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[edit] Background

Taking place before the events of the original Tenchu, Tenchu 2 follows 3 young Azuma ninjas (Rikimaru, Ayame and Tatsumaru) who must protect Lord Gohda Matsunoshin from the civil war and a mysterious group of Ninjas calling themselves the Burning Dawn.

[edit] Gameplay

Much like its predecessor, Tenchu 2 is a 3D third person stealth action game. You are not only rewarded for stealth, but this time around on efficiency of movement. This extra feature increases the difficulty of achieving the better rankings, as you not only have to be quiet, but be direct and near perfect in your steps.
Also, this time around, the stories of the two ninja (and the hidden third character) diverge greatly at places, making replay much more attractive. In addition, cutscenes using both the game engine and CGI gives the player a more cinematic feeling as you progress.

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May 08, 13 10:54am
is there any way to play this title of tenchu after so so many years?? Tenchu2BirthOfTheStealthAssassins
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Jun 06, 09 12:37am
Great Storyline and Tenchu2BirthOfTheStealthAssassins
Feb 21, 09 1:40am
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classic great Tenchu2BirthOfTheStealthAssassins
Feb 19, 06 10:46am
need to beat it Tenchu2BirthOfTheStealthAssassins
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Nov 28, 02 11:16pm

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Mar 17, 02 5:53pm

When I first heard about Tenchu 2 coming out I was like"yea, more new assisination...

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