Tekken Tag Tournament Advanced Heihachi Character Guide v1.0 - Reverend C.
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Tekken Tag Tournament Advanced Heihachi Character Guide

by Reverend C.   Updated to v1.0 on
VERY Advanced Guide to Playing Heihachi
version 1
By Reverend C. (K.C. Ma)
e-mail me at: kma@uci.edu

* Legal Things: *

Tekken and all the characters in Tekken are copyrighted by Namco.  This
guide is written by me, but if you want to distribute it or print it or
whatever, feel free to do so as long as you don't alter the content. If
you have to alter the content, to be included in your web site, or pub-
lication, or whatever because my grammar sucks and I can't spell, just
e-mail me.  If you want to make a profit out of this FAQ...  e-mail me
for my written consent, but if you don't, I probably will not find out
about it, but if I find out, I don't know, we'll find out when that hap-
pens.  But if I see a crappy version of my guide being passed around
web (because you have some lame comments or technique, and you want to
add it to my work) I will not be very happy about it.

* Table of Content: *

Why Heihachi?
Movelist In-Depth
	-Kicking Ass
		-Crouch Dashing
            -Custom Strings
		-Blocking or Sidestep
		-Reversal & Parry
	-Garanteed Juggles
	-Stun Combos
	-Escapeable Juggles
VS. Human Strategy -coming in the next revision
Having Fun

* Why Heihachi *

     Heihachi is the hardest non stance-changing regular sized character to
master in Tekken.  With that cleared up, you might ask, why play Heihachi?
Well, once you understand the nature of Heihachi, you will be so hooked on
Heihachi's style of play.  Heihachi is pure power!  No fancy foot work, no
complicated stance changing, no turtling all day waiting for an opening to
attack, Heihachi is about constant carefully thoughtout attack that lead to
juggles that take off one third of the life bar (if not more).  When you're
playing Heihachi, you don't try to do a whole bunch of high, low level mix-
ing attacks and tick your opponent to death.  Your whole objective will be
starting a juggle, and then keep them juggle as long as possible and watch
your opponent's life bar drains while float helplessly in the air.  The way
Heihachi fights reflect his personality.  Heihachi will intimidate and des-
troy you!

* Intro *

	Before I start, there's one thing I'd like to say here.  I write FAQs
in a span of about two weeks, and during this time, new ideas occur to me,
and I learn new things sometimes.  If that happens and I change my mind or
want to add, I use *time lapse* to denote that.  If I jump from topic to 
topic, or my view on one move completely changed, it's probably because I
learn something new in that time.  Anyway, ike my other FAQs, this FAQ is 
geared toward high level competition and not intro to Heihachi for begin-
ners.  I'm assuming that you know how to block, how to side-step, how to 
juggle, how to parry, etc.  This FAQ is meant for people who are already 
good at other charactrs, but what to try Heihachi, because he has the best, 
and I do mean BEST juggle of all.  If you're sick of Nina/Anna's poking, 
Lei and Ling's stance changing, Paul's deathfist, Hwoarang's tricks, or 
Julia/Michelle's tick damages, try Heihachi.  Heihachi will not only win 
fights, he'll destroy!  Heihachi is power and offense in its purest form 
in Tekken, he is the character designed to kick ass!  Few things before 
you start though, if you haven't played characters that has crouch dashing 
moves (f,n,d,df), be prepared to spend a lot of time to learn to do this.  
To play Heihachi, you MUST be able to do this every single time!  If you 
ever wanted a Wind God Fist, a something else come out instead, you're not 
ready to win serious competitions with Heihachi yet, crouch dashing is so 
important to Heihachi because without it, Heihachi will lose on consistant 
basis.  Heihachi should stay outside of throw range (just a little bit).  
At this range, Heihachi can start his crouch dashing guessing game, and he 
doesn't have to worry too much about constant poking of faster character.  
I know I make Heihachi sound like the best character in Tekken once you 
master him, and he probably is one of the best character (right there with 
Nina, Anna, Kazuya, Jin), but playing Heihachi isn't easy.  It'll take 
perfect timing, extremely quick reaction, exploit every chance to inflict 
damage to the fullest extent.  The old man is getting old (73 or 74), he 
has slowed down and weakened a bit since Tekken 2.  The recovery is very 
slow (don't ever wiff when you choose Heihachi), and his Hell Sweeps, Wind 
God Fist, and Twin Pistons aren't as powerful as they were in Tekken 2.  
Heihachi's strength lies in the damage he can inflict with juggles, and 
his weakness is the slow recovery time of many of his important moves.  If 
you can learn to deal with the slow recovery time, you will kill your com-
petition with the sheer power that Heihachi possess.

* Movelist *


Refer to Tekken Zaibatsu http://www.tekken.net for convention.


Command         Place         Name                          Escape

1+3             front         Neck Breaker                  1
2+4             front         Power Bomb                    2
f,f+1+2 [~5]    front         Stone Head                    1+2 #1#2
f,f+1+4         front         Head Butt Carnival            1+2 #3#4
2+5             anywhere	Tag Throw				2
1+3_2+4         left          Tile Splitter Gullotine       1
1+3_2+4         right         Freefall                      2
1+3_2+4         back          Atomic Bomb                   N/A

#1 You can quick recover after this throw
#2 Special Tag only work with Jun
#3 Only work on Jin, Heihachi, Kuma, and Lei.
#4 Can be reversed with 1 or 2, and Heihachi can reverse again with 1+2

Special Technique

Command              Name                            Range       Special Properties

b+1                  Alter Splitter                  m           GB KS#1
1,2                  Double Punch                    h,h         
  =4                 Roundhouse                      h
1,1<2                Shining Fist                    h,h,m       #2
1,2<2                Demon Slayer                    h,h,h       #2
  =~1+2 [~U_~D]      Demon Executioner [~side-step]  m
f+1Tekken Tag Tournament, Thunder
God Fist is become both a better, and worse move.  It got better in two 
ways, first, the longer you crouch dash, the more damaging it becomes, and
if you connect just as the crouch dashing's about to end, it'll do as much
damage as Paul's Deathfist on counter!  But how do you connect Thunder God
Fist after crouch dashing for that long?  If you do it after a lot of Hell
Sweeps, you can trick someone into taking the Thunder God Fist (but don't
ever do this on a master, it'll never work!).  The other way is to antici-
pate your opponent's tagging.  If you know after a juggle, he will tag for
sure because there's a small distance between you two, start crouch dash-
ing.  You'll hit them as them come in.  If they come in a little earlier
than that you anticipated, hit the 1 as soon as you see them.  The second
reason this is better in TTT is because of the tag combos.  Anytime your
other partner does a high juggle starter, Hwoarang's f,n,d,df+4 and Yoshi-
mitsu's Kangaroo Kick for example, tag immediately and start the crouch
dashing before Heihachi's actually in (buffer it).  Thunder God Fist will
connect for major damage, and you can continue with f+1Tekken Tag Tournament, so please stop going anywhere 
that charges you 50 cents a game even if the continue is only a quar-
ter.  By the way, I'll be writing FAQ for Kazuya, and Anna next.  De-
pending on what happens after that, I'might write more FAQs for Julia, 
Jun, Jin, Michelle, Bryan, Hwoarang, Paul, and Wang (That right, I 
play just about every character there is), but Kazuya will probably 
come first, since I played him for the very first time a couple of 
days ago (I never played Tekken 2), and I must say I'm totally hooked 
on his WS+2 stunning gut punch, that punch must be the most awesome 
move in Tekken (right there with Wind God Fist, funny how Mishima, 
Kazama, and William families got all the good stuff).  *time lapse* 
It's been about two weeks since I played Kazuya, and I've been play-
ing Kazuya ever since.  This guy is awesome!  Weaken, but still awe-
some.  I've been doing a lot of very cool tag juggles with Heihachi,
Anna, Nina, and Julia.  I'll probably write Kazuya FAQ first because
it'll probably be shorter and won't take as long as Anna's FAQ.  I'm 
getting off the subject, anyway, if you want to meet me to play a
mean game of Tekken (or lame if I feel like screwing around) just e-
mail me!

* Credits *

Here are the list of FAQs and Web Sites I refered to while writing
this FAQ:

Catloard's Movelist {catlord@tekken.net)	
Tekken Zaibatsu (http://www.tekken.net/zaibatsu)
William Knight's Tekken 3 Heihachi FAQ