies. On the Northwest most island on the map, there is a
rifle guard, sometimes he is sleeping and other times he's not.
Eliminate him when he's not looking and try not to make a spalsh in the
water otherwise he will wake up. You will find the airbottle on this
island. Go back to the start now and go to your left. You will find a
guard on a small hill and another on a big raised bit near a falling
rock. Kill em both. There is plenty of enemies on this level and no
boss, but watch out for all the guards carrying rifles. The best way to
overcome guns is of course stealth. There is no boss on this level but
the falling rocks take off alot of your health. If your fully hit by
one, it takes off 40 health and alerts all the guards. There is about 4
of them in this mission so be careful. To get to the islands interior,
just follow the path around. Simple.
-----Island fort-----
This level is full of enemies to kill. There is one guy just straight
ahead of you at the start. The poson rice can be found if you go down a
well thats around somewhere in the level. You have to make it to the
area with fences with the trapped villagers to fight the boss. There is
a Claw ninja patrolling outside the entrance. Near the end you should go
back just to make sure you haven't missed any enemies.
-----The Quarrante Village-----
This level has got 15 guards in it, which means you can't be spotted
once and still get grandmaster. Strike when the enemy has there back to
you and don't harm any innocent people. The end is near an innocent man
and a gate with stairs leading up to the top house.
-----Cherry Tree Hill-----
Every ninja on this layout will probably have items, so search everyone
you kill. Use your blowgun as it will make this level alot easier and
you can refill your ammo for it by searching most female ninjas. The end
is the big cherry tree in the Northern part of the map.
-----In Pursuit------
Again, search everyone and defenately use stealth items. This is very
hard to get grandmaster on, and even if you kill everyone without being
spotted, you probably wont get past the boss, it is reall really hard.
Make it to the same part of the forest as Rikimaru (the northern path)
to finish the level. Be prepared for the boss fight.
-----The Kansern Caverns-----
The blinding powder is found in the big water area next to an innocent
man. Use Stealth to get past him but don't kill him as this hammers your
score. Also a potion can be found in the begging part, look behind you
to see a horse. There is sbout 3 enemies in this part with overlapping
cover. Use the Rush foward attack technique to save time to make sure
the other ninja's don't see you. Just about all enemies will have items
on them so search all dead bodies. The end is on your right near the 3
fences with a female ninja, archer and a ninja with claws roaming about.
-----The sea battle-----
Not as many enemies as Rikimaru's mission, but still quite easy to get
grandmaster. Just follow the ships path around to get to the Stairs
leading to the front of the ship. In one part there will be no path to
follow, but there is one. Use your grappling hook to get up to the main
floor with the stairs leading to the ship. There will be a statue of
Kagami near here.
9- Ayame Boss Tactics
A hard one for begginers if you chose to play as Ayame first. This is my
tactic: Use your Foward rush attack and keep using it, never get to
close because that hammer does some extreme pain. Block when he's about
to use it. Climb up the ladder to the  house if you have time. This
should put him in confusion if he doesn't follow. When he's confused and
has his back to you, jump down and do your full combo on him. Finish off
with Foward Rush attacks and combos.
Yet again, a hard one for begginers. Start off by using the grenade you
picked up against him. This should knock him down. Use your rush attack
move and major combos against him. He has a three hit combo, so watch
out for the last hit, then do your stuff, block then attack, block then
attack, block then attack. Simple. You only have to get his health down
to about half.
-----Wang Dahi----
Not a veyr tough boss but watch out for the last hit of his combo. It
looks like he is finished and spinning around, but he's not finished, he
does a major hit. Block it then use your combo on him. Don't give him a
chance to get you. You can also use the items you picked up from the
claw enemies to hurt him more.
-----Snake, Slug and Toad-----
An enjoyable battle. Just start off by avoiding them and hide behind
something. Let one come up to you at a time and then use your full
combo. Watch out for the guy who has the big axe. You could get them all
to come to you and get them to hit you, but block. They will probably
hit their mates and reduce health. You caltrops when escaping.
-----The white tiger-----
The hardest battle in the game. This one is tough. The tiger never gives
you a chance to attack before each pounce. Never let it get behind you
or on your side. At the beginning, use all your damage items suck as
Shurikens, grenades, Arrows. Also use a smoke bomb to make it gargle and
use a combo on it. This is a very effective way. For this boss, try to
have about 3 smoke bombs, 5 Shurikens, 2 Flaming Arrows and at least 2
Use the same tactic I listed for Genbu. The only difference now about
this boss is that you have to kill him fully, he's got the same amout as
health as before. But now you have better items. Get him to chase you
around the pillars and then attack him from behind. Also, you could use
a smokebomb and a combo twice to hammer his health down 50 H.P, but save
some for the next secret boss.
This boss is very quick, so be careful when trying to use smokebombs and
healing. Try to use a smoke bomb and then a major combo to knock him
down. Get behind him while down, then when he gets back up, use another
combo on his back. He can't block these. Use a blowgun dart to finish
him off if youv'e got low health.

Here are my best boss tactics:
1: Use a smoke bomb and do a major combo twice on them.
2: Get behind the enemy facing there back and do a combo that they can't
3: Knock them over and get behind there back.
4: Use foward rush attacks
5: Use damage items then finish with combos.
6: Keep on pounding them and don't give the enemy time to hit you.
7: Block then attack, block then attack, block then attack.
8: Use behind attacks.
9: Get them confused and then get behind there back and use a full comb.
10: Get up to a high place and jump and use an attack.

If you have any boss tatcics, send them to me at azzbake@yahoo.com.au
and I will thank you for sending them in and put your name by it.

10- Mission Editor
A great new feature for Tenchu 2. You can make your own missions and
trade will friends who have Tenchu 2. You can also trade over the
internet use a Dexdrive. You put the memory card in the slot and
download the missions into your memory card. I haven't got one.

Anyway, here are the locations for mission editor and the bosses.

Village: Boron
Town: Garan
Dojo: Gohda Motohide
Castle: Toda Yoshisada
Mountain: Kamadoma
Lake: Suzuki
Shipwreck: Kagami
Bamboo forest: Byakko
Cavern: Genbu
Island: Wang Dahai
Office: Shiunsai
Europien Castle: Shiunsai

-The menu-
When making a new mission, here is the menu and what it means.
Title: Make a title for your mission. Call it whatever you want up to 30
Who created the level, you could put your name here or make up a funny
name. e.g: I.P Freely.
Make a password for your level. I never use one.
Set a layout for your mission, it could be anywhere from a mountain to a
cavern or shipwreck.
Choose the objective in the mission, eg steal or assasinate
Choose the character that this mission has to be done with or it can be
done with anyone.
:Time limit:
Choose a time limit from 30 seconds to 20 minutes, or just leave it as
If  you are really good at stealth missions, you could put a stealth
rule on it. If your seen the mission will end.

-Assasinate: All you have to do is find the boss and kill him. You don't
have to kill all the other guys, but is fun to anyway
-Eliminate: Kill evey enemy on the map including the boss. This is
harder than Assasinate and most over objectives.
-Retrieve: Find all of the 3 missing tomb's of the azuma sect, they can
be with enemies or just lying on the floor.
-Steal: Find the enemies secret message and bring it to your lord.
-Protect: Find Gohda Matsunoshin and lead him to Sekiya Naotada. You can
place both of them when making a mission.
-Seek out: Find your master, you don't have to kill anyone if you don't
want to, unless there in your way.

**Time limit**
Use this to put a time limit on your level,
It can be from 30 seconds which is really really hard to 20 minutes,
which is easy if it's a good level. Try to avoid putting in a time limit
between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, this will make it too hard to do in
such little time. Also, try to never put a stealth mission with time,
because once again, too hard. A good time limit for a normal level is
about 11 minutes.

If you put this on, you can't be seen during the mission. It will be
very hard to accomplish if you have all the enemies your alowed and/or
the objective eliminate and/or a time limit. Avoid all those things when
using stealth. If your seen during a stealth mission, you will fail.
Kill secretly and make sure no one sees you do it. I never do stealth
missions because there to hard for me.

Choose a layout that your mission is going to be maid on. Choose from 10
different places. Some of them are: Castle, Town, Mountain, Cavern,
Shipwreck, Forest and a European castle. My favourite is either Island
or Mountain, there both very good.

Choose a specific character that tyhe level has to be played with or it
can just be played with all 3. This can make a good level is some cases,
like in European castle, the boss is Shiunsai, so you could just put
Tatsumaru as the character and make him kill Shiunsai, just like in the
real game.

Run mission levels

There are afew mission in run mission that Azuma Shiunsai has pre maid.
All of them are in dojo to start with. As you progress through the game,
you will unlock new levels made by Shiunsai. Here are all the levels
made by shiunsai and a tiny hint where the objective is unless it's
Stealth or Eliminate.
--Shiunsai's first test--
Objective: Assainate
Hint: Not all the walls go up as far as you think.
--Shiunsai's second test--
Objective: Protect
Hint: You can get on top of most walls here
--Shiunsai's third test--
Objective: Seek out
Hint: I'm no good at stealth missions so I can't help you here
--Shiunsai's fourth test--
Objective: Eliminate
 Read the top part
--Shiunsai's final test--
Objective: Steal
Hint: Go along looking at every room.
--Into the enmeies Lair--
Objective: Retrieve
Hint: I'm no good at stealth missions so I can't help.
--The Demon Encampment--
Objective: Eliminate
Hint: The boss is on top of water
--Washed ashore--
Objective: Steal
Hint: Near a rocky part
--The Depths of despair--
Objective: Seek out
Hint: Near Genbu
--The howling wind--
Objective: Eliminate
hint: go underwater to get to the boss
--A moonless night--
Objective: Assasinate
Hint: Near the middle of the map

Watch out on the last 2 levels, most the enemies have more health than
you. The 2 easiest levels are Town and village. See tips for the mission
editor to make these a bit harder.
Some other facts about the mission editor:
-Each time you beat a specific level in the game, you get a new setting
for mission editor and a new mission from master shiunsai.
-There is a secret code to get the office level.
Complete the game with tutsumaru to obtain the Euroipean castle setting.

Mission editor F.A.Qs I've recieved:
Q: Is there a way to unlock the Office level without cheating?
A: No, the only way is to use the code.

Q: How can you make a part where you cant jump over or use your
grappling hook, but still not be high enough to be a big wall?
A: Use a very high staircase or incline. The grappling hook cant catch
onto the ledge part and a superjump or normal jump wont reach it if it's
high. There is one way to get over it but no one will figure it out. If
anyone knows the answer, E-mail me the answer at azzbake@yahoo.com.au
and I'll put your name in here.

Q: Is there a way to get different items to take with you on mission
editor, Caltrops and Rice are useless, the only good things are the
A: I'm sorry but no, you can't. You will just have to get use to using
all the items there. You get 5 of each which is better than the actual

Q: I'm no good at stealth missions, what are some tactics?
A: I've got a list of tatics in this section, look around.

Q: How can you make it tht you have to fight a boss, I want it so that
it's like the real game, you have to fight him instead of killing him in
one hit, I think thats boring.
A: First, make one path to get to the boss, not 2 or 3 or 4 ways, just
1. Now, Place him at the back of the room, press O to get him facing the
way of the path leading in, then press R1 to set his path and make 7
second pauses always to the way coming in.

"Tips and Tactics"
**Tips to make a hard and easy level**
-----To make a level harder, try these things-----
-Use all the enemies. Make it hard to finish without fighting lots of
-Use Eliminate and put every enemy in the level, this will make it
-Put 2 archeres surronding the boss, a triple battle will make it
-Start off in a battle, Put a sword guy facing you from behind and set
his path looking at you for 7 seconds, again, even harder.
-Make the boss at the start, put him behind you, him facing you and the
path setting make a 7 second pause looking at you, if there quick, they
will get a big combo on ya.
-Make a bit where you have to loose health, put a narrow rock water path
that takes a while to get out from, make it narrow and swirly so it
doesn't take up too space on your map.
-Put both stealth and a time limit on your level, no one will complete
it, Unless their a true Azuma Ninja.
-Make a 3 part pitfall where you can just make it over by a hairpiece.
-Raise the land, leave the next piece normal size ground and then put 3
pitfalls so it looks like you have to jump across 4 pitfalls when you
can just jump down onto the land in the next piece. (You wont be able to
see the land from the high part unless you use the L1 camera mode)
-Make 2 steep inclines, then 2 steep inclines leading down, then place a
pitfall in the next bit of land. The pitfall will be hard to see if
there going quickly down the hill.
-Make a maze, like in the bamboo forest, use the high snow block and
make a maze, usually three ways to go is the best.
-If you make a maze, put a guy in one of the narrow paths so you have to
fight him in such a narrow place where you can hardly see whats going
-Make a high incline stair and use it as a wall (Make the high bit point
up), the hook wont reach it and neither will the normal jump or
superjump, but there is one way to get over it, if you know, e-mail me
at azzbake@yahoo.com.au
-Make afew underwater vortex and put a high rock water next to them,
leaving just a little path they have to go across underwater and if they
touch the vortexes, they die.

Do you know any other, please send them into me and I'll put it on this
FAQ. My email is azzbake@yahoo.com.au

-----To make a level easier-----
-Only use half of the enemies you are given, about 8 will make it easy
-Use an easy layout with enemies that have only 40 health, both village
and town enemies only have forty.
-Use the easiest objective, seek out or assasinate.
-Don't make any high walls, just make it one big part.
-Make various hiding spots to hide in the level so you can get enemies
in stealth without using combat where you might lose health.
-Only put archer in, this will make the level super easy, archers can't
block, so use your full combo on a archer that has forty health and he
will just be dead.
-Don't put a time limit on the level.
-Don't put stealth on.
-Make the boss easy to find.
-On objectives such as Steal and Retrieve, you don't have to put the
boss in. He will automatically appear on the screen, just press Triangle
on him/her to get rid of him/her.

**Using Stealth**
If you are on a stealth mission, and you see a guy, you need to know
when should I attack and where should I be?
Follow these steps.

1)When your Ki meter reaches 30, at least get your sword out.
2)Now, just tread carefully untill you have a rough idea  where the
enemy is.
3)Hide behind a wall so you can see the enemy.
4)If there's a closer wall where the enemy can't see you, go there.
5)Wait until he has his back to you, but make sure you get him quickly
so he doesn't turn around right into you
6)If there are multiple guys, use your rush attack method and eliminate
them quickly. This saves you alot of time
7)If a guy turn around straight into you and your next to him, quikly
hit square, it will probably do the stealth kill where the blade goes
right up the enemies body or the one where he breaks all there bones.
(With Rikimaru)

--Tenchu 3 Mission Editor--
For Tenchu 3 mission editor, all these things should be included:
- Two player missions.
- Take weapons that you choose on missions.
- Write your own mission briefing
- Different enemies
- A cut scene movie where you have to fight the boss instead of killing
  them in stealth.
- Better layouts with more pieces.
- Choose the enemy's health and A.I
- Place healing potions and other weapons throughout the level.
- Double floors, E.G a floor on top of another one.

11- Enemy Health
The enemies on the levels:
Note: H.P means hit points which is health.
Boss: Motohide
motohide soldier spear: 50 H.P
motohide soldier sword: 50 H.P
motohide soldier bow: 50 H.P
Boss: Toda Yoshisada
Toda soldier sword: 65 H.P
Toda soldier spear: 65 H.P
Toda soldier bow: 65 H.P
Soldier sword: 40 H.P
Soldier spear: 40 H.P
Soldier bow: 40 H.P
Soldier sword: 40 H.P
Soldier bow: 40 H.P
Vigilante: 40 H.P
Demon ninja sword: 70 H.P
Demon ninja cythe: 70 H.P
Demon ninja bow: 70 H.P
--Bamboo forest--
Demin ninja sword: 80 H.P
Demon ninja cythe: 80 H.P
Demon ninja bow: 80 H.P
Female ninja shortsword: 80 H.P
Female ninja claws: 80 H.P
Snake soldier Sword: 90 H.P
Snake soldier cythe: 90 H.P
Snake soldier bow: 90 H.P
Female ninja shortsword: 90 H.P
Female ninja claws: 90 H.P
Chinese guard sword: 90 H.P
Chinese guard gun: 90 H.P
Chinese guard tigerfork: 90 H.P
Watchmen spear: 100 H.P
Crow ninja sword: 110 H.P
Crow ninja cythe: 110 H.P
Crow ninja bow: 110 H.P
Crow ninja sword: 110 H.P
Crow ninja cythe: 110 H.P
Crow ninja bow: 110 H.P
Female ninja shortsword: 90 H.P
Female ninja claws: 90 H.P

12- Combat
**Facing Sword guys**
In allout attack against a sword guy, use your full combo to knock him
down, when he attacks you, walk back. Sometimes his hit won't even reach
you. If you know it's not, move foward during the last part of his
second attack and get a full combo on him.

**Facing Scythes**
Get your combo on him first, but don't always use all of it, this can
leave you very vulnerable for his combo. Defenately block his combo,
then attack, block then attack, block then attack. Never let him get
behind you, if he does, use your reverse attack.

**Facing bows**
If a ninja bow guy aims at you, use your sidestep move to get out the
way, they can only aim and fire at the one spot, once they have loaded,
they can't change there position to shoot at. Avoid their bows and go
right up to them and use your full combo. They can't block your hits, so
enjoy hacking them up.

**Facing Shortswords**
Only female ninja's have these, watch out, those swords are quick. Here,
use your rush foward attack always, if you get close to her, don't use a
crouch attack, it takes too long and she will hit you, just use your

**Facing Gunmen**
Defenately if you have the chance, get them always in stealth. If you do
get into battle with them, just keep on using your comb, never give them
a chance to use that gun, it's very painful. In five shots, you will be

**Facing a bow and another enemy**
The bow guy will probably hide back, when he fires, sidestep out the way
and let the other enemy take the bow, now that he's stunned, use your
combo. Then sidestep out the way again because the archer has reloaded.
If possible, kill the archer and then deal with the other guy.

13- Grandmaster Status
Evceryone that has Tenchu 2 wants to become the best at it, to become
the best, you must obtain Grandmaster. You also need to obtain
grandmaster to get new items and weapons, here is my rank on each level:
Training: Grandmaster
The Gang of thieves: Grandmaster
Treason at Gohda Castle: Grandmaster
Lord Toda's war camp: Grandmaster
Demon Mountain: Grandmaster
Secret Harbour: Grandmaster
Temple of Dreams: Grandmaster
Ninja Village under attack: Grandmaster
In pursuit: Ninja
Kasern Caverns: Grandmaster
The Sea Battle: Grandmaster

10 Granmasters with Rikimaru

Training: Grandmaster
The mountain Bandits: Grandmaster
Lady Kei in Danger: Grandmaster
To Save a Princess: Grandmaster
Kubon Island: Grandmaster
The Island Fort: Grandmaster
The Quarrantine Village: Master Ninja
Cherry Tree Hill: Grandmaster
In Pursuit: Ninja
Kasern Caverns: Expert Ninja
The Fire Demon: Grandmaster

8 Grandmasters with Ayame

Shadow: Expert Ninja
Head of Lord Toda: Thug

0 Grandmasters with Tatsumaru

Here is what order of Levels I got grandmaster in:

1) R: The Sea Battle
2) R: Training
3) R: Temple of Dreams
4) A: Training
5) A: The Islnad fort
6) R: The gang of thieves
7) A: Cherry Tree Hill
8) R: Treason at Gohda Castle
9) R: Lord Toda's War Camp
10)A: Kubon Islandd
11)A: Lady Kei in danger
12)R: The Secret Hrabour
13)A: The fire Demon
14)R: Demon Mountain
15)R: Ninja Village under attack
16)R: Kasern Caverns
17)A: Mountain Bandits
18)A: To Save a princess
19)T: Larbour Shortage      got grandmaster 16/7/02
20)T: The Final Dawn        got grandmaster 16/7/02

As you can see, Iv'e got 20 Grandmaster ranks and I hope to build on it
more by the end of this FAQ.

How to get Grandmaster:
The key to getting Grandmaster is: Get through the level trying not to
be seen and killing all the enmies in the level. If there is more than
15 enemies and you kill them all, you can afford to get spotted afew
            To obtain Grandmaster status:
09 enemies: Get spotted 0 times and kill 09 enemies
10 enemies: Get spotted 0 times and kill 10 enemies
11 enemies: get spotted 0 times and kill 11 enemies
12 enemies: Get spotted 0 times and kill 12 enemies
13 enemies: Get spotted 0 times and kill 13 enemies
14 enemies: Get spotted 0 times and kill 14 enemies
15 enemies: Get spotted 0 times and kill 14 enemies
16 enemies: Get spotted 0 times and kill 15 enemies
17 enemies: Get spotted 1 times and kill 17 enemies
18 enemies: Get spotted 1 times and kill 17 enemies
19 enemies: Get spotted 2 times and kill 18 enemies
20 enemies: Get spotted 2 times and kill 19 enemies
21 enemies: Get spotted 2 times and kill 20 enemies
22 enemies: get spotted 3 times and kill 20 enemies
23 enemies: Get spotted 3 times and kill 21 enemies
24 enemies: Get spotted 4 times and kill 21 enemies
25 enemies: Get spotted 4 times and kill 22 enemies
26 enemies: Get spotted 5 times and kill 23 enemies
27 enemies: get spotted 5 times and kill 23 enemies
28 enemies: Get spotted 6 times and kill 24 enemies
29 enemies: Get spotted 6 times and kill 27 enemies
30 enemies: Get spotted 7 times and kill 27 enemies
31 enemies: Get spotted 8 times and kill 28 enemeis
32 enemies: Get spotted 8 times and kill 28 enemies
33 enemies: Get spotted 8 times and kill 29 enemeis
44 enemies: Get spotted 11 times and kill 38 enemies

If you kill 18 enemies on a level that has 21, and you only got spotted
1 time, you will probably still get Grandmaster status. All the last
column is stealth kills eg and kill 23 enemies (In Stealth)

Here is roughly the amount of enemies on each of the levels:
(Not including bosses)

Training: 9
Gang of thieves: 10
Treason at Gohda castle: 15
Lord Toda's war camp: 13
Demon Mountain: 20
Secret Harbour: 16
Temple of Dreams: 26
Ninja Village Under Attack: 15
In Pursuit: 18
The Kansern Caverns: 18
The Sea Battle: 44
Training: 9
Mountain Bandits: 12
Lady Kei in Danger: 14
To Save a Princess: 13
Kubon Island: 24
Island Fort: 28
Quarrantine Village: 14
Cherry Tree Hill: 15
In Pursuit: 18
Kansern Caverns: 15
The Fire Demon: 23
14- Tips and Tactics to get a good score
Use all this information to become a great Grandmaster. In no time you
will be one of the greats of Tenchu 2.
Some more hints getting Grandmaster:

-Sometimes, enemies dissapear in levels, you don't know where they are.
I suggest near the end of the level go back and seek out those guys who
dissapeared. Only on a few levels it does this, the one it does it on
the most is the Temple of Dreams.

-On some leveles, such as Quarrantine Village, Temple of Dreams there
are enmies on roofs.

-Slip by innocents using a camoflague or when they are looking the other
way or find another path to go around them. If your seen, it counts as a
spot so watch out.

-Use stealth weapons on hard levels, use blowguns and the stealth
camoflague. On the last 5 missions with Ayame, you can Replinsh your
blowgun ammo so don't be afraid to use it on hard missions.

-When enemies are sleeping, use your crounch attack to kill them,
because the attack comes from the bottom to the top.

-Watch out for enemies overlapped, kill one with your rush foward attack
and hide, the other guy will come to the body and be confused. Once he
goes back to normal, he will start heading back to his spot with his
back to you, kill him now.

-With Ayame, you can move very quickly with your swords out. Use the
Rush Foward move to get to the enemy quicker. This is much more quicker
than moving with your sword out.

-Don't use shurikens to kill people, they make the enemy confused, and
when they die, it will only be counted as a Normakl Kill.

-In levels with town setting, hide on roofs and look down at the enemy,
he will not see you. But watch out, enemies hide on roofs as well.

-After your seen, use caltrops to escape, then hide. Once the enemy is
back into normal mode, kill him with stealth. It gets you 20 points
instead of using a normal kill which only gives you 5 points.

-Be quick about terminating an enemy, to it quickly and stealthy so they
don't turn around into you.

-Watch an enemies path where they go so you can work out the right time
to strike.

-Never kill innocent people, they cost you 150 points. This is about the
equivilent of 8 stealth kills or 30 normal kills, except the innocent is
- and the other kills is +.

-Stealth kill earns you quadruple more than a normal kill, so kill in

-Hide on a ledge by hanging on to it where the enemy can't see you, when
he has his back facing you, kill him or her. This is best done on Demon
Mountain where there are high ledges.

-In water, use the underwater hiding method to hide in the water, this
is best done in The Kansern Caverns in the first area, all the guards
will be alerted so this is a good method, same with Rikimaru's final
mission, The Sea Battle.

-In levels with no innocent people, if you think you have killed
everyone but not sure, walk into water or walk through warning bells, if
thee are enmies, your Ki meter will come up !?. If there is no enemies,
it will stay blank. If a level has innocent people, they show up on your
Ki meter as !?

-Innoicents show up on your Ki meter, so don't mistake them for an enemy
or you will be thumped with a heavy penalty.

-Hide behind walls that are close to the enemy, make sure they don't
come past or you will be in for a shock.

-Use the rush foward attack to kill quickly, this doesn't waist much
time than the movie clip.

-Wolfs can also see you, kill them in stealth as well, or, just throw 1
shuriken, both only count as a Normal kill anyway (Wolf's only have 15
health, the bears have more)

-All animals you kill contribute to your score, such as wolf's and

-If your outnumbered 2 to one, use a blowgun to get rid of 1 in stealth.
I've never come across a situation where there is 3 people surrounding
the same spot.

-Watch out for killing enemies on inclines, this can sometimes only
count as a Normal kill or a spot or Both

-Try not to let your friends kill any enemies for you, such as the level
Ninja Village Under Attack where there is 2 of your friends that help

-In Tatsumaru's 3rd level 'Labour Shortage', the cat on the roof can't
be killed, but it can see you but not give away your position (Because
this is a stealth mission only animals can see you and you get off
without the mission ending)

-Search everyone on The last 6 missions as they all will probably have
items for you if you have unlocked the item yet or found it hidden in a

15- Ki Meter and bar
You could never become a Grandmaster at the game if you didn't have
this, this meter tells you how close the enemy is and also what he is
feeling. Here are the feelings of your enemy:

?- 	Normal, the nemy hasn't seen you and is going about his path as
	normal. Approach quietly when his back is to you for a stealth
	kill. This will be the most common picture on your meter.

!?-   The enemy is confused, you might of made a splash or ran away
	from where he could see you. Back away for awhile until the meter
	turns back to ? to get a stealth kill.

!-    The enemy senses something, it doesn't know what but can just see
	you but is not sure, he may come towards you on ground, if this
	happens, roll back afew times. If the enemy is ontop of a bit
	where he can't move foward, duck.

!!-   The enemy knows your there, you have to fight him, he will come
	over to you if he is a archer, others will come to fight you, you
	can run off and hide to still have a chance of a stealth kill, or
	just fight them.

On bosses, !! will be on your meter when fighting, this doesn't count as
a spot. When it turns to !?, then boss is now confused. Use a full combo
to hurt him badly.
Also on thimeter, it tells you how close the enemy is to you, but it
only tracks 1 person at a time, the closest person to you it tracks.

|            |            |          |            |
0            25          50         75           95
Note: This is not the Ki meter, it's just the differnet numbers and a
guide to what they mean:

     0= this wont even show up on your meter, whwn blank, there is no
one near you.
     1-20= some one is around somewhere, track them down, go the
direction where the meter gets bigger in numbers.
     25= At least get your sword out
     35= You can probably just see the enemy now, but he can't see you.
	   You can just see the outline in the darkness
     45= If the enemy is looking directly at you, back off abit, roll.
     65 or higher= The enemy is very close to you, if you can't see
him, he could be around the other side of something or he is
under you if you are on a roof.

Other things on the bar is your health. If your health is at 100, that's
the most it can be. If you use a potion, it will go back to 100.
If you are hit by a spear that takes off 15 H.P, your health will be
reduced to 85. If your health gets down to 0, the game is over and you
lose. To avoid losing health, use stealth to kill everyone, except the
boss, you have to fight them in combat. Healing potions are found in
levels, they will restore your health, here are where some potions are:


treason at Gohda Castle:
 Ther is a potion in the third floor near a guard just looking around.
Search around here.

The Secret Harbour:
Try on the north part of the ship in a basket.

Ninja Village Under Attack:
In the upstairs training area there is one, look around here where you
found the mine.

Kasern Caverns:
It is found in 2 piled sand bags together.


The Quarrantine Village:
it can be found next to the smokebomb near the middle.

The Kasern Caverns:
Near the beggining near a horse statue and a guard.

these are only some of the potions, there are probably more, but these
are the ones that I know about. If you know any more, please tell me. My
e-mail is at the top of the page.

Amother thing on your meter is your underwater oxygen. You have plenty
of this, but if you start to run out rapidly and can't get up, use an
air bottle (Still, you probably wont need to use it)

16- People's FAQs
Q: Is Ayame better than Rikimaru?

A: I don't think so, I always use Rikimaru, his sword is better.
Everyone has different opinions of this game, Ayame can move faster but
Rikimaru is better. Even Tatsumaru is great.
Q: Can I drag bodies?

A: Yes, hold down R1 at a dead enemies head and also hold O down as
well. Now use the D-Pad to move the body. If you hit a wall while
dragging, you will lose control of the body.
Q: How do unlock Tatsumaru?

A: Just beat the game with Rikimaru and Ayame to unlock him and get his
7 missions. Play as the enemy. (SP)
Q: I'm having lots of Trouble fighting Churro the big White Tiger in
Ayame's level 'In Pursuit', how did you get past it?

A: I took me ages to do, it was so hard. First, in the battle, I threw 8
Shurikens at it, most gotten from enemies. This reduced it's health by
half. Then, I used and explosive arrow followed by a somkebomb and a
full comb. I kept using smokebombs and combo's until it was dead. I took
me about 6 goes. Never let that tiger get behind you, it takes of 20 per
pounce and doesn't give you time to escape. This is the hardest battle
of the game.
Q: Is there a possible way to get Tatsumaru's sword out and keep it out?

A: Yes, but it's very hard to do., I read in a few places that you could
but I can't remember how.
Q: Does Tenchu 2 take place before Tenchu 1

A; Yes, anyone who brought the game properly and has the back cover
would know, it said.
Q: At the end of Tenchu, Rikimaru got crushed, but it says that Tencu 2
happened BEFORE Tenchu 1, so does this mean that Rikimaru isn't going to
be in Tenchu 3?

A: Rikimaru is in Tenchu 3
Q: I wish Tatsumaru could be back in Tenchu 3, that will be cool?

A: Well, maybe they will revive a new Ccharacter, Rikimaru is in it, so
why not Tatsumaru, I think he is really cool as well
Q: How many squares of land can the superjump make?

A: Only 3, and only just.
Q: Why is Ayame's voice different in Tenchu 2?

A: Because she is younger and her voice is played by different people,
in this one her voice is played by Debbie West
Q: Can you lose health from falling from high places?

A: You probably already know that you can't, don't you love being a
Q: What things do you think should be included in Tenchu 3?

A: In think all these things:
- 2 Player
- Mission Editor
- Better Music
- A new character
- More layouts
- Easier way to get grandmaster
- New stealth kills, the one where Rikimaru just slits the enemies
throat is very boring.
- Kill from the shadows (Darkness where the enemies can't see you
- 2 player missons

That is about all
Q: When Tatsumaru loses his memory, wouldn't he lose his combo as well,
he couldn't remember the same hits exactly?

A: Well, it would probably be too hard to make another combo up for him.
it would take up too much more of the disc to have 2 different sets, 1
for 2 levels and the other for 5 levels (where he loses his memory)
Q: Which is the hardest missions to get grandmaster on?

A: Rikimaru: 'In Pursuit' is the hardest
   Ayame: 'In pursuit' and 'The Kansern Caverns'
   Tatsumaru: 'A Sahdow' 'The Head of lord Toda' and 'Guarding the
   Secret harbour'
   Those are the missions I think are the hardest to achieve the rank.
Q: What is Tatsumaru's swords name, the same sword that used to be Azuma

A: It's call the Izoyowe, I'm not sure if that is the spelling, but
that's close enough.
Q: Can you jump off walls?

A: Yes, jump into a wall, and press X to jump back off of it, this can
also be done at a place where you can't get to, like in mission editor,
the black space around the outside
Q: Is Tenchu 3 on Playstation 1?

A: I'm afraid not, it's on Playstation 2.
Q: What do the codes mean that you get when you finish a mission editor

A: Nothing, they where going to do a online contest with the codes to
prove what score you got in the levels, and how good you are at stealth,
but the contest never happened and they just left the codes there.
17- Glitches
These are all the Glitches iv'e come acroos:

- Tatsumaru keeps his sword out, usually he puts it back in it's spot,
the sword holder. While it is out, you can't use it in your normal comb,
but if you do a left side attack or a Rush foward attack, it will use
the sword and put it back in the slot.

- In some situations, during a stealth kill cutscene, it stops and like
kills the guy again, so it shows him dying twice, this uasually happens
because something is in the way of your movement back. This could be
anything from a hill to a wall.

- People disappear in levels, this mostly happens in Mission editor, but
still happens in the normal game. The mission that it does it on the
most is the temple of dreams. I'm not sure what the cause of this is.

- When in mission editor, if there is a large raised but surrounded by
pitfalls and a guy on the raised point, if you kill him, sometimes you
fall of the edge of the pitfall.

- This has only happened once to me, I made a little maze in the setting
Caverns, In one of the ways to go, I put pitfalls and over them was
trapdoors. When playing the mission, there was only pitfalls, but when I
walked onto it, the trapdoor made a sound but you couldn't see it.

- Whwn I killed a lady soldier on the shipwreck level, the body was
killed on an incline and the body kept moving along the grounnd while

18- Funny Stuff

While playing Tenchu 2, alot of funny stuff has happened to me, here are
a few of them:

- I always laugh when a archer lines up for his shot, then fires but
misses the character and hits one of his friends instead.

- I made a level with mission editor, then played it. Near the end I put
a Tiger fork guard surround by a few pitfalls. I went up to him and I
attacked, anyway he blocked all of my 3 attacks and the force pulled him
back causing him to fall down the pitfall, you would hear this 'I'll
find you' and then Ahhhh. It's halarious.

- I had to verse about 4 guys at once on mission editor, of course I
didn't win, I died and when I fell to the ground, all the guys did a
little victory dance to celebrate there victory. The archers looked
funny. Even bosses do this.

19- Cheat codes

This section is for all the people who can't finish the game and want to
cheat. Anyway, here are some cheat codes from the internet:

All Missions
On the character/level select screen cycle down to a level that you
haven't unlocked, then hold down SQUARE and press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN,
then release square then hold CIRCLE and press UP, DOWN.

Full Map
In game, hold down SELECT to bring up the map, then hold R1 and press
CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE. Now, you can see the full map.
*Note 1*

Restore Health
While in game, press START to pause the game, then hold CIRCLE and press
LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN. Your health will now be back up to full.
*Note 2*

All Itemas avaliable
On the item selection screen, press R2, L2, R2, L2. Then hold SELECT and

One Extra Item
On the item select menu, hold down R1 + O and press RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT,

20- Tatsumaru Walkthrough
Finally, here is my walkthrough for Tatsumaru, after a long hard fight,
I finally did it!

STOP: If you are reading this section of the FAQ/WALKTHROUGH and haven't
even finished the game with Rikimaru or Ayame, go no farther. It
contains serious spoiling.

-----A Shadow-----
The first guy in this level is up a staircase looking hill to your left
. Eliminate him when his back is to you. Next, use your grappling hook
to climb onto the roof and go into the next courtyard. There will be 2
guards, not real close though, eliminate them both. The end is the tall
building that you need to climb to the top of with your grappling hook.
Watch out for the red ninja's on roofs. Killing ninja's on roofs can
sometimes only be a Normal kill, I don't know why, but it must be a
glitch or something. Also, only the red ninja's will have items for you
to take.
-----The head of Lord Toda-----
A hard mission, I don't really know much about this level, only that it
is the same layout as Rikimaru's 'Toda's War Camp' and Ayame's 'To save
a princess'. I just ran through the level not caring about being spotted
or anything. Just get to the same part where you got to with Rikimaru to
fight the hard boss. There are alot of enemies with spears  on this
level and they can inflict lots of damage from a far away attack, like
rikimaru's rush forward attack.
-----Labor Shortage-----
All you have to do in this levl is kill all the vigilante men (the guys
with the spears). No one else. If lady's see you, it's mission over. The
only things you can be seen by are the cat and dog, the cat is on a roof
across the bridge and the dog is by the house on the hill. If you get
seen by the cat or the dog, you can't get a grandmaster score if you
finish the level. There is about 8 guys on the first part before the
bridge. Finish the level without being seen by a cat and a dog and you
easily get grandmaster score. First time I finished the level, I got
grandmaster. The best tactics for this level is to hide on roofs and
jump down after you have mastered their path.
-----Guarding the Secret Harbour-----
A easy mission, but hard to get granmaster. As you start, go forward, on
your left will be a guy on a raised section, eliminate him. Sweep the
beach of all the guys, just eliminate everyone on the level and you will
automatically finish and you will be taken back to the boat.
-----No Mercy-----
You are now at the quarrantie village, you have to eliminate all the
guards protecting the village, kill all of lord toda's men to finish the
level, don't kill all the sick people, your job is to attack the village
but killing the innocent sick people is Kagami's job. There is 2 types
of innocents in this level. Kill eveyone, they are swarming around the
village. Once you have done that, you will automatically be taken to the
hill and see the cruel end of level cutscene.
-----Attack on the Ninja Village-----
One of the levels where you don't have to kill everyone to complete it,
you should kill everyone though if you want to get grandmaster ranking.
Shiunsai's house is in the northeast most house (remember that north is
top, south is bottom) At the upstairs training area, there is 3 guys,
this is the hardest part to get everyone without being spotted once. 1
guy is on the stacked wood pillar, near where you have to use your
grappling hook to climb up in training.
-----Last level-----
An easy level, but a hard boss. Alot of Gohda's men so you can afford to
get spotted afew times and still obtain grandmaster status. The hardest
bit of this level for me was when I was on a roof, looking out onto a
deck, except there was a drop to the ground in front of me, where two
guys are and 1 guy on the deck in front looking down at the space, what
you do is wait for the on the ground walking sight to walk off and go
around the side and slit his throat out of site, because he walks out of
site. Then kill the stationary guy on the ground but watch out for the
guy on the deck, if not careful you will be spotted.  Kill everyone and
the mission will end, you will be taken to the HARD boss, but what do
you expect, it's the last level and there's only one boss!

21- Tastumaru Boss Tacticts

Here are all Tastumaru's bosses and my way of defeating them:

Boss 1: Dragon  Diff: Medium
First boss and is quite easy, just block when he goes to hit you, those
weapons can take of alot of damage. Best tactic is to get him to chase
you around the rooftop until he loses you and you are on the opposite
side to you. Wait to he is !? and attack when not looking to get a full
combo OR use a crouch attack and it will knock him over and when he gets
up his back will be facing you again so use another one and so on.

Boss 2: Toda + Guards  Diff: Hard
Ohhhhhhhhhhh a hard battle if your not a king at this game, anyway for
me it was hard. I went through the level just skipping it all because I
knew the bosses was hard. You have to fight lord Toda and 2 guards, a
spearmen and a archer. First use your sidestep foward move to get out of
all the action. Get the spearmen and Toda to follow you and let the
archer just stay in one position aiming and firing. Try to get him to
hit Toda and the spearmen to wear them down. Use your fowrad rush. Do
another round and come back to the archer and use your rush foward
attack to take of some health so you will still be running and the enemy
(Toda + Spearmen) wont attack you. When the archer is dead, get Toda and
the spearmen to face you head to head, make sure they both do that so
you can block. Try to take out the spearmen and face 1 to 1 with Toda,
he should be down to low health now. Try to save at least 15 health for
the next boss.

Boss 3: Kagami  Diff: Easy
Yawn, easy. I lost no health fighting her, use all normal tactics as she
moves around alot. Just get her down to half health and the mission will
be completed.

Boss 4: Old Samuri  Diff: Medium
A old, slow guy. His attack is damaging but use his slowness to your
advantage. Be always sure to block and use any items collected. He sure
does still pack a punch. Try tricking him by running around tall stuff.
A ahrd challenge, but I did it first time.

Boss 5: Azuma Shiunsai  Diff: Medium
Ohhh, you have to fight your own teacher and old leader, but Tatsu
doesn't remember him at all, untill the end. Everytime he attacks, he
goes Hmmm usually. Get him with your combo between all hits. Never let
your guard down and always block attacks.

Boss 6: Tachiana Jube  Diff: Hard
Hard, very hard. His major attack takes off the same as a bullet + 5. My
best tactic is to run around for a while and then go to the wooden
platform part near one of the corners. Go over it and there is a
possibility he will get stuck in the corner of the two wooden platform.
Use a crouch attack, and repeat. His back should never be to the
platform. As soon as he gets up, use another attack. keep doing until
you win.

22- Help
Can I help you

Need help on this game, well please follow these steps.

- Please don't e-mail me if the question/part is covered fully by the
FAQ. There is a quick way of finding out if a section is covered, to see
how, go to the next paragraph.

- It's boring to look through the whole FAQ/Walkthrough to see if
something is covered, so try this, Press and hold CTRL on your keypad,
and then hit F. A find box will come up. Type a keyword like if you were
trying to find 'Help', type in the word 'Help' as a keyword and it will
search all of this document to see if that word is in it + how many
times and cycle through the words. Quick and simple.

- If your keyword isn't mentioned and you need help on the game, feel
free to email me, my email is: azzbake@yahoo.com.au
If you send me a question, it will be put in the FAQs or if you prefer
not (maybe your not far in the game and don't want to be inbarrased),
just write it on the email.

Everyone who sumittes anything like a question, will be put in the
contributors section which will be put first on the FAQ so when people
first open it up, they look at that

Can you help me?

Can you help me, got something that is about Tenchu 2, like Boss Tactics
or Mission Editor things, please send them in. My email is


Stealth kills

To become a true Ninja, you need to kill in stealth, this means don't be
seen by the enemy while near him. Here are the best ways to do a stealth

1)Just creep up behind an enemy while he is walking away from you.

2)Watch his path movement and work out when it is the best time to

3)Use the stab method (Foward + Attack) stealth kill and still get the
points and not waste any time.

Rikimaru's stealth kills

Just does the normal slice the throat kill.

Wacks the guy slightly over the head with the sword tostun him and then
shoves the blade right into his heart.

Holds the guy and gets the sword and shoves it into his heart.

In front:
Have to do it the right timing, stabs the enemy in the stomach and
brings the sword up through his body until he reaches the neck.

Jumps on the guy and pulls his back back and breaks it.

Breaks alot of bones and then flips the guy over with his sword and
breaks his neck.

All of these must hurt! espicially the one where the guy turns into you.
Next, here is some facts about Rikimaru's kills.

- Usually only use the Behind attack, it is easier, and takes less time
than to get the position right for all the other moves.

- Never try and use the in front of the enemy attack as you can very
easily be seen. If you want to do it, make sure the enemy turns into

-You can only get a stealth kill when the enemy is in ? mode, not !?.
Wit to the enemy goes back into ? before starting your attack for a
stealth kill.