Tekken 2 Cheats

Tekken 2 cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Tekken 2 cheat codes.


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Big Fighter
Hold select as you choose your fighter and keep holding it till the game loads. Your fighter will now be bigger than before. You can do this a couple more times to make it even bigger
Tekken 2
Easy Way To Win:
Go to options put easy mode. Then put 1 round only. Then were it says "Change character on continue put yes." Get your best fighter go through the game with him or her. When you fight with Devil lose then choose a character like King beat Devil and get a new character. Do this throughout the game with another character and you keep on getting new characters.

Fight as Angel:
Beat Devil using Kazuya, then select your fighter (Devil) by pressing the Kick button.

Fight as Devil:
Beat Devil using Kazuya, then select your fighter (Devil) using the Punch button.

Get Roger and Alex:
First, you need to have all of the other characters in the game. Now, start on Arcade Mode, and when you get to the third match win with only an tiny bit of energy left. If you did it right you should hear the word "Great!". The next match will be against Roger or Alex. If you beat them they are yours. Roger and Alex are two joke characters, so only pick them for a laugh. Roger is a kangaroo and Alex is a raptor! To make this cheat a little easier, set the number of rounds to 1 and the game difficulty to Easy.
Getting All Characters:
beat the game with Jun.

Beat the game with Yoshimitsu.

Beat the game with Nina.

Beat the game with Law.

beat the game with Heihachi.

beat the game with Paul.

Prototype Jack
Beat the game with Jack-2.

Armor King
Beat the game with King.

beat the game with Michelle.

beat the game with Lei.

beat the game with any sub-boss (one of the guys that you obtained earlier).

beat the game with Kazuya.

Purple-Suited Kazuya:
Highlight Kazuya and then press Start.
Personal View/Green Wire Frame
For a personal view of characters you must have all 25 characters saved to the memory card. If you have all the characters saved to the memory card then: When choosing a character hold L1+L2 until the fight starts. You should have a personal view of your opponent and your character should be animated in a green wire frame.

Play As Angel:
after you have beaten the game and unlocked all of the secret characters, choose arcade or VS. Mode. When selecting your character, choose devil. When you start the fight, you will be playing as angel. I don't think it's possible to actually ever play as devil.
Unlockable Characters
Anna- Beat the game with Nina

Armor King- Beat the game with King

Baek- Beat arcade mode with Law

Ganryu- Beat the game with Michelle

Kazuya- Beat Devil using any sub-boss.

Kuma- Beat arcade mode with Paul

Kunimitsu- Beat arcade mode with Yoshimitsu

Lee- Beat arcade mode with Heihachi

P. Jack- Beat arcade mode with Jack 2

Roger and Alex- On stage 3 win the last round with 5% energy or less left

Wang Jinrey- Beat the game with Jun
Big Head Mode
Hold the select button while choosing your character, continue holding it until the match begins

Fight as Alex
Highlight Roger and Press Square

Fight as Angel
Beat Devil using Kazuya, then select your fighter by pressing the Kick button

Fight as Devil
Beat Devil using Kazuya, then select your fighter using the Punch button

Pick Roger in one player mode
Highlight Roger and press Triangle

Different Colors
Press start when choosing a character.

Sky Mode
Unlock all characters, then hold Select + Up when choosing a character. Keep holding them until the fight begins.

Wire frame mode
Unlock all characters, then hold L2 + L1 while selecting your character. Keep holding them until the match begins.