Temple Run (iPhone) Cheats

Temple Run cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for iPhone.


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In-game Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
samhines86unlock characters
Menu Passwords
These codes only works on version 1.3 of Temple Run and only on jailbroken devices which the keyboards are still accessible at the TR's title screen. Enter the following codes will unlock extra character and invincible power.

The original cheat was to unlock invincibility and additional characters, using the codes below while on the Title Screen:
PasswordWhat it does
samhines86Unlimted Invicibility
rxh7nighUnlockable Characters


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UnlockableHow to unlock
1/2 Million ClubScore 500,000 points
1/4 Million ClubScore 250,000 points
10K RunnerRun 10,000 meters
5K RunnerRun 5,000 meters
AdventurerScore 25,000 points
Allergic to GoldRun 1,000 meters without collecting coins
AthleteRun 2,500 meters
Double ResurrectionResurrect twice in a run
Head StartUse a Head Start
High RollerScore 100,000 points
Lump SumCollecte 500 coins
Mega BonusFill bonus meter 4x
Million ClubScore 1,000,000 points
Miser RunRun 500 meters without collecting coins
Money BagsCollect 1,000 coins
Novice RunnerRun 500 meters
PaydayCollect 750 coins
Piggy BankCollect 250 coins
Pocket ChangeCollect 100 coins
ResurrectionResurrect once in a run
SprinterRun 1,000 meters
Treasure HunterScore 50,000 points
9 livesUsed 'save me' 9 times
Fort knoxCollected 5000 coins
2.5 million clubScore 2, 500,000
The SpartanScore 1 million without powerups
5 million clubScore 5,000,000
No trip runnerRun 5000m without tripping
MarathonerScore 100,000 lifetime metres
Circumnavigator1, 000, 000 lifetime metres
Gold minor500, 000 lifetime coins
JackpotCollect 5 gems in one run
Speedy startUse 5 head starts
Daily doseComplete a daily challenge
A weeks workCompleted a weeks worth of challenges
Daily doses5 consecutive daily challenges
Daily dozen12 consecutive daily challenges
Weakly challengeCompleted a weekly challenge
Temple runnerCompleted 100 lifetime runs
PowerlessRan 2,500m without powerups
FashionableUnlocked a hat
UnstoppableScore 1,000,000 with no save me
Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Scarlett Fox10,000 coins to unlock this "Escape artist"
Karma Lee25,000 coins to unlock "The fastest legs in the Far East"
Montana Smith25,000 coins to unlock " The greatest explorer ever"
Francisco Montoya25,000 coins to unlock "The conquistador who hunts for gold"
Zack Wonder25,000 coins to unlock "The football star"


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Ads removal
1. Go to "Settings" on the home screen
2. then "General"
3. "Date and Time"
4. Set the year to future, it will turn off the advertisement
Double Resurrection in one run
To perform double resurrection in one run, you need to stock up at least two resurrection power-ups if you want to perform more than two. First, double tap the screen to activate the power, then once the power is wear-off, you will need to run for 1000 metres, and you can use second resurrection again.
Get Coins Faster
New Starters
    If you are a new starter then only purchase the Coin Magnet and Coin Value powerups.

    Be sure that you DO NOT get any other powerup. If only these two are your only selected powerups then when a power up appears it will ALWAYS be a Magnet (the Coin Values are always on). The Coin Magnet once fully powered triples the value of the coin, meaning after 2000 meters (and when the Magnet is active), each 16.67 coins you collect will count as 100!

Existing Players
    If you've already unlocked a power up, you can remove the power up simply by deleting the game (Selecting to keep the game in Game Center) and then reinstalling it. This will allow you to retain your multiplier, whilst resetting all of your chosen power ups. Once you've done this, just follow the strategy recommended above, and you can quickly make a buck load of coins.
Last Longer while Running
While being chased by the Evil Monkeys when there is a long stretch of wall while running on the castle part of the map swipe left or right (wherever there is a protrusion for you to bump into) and bump into the wall. Please note you CANNOT do this during the swamp portion of Temple Run, you will simply just fall off the map. This will cause you to slow down. Slowing down can help you make turns and jumps easier. You can also purposely trip over the tree roots that are on the floor, this will also slow you down. Slowing down is a great way to be more in control of your character and racking up a longer distance and in the long run more points.


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Run forever
1. Go to settings
2 turn on tutorial
3. Go back and play
4 when it gets to swipe, swipe twice very fast
5 then watch your player run forever