Tenchu: Dark Secret Cheats

Tenchu: Dark Secret cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Tenchu: Dark Secret cheat codes.


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Easy Money and Items
The easiest way to get money, items and even scrolls is to fill your inventory with bamboo traps. Simply line them up one after another in the path of an enemy so that he will hit the first one and bounce to the next one until he has hit all eight traps. If done correctly, each time the enemy bounces off a trap he will drop one of the following: money, ninja gear ingredients, or sometimes a scroll. Also, you can sell a few of the trap kills you just got at the shop for money.
Kill Types
The ten types of kills you can get are as follows: Sword Kill, Trap Kill, Poison Kill(lets them eat dumpling!), Water Kill, Explosive Kill, Spike Kill, Tiger-Trap Kill, Fall Kill, Surprise Kill, and Joke Kill. surprise and trap are from scrolls later in the game


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how to defeat kuokaze with 1 mine
(this works on both ocassions)place a land mine facing away from u and stand behind it and he will charge at u but be blowen back by the mine, while he is on his back take advantage of the opurtunity and place another land mine in his path and reapeat until he is killed, if for some stange reason he chooses to throw lighting at u just jump and he will get closer he he dosent then u are placing the land mine to far (try to move in as close as possible dont worry after he strikes he wont attack again for a short moment)