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Tekken 2 review
Way Cool in every way

The good:

Cool music, great fighting moves, favorite originial characters and brand new great characters makes this game awsome!!!

The bad:

The only problem with this game is that the Graphics aren't great. Of course thats the best PSX graphics we had then. The people seemed to be made of rectangles, squares, triangles and such.


The villian such as Devil is way cool. He's fairly easy to beat but if you can earn him he will become your best fighter.

The music to each level fits perfectly. My favorite level's music is Pauls Place, as he fights on a platform on the water across from Manhatten. You can see the Statue of liberty, Empire State Building and...the twin towers.

This game is a must have for fighting game fans!!!
Grab your copy at a nearby Game stop or check out ebay for the lowest prices!!
I have beat this game 3 or 4 times, it's not that it is short, it kinda long. 7,8, or 9 [i cant remeber] unlockable characters make this game that you'll want to Play again and again.

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