Tenchu: Stealth Assassins review
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins - My life begins here

The good:

1) Music
2) Levels
3) Constant gaming

The bad:

1) Sometimes the framerate
2) Some little bugs


The year 1998. The stealth games start to live because of Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid. People always wanted to see how ninjas done their work. Why not make a ninja simulator?

Tenchu is about feeling the flow of nature and life. It's like being in the game, but not like it's a game, like it's life. You pick one of two characters and start to complete the missions given by Lord Gohda. He needs your help in maintaining balance in his country. You won't just just fight with corruption and bandits. You will also infiltrate the enemies' HQ and deal with the powers of darkness.

The levels are huge. They vary really. Estate, forest, mountain, town, village, volcano you got them all. You can see that the level designers took their time. Everything is ideal. Walls, fences, trees, lanters. All placed like in real life. There is no other game with levels like in Tenchu. Not even now.

The music is so wonderful it's hard to describe it. The composer - Noriyuki Asakura did a god-like job. It's actually impossible to say that one track from the OST is bad, below average, average, good. They are perfect! The score makes you feel like part of Tenchu's world.

What about the in-game? It depends on the task. Mostly you will have to kill or avoid guards. There are various ways to do that. Try jumping from roof to roof or use you grappling hook. Place a decoy that will attract attention of foes. Kill them using cool stealth kill moves or from a far with a shuriken. There are lots of possiblities.

If there are so many thing you can do the controls must be bad. Nope. Not in this game. It's impossible to have problems with moving you character or performing any actions like somersalt-downward slash-180 turn-long jump-grappling hook. This may sound difficult, but it's not.

Now comes the sad part. What is bad about Tenchu? I mentioned before the levels are huge. There is now loadings during them. Well this results in framedrops, but not all the time. The graphics are not super great like in Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver, but they do the job. Another thing is that the enemies can sometimes see through walls and roofs.

I've almost forgot to mention about enemies. Not all enemies are the same. I don't mean the clothes. Their skills. Ninjas are far more agile that pirates who are very strong, but stupid. What about their AI? If the see a shadow they will start comming your way. Any noise will make them alert and they will come to see what was the source. If they see a fallen guard the will become very alert and start to look around. Even on roofs. When you fight multiple enemies they will attack from different sides. The work together.

I finish the game and then what? Start mastering all levels. Getting a Grand Master rank on a level results in getting special items like: armour, disguise or magic scrolls. But this is no easy task. Try exploring the levels. This is very fun. Even if you quit the game you will get back to it. It's like a boomerang. Tenchu is worth any money. Buy it, buy it and buy it. That's all I can say.

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