Tenchu: Fatal Shadows Cheats

Tenchu: Fatal Shadows cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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To get Rin's hidden costume and Ayame's Tenchu 3 costume, you must complete the game on any difficulty.
Demon Gloves
The Demon Gloves are a special weapon for Rin, they are more powerful than the normal gloves.

In Chapter 8, after you cross the bridge, hug the left wall and jump over it to find a Red Box with the Demon Gloves inside.
Dokuto Blades
The Dokuto Blades are a special weapon for Ayame that deals more damage and causes poison to the enemy when hit.
In Chapter 7 across from the Boss Room there will be a Red Box with the twin Dokuto Blades inside.
Level Select Mode: Third Enemy Layout
Complete all of the playable missions in Story Mode to get this.
Ninja Rebirth Item
To unlock the Ninja Rebirth Item, you must complete the training stages.
Pit Fight Mode
Complete the game in any difficulty to have this.
Pit Fight Mode: Boss Fights
Go into Pit Fight Mode and defeat all 6 enemy groups to have this enabled.
Red Blade Mode
To unlock Red Blade Mode, you must get a Grandmaster or a Master of Assassins for a ranking in all 18 levels.
Skipping "Stealth Kill" animation
When you trigger a "Stealh kill" you can skip the animation by pressing the circle button, this is useful when you know an enemy will spot you if you let the whole animation to play.
Sound Check Mode
To unlock Sound Check Mode, you must beat every layout, on every skill, with each different character.
Stealth kills, how to perform each one.
Just like in previous Tenchu games, there are different Stealth Kills you can perform.

There are a total of 8 stealth kills for Ayame and another 8 for Rin.

The angle of approach to perform each one is as follows:

1) Press the Square button behind an enemy that is in "?" status.

2) Press the Square button to the left of an enemy that is in "?" status.

3) Press the Square button to the right of an enemy that is in "?" status.

4) Press the Square button directly in front of an enemy that is in "?" status.

5) Press the Square button while crouching between two enemies that are in "?" status.

6) Press the Square button while in mid-air when you are jumping towards an enemy that is in "?" status.

7) Press the Square button while on a slope or incline when you are near an enemy that is in "?" status.

8) Just like with "5" this one has to be a double stealth kill, press the Square button while jumping towards one enemy that is in "?" status and being between that and another enemy.
Swirling Kanji symbols around the Ki Meter
You've probably notice that sometimes when you perform a Stealh Kill there will be swirling Kanji symbols around your Ki Meter, right? Well this means you have pressed SQUARE at the precise moment when you come in the necessary distance from the enemy to perform a Stealh Kill. Doing this will grant you more scrolls once the enemy is dead, so be sure to try and press SQUARE as soon as you get close enough to the enemy.
¡Enemies can also perform "Stealth Kills"!
Unlike in other Tenchu games, here enemies can use Stealth kills against you. They are able to perform them if you turn your back to an enemy or mis-time your jump and land in front of them. If you do this, you'll be killed in one hit, so be careful and move carefully at all times.


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Access the Tutorial with Ayame
To aquire access to the full tutorial with Ayame, you have to hold down L1 while selecting the tutorial. Note that a confirmation screen will not appear, but once the tutorial starts, you'll have Ayame instead of Rin.
Chapter 3-1 & 3-2 Hidden Cut-scene
During the boss fight of these two chapters, simply run right up to her and throw her (Towards + Circle button) to see an alternate cut-scene. (The throw will kill the boss by the way)
Score Status Screen
Note: This cheat requires two controllers.

Pause the game using controller one. Then press Square, Square, Down, Down, Up, Up on controller two.
View Encyclopedia cuts-cenes with armor on
Press and hold L2 while selecting a cut-scene in the Encyclopedia.