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Tekken Revolution FAQ/Walkthrough

by Catlord   Updated to v1.12 on
                ___________     __    __ 
                \__    ___/___ |  | _|  | __ ____   ____ 
                  |    | / __ \|  |/ /  |/ // __ \ /    \
                  |    |\  ___/|    <|    <\  ___/|   |  \
                  |____| \___  >__|__\__|__\\_____>___|  /
       __________            \/     __          __   __\/             
       \______   \ _______  ______ |  |  __ ___/  |_|__| ____   ____  
        |       _// __ \  \/ /  _ \|  | |  |  \   __\  |/  _ \ /    \ 
        |    |   \  ___/\   (  <_> )  |_|  |  /|  | |  (  <_> )   |  \
        |____|_  /\___  >\_/ \____/|____/____/ |__| |__|\____/|___|  /
               \/___  \/                  __   __          __      \/ 
              /     \   _______  __ ____ |  | |__| _______/  |_ 
             /  \ /  \ /  _ \  \/ // __ \|  | |  |/  ___/\   __\
            /    Y    (  <_> )   /\  ___/|  |_|  |\___ \  |  |
            \____|__  /\____/ \_/  \___  >____/__/____  > |__|
                    \/                 \/             \/
                         Version 1.12 (12-Feb-2014)
                      by Catlord (catlord@outlook.com)
          Latest movelist available at http://poorvin.com/tekken/

   This movelist was made to provide concise moves and a compact printout.

If I messed up, just E-Mail catlord@outlook.com with your corrections and 
contributions. You also might be able to catch me at the #tekken IRC 
channel on EFNet.  Thanks!

Note: This FAQ must be printed in monospace format, otherwise it will come
      out ugly as hell and not lined up..    1234567890

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============We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Movelist==========



  v1.12  Added Jaycee.
  -----  Updated Bob, Eliza, Lili, King, Feng, and Kuma.
         Updated Unlocking Characters Section.
  v1.11  Added Bob.
  -----  Updated Eliza and Armor King.

  v1.10  Added Eliza.
  -----  Updated King and Jun.
         Updated Unlocking Characters Section.



  When you first start a new Tekken Revolution game profile, you have access
  to the default roster of the eight starting characters:

Asuka, Jack-6, Kazuya, King, Lars, Lili, Law, and Paul.

  You can unlock additional characters two different ways:

1) Unlocking a SPECIFIC character by buying a Character Unlock Pass via 
   the PlayStation Store.

- or -

2) Unlocking a RANDOM character by gaining Gift Points through Ranked, 
   Player and Arcade matches:

1st Character  - 1,000 Gift Points   | 2nd Character  - 7,000 Gift Points
3rd Character  - 30,000 Gift Points  | 4th Character  - 60,000 Gift Points
5th Character  - 90,000 Gift Points  | 6th Character  - 120,000 Gift Points
7th Character  - 150,000 Gift Points | 8th Character  - 180,000 Gift Points
9th Character  - 210,000 Gift Points | 10th Character - 240,000 Gift Points
11th Character - 280,000 Gift Points | 12th Character - 330,000 Gift Points
13th Character - 390,000 Gift Points | 14th Character - 460,000 Gift Points
15th Character - 540,000 Gift Points | 16th Character - 630,000 Gift Points
17th Character - 730,000 Gift Points | 18th Character - 840,000 Gift Points
19th Character - 960,000 Gift Points | 20th Character - 1,090k Gift Points

  (Note: Your Gift Points are listed at the bottom-center of the Main Menu.)

* Eliza can only be unlocked by collecting 20,000 Blood Seals.
    You obtain Blood Seals by clearning Arcade Mode, fighting in Online VS.,
    or in Mokujin Rush.  Seal amount gained is random.  If you use a Premium
    Coin or Premium Ticket to play any of the modes, the amount of Blood
    Seals gained will always be 10 or more.

Confirmed unlockable characters so far: 

  Steve, Alisa, Leo, Bryan, Jin, Xiaoyu, Dragunov, Hwoarang, Devil Jin,
  Kunimitsu, Nina, Feng, Kuma, Miguel, Christie, Lee, Armor King, Jun,
  Eliza, Bob, and Jaycee.


		     *-*-*-BUTTON CONVENTIONS-*-*-*
                                      | BUTTON LAYOUT |
                                  |                       |
                                  |          ___          |
         1 = [] - Left Punch      |         /   \         |
         2 = /\ - Right Punch     |         | 2 |         |
         3 = >< - Left Kick       |         \___/         |
         4 = () - Right Kick      |     ___   /\  ___     |
                                  |    /   \     /   \    |
                                  |    | 1 |     | 4 |    |
                                  |    \___/     \___/    |
      It's very important to      |     []   ___   ()     |
    become familiar with the      |         /   \         |
    NUMERIC conventions of the    |         | 3 |         |
    buttons (1,2,3,4), as they    |         \___/         |
    will be used throughout       |          ><           |
    the movelist.                 |                       |

                     *-*-*-MOVEMENT CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

f - tap forward once           d/f - tap down/forward once
b - tap backwards once         d/b - tap down/back once
d - tap down once              u/f - tap up/forward once
u - tap up once                u/b - tap up/back once

F - Hold stick forward         D/F - Hold stick down/forward
B - Hold stick back            D/B - Hold stick down/back
D - Hold stick down            U/F - Hold stick up/forward
U - Hold stick up              U/B - Hold stick up/back

N - Neutral joystick position (Joystick is centered and not touched)
SS - Short Sidestep (u,N or d,N)
QCF - Quarter circle forward (Circle stick from Down to Forward)
QCB - Quarter circle back (Circle stick from Down to Back)
HCF - Half circle forward (Circle stick from Back to Down to Forward)
HCB - Half circle back (Circle stick from Forward to Down to Back)

                 *-*-*-LINKING & SPECIAL CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

+ - Moves must be done together
, - Moves must be done right after the other
~ - Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other
_ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangeable)
> - Move following the > has the option of being slightly delayed
: - Move Following the : has to be precision timed to execute (Just Frame)
# - Hold movement before '#' until the end of string, or until N (Neutral)
FC - Do move while in a fully-crouched position
WS - Do move While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch)
WR - While running (f,f,f or f,F#)
BT - Back is turned towards opponent
FD/FT - Lying on the ground Face Down / Feet Towards opponent
FD/FA -   "           "     Face Down / Feet Away from opponent
FU/FT -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Towards opponent
FU/FA -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Away from opponent
CH - Counterhit (Hitting your opponent in the middle of their move execution)
Clean - Clean Hit (Hitting your opponent from a very close range)
[] - Brackets surrounding an item indicate an optional move
() - Indicates a stance name (or groups moves together for easier reading)
{} - Indicates the buttons needed to be pressed in order to break a throw
. - Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only)

                   *-*-*-ATTACK STATUS CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

*Juggles* - Move knocks opponent into the air, allowing for additional hits
*Stuns* - Opponent will be stunned after the move hits
*Parries* - Move will auto-negate an opponent's incoming attack
*Reverses* - Move will catch an opponent's incoming attack and throw them
*Cancels* - Move can be stopped before execution
*Against Wall* - Move must be done with your back against a wall
*Unblockable* - Move cannot be blocked



    If an old character has a new move that they did not have in the
    previous Tekken games, or if the command/properties for that move has
    changed, I've notated that move in CAPITAL LETTERS!

    As quick reference for Tekken pros, here is a list of the Special
    Attacks and Critical Attacks that have been added to Tekken Revolution:

Character    Special     Criticals
---------    -------     --------------------------------------------------
Alisa        f+1+2       b+3 ... (u_u/f)+4,4 ... WR+2 ... FC,d/f+1+2
Armor King   f+1+4       f+2,1 ... d/f+1+2 ... d/b+3 ... f,f+2
Asuka        d/b+2       3~4 ... f+2 ... d+3+4 ... f+1+2
Bob          f+1+2       f,f+2 .. f,N,d,d/f+2 .. f,N,d,d/f+4,1+2 .. WS+2,1
Bryan        d/b+1+2     d/f+3 ... f,f+2 ... b+1 ... f,f+4
Christie     b+3+4       3~4 ... f+3+4 ... d/f+3+4 ... RLX 4~3
Devil Jin    d+1         f+3+4 ... u+4 ... f,N,d,d/f+2 ... f,N,d,d/f+4,4
Dragunov     d+1+2       d/b+3 ... f,f+2 ... QCF+2 ... WS+1+2
Eliza        b+3         d/b+4 ... b+1,2,4 ... u/f+4,2 ... f,f+2
Feng         b+1+2       f+3,4 ... f+2,1,2 ... f,f+2 ... d/b+4
Hwoarang     d+3+4       LFF f+3 ... RFF 3~4 ... f,N,d,d/f+4 ... SS+4
Jack-6       d/f+3+4     f,f+1 ... f,f+4 ... WS+1 ... b,d/b,d,d/f+1
Jaycee       d+1+2       f+2+3 ... d/f+4,2,1 ... FC,d/f+4,3 ... SS+3+4
Jin          d+1         f,f+2 .. f,N,d,d/f+1 .. f,N,d,d/f+2 .. f,N,d,d/f+4
Jun          1+2         f+2 ... d/b+3 ... u/f+4,3 ... f,f+3
Kazuya       b+1+2       d/f+2 ... f,f+3 ... f,N,d,d/f+2 ... f,N,d,d/f+4,1
King         d+1+2       f+4 ... f+2+3 ... FC,d/f+1 ... FC,d/f+2
Kuma         d+1+2       f+1+2 ... f,f+1+2 ... u+1+2 ... f,f+2
Kunimitsu    1+2         f+1+2 ... f,f+2 ... u/f+2 ... u+3+4
Lars         d/b+1+2     d/b+4 ... b+1+2 ... (u/b_u_u/f)+3 ... (u/b_u_u/f)+4
Law          b+3+4       d/b+4 ... b+3 ... d+2,3 ... FC,d/f,d,d/f+3
Lee          d/f+3+4     f+2,1 ... d/b+3+4 ... d,d/b+4 ... f,f+3
Leo          f+1+2       d/f+1+2,1+2,QCF+2 ... BOK 2 ... d/b+4,1 ... f,f+2
Lili         b+1+2       d/b+4 ... 1+2 ... QCF+1>2 ... QCF+3+4
Miguel       d+1+2       f+2+3 ... d/f+2,1 ... d/b+1 ... f,f+2,1
Nina         d/b+3+4     1+4 ... b+1+4 ... f+1+2 ... d,d/f+4
Paul         d+1+2       d+4,2,1+2 .. (FC,d/f)_(QCF)+1+2 .. QCF+2 .. f,f+2:1
Steve        d/f+1+2     d/b+2 ... 3,2 ... f,f+2 ... WS+1,2
Xiaoyu       d/b+1       4~3 ... f,f+1+2,1+2 ... AOP 4~3 ... AOP 1+2


General Moves for Everyone
N                       Stand (Neutral Guard)
B                       High/Mid Guard, Walk Backward
D                       Low Guard, Crouch
F                       Walk Forward
f,f                     Dash Forward
b,b                     Dash Backward
(u,N)_(d,N)             Axis Shifting Sidestep (SS)
(u,U#)_(d,D#)           Axis Shifting Sidewalk (SW)
d/f                     Low Parry  *When Attacked by a Low/Special-Mid Hit*
1+2+3+4                 Ki Powerup  *Block Damage & Auto CH on hit*
f+2+4                   Right Strike Reversal Escape  *When Being Reversed*
f+1+3                   Left Strike Reversal Escape  *When Being Reversed*

u/f                     Low Forward Jump
  1_2_3_4                 Jumping Strike
(U/B)_(U)_(U/F)         High Jump
  2                       Striking Downward Pounce
  N+3                     Landing Mid Gutkick  *Stuns*
  N,3                     Landing Sweep
(f,f,f)_(f,F#)          Run
  B                       Stop Running
  1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
  3                       Flying Side Kick
  4                       Sliding Leg Sweep
  N                       Shoulder, Stomp or Tackle depending on run distance

Knockdown Recovery Moves (When Lying On Ground FU/FT)
(1_2_3_4)               Tech Roll  *Hit as SOON as you hit the ground*
f                       Roll Forwards
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
b                       Roll Backwards
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  f+1+2                   Flying Cross Chop
1_(d+1)                 Roll Out_(Roll In)
  N                       Stand Up
  D#                      Stay Lying Down
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  f                       Roll Forwards
    3                       Rising Low Kick
    4                       Rising Mid Kick
    1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
  b                       Roll Backwards
    3                       Rising Low Kickn
    4                       Rising Mid Kick
    1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
3                       Rising Low Kick
4                       Rising Mid Kick
d+4                     Ankle Kick
b+3+4                   Rising Kickup  (*NOTE - See below)
f                       Handspring Kickup  *As soon as you hit the ground*
D/B                     Tumble Knockback Recovery
                         \ *After getting hit by a heavy tumbling attack*

  Recovery moves can be chained together as such:
    1,b,3 - Roll out, roll backwards, rising low kick.

* NOTE: Instead of a Rising Kickup, b+3+4 will cause Kunimitsu, Paul and 
    Steve to perform a Handspring Kickup into a Flying Cross Chop.
    Armor King and King will recover in BT position after a Rising Kickup.

Tackle Offense Moves (When Opponent is Tackled)
1_2                     1st Mounted Punch  *All but Dragunov*
  1_2                     2nd Mounted Punch
    1_2                     3rd Mounted Punch
      1_2                     4th Mounted Punch
      1+2                     Armbar  *Devil Jin, Jin, King, Nina, Paul*
        1+2                     Wristlock  *King*
      3+4                     Knee Cross Lock  *King, Nina*
        :1+2                    Ultimate STF  *King*
1+2                     Armbar  *Devil Jin, Jin, King, Nina, Paul*
  1+2                     Wristlock  *King*
3+4                     Knee Cross Lock  *King, Nina*
  :1+2                    Ultimate STF  *King*

* NOTE: Dragunov has a unique set of attacks after his Tackle.  Consult
    the Grappling section of his movelist for detailed information.

Tackle Defense Moves (When Tackled)
2                       Tackle Dodge  *During Initial Tackle Impact*
1+2                     Tackle Flip Reversal  *During Tackle Fall*
1                       Right Punch Block  *During 1st & 3rd Mounted Punches*
2                       Left Punch Block  *During 1st & 3rd Mounted Punches*
1,1,2                   Paul Right Punch Reversal  *During 1st Mounted Punch*
1_2                     Back Tackle Flipoff  *During 1st Backtackled Punch*
1+2,2,2,2,2             Arm Lock Escape
1+2,2,2,2,2,2           Arm Lock Reversal  *D.Jin, Jin, Paul, Nina, King*
1+2,1,1,1,1             Leg Lock Escape
1+2,1,1,1,1,1           Leg Lock Reversal  *Nina, King*


The Characters

| ALISA BOSCONOVICH | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Trigger Shuffle {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Backdoor {2}
           1+2                (DES)
         u/f+1+2            Spam Bomb {1+2}
         FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2   Double Bull Shooting {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Compression {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Hat Trick {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Random Typing

1,1                         Stop Bit
  1+2                         (DES)
1,2,2                       One-Two Coil Punch
  *Hold 2*                    Knockdown Coil Punch
d/f+1,1,2                   Cyclone Mixer, (DES)
d/f+1,4                     Cyclone Cracking
d/b+1                       Backup  *Leaves Alisa Crouching*
  ~1                          Recovery Hook
  ~2                          Diagonal Rocket  *High Unblockable*
  ~3                          Meteor Kick
  ~4                          Uplink Knee  *Juggles*
b+1,1+2                     Find Gadget  *Juggles*
WS+1,2,3                    Spear Fishing  *Juggles*
  1+2                         (DES)
1+2                         Gigantic Hammer  *Juggles*
d+1+2                       Destory Form Stance (DES)
  ~d/b                        (DES) Cancel
f+1+2                       OVERFLOW  *Special*
f,f+1+2                     Worm Attack  *Juggles*
  2                           Hacking, (DES)
WS+1+2                      Twist Slapper
  *Hold 1+2*                  Charged Slapper
FC,d/f+1+2                  SAD HOUND  *Critical*
  ~N+1+2                      (DES)
WR+1+2                      Blaster Double Knuckle
FU/(FA_FT) 1+2,3+4          Recovery Jet, Rocket Bomber
2,3,3                       Combination Downtime
2,3,4                       Combination Downlink
f+2                         Session
  1+2                         (DES)
  3,3                         Multi-Session
d+2,4                       Deadlock
  1+2                         (DES)
d/f+2                       Pickup  *Juggles*
d/b+2,2                     Daisy Chain
  1+2                         (DES)
d/b+2>2                     Delayed Daisy Chain
b+2                         Transmitter Fist
  >1                          Trans-Hammer
  >4                          Trans-Accelate Kick
f,f+2>3                     Jumper Switch
b,f+2                       Overload Knuckle
WS+2                        Snapshot  *Juggles*
  3+4                         Boot
  f+3+4                       Dual-Boot, (DES)
WR+2                        OVERLOAD KNUCKLE  *Critical*
3,2                         Quick Access, (DES)
f+3,2                       Destory Access, (DES)
  1                           Overhead Swipe, (DES)
d/f+3,3                     Double Socket
d+3,3,3                     Triple Low Click
d/b+3                       Deep Link
b+3                         SPINNING TOP  *Critical*
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Cradle Kick
  2                           Cradle Star   
  3+4                         Boot
  f+3+4                       Dual-Boot, (DES)
f,f+3,4                     Double Cut
  1+2                         (DES)
  4                           Cut Over
    1+2                         (DES)
WS+3                        Clockwork
  ~B                          Clockwork Cancel
  >3                          Spring Middle
  >d+3                        Spring Low
WR+3,4                      Linear Drop Kicks
f+3+4                       Boot
  ~B                          Boot Cancel Backup  *Can Chain d/b+1 Moves*
  1,2,1,3+4                   Boot Rush
    1+2                         (DES)
  2                           Linear Elbow
  3                           Low Eject Slider
  4                           Upstream  *Juggles*
d+3+4                       Harpoon Sweep
  1+2                         (DES)
b+3+4                       Dynamic Range  *Juggles*
  3+4                         Double Ranger
(u/b_BT)+3+4,1+2            Docking Bay  *Juggles*
(u_u/f)+3+4                 Downstream
BT 3+4,1+2                  Chip Burner  *Juggles*
4                           Accelate Kick
f+4                         Reverse Kick
  1,4                         Logic Bomb
d+4,1+2                     Optimizer
d/b+4                       Deep Wave
b+4,3                       Double Sledding
  1+2                         (DES)
(u_u/f)+4,4                 INBOUND KICK  *Critical - Juggles*
f,f+4                       Sandbox
  :(QCF_QCB)+1                Sandbox Fury  *Only on Forward-Facing Opponent*
SS+4,1+2                    Happy Propeller
BT 4                        Goody Hop
1+2+3                       Lounge Taunt
  ~b_d                        Taunt Cancel
  2#                          Sawblade Taunting
1+2+4                       Hair Brushing Taunt
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               LOOSE SCREW REVERSAL  *Reverses High Attacks*
d/b+1~2                     Diagonal Rocket  *High Unblockable*
b,b+1+2                     Double Rocket Punch  *High Unblockable*
b+2+3                       Hangup  *Unblockable*
*Hit by Laser*, 1+2         Robot Recovery  *Regains Health*
1+2+3+4, 1+2                Ki Chargeup, (DES)
u/b+4,1,1,2,1,1,3+4,3,2,2   Tenstring 
u~u/b                       Thruster Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Overhead Thruster  *Against Wall*

Destroy Form Stance - (DES) - d+1+2
(u,N)_(d,N)                 DES Sidestep
d/b                         (DES) Cancel
1                           Shred Chipper
f+1                         Hertz Blade
d+1                         Low Hertz Blade Scud
2                           Shred Upper  *Juggles*
f+2                         Hertz Blade Ageis
b+2,1                       Hertz Blade Tomahawk
d+2                         Clock Winder *Hold 2 to Increase Number of Hits*
1+2                         Marionette
f+1+2,1+2                   Hertz Blade Diablo
(u_u/f)+1+2                 Spindle Slashing
  N+1+2                       (DES) Cancel
3_4                         Idling
(f+3+4)_(f,f)               Dual-Boot
  ~B                          Dual-Boot Cancel
  ~(U_D)                      Evasive Action
    1                           Evasive Slash
  1                           Blaster Left
  2                           Blaster Right
    1                           Blaster Right Burst
  1+2                         Blaster Drill
(b+3+4)_(b,b)_(u/b,b)       Thruster Backflip
(u_d)+3+4                   Evasive Action
  1                           Evasive Slash
BT 1_2                      Hertz Blade Flare
*Hit by Laser*, 1+2         Robot Recovery  *Regains Health*

Sample Combos
d/f+2, b+1, WS+1,2, 1, u/f+3,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 57 pts.
b+3+4,3+4, f+1+2 -=- 3 Hits -=- 65 pts.
f,f+1+2, d+1, WS+1,2, f+1, f+2,3,3 -=- 9 Hits -=- 52 pts.
WS+2,3+4, 1,2,1,3+4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 54 pts.
u/f+4,4, f+2, 1, f+2, f+4,1,4 -=- 8 Hits -=- 57 pts.


| ARMOR KING | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)           Coconut Crush {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)           Brain Buster {2}
           d,d,d+1+2               Steiner Screwdriver
         d/b,d/b+1+2             DDT {1+2}  *FU/FA on Hit*
         QCB+1+2                 Hades Drop {1+2}
         f,HCF+1                 Armlock Swing {1}  *Tech Roll - 1/2 damage*
         FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2        Armor King Driver {1+2}
         d/f+2+3                 Triple Headbutt {2}
         *Close* d/f+3+4         Frankensteiner  *Attack on Far Hit*
         d/b,f+2+4               Tombstone Piledriver {2}
         WR_(f,f,f)+2+4          Shining Wizard {1+2}  *FU/FT on Hit*
         d+1+3                   Scoop Driver {1}  *Opponent Must Duck*
         d+2+4                   Hopping Leglock {2}  *Opponent Must Duck*
         f,N,d,d/f+(1+4)_(2+3)   Choke Sleeper {1_2}
           2+4,1+2,1+2             Full Nelson Suplex {1}
           3+4,3+4,1+2             Waist Lock Sleeper {2}
             3,4,1+2,3+4             Leg Stretch Muffler {2}
             1,1,1+2                 Triple Backmounted Head Punches {1}
           2,1,1+2                 Headlock Flip {1+2}
             3+4,2,1,1,1+2           Mounted Donkey Punches {2}
             4,3,3+4,1+2             Choke Cracker {1}

(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)             Reverse Death Valley Bomb {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)             Vertical Reverse DDT {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)             Reverse DDT
(Air)    f,HCF+1                 Muscle Driver
         f,f,f+2+4               Running Cross Bomb

Ground Throws
FU/FT d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Pull Up {1_2}
FU/FA d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Enzui Knee {1_2}
FD/FT d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Standing Heel Hold {1_2}
FD/FA d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Wake-Up Lariat {1_2}
Side Approach - Face Down
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Back Mount Position {1_2}
    1,2,1,(2,1)_(1,2)         Rabbit Smashes
    2,1,2,(2,1)_(1,2)         Rabbit Smashes
Side Approach - Face Up
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Flip over {1_2}

1,2                         1-2 Punch
  1                           Final Punch
d/f+1                       Lever Crack
b+1                         Black Jab  *Stuns on CH*
  2                           Hell Stab  *Stuns on CH*
d+1~(N+4)                   Ducking Jab, Rising Knee
WS+1                        European Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/b+1                       Horizontal Chop
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Clothesline Rush
1+2                         Rising Forearm
  ~B                          (BT)
  2                           Darkness Cyclone
  4                           Buzzsaw Boot
FC+1+2                      Ultimate Tackle
f+1+2                       Dark Bomb  *Parries Punches*
f,f+1+2                     Flying Elbow
d+1+2                       Elbow Drop
b+1+2                       Offensive Shove
d/f+1+2                     BLADE SPIN  *Critical*
d/b+1+2                     Headbutt Stomp
  ~(d_d/f)                    Headbutt Cancel, Shadow Step
b+1+4                       Straight Arrow
f+1+4                       DARK SHOULDER  *Special*
u/f+1+2                     Knuckle Bomb  *Juggles*
u/f,N+1+2                   Jump-In Knuckle Bomb
2,1                         Punch, Uppercut
f+2,1                       BLACK ELBOW HOOKS  *Critical*
f,f+2                       MIDDLE SMASH  *Critical*
f,f,N+2                     Nugget Smash  *Stuns on CH*
b+2,1,2                     Punch Tornado
d+2                         Hammer Fist
d/b+2,3                     Long Poke, Kicker
d/f+2                       Gut Punch
FC,d/f+2                    Dark Backhand  *Stuns*
(u/b_u_u/f)+2               Elbow Drop
SS+2                        Side Uppercut
  1                           Death Sandwich  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Dark Upper  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Hell Piercing  *Stuns on CH*
BT 3                        Vitals Strike  *Stuns*
d+3                         Low Shin Stomp Kick
b+3                         Back Thrust Kick
f+3,4,3                     Kick Tornado
f,f+3                       Blind Snapkick
d/f+3                       Dark Knee Lift  *Stuns on CH*
d/b+3                       WATER SWEEP  *Critical - Juggles on CH*
u/f+3                       Alternate Knee  *Stuns on CH*
WR+3                        Brawler Kick
3+4                         Back Somersault, (BT)
  1                           Rolling Press, (FU/Side)  *If Miss, FD/Side*
  2                           Flying Forearm
d/f+3+4                     Frankensteiner, (BT)  *FU/FT on Miss*
SS+3+4                      Mini Spinning Headboot, (FD/Side)
f,f+3+4                     Drop Kick, (FD/FT)
WR+3+4                      Satellite Drop Kick, (FU/FT)
u/f+3+4                     Jumping Scissors, (FU/FT)
(d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4)          Ali Kick
  3                           Jail Kick
u/f,N+3+4                   Hopping Ali Kick
  3                           Jail Kick
BT 3+4                      Evasion Somersault
BT 4                        Turning Savate
d+4,4,4                     Triple Stompdown  *Opponent Must be Fallen*
SS+4                        Buzzsaw Kick
f+4                         Axe Stomp
f,f+4                       Jail Kick
b+4                         Toll Kick
  :1+2                        Sutsana  *If Toll Kick Hits*
u/f+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       Dropping Shin Kick  *If Misses, FD/FT*
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Jumping Knee
WR+4                        Shadow Slide, (FU/FT) *Must Run 3 Steps or More*
b,b~u/b                     Leaping Splash  *Against Wall*

d+(1+4)_(2+3)               Shadow Step  *Parries Low Kicks/Punches*
  1+2                         Shadow Tackle
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Punch Reversal  *Reverses High/Mid Punches*

u/f+1+2~D                   Super Knuckle Bomb  *Unblockable*
u/f,N+1+2~D                 Hopping Super Knuckle Bomb  *Unblockable*
1+2+3+4                     Armor Charge-Up
  ~(QCF+1)                    Fireball  *Unblockable*
  ~(f,N,d/f+2)                Sparking Upper  *Juggles*
1+4                         Moonsault, (FD/FT) *Unblockable - FU/FT on Miss*
u/f,N+1+4                   Hop Moonsault, (FD/FT)  *Unblock. - FU/FT Miss*
BT 1+4                      Moonsault, (FD/FT) *Unblockable - FU/FT on Miss*
f,N,d,d/f+1+2               Green Mist  *Unblockable*
b+2+3                       Dark Venus, (BT)  *Unblockable*
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Darkness Kick  *Unblockable*

d/f+    Tenstring
d/f+            Tenstring

Sample Combos
f,N,d,d/f+2, u/f+3, d/f+3, d/f+1, f+2,1 -=- 6 Hits -=- 58 pts.
FC,d/f+2, d/f+1, 1+2,2, f+1+4 -=- 5 Hits -=- 59 pts.
u/f+4, 1+2,2, f,HCF+1 -=- 4 Hits -=- 56 pts.
u/f+1+2, d/f+1, 1+2,2, f+1+4 -=- 5 Hits -=- 61 pts.
WS+1, d/f+3, d/f+1, f+2,1 -=- 5 Hits -=- 46 pts.



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Arm Trap {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Serpent Twist {2}
         d/f+2+3            Striking Oshi Taoshi {2}
         b+1+2              Spinning Arm Whip {1+2}
         d/b+1+2            Snare Grab  *Draws Opponent Closer*
         FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2   Dirt Eater {1+2}  *Juggles*
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Cloud Taste {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Wind Wheel {2}
(Back    (1+3)_(2+4)        Angler Drop

1                           Highpunch
  1                           Screw Punch
    3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick Strings*
    >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
    >d+4                        Power Sweep
      ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
  2                           1-2 Punches
    3# [B to cancel]            Spinning Heel *Unblockable after 3rd Spin*
    4                           Snapkick
  3                           Shin Lowkick
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
b+1                         Sparrow Trap  *Throws on CH*
d/b+1                       Tsubame Return
  2                           Toe Punch
WS+1                        Sparrow Gut Punch
  4                           Extension Kick
f+1                         Screw Punch
  >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
  >d+4                        Power Sweep
    ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
d/f+1                       Uppercut  
  2                           Hunter's Trap  *Throws on Hit*
  4                           Falling Tree  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+1+2                     Dodging Strikes  *Auto Low Parry*
1+2                         Double Palm  *Juggles*
f+1+2                       BLADE ELBOW  *Critical*
d+1+2                       Toe Punch
WS+1+2                      Spinning Mid Punch  *Stuns on CH*
  ~d                          Mid Punch Cancel
b+1+4                       Black Heron
  3                           Mule Sweep
  4                           Mist Roundhouse  *Turns Opponent BT on Hit*
2                           High Punch
  1,1+2                       Robin Fists
    ~B                          Robin Cancel
    ~d                          Full Crouch
  3                           Swing Kick
f+2                         Dashing Uppercut  *Juggles*
  (d/b)_(d)_(d/f)             Uppercut Cancel, Full Crouch
f,f+2                       Jingu
  >1                          Kunikakasu
  1+2                         Hinokuma
b+2                         Driving Arrow
  1                           Screw Punch
    3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick Strings*
    >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
    >d+4                        Power Tailsweep
      ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel	
  >1+2                        Spinning Nest
    4                           Lotus Bloom
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
d+2                         Heaven's Hammer  *Juggles on CH*
d/f+2                       Sparrow Uppercut  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+2                    Sweeping Sparrow  *Stun Sweep on CH*
d/b+2                       ROCK SHOOTER  *Special*
u/f+2                       Hunter's Trap  *Throws on Hit*
WS+2                        Rising Elbow
SS+2                        Mist Palm
2+3                         Sparrow Piroette  *Parries High Punches*
3,1                         Midkick, Tsubame Return
b+3                         Backflip
  2                           Dashing Uppercut  *Juggles*
    (d/b)_(d)_(d/f)             Uppercut Cancel, Full Crouch
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
3~4                         POWER TAILSWEEP  *Critical*
  ~d/b                        Tailsweep Cancel, Full Crouch
f,f+3                       Dashing Spin Mid Kick
WS+3                        Cartwheel Kickup  *Juggles*
d/f+3                       Long Thrustkick
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Leaping Jumpkick
d/b+3                       Backspinning Sweep
WR+3                        Running Jumpkick
3+4                         Cartwheel Kick
d+3+4                       CAN-CAN KICKS  *Juggles - Critical*
(FC_WS)+3+4,3               Cartwheel Helicopter
f+4                         Hard Roundhouse
f,f+4                       Leaping Roundhouse
b+4                         Knee Rush  *Stuns on CH*
  >2                          Tsuwabuki
d/f+4                       Mid Frontkick
SS+4                        Reverse Boomerang
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Right Hopkick  *Juggles*
u~u/b                       Backflip
  3                           Leaping Jumpkick
b,b~u/b                     Leaping Downwards Punch  *Against Wall*
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               High/Mid Attack Reversal
  Hold (1+3)_(2+4)            Extended Reversal
(F+3)# [B to cancel]        Spinning Heel Drop  *Unblockable after 3rd Spin*
1+2+3+4                     Kiai Tame Charge
  ~D/F+3+4,3+4,1+2            Ultimate Tackle

f+1,3                       Front Kick String
  1                           High Punch
    1                           Screw Punch
      3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick strings*
      >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
      >d+4                        Power Tailsweep
        ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
    2                           Uppercut
      3# [B to cancel]            Spinning Heel  *Unblockable after 3x Spin*
      4                           Snapkick
    3                           Shin Lowkick
    4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*

1+4                         White Heron
  2                           Gale
    1                           Punch
      1                           Screw Punch
        3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick strings*
        >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
        >d+4                        Power Tailsweep
          ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
      2                           Punch
        3# [B to cancel]            Spinning Heel  *Unblockable after 3x*
        4                           Snapkick
      3                           Shin Lowkick
      4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*
    4                           Back Thrustkick
    d+4                         Sweep Kick
  3# [B to cancel]            Spinning Heel  *Unblockable after 3rd Spin*

d/b+4                       Leg Cutter String
  ~d                          Full Crouch
  [4],[4]                     [Double/Triple Leg Cutters]
    ~d                          Full Crouch
    3                           Heron Cannon  *Juggles*
    1+4                         White Heron  *White Heron strings*

(WS)+     Tenstring
(WS)+   Tenstring
(WS)+                      Fourstring

Sample Combos
f+2, u/f+3, d/f+1,2, 2,1,1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 57 pts.
d/f+2, u/f+3, b+2,1,3, f+1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 54 pts.
1+2, d/b+4,3, 2,1,1+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 56 pts.
FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2, u/f+3, 2,1, 2,1,1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 50 pts.
3~4, WS+4, f+2 -=- 3 Hits -=- 42 pts.


| BOB RICHARDS | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)       Quarter Deck {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)       Cooler Shaker {2}
         f,f+1+2             Flying Cask {1+2}  *Juggles*
         FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2    Sparkling Death {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)         Corkscrew {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Eye Opener {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)         Deglacer Throw

1,1,2                        Straight Rondel
1,2                          1-2 Punches
  >1+2                         Fast Break  *Juggles on CH*
1,3,3                        Course Picante
1,4                          Course Sarat
1,d+4                        Course Achuto
d+1                          Coupe Chop
b+1,2                        Ravenous
b,f+1                        Hot Cross Bun
d/f+1                        Escalope Hook
  2                            Escalope Elbow  *Stuns on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+1                  Langue Washer  *Juggles on CH*
WS+1                         Rising Butcher 
  2                            Cross Butcher  *Stuns on CH*
  3                            Hot Guimauve
1+2                          Hammer Handle
  F                            Forward Roll
  B                            Roll Back
  1+2                          Hammer Upper
f+1+2                        BELLY THUMP  *Special*
b+1+2,1,2                    Three Star Combo
d+1+2,2,1                    Apicius Special
u+1+2                        Egg Bound
  F                            Forward Roll
  B                            Roll Back
  1                            Hatching Punch
d/f+1+2                      Overpound, (FU/FA)
u/f+1+2                      Pound Cake
  1                            Cake Icing
  >1+2                         Cracker Jack
d/b+1+2                      Snipe Liftpalm  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+1+2                Granchi Cannon
  *Hold 1+2*                   Granchi Bomber
WS+1+2                       Rising Matzo  *Stuns on CH*
SS+1+2                       Banh Mi Strike
2,1,4                        Grande Sheer
d+2                          Combo Chop
  1,2,2                        Doom Gut Palm Combo
  3                            Spinning Knee
  4                            Goofy Kick
f+2,3                        Circle Whopper
f,f+2                        ZIP CUTTER  *Critical*
b+2,2,4,4                    Combination Bitter
d/f+2                        Slash Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
d/b+2                        Bite Uppercut
FC,d/f+2                     Fritter Punch
  1,1+2                        Polpo Swing
  4,1+2                        Seppia Swing
f,N,d,d/f+2                  THUNDER GOOF FIST  *Critical - Juggles*
WS+2                         Spinach Rinse
  1                            SPINACH UPPER  *Critical - Juggles*
  >2                           Spinach Hammer
BT d+2                       Plague Kick
3,4                          Croque Monsieur
f+3                          Merguez Kick
  4                            Merguez Combo  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+3                        Jumping Beans
b+3                          Swingfoot  *Stuns on CH*
d+3,4                        Panini Sweep
d/f+3                        Gaufrette
  1,1                          Gaufrette Cutter
  2                            Gaufrette Punch
  4,4                          Gaufrette Kicks
d/b+3                        Liaison Spike
u/f+3                        Beat Jumpkick  *Juggles*
u/b+3                        Reverse Duck Flip
f,N,d,d/f+3,2                GAMBERO KNEE SPIKER  *Juggles*
WS+3,3+4                     Brioche Star
WR+3                         Perfect Smash
d+3+4                        Duck Flip
b+3+4                        Backward Roll
f+3+4                        Forward Roll
  1                            Lyonnaise Break
  2                            Galette Slicer
  3                            Snail Kick
  3+4                          Perfect Press
  4                            Stealing Home  *Juggles*
f,f+3+4                      Huitres Crush
u+3+4                        Strainer  *Juggles on CH*
d/f+3+4,4                    Runner Flip  *Juggles*
d/b+3+4,4                    Huile Slip
u/f+3+4,4                    Hunting Hawk
WR+3+4                       Rolly Poly
4                            Standing Bob Kick  *Juggles on CH*
  3,3+4                        Sandwich Stomp
d+4,3,4                      Tornado Mixer
f+4                          Spinning Linguine  *Throws on CH*
f,f+4,4                      Double Chapati
b+4,1                        Pretzel Crush
b,b+4                        Langouste Tail
d/b+4,4                      Contorno Kicks
  3,3                          Dual Midkicks
  4                            Lowkick
(u_u/f)+4,4                  Faisan Crow
u/f,N+4                      Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+4                  Apres Sweep
  1+2                          CUTTING COPPA  *Critical*
b,b~u/b                      Wall Backflip  *Against Wall*

1+2+3+4                      Kiai Charge
  ~4                           Sucre Tile  *Unblockable*
  *Hold 1+2+3+4*               Power Charger Twist
b,b+2+3                      Quick Langouste  *Unblockable*
b,b+3+4                      Great Langouste  *Unblockable*
  ~d/b                         Cancel
  2                            Feint Knuckle

u/f+23.3+4.4                 Fivestring
u/f+  Tenstring

Sample Combos
u/f+3, d+2,3, d/f+1, d+2,3, b+1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 63 pts.
WS+2,1, d/b+2, b+2,2, d+2,3, b+1+2 -=- 8 Hits -=- 62 pts.
f,N,d,d/f+3,2, d+2,3, b+2,2, d+2,3, b+3 -=- 9 Hits -=- 66 pts.
f,N,d,d/f+2, b,b+2+3 -=- 2 Hits -=- 71 pts.
f+3+4,4, WS+2,1, u/f+1+2,1+2 -=- 5 Hits -=- 43 pts.


| BRYAN FURY | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Dropping Throat Breaker {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Falling Brain Blaster {2}
         f,f+1+2            Snake Mixer {1+2}
         FC,d/f,d/f+1+2     Chains of Misery {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Free Fall {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Knee Blast {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Hummer Throw

1,2                         1-2 Punch
  1                           Mid Blow  *Stuns on CH*
  3                           Low Kick
  4                           High Arc Kick
b+1                         DOWNWARDS SMASH  *Critical - Juggles on CH*
b+1~2>1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,4     Momentum Death
D/F#+1                      Piston Punch
  2                           Rib Shaker
  >1                          2nd Piston
    2                           Rib Shaker
    >1                          3rd Piston
      2                           Rib Shaker
      >1                          4th Piston
        2                           Rib Shaker
SS+1                        Devil's Claw
SS+1~2                      Phantom's Claw  *Stuns on CH*
(QCF_WS)+1                  Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
1,4,3,3                     Southern Cross
1,4>2                       Atomic Combo
  ~f+1                        Fakeout Backfist
  >1                          Backfist  *Stuns*
    ~u_d                        Sidestep Feint
    >2                          Mach Punch
    >4                          Jumping Midkick
  4                           Jumping Midkick
1+2                         Snake Pit  *Opponent BT on Hit*
  2                           Pit Viper
(FC_d)+1+2                  Leaning Slug
  ~f                          Crouchdash Cancel
  ~b                          Backdash Cancel
  ~2                          Side Hummer  *Juggles*
  3                           Lowkick
f+1+2                       Spinning Elbow
d/f+1+2                     Piston Rock  *Auto-Parries High/Mid Left Punches*
d/b+1+2                     COBRA FANG  *Special*
WS+1+2                      Small Uppercut
QCF+1+2                     Requiem
2,3                         Punch Kick Combo
b+2                         Backhand  *Stuns on CH*
  ~f+1                        Fakeout Elbow  *Stuns*
  >1                          Backhand  *Stuns*
    ~u_d                        Sidestep Feint
    >2                          Mach Punch
    >4                          Jumping Midkick
  >4                          Jumping Midkick
d/f+2                       Mid Elbow
  1                           Blackout
  3                           Blackout Trap
d+2                         Downwards Bomb
  >3                          Python Knee
f,b+2                       Jet Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       Stomach Hook
QCB+2,4                     Backdash Smash, Arc Kick
(QCF_WS)+2                  Gutpunch
  (b_f)+2                     Slam Throw  *If Gutpunch Hits - Juggles*
SS+2                        Side Hummer
  3                           Low Sweep  *Juggles*
f+2,1,4                     Stomach Combo
f,f+2                       MACH PUNCH  *Critical*
3,2,1                       Gatling Combo
  2                           Mid Hook
  4                           Low Kick
3,3                         Midkick, Highkick
  2                           Jet Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Facekick
d+3,2                       Crouch Ankle Kick, Right Hook
b+3                         Stopping Kick
  ~f                          Crouchdash  *Can Link QCF Moves*
  1+2                         Overhead Bomb
  4                           Knee
  2,1                         2 Punches
    2                           Mid Hook
    4                           Low Kick
f+3                         Lifting Left Knee  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+3                       Slash Kick
f,f+3 *Hold Down 3*         Delayed Power Slash Kick
(QCF_WS)+3                  Rising Knee  *Stuns On CH*
  4                           Crushing Knee
QCB+3                       Swayback Lowkick
d/f+3                       SNAKE EDGE  *Critical - Juggles*
(u_u/f)+3                   Rolling Driver
d/b+3                       Sweeper Kick
WR+3                        Jumping Slashkick
d+3+4                       Side Low Kick
  2                           Sideswipe Mid
3+4                         Kidney Kick  *Stuns on CH*
(QCF_WS)+3+4                Quick Spinkick
4,3                         Running Blind
  4                           Blind Boot
  4#                          Power Blind Boot
  f+4                         Highkick
b+4                         Lifting Right Knee
b,b+4                       Flipping Ankle Drop, (FU/FT)
b,d/f+4                     Wedge Drive
  ~B                          Cancel
d+4                         Knee Rock
d/f+4                       Spinkick
(u_u/f)+4                   Overhead Boot  *Juggles*
u/f~N+4                     Hopkick  *Juggles*
f+4,1                       Boa Crusher
f,f+4                       DOWNWARD ARC KICK  *Critical*
QCF+4                       Spinning Kick
  1,2                         Doom Knuckle
  1,4                         Knuckle, Jumping Midkick
QCB+4                       Swayking Kickoff  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick *Against Wall*

1+3+4                       Knee Taunt
  f,f+2                       Omen Mach Breaker
  f+2,1,4,2,1,4,2             Fury Combo

b+1+2~2                     High/Mid Punch Parry, Retaliation Punch

b+1+4                       Super Backfist  *Unblockable*
f+1+4                       Fast Super Backfist  *Unblockable*

b+34..        Tenstring
b+34..          Ninestring
b+34..            Eightstring

Sample Combos
WS+2,b+2, b+2,1,2 -=- 5 Hits -=- 71 pts.
d/f+3, u/f+3, d/b+2, f+2,1,4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 52 pts.
f,b+2, f+1+2, f+1, f,f+2 -=- 4 Hits -=- 50 pts.
WS+1, d/b+2, d/b+2, f+1, b+3~f, 4,1,2 -=- 8 Hits -=- 59 pts.
u/f+4, d/b+2, d/b+2, 3,3,4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 57 pts.


| CHRISTIE MONTEIRO  | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Leg Twist Takedown {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Neck Spinning DDT {2}
         d+(1+3)_(2+4)      Splashdown {1_2} *Opponent Must Duck*
         d/f+1+2            Swinging Pendulum Flip {1+2}
         HCF+1+2            Rodeo Spin {1+2}
         (HND) 3+4          Batucada
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Winding Twistflip {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Saddlemount Frankensteiner {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Over The Top Legtoss

1,2                         1-2 Punches
  4,3                         Backflip Kickout, (RLX)
  4~4                         Leaping Boot, (RLX)
1,3                         Jab, Toetap, (HND)
  D                           (RLX)
b+1,4                       Queda De Samba
  B                           (HND)
  3,3+4                       Sambo Wheels
  3+4                         Flare  *Juggles - Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves*
d/f+1                       Elbow Sting
  F                           (HND)
  ~1                          Face Stab
WS+1,3                      Rising Fist, Heran Bago  *Juggles*, (RLX)
1+2                         Rewinder
  ~3                        Kickup  *Juggles*
  3                           Toetap, (HND)
b+1+2                       Straight Jab
(f+1+2)_(FC,d/f+1+2)        Handstand Position - (HND)
d/b+1+2                     Double Armstrike  *Juggles*
FC+1+2                      Cabecada
  1+2                         Cabecada Needle
(u/b_u_u/f)+1+2             Vassuna Jump
SS+1+4                      Low Banda Sweep
SS+2,4                      Lunging Right Punch, Highkick, (HND)
(QCF_WS)+2                  Sliding Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/f+2                       Elbow Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f+2,1,4                     Triple Flurry
f,f+2,3                     Rib Cracker, Low Banda Sweep
d+2,3                       Elbow, Bomb Drop, (RLX)
b+2                         Asfixiante
d/b+2,3                     Vaisya  *Juggles*
3                           High Crescent  *Stuns on CH*
  4                           Circle Whipkick
3~4                         THOMAS FLAIR  *Critical - Juggles*, (RLX)
  B                           (HND)
  3                           Heran Bago  *Juggles*, (RLX)
  3+4                         Front Stinger
    D                           (RLX)
    B                           (HND)
  4,1+2                       Low Flairsweep, Cabecada
    1+2                         Cabecada Needle
  4,[4]                       Low Flairsweep[s]
    B                           (HND)
f+3                         Arrow Kick, (HND)
b+3                         Quick Knee
  >f                          Snapkick Extension
  ~3                          Heran Bago  *Juggles*, (RLX)
d+3~3                       Heran Bago  *Juggles*, (RLX)
u+3                         Splash Backflip
u/f+3                       De Costes
  3                           Kickup  *Juggles*
  3+4                         Low Kickout, (RLX)
(QCF_WS)+3                  Crescent Cannon  *Juggles*
SS+3                        Heran Bago, (RLX)
  ~D                          Heran Bago Cancel, (RLX)
  ~B                          Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)
  B                           (HND)
    ~3+4                        Perch Flop  *Juggles*, (HND)
d/f+3                       Toetap, (HND)
  D                           (RLX)
d/b+3                       Rasteria
  B                           (HND)
  3                           Bush Whacker
  N,3                         Heran Bago, (RLX)
    ~D                          Heran Bago Cancel, (RLX)
    ~B                          Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)
    B                           (HND)
      ~3+4                        Perch Flop  *Juggles*, (HND)
  4                           Leg Whip
    3                           Rasteria  *Can Chain Rasteria Moves*
    4                           Spring Flip
      ~D                          (RLX)
      3+4                         Backflip
  d+4                         Shin Cutter
    ~B                          (HND)
    1+2                         Cabecada
      ~1+2                        Cabecada Needle
    3                           Cut Fake, Heran Bago  *Juggles*, (RLX)
    4                           Cross Cutter
      ~B                          (HND)
u/b+3                       DROPPING CRESCENT
f,f+3                       Lungekick
  ~B                          (HND)
    ~3+4                        Perch Flop  *Juggles*, (HND)
WR+3                        Running Slide  *Juggles on CH*, (RLX)
3+4                         Macaco
  B                           (HND) Cancel
  3                           Half-Spring Cancel, (HND)
f+3+4                       REVERSAO  *Critical*
f,f+3+4                     Rainbow Stomp
b+3+4                       DIVINE CUTTER  *Special*
d/f+3+4                     MIRAGE  *Critical - Juggles*
u/f+3+4                     Mea Rua Plando
(u_u/b)+3+4                 Jumping Jack
  ~D_~B                       (RLX)
d/b+3+4                     Meia Lua
  ~D                          (RLX)
  ~B                          (HND)
  4,3                         Slappy Kicks
FC+3+4                      Flapjack
  ~D                          (RLX)
  ~B                          (HND)
SS+3+4                      Aerial Kick  *Juggles*
  3+4,3+4                     Aerial Blaze
    u/f+3+4                     Jumping Jack
      B_D                         (RLX)
d+3+4                       Relax Position - (RLX)
BT 3+4                      Moonlight Flip
d+3~4                       Quicksweep
d/b+4,4,4,4...              M. L. de Compasso  *b+4 After Any Kick for (HND)*
FC,d/b+4                    Haule  *Stuns on CH*
FC,d/f+4                    Pananeila Joral, (RLX)  *Juggles on CH* 
WS+4                        Circle Kick
4~3                         Satellite Moon
  3~b                         Slipkick Cancel, (HND)
  3                           Mid Slipkick, (RLX)
    ~b                          (HND)
      ~3+4                        Perch Flop  *Juggles*, (HND)
  4,2,4                       Moon Combo, Armada  *Can Chain Armada Moves*
d+4,3                       Au De Bico
b+4                         Armada
  3                           Rasteria  *Can Chain Rasteria Moves*
  4                           Backflip
    D                           (RLX)
    3+4                         Backflip
f+4                         Monkey Trick
  B                           (HND)
  3,3+4                       Sambo Wheels
  3+4                         Flare  *Juggles - Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves*
u+4                         Backflip
  3                           Backflip Kickout, (RLX)
  ~4                          Leaping Boot, (RLX)
u/f+4                       Roundhouse
f,f+4                       Forva A Tacchi, (HND)  *Juggles*
d/f+4                       Stabbing Lowkick
SS+4                        Lowsweep
  B                           (HND)
  3                           Tripping Sweep
  3+4                         Flapjack
    ~D                          (RLX)
    ~B                          (HND)
SS+4~3                      Leaping Massacre
  B                           (HND)
(FU/FT)_(FU/FA) 1+2         (HND) Recovery
u~u/b                       Backflip, (HND)
b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
b,b+3+4                     Spinning Cyclone  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
4~3..4.2.44.(3+4).(3+4)(3+4).(d/b+3+4).(u/f+3+4)    Tenstring

Handstand Position - (HND) - (f+1+2)_(FC,d/f+1+2)
N                           (RLX)
b                           Stand Up
(u,N)_(d,N)                 Handstand Lean  *Can Chain Alternate Leans*
  1_2                         Rewinder, Full Crouch
  3_4                         Tripping Sweep
D#                          Handstand Dip, (HND)
1                           Faizaon
f+1                         Jab
  2                           Fist
    4,3                         Backflip Kickout, (RLX)
    4~4                         Leaping Boot, (RLX)
  3                           Toetap, (HND)
    D                           (RLX)
2,4                         Spin In Punch, Low Sweep
  B                           (HND)
  3                           Low Sweep
  3+4                         Flapjack
    ~D                          (RLX)
    ~B                          (HND)
F+1+2                       Roll Forward, (HND)
3                           Heran Bago, (RLX)
  ~D                          Heran Bago Cancel, (RLX)
  ~B                          Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)
  B                           (HND)
    ~3+4                        Perch Flop  *Juggles*, (HND)
3~4                         Thomas Flare  *Juggles*, (RLX)
  B                           (HND)
  4,1+2                       Low Flairsweep, Cabecada
    ~1+2                        Cabecada Needle
  4,[4]                       Low Flairsweep[s]
    B                           (HND)
b+3                         Scoot Kick, (RLX)
(d_u)+(3_4),N               Drop In Kick, (HND)
(D_U)+(3_4)                 Drop In Kick, (RLX)
3+4                         Batucada   *Throw*
f+3+4                       Quick Spring Kick
D>3+4                       Perch Flop  *Juggles*, (HND)
4                           Helicopter, (HND)
  3+4                         Thomas Flare  *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves*

Relaxed Position - (RLX) - d+3+4
f_b                         Forward_Backward Roll
  1+2                         Flying Cross Chop
1                           Left Punch
  3                           Arrow Kick, (HND)
  4                           Armada  *Can Chain Armada Moves*
1+2                         Cabecada
  1+2                         Cabecada Needle
f+1+2                       (HND)
b+1+2                       (HND)
2                           Right Punch
  f+3                         Lungekick
    ~B                          (HND)
      ~3+4                        Perch Flop  *Juggles*, (HND)
  3                           Crescent Cannon  *Juggles*
  4                           Monkey Trick
    3,3+4                       Sambo Wheels
    B                           (HND)
    3+4                         Thomas Flare  *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves*
3,4                         Lowsweep, Midkick
3~4                         Kickup  *Juggles*
3+4                         Macaco
  B                           (HND) Cancel
  3                           Arrow Kick, (HND)
f+3+4                       Springing Kickup
4,3+4                       Stinger, Macaco
  B                           (HND) Cancel
  3                           Arrow Kick, (HND)
4~3                         LOW FLAIR KICKUP  *Critical - Juggles*, (HND)
  3+4                         Thomas Flare  *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves*

Sample Combos
d/f+3+4, 1, d/f+1~1, 1,2,4~4 -=- 7 Hits -=- 45 pts.
RLX 4~3, HND f+1, d/f+1~1, u/f+3+4 -=- 7 Hits -=- 44 pts.
RLX 3~4, d/f+1, b+3,3, RLX 2,f+3 -=- 6 HIts -=- 58 pts.
WS+1,3, RLX 2,f+3 -=- 4 Hits -=- 52 pts.
3~4, RLX 2, b+3~3, RLX 2,f+3 -=- 7 Hits -=- 61 pts.


| DEVIL JIN | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Bitch Kicks {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Arm Takedown {2}
         f,f+1+2            Stonehead {1+2}
         f,HCF+1+2          End of Dreams {1+2}
         QCB+1+3            Wrist Takedown {1}
         d/f+2+3            Striking Oshi Taoshi {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Shoulder Flip {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Arm Break, Shoulder Toss {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Back Toss

1,1>2                       Shining Fists
1>2                         1-2 Jab
  2                           Backfist
  3                           Axe Kick  *Juggles*
    4_(F+4)                     Axe Kick_Front Kick
  4                           Knee
    3                           Knee Cancel, Demon Gate Kick
  4~1+4,2,4_(d+4)             White Heron  *1+4 cancels the 4*
b+1                         Parting Wave
  >D/F                        Crouchdash  *Chains into CD Moves*
  2                           Brimstone Strike
    ~B                          Cancel
d+1                         CORPSE THRUST  *Special*
d/f+1>2                     Stomach Shot, Overhead Smash
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Thunder Godfist
  U/F                         Heaven Denied  *TGF must Hit Standing Opponent*
  3                           Sidekick
  4                           Hellsweep
WS+1,2                      Twin Pistons
d_FC+1+2                    Ultimate Tackle
b+1+2                       Leanback Fist Feint
B+1+2                       Leanback Fist
  *Hold B+1+2*                Daemon Charge Fist
f+1+2                       Tsuji Wind
d+1+2                       Hellfire Blast  *Opponent on Ground*
d/f+1+2                     Aratama Strike
(u/b_u_u/f)+1+2             Diagonal Air Laser
1+4,2,4_(d+4)               White Heron Combo
2,2                         Jab, Backfist
b+2,3                       Backhand, Leftkick
f+2>4                       Overhead Smash, Knee  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+2                       Uppercut *Juggles on CH*
d/b+2                       Ankle Ripper
u/b+2                       Face Slasher
f,f+2                       Demon Paw
SS+2                        Demon Twister  *Juggles*
  ~U                          Hell's Gate
b,f+2                       Stun Fist  *Stuns on CH*
  >1>2                        Laser Rush
  >1>d+2                      Laser Scraper  *Juggles*
  >1>4                        Laser Gate
WS+2                        Crunch Uppercut  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 WIND GODFIST  *Critical - Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+2                 ELECTRIC WIND GODFIST  *Critical - Juggles*
(u/b_u_u/f)+2+4             Corpse Splitter  *On Fallen Opponents*
f+3                         Screw Kick
f,f+3,1                     Twisted Darkness
  f,f                         Cyclone Rewind
  b+1+2                       Leanback Fist Feint
  B+1+2                       Leanback Fist
    *Hold B+1+2*                Daemon Charge Fist
  3                           Spinning Sweep  *Juggles*
  4                           Backwards Thrust Kick
b+3                         Jambu Spear
d+3                         Ankle Kick
d/f+3,2,4                   Rengoku
  ~U                          Daemon's Flight
u/f+3                       Reaper's Scythe  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Leaping Thrustkick  *Juggles*
f,N,d,D/F+3                 Leaping Low Thrustkick
WR+3                        Running Lungekick
3+4                         Daemon's Flight
  B                           Air Block
  1                           Near Death
  1+2                         Flying Laser  *Unblockable*
  f+1+2                       Fly Around, Flying Laser  *Unblockable*
  2                           Infernal Annihilation Throw
  3                           Amara
f+3+4                       SOARING KICK  *Critical*
d+3+4                       Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
f+4,3                       Twisted Samsara
  ~U                          Daemon's Flight
f,f+4                       Last Rites
b+4                         Demon Steel Pedal  *Stuns on CH*
u+4                         SAMSARA  *Critical - Juggles*
  ~U                          Daemon'S Flight
4~3                         Demon Gate Kick
u/f+4                       Flying Soul
d/f+4>4                     Delayable Axe Kicks
f,N,d,D/F+4,4               HELL SWEEP, ROUNDHOUSE HOOK  *Critical*
WS_(f,N,d,d/f)+4,4          Axe Kicks
(FU/FT) 3+4                 Daemon's Flight Recovery
b,b~u/b                     Wall Jumpkick  *Against Wall*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Mid/High Attack Reversal

1+2                         Sweeping High Laser  *Unblockable*
  D_U                         Laser Axis Sweep  *Unblockable*
b+1+4                       Lightning Godfist  *Unblockable*
B+1+4                       Lightning Hell Godfist  *Unblockable*

f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..1..2.1        Tenstring
f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..3..2.1        Tenstring
f,f+N+2144.2.4.3..2.1           Ninestring
324.3.(1+4).2..2.1.2            Tenstring
324.3.(1+4).2.1..3_4            Ninestring
b+24..    Elevenstring
b+24..    Elevenstring
b+                Fivestring

Sample Combos
f,N,d,d/f+2, f,f+3,1, b,f+2,1,2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 56 pts.
SS+2, f,N,d,d/f+1~U/F -=- 3 Hits -=- 61 pts.
f,N,d,d/f+3, 1+4,2, f+2,4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 40 pts.
d+3+4, 1+4, b,f+2,1,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 47 pts.
u+4~U, 1, f+1, f+1, f+3+4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 47 pts.


| DRAGUNOV (Sergei) | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)       Rolling Armbar {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)       Flipped Backboot {2}
         f,f+1+2             Mad Wind {1+2}
         f+1+4               Rolling Hyperextension {1}
         f+2+3               Rolling Kneebar {2}
         u/f+3+4             Scissor Takedown  *FU/FT on Miss*
         d+(1+3)_(2+4)       Facial Knee {1_2}  *Opponent Must Duck*
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)         Tarantula Twist {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Reverse Arm Bar{2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)         Absolute Silence
(Tackle) 1                   Blizzard Sleeper {1}
         2                   Ankle Lock {2}
         1+2                 Mounted Beatdown {1+2}

1,1>3                        Double Lefts, Thrustkick
1,2,1                        Advancing Punches
1,3,2                        Dual Highs, Bomb Fist
  1+2                          Bomb Fist Cancel, Guillotine Throw {1+2}
    ~b                           Throw Cancel
d/f+1                        Gut Short
  >4                           Spinning Cutter
d+1                          Skinner Elbow
b+1                          Straight Facepiff
  2                            Spinning Shot
u/f+1                        Eye Gouger  *Stuns on CH*
QCF+1                        Cock Hammer  *Stuns*
WS+1                         Hilt Strike
  2                            Quillion
  3                            Steel Hilt
1+2                          Hound Shot
  1+2                          Shoot Takedown
  4                            Hound Bark
f+1+2                        Spinning Decapitator
b+1+2                        Blizzard Axe Handle
(FC_d/b)+1+2                 SHOOT TAKEDOWN
  1_2                          Roll-In Cancel
  3_4                          Roll-Out Cancel
d+1+2                        WHITEOUT  *Special*
(QCF_WS)+1+2                 COLD SHOULDER  *Critical*
2,1                          1-2 Punches
  3                            Thrustkick
  4                            Anklekick
d+2                          Sharpener
f+2                          Elbow Check 
  >4                           Close Knee  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+2                        BOMB FIST  *Critical*
  1+2                          Bomb Fist Cancel, Guillotine Throw {1+2}
    ~b                           Throw Cancel
d/f+2                        Deep Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2>1                      Ripper Combo
  >2                           Ripper *Juggles*
b+2,1,3                      Frost Fists, Reverse Sweep
  1+2                          Sweep Cancel, Knee Throw {1+2} *Opponent Duck*
(u_u/f)+2                    Forearm Bomb
u/b+2                        Stepping Knuckle Duster  *Stuns on CH*
QCF+2                        BOOSTER ELBOW  *Critical - Juggles*
QCB+2                        Flexible Elbow  *Juggles*
SS+2                         Spinning Slaphand
  3                            Highkick  *Axe Snare Throw on CH*
  1+2                          Reverse Windmill
    1+2                          Shoot Takedown
      1_2                          Roll-In Cancel
      3_4                          Roll-Out Cancel
    4                            Snap Powerboot
WS+2                         Proton Uppercut  *Juggles*
WR+2                         Coffin Nail  *Juggles on CH*
3,1,2                        Disconnector
f+3                          Skipping Front Boot
  ~d/f                         Crouchdash  *Links QCF Moves*
  2                            Salute Blow
  3                            Axe Snare  *Throws on Clean Hit*
f,f+3                        Slash Kick
b+3                          Serrated Edge
d/f+3                        Axe Snare  *Throws on Clean Hit*
d+3                          Kneekick
  4                            CHEST SKINNER
d/b+3                        CLIP  *Crit. - Juggles on Clean - Throw on CH*
  1+2                          Facial Knee Throw  *Opponent Must Duck*
CH d/b+3                     Clipper Throw
WS+3                         Sub Hilt
QCF+3                        Slay Ride  *Throws on CH*
BT d+3                       Blind Legkick
WR+3                         Running Side  *Throws on Hit*
3+4                          Back Brainkick, FU/FT
b+3+4                        Cold Crescent  *Juggles*
d+3+4                        Morgue Blast  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
4                            Propeller Kick
  1                            Jabber
  3                            Overhead Axekick
  4                            Forward Jumpkick
f+4                          High Knee
  4                            Snap Extension  *Juggles on CH*
    3                            Neo Cougar
  d+4                          Low Fakeout
f,f+4                        Caterpillar Heel  *Juggles on CH*
WR+4                         Leaping Knee Trap  *Throws on Hit*
d/f+4                        Sidekick
d+4                          Shin Cutter
  1,3                          Ice Spin
  4                            Stiletto
b+4                          Gut Punt
  2                            Elbow Hammer
    ~D                           Full Crouch
    1                            Hookshot
    1+2                          Shoot Takedown
      1_2                          Roll-In Cancel
      3_4                          Roll-Out Cancel
  3                            Shoulder Booter
(u/b_u_u/f)+4                Cold Layout
u/f,N+4                      Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
QCF+4                        Guillotine Knee Trap
  1,3,4,2                      Rolling Armbar {1}  *If Knee Hits*
  2,4,3,1                      Rolling Armbar {2}  *If Knee Hits*
BT u/f+4                     Turning Hopkick  *Juggles*
(FD/FT)_(FD/FA) 1+2          Living Dead Slide
  1+2                          Death Takedown
(FD/FT) D+3                  Clipper Catch  *Throws on Clean Hit*
b,b~u/b                      Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*

b+2+3                        Sub-Zero  *Unblockable*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)                Mid/High Reversal
[FC,]d/f+1+2                 Pitfall  *Reverses Low Attacks*

131..2.4.1+2                 Sixstring
131..            Tenstring

Sample Combos
QCF+2, 4,1, 4,1, d+4,1,3 -=- 8 Hits -=- 66 pts.
d/f+2, f+4,4,3, f+1, f+3~D/F, 2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 56 pts.
QCF+1, f+1, b+2,1, 1,3,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 50 pts.
QCB+2, f+4,4,3, 1,3,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 64 pts.
b+3+4, d+4,1,3 -=- 4 Hits -=- 42 pts.


| ELIZA | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Bloody Bites {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Soul Steal {2}
         d/f+1+2            Phantom Rave {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Phantom Rave {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Phantom Rave {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Deep Shadow

1,2                         1-2 Punch
  3                           Moonrise  *Juggles*
  4                           Arc Kick
b+1,2                       Meteor Lift  *Juggles*
  4                           Meteor Light  *Critical*
d/f+1                       Sable Uppercut
WS+1,4                      Delta Smash
f+1+2                       Turn Break  *Stuns on CH*
2,4                         Punch, Arc Kick
f,f+2                       Bloody Claw  *Critical*
  N                           Dead Sleep  *Only if B. Crow Hits - Heals*
    <Any Direction>             Wake Up
  ~B                          Standing Stance  *Only if B. Crow Hits*
d/f+2                       Rending Claw  *Stuns on CH*
(u/b_u_u/f)+2               Dusty Knuckles
QCF+2                       Darkness Wave  *Juggles*
  ~F                          Moon Glide
  ~D/F                        Wave Cancel, Moon Glide
WS+2                        Shadow Launcher  *Juggles*
3                           High Grace Rose
d+3                         Sweep Nail
FC,d/f+3                    Heel Shove
b+3                         Astral Shot  *Special*
d/f+3                       Assault Spin
d/b+3                       Queen Needle
(u/b_u)+3                   Swan Shoot
u/f+3                       Moonrise  *Juggles* 
WS+3                        Mid Grace Rose
WR+3                        Noble Slash
d+3+4                       Dignity Grave  *Opponent Must be Fallen*
4                           Arc Kick  *Juggles on CH*
f+4                         Moon Glide             _________________________
  1,2                         Stardust            / *Only if She Has Slept* \
    >1+2                        Stardust Break --<_____ *Stuns on CH* ______/
  2                           Bloody Claw  *Critical*
    N                           Dead Sleep  *Only if B. Crow Hits - Heals*
      <Any Direction>             Wake Up
    ~B                          Standing Stance  *Only if B. Crow Hits*
d/f+4                       Crimson Snap
d/b+4                       Shadow Ring  *Critical - Juggles*
u/f+4,2                     Splendor Edge  *Critical - Juggles*
  QCF+2                       Darkness Wave
    ~F                          Moon Glide
    ~D/F                        Wave Cancel, Moon Glide

u~u/b                       Flight Evasion
1+3+4                       Yawning Taunt

u/f+1+2                     Death Impact  *Unblockable*
QCF+1+2                     Dark Wave Chaos  *Unblockable - Juggles*

b,b~u/b                     Backflip  *Against Wall*

d/b+4, QCF+2~F,1, u/f+4,2,QCF+2~F,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 65 pts.
u/f+3, d/f+1, d/f+1, f+4~1, u/f+4,2,QCF+2~F,2 -=- 8 Hits -=- 69 pts.
WS+2, 2,4, b+1,2,4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 58 pts.
u/f+4,2,QCF+2~F,1, u/f+4,2,QCF+2~F, 2 -=- 8 Hits -=- 65 pts.
CH d/f+2, d/f+1, d/f+1, f+4~1, b+1,2,4 -=- 7 Hits -=- 61 pts.


| FENG WEI | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Embracing Toss {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Arm Trap Snap {2}
         d/f+1+2            Avalanche {1+2}
         BT (1+4)_(2+3)     Pau Lau Impaler {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Forced Bend Fist {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Wrist Twister {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Blindside Toss

1                           Jab
  >1                          Stomach Slug  *Stuns on CH*
1,2,2                       Advancing Fists
  ~B                          (BT)
1,3                         Jab/Kick Combo
b+1                         Palm Thrust
d/f+1                       Server Fist
FC,d/f+1                    Silent Arrow
d/b+1                       Swaying Fist
  ~f                          Forward Kenpo Step
  ~b                          Backwards Kenpo Step
  >2                          Blue Egg Palm
(u/b_u_u/f)+1               Hopping Downpalm
b,f+1                       Falcon Beak  *Stuns on CH*
QCF+1                       Sliding Low Shoulder  *Juggles on CH*
WS+1,2>1                    Torso Hammers
BT 1                        Backfist
1+2                         Elbow Arrow
b+1+2                       POWER IRON SHOULDER  *Special*
d+1+2,1,2                   Torrential Pain
d/b+1+2                     Mid Knuckles
  >2                          Low Pound
f+1+2                       Shoulder Check, (BT)
f,f+1+2                     Talon Claws
  *Hold 1+2*                  Talon Ripper
WS+1+2                      Tiger Palms
SS+1+2                      Steel Flower
QCF+1+2                     Yan Wang's Wrath
BT 1+2                      Elbow Thruster, (BT)
1+4                         Rotating Stones
2~1                         Flurry
  >1                          Hellwind Uppercut
2,4>1                       Crashing Glory
  ~B                          Glory Cancel, (BT)
f+2                         Body Punch  *Stuns on CH*
  >1                          Punch
    >2                          FLYBACK FIST  *Critical*
f,f+2                       ADVANCING PALM  *Critical*
b+2>3,4,2                   Iron Series
d+2                         Snake Squasher
SS+2                        High Punch, (BT)
d/f+2                       Mid Palm
  2                           Advancing Palm
d/b+2,2                     Windmill Lowfists  *Juggles*
  ~b                          Lowfist Cancel
  2                           Mid Overhead
u+2                         Hammer Leap
u/f+2                       Evading Palm Strike
u/b+2                       Throat Gouge
WS+2                        Combat Uppercut  *Juggles*
BT 2,2                      Circling Tiger
QCF+2                       Songshan Cannon  *Juggles*
3,3>4                       Peacock Sweep, (BT)
  ~B                          Sweep Cancel, (BT)
3~4,3                       Spinning Aerial, Backsweep
d+3                         Crouching Ankle Stompout
d/b+3                       Slippery Sweep
d/f+3                       Hop Snapkick  *Juggles*
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Leaping Side Roundhouse
f+3,4                       CLIMBING DRAGON  *Critical - Juggles*
f,f+3                       Overhead Axe Stomp
b+3>3                       Face Slapper
b+3~4                       (BT)
SS+3,2                      Tiger Tail, (BT)
(WS_QCF)+3                  Chang Sliding Kickup  *Juggles*
WR+3                        Severing Sword Kick
BT 3                        Overhead Axe Stomp
BT d+3                      Spinsweep  *Juggles*
f+3+4                       Kenpo Step  *Auto-Parry High/Mid Strings*
  ~b                          Shifting Clouds Step
  1                           Bao Strike
  1+2,1,2                     Clouds Fury
  2                           Poison Chalice  *Juggles*
  3                           Scorpion Sting
  4                           Dragon Stomp
b+3+4                       Shifting Clouds  *Auto-Parry High/Mid Strings*
  ~f                          Kenpo Step
    ~b                          Shifting Clouds Step
  1                           Fractured Diamond
  2                           Fei Zhang Strike
  3                           Rising Swallow  *Juggles*
  4                           Leaping Lion
d+3+4                       Fallen Tremor Stomp *Grounded Opponent*
d/f+3+4                     Ruinous Halberd
u/f+3+4                     Assassin Bow  *Juggles*
  3                           Assassin Spear
4~3                         Handspring
f+4                         Facial Roundhouse  *Stuns*
  ~b                          (BT)
  3                           Midkick
  4                           Power Low Sweep
f,f+4                       Diagonal Kick  *Juggles*
  >3                          Leaping Foot  *Juggles*
b+4                         Waist Sidekick
d+4,1+2                     Dragon Breath
d/f+4                       Front Kick
d/b+4                       POWER LOW SWEEP  *Critical - Juggles*
u/f+4                       Jumping Hopkick  *Juggles*
WS+4                        Rising Facekick
SS+4                        Spinsweep  *Juggles on Clean Hit*
FU/(FA_FT) 3+4              Spring Up
b,b~u/b                     Wall Leaping Fist  *Against Wall*
1+2+3+4                     Kiai Charge
  *Hold 1+2+3+4*              Omen Charge
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Kenpo Reversal  *Reverses High/Mid Punches*
1+3+4                       Focus Stomp Taunt                       

u/b+1+2                     Omen Palm  *Unblockable*

f+       Tenstring
f+   Tenstring

Sample Combos
(WS_QCF)+3, 1,2, f+2,1,2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 44 pts.
f,f+4, d/f+1, f+3,4, f+1, f,f+2 =- 6 Hits -=- 46 pts.
d/b+4, WS+1, 1, f+3,4, d+4,1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 54 pts.
u/f+4, 3,3, f+3,4, b+1+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 56 pts.
f+3,4, d/f+1, f+3,4, f+1, f+1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 67 pts.


| HWOARANG | - Unlockable Character

(Front) (1+3)_(f+1+3)       Windmill Neck Kick {1}
        (2+4)_(f+2+4)       Falcon Dive Kick {2}
        RFF (1+3)_(2+4)     Rainbow Kick, (RFF) {1+2}
        2+4~B               Rolldown Jawbreaker {2}
        f+2+3               Cannonball {1+2}
        QCB+3               Trapped Heel Explosion {1}
        d/b+1+3             Hip Toss {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         5-Kick Massacre {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Holding Neck Snap {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Jumping Leg Press
(Air)   d/f+3+4             Soccer Snapkick

Both Right Foot Forward - (RFF) and Left Foot Forward - (LFF)
1+2                         Switch BT / Face Forward
3+4                         Switch (RFF) / (LFF)
d/f+1+2                     Body Blow
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/f+2                       Leaping Headshot
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
d+3                         Knee Buster
  3                           Dual Flashkicks, (LFL)
  4                           Dodge Lift, (RFL)
    4                           Outrage, (RFF)
u+3                         Flamingo Kick  *Stuns*, (LFL)
u/f+3,4,3                   Hunting Hawk
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Mid Leapkick, (LFL)
WR+3                        Nerichagi
WS+3                        Windmill Kick
SS+3                        Back Thrust Kick  *Stuns on CH*
  3                           2nd Thrust Kick, (LFL)
d+3+4                       CHEAP SHOT SNAP KICK  *Special*
u+3+4                       Guillotine  *Juggles*
u/f+3+4                     Leaping Midkicks
  4                           Third Kick
f,N,d,d/f+3+4               Mid Cutter, (BT)
  3                           Axe Heel
u/b+3+4                     LEAPING ROUNDHOUSE SPIN
  3                           Back Thrust
  4                           Talon Snaps
    3                           Talon Thrust
    4                           Triple Spin Kick
u/b+4                       Chicken Kick
u+4                         Flamingo Kick, (RFL)
u/f+4                       Jumping Highkick, (RFF)
  F                           (RFL)
  4                           Midkick, (RFF)
    F                           (RFL)
    4                           Lowkick, (RFF)
      F                           (RFL)
f,N,d,d/f+4                 SKY ROCKET  *Critical - Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+4                 JUST FRAME SKY ROCKET  *Critical - Juggles*
WS+4,[~4]                   Toe Kick, [Axe Kick, (RFF)]
SS+4                        SPIN SWEEP  *Critical - Juggles on CH*, (RFF)
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumping Roundhouse  *Against Wall*

Left Foot Forward - (LFF) Only
1,1,3>3                     Twin Jabs, Lowkick, Highkick
1,2,f+(3_4)                 Jab, Right Punch, (Sidekick_Jumping Roundhouse)
2,f+(3_4)                   Right Punch, (Sidekick_Jumping Roundhouse)
[1,]2,3                     High Punch[es], (LFL)
[1,]2,4                     High Punch[es], (RFL)
f+1+2                       Short Axe Handle  *Stuns on CH*
f+2                         Backfist, (RFF)
b+2                         Bolt Cutter
3,3,[d+3]                   High, Mid, [Low] Kicks
  ~F                          (LFL)
  4                           Highkick, (RFL)
    4                           Midkick, (RFF)
  f+4                         Backlash
3,3,3                       Maching Gun Kicks
3~4                         Flying Eagle
f+3                         (LFL)
f+3~3                       Thrust Sidekick
d/f+3                       Gun Kick
  >3                          2nd Midkick
  >4                          Face Kick, (RFL)
    4                           Sidekick, (RFF)
  f+4                         Backlash
d/b+3                       Back Lowkick
b+3                         Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+3                       SPIRAL KICK, (RFF)  *Critical*
d/f+3+4                     Soccer Snapkick  *Throws Airborne Opponent*
4,3                         Left Axe Murderer
  ~F                          Axe Cancel, (LFL)
4,4                         Hot Feet
  3                           Overhead Axekick, (RFF)
  4                           Toe Jam, (RFL)
    3                           Blizzard Kick
    4                           Hot Feet, (RFF)
  f+4                         Da Bomb, (RFF)
f+4                         Face Kick, (RFL)
  >4                          Sidekick, (RFF)
f,N+4                       Right Flamingo Feint, (RFL)
f,f+4                       Running Sidekick  *Turns Opponent BK When Hit*
b+4                         Nose Bleeder, (RFF)
d/f+4,3                     Wiper Kick Cutter
d+4,4                       Low Kick, Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       Ankle Biter
  ~F                          (RFL)
  4                           High Crescent Kick
BT 4                        Lifting Leg Kick, (RFF)  *Juggles*

Right Foot Forward - (RFF) Only
F_B_(u/b,N)                 (LFF)
f_b_(f,f)_(b,b)             (RFF)
1,1                         Face Punches
2,1,1                       Triple Punches
2,3                         Punch-Kick Combo
2,4                         Jab, Chainsaw, (RFF)
  f                           (RFL)
  >3                          Overhead Axekick, (RFF)
  >4                          High Hook
2,b+4                       Snap Spin Kick Combo
b+2                         Clubfist, (RFF)
3                           Upper Punt
  4                           Twisting Roundhouse, (RFL)
3~4                         POWER ROUNDHOUSE  *Critical - Juggles*
  b                           (RFL)
f+3                         Hook Kick, (LFL)
  B                           BT Position
  4                           Teaser Trip
f,f+3                       Leaping Left Roundhouse
d/f+3                       Screw Kick
d/b+3,3                     Teaser Kicks
b+3                         Nose Bleeder
BT 3                        Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
BT d+3                      Falcon Low
4                           Chainsaw Kick, (RFF)
  ~f                          (RFL)
  >3                          Overhead Axekick, (RFF)
  >4                          High Hook
f+4                         (RFL)
  ~4                          Lifting Leg Kick (RFF)  *Juggles*
f,f+4                       Piroette Kick
  ~3                          Screw Kick, (RFF)
d/f+4                       Side Kick, (RFF)
d+4                         Heel Screw, (RFF)
b+4                         Spin Snap
BT 4                        Mid Cutter, (BT)
  3                           Axe Heel

Left Flamingo Stance - (LFL)
N                           (LFF)
f_b                         Flamingo Shuffle, (LFL)
u_d                         Flamingo Sidestep, (LFL)
1                           Left Jab
1+4                         Blaster  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
2                           Backfist, (RFF)
3                           Menace Kick
  ~F                          (LFL)
  3                           Maching Gun Kick
  4                           Party Hearty, (RFL)
    4                           Cannon Kicks, (RFF)
  f+4                         Backlash
f+3                         Dual Flash Kicks, (LFL)
  3                           Left Sword  *Juggles*
d/f+3                       Snap Kick  *Juggles on CH*, (RFF)
d+3,4                       Knee Buster Lift, (RFL)
  4                           Flamingo Low Kicks, (RFF)
d/b+3                       Ankle Hunt
b+3                         Thunderbolt, (RFF)
u/f+3,4,3                   Hunting Hawk
3+4                         (RFL)
u/f+3+4,4                   Flashing Trident
4                           Spin Kick, (RFL)
f+4>3                       Fire Storm, (RFF)
d+4                         Teaser Trip
d/b+4                       Combat, (RFF)
b+4                         Combat Mid, (RFF)
u/f+4                       Plasma Blade  *Juggles*
2.2.3..         Tenstring

Right Flamingo Stance - (RFL)
N                           (RFF)
f_b                         Flamingo Shuffle, (RFL)
u_d                         Flamingo Sidestep, (RFL)
1                           Backfist
2                           Right Jab, (RFF)
  1,1                         Triple Punches
  3                           Punch-Kick Combo
  4                           Jab, Chainsaw, (RFF)
    f                           (RFL)
    >3                          Overhead Axekick, (RFF)
    >4                          High Hook
  b+4                         Spin Snap Kick Combo
3                           Spin Kick, (LFL)
f+3>4                       Fire Storm
b+3                         Left Heel Lance  *Juggles*
(d_d/b)+3                   Teaser Trip
3+4                         (LFL)
4                           Side Kick  *Stuns on CH*, (RFF)
f+4                         Dual Flash Kicks, (RFL)
  4                           Right Sword, (RFF)  *Juggles*
d/f+4                       Snap Kick
d+4                         Cactus Kick
  3                           Cactus Snap
  4                           Cactus Cracker, (RFF)
d/b+4                       Ankle Hunt
b+4                         Thunderbolt
1.2.3..         Tenstring

Sample Combos
d/f+2, f+4, RFL 2,3, u/f+3+4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 46 pts.
RFF f+4~4, 2, f+3, u/f+3,4,3 -=- 6 Hits -=- 52 pts.
u+3+4, d/b+4~f, RFL f+3,4 -=- 4 Hits -=- 47 pts.
RFF 3~4, f,f, f+2, RFF f+3, LFL 2, u/f+3+4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 78 pts.
f,N,d,d/f+4, 3~4, d/f+3+4 -=- 5 Hits -=- 50 pts.


| JACK-6 |

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Back Cyclone {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Spine Gunner  {2}
         d/b,f+1+2          Piledriver {1+2}
         *Close* d/f+1+3    Timber Fall  *Attack on Far Hit*
           1+2                Lumber Axe  *Only on Successful Throw*
         QCF+1              Pyramid Driver {1}
         u/f+1+2            Jackhammer Face {1+2}
           d,d/f+2            Gigaton Punishment {B}
         QCB+2              Backbreaker {2}
         d/b+2+3            Face In The Dirt {2}
         d/f+2+4            Catapult {2}
         d/f,d/f+2+4        Modified Catapult  *Juggles* {2}
         d+1+3              Gun Bomb  *Opponent Must Duck* {1}
         d+2+4              Iron Gunman  *Opponent Must Duck {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Hanging Neck Throw {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Flipping Choke Slam {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Spinal Crush
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Death Shot

1                           Left Jab
  1                           Surge Elbow Hammer
  2                           Robot Hook
f+1,2                       Pivot Gun
  2                           Pivot Rivet
    *Hold 2*                    Pivot Rocket  *Unblockable*
b+1                         Industrial Chop
  1                           Diamond Reamer
    *Hold 1*                    Extended Reamer
d/b+1,1,1,2                 Machine Gun Punches, Megaton Punch
b,d/b,d,d/f+1               DEBUGGER  *Critical*
HCF                         Wind-Up
  ~d/f+1                      Megaton Uppercut  *Juggles*
  1                           Megaton Punch
SS+1                        Spinning Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+1                        VIOLENT UPPERCUT  *Critical - Juggles*
f,f+1                       SURGE ELBOW HAMMER  *Critical*
d/f+1,2,1,2                 Overdrive
u/f+1                       Sky Sweeper
  *Hold 1*                    Sky Screamer
FC+1,1,1,2,(d_d/f_f)+1      Low Hammer Rush, (L_M_H Ending)
FC+1,2                      Low Punch, Megaton Punch
FC,f+1,2                    Uppercut Rush
  (d_d/f_f)+1                 (L_M_H Ending)
FC,d/f+1,2,1                Wild Swing  *Stuns*
  1                           Backfist
FC,d/b+1,1,1,2              Low Piston Punches, Megaton Punch
1+2                         Cyclone Hammer
  1+2                         Bravo Knuckle  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+1+2                  Low Scissors
d+1+2                       Bravo Knuckle  *Juggles*
FU/FT d+1+2                 Spring Hammer
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)         Sitting Punches
  1+2                         Connector Knuckle
b+1+2                       Machine Gun Blaster  *Juggles*
f+1+2                       Tyulpan Blast
u+1+2                       Patriot Fists  *Juggles*
u/b+1+2                     Gyrosmash
f,f+1+2                     Scissors  *Stuns*
  1+2                         Low Scissors
  2                           Megaton Punch
d/f+1+2                     Gravestone  *Hands Stuck if 2nd Hit Miss/Blocked*
d/b+1+2                     Gun Lift
  1+2                         Twin Gun Lift  *Juggles*
  3+4                         Sit Down
WS+1+2                      Double Uppercut  *Juggles*
  >1+2                        Hammer Knuckle
    1+2                         Hammer Burst
d/f+1+3                     Timber Fall  *Throws on Close Hit*
  1+2                         Lumber Axe  *Only on Successful Throw*
2,1,2                       Jackknife Fists  *Juggles*
f+2                         Pinpoint Assault
f,f+2                       Pivot Gun Upper  *Juggles*
  *Hold 2*                    Delayed Gun Upper
b+2                         Small Gun Blaster
  *Hold 2*                    Extended Gun Blaster
b,f+2                       Atomic Hook
b,d/b,d,d/f+2               Megaton Punch  *Stuns*
(u/b_u_u/f)+2               Reactor Erupt
d/b+2                       Low Gun Blaster
  *Hold 2*                    Extended Low Gunner
d/f+2                       Jack Upper  *Juggles*
  1,2                         Uppercut Rush
    (d_d/f_f)+1                 (L_M_H Ending)
WS+2,1                      Bump Stopper
WR+2                        Cemaho Chop
SS+2                        Megaton Gun Breaker
FC,d/f+2,(d_d/f_f)+1        Short Hammer Rush, (L_M_H Ending)
FC,D/F#+2,1,2               Hammer Rush  *Juggles on CH*
f+3                         Roboknee  *Stuns on CH*
  1+2                         Dying Machine  *Juggles*
f,f+3                       Granite Stomp
b+3,2                       Mad Dozer
  2                           Bulldozer
    *Hold 2*                    Extended Dozer  *Unblockable*
d/f+3>2                     Combine Harvester
d/b+3,[4],[3],[4],[3],[4]   Cossack Kicks
  1+2                         Cossack Smash
  d+1+2                       Cossack Compactor  *Throws Crouching Opponent*
f+3+4                       Giga Shoulder Ram
f,f+3+4                     Digital Hans Headslide
d/f+3+4                     TITAN DUMP SHOULDER  *Special*
u/f+3+4                     Hip Press, Sit Down
d+3+4                       Sit Down
  B_F                         Roll Back_Forward
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)         Sitting Punches
  1+2                         Connector Knuckle
  >3+4                        Hip Press
    B_F                         Roll Back_Forward
    (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)         Sitting Punches
    1+2                         Connector Knuckle
4                           Jack Boot  *Juggles on CH*
b+4,4                       Sherman Stomp
f,f+4                       ROCKET KICK  *Critical*
d/b+4                       Low Boot
b,b~u/b                     Jump-Off Wall Punch  *Against Wall*

f+4~1                          Dark Greeting   *Unblockable, Juggles*
  2                              Greeting Cancel, Cleaver Chop
3+4,[3+4],[3+4],[3+4],[3+4]    Dive Bomber, [2nd-5th Thrusts]  *Unblockable*
*Floor Break* 3+4,[3+4]...     Hover Bomber, [Thrusts]  *Unblockable*
HCF,u/f,u,u/b [x5],1           Gigaton Punch  *Unblockable After x2*
*Hit by Laser*, 1+2            Robot Recovery  *Regains Health*

D+           Tenstring
D+         Tenstring
(u/f+1)1.4..3..4..1..2..1.(1+2).(1+2)     Tenstring
(u/f+1)1.4..3..4..1..2..1.(d+1+2).(1+2)   Tenstring

Sample Combos
d/f+2, d/f+1, d/f+1,2,1,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 41 pts.
WS+1, u+1+2, b+3,2, b+3,2,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 64 pts.
f,f+2, u+1+2, u+1+2, b+3,2,2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 63 pts.
d/f,d/f+2+4, U/F,4, b+3,2,2 -=- 5 Hits -=- 51 pts.
f,f+1+2, d/f+1, b+3,2, f+1,2,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 58 pts.


| JAYCEE | - Unlockable Character

(Front)        (1+3)_(f+1+3)       Backdrop {1}
               (2+4)_(f+2+4)       Shoulder Screw {2}
               FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2    Cross Arm Suplex {1+2}
               d/f+1+2             Armlock Suplex {2}
               d/f+1+3             Fisherman's Suplex {1}
               d,d/b+1+3           Velocity Shot {1}
               QCB,f+2             Super Huracanrana {1+2} 
               d+1+3               Knee Pendulum {1}  *Opponent Crouching*
               d+2+4               Side Bulldog {2}  *Opponent Crouching*
               WR+2+4              Sling Blade {1+2}
               f+3, 1+2            Huracanrana Invertida {1+2}
(Left)         (1+3)_(2+4)         Jumping Neck Bleeder Drop {1}
(Right)        (1+3)_(2+4)         Tiger Spin {2}
(Back)         (1+3)_(f+1+3)       German Suplex
               (2+4)_(f+2+4)       Spinning Air Neckbreaker
(Air)          WR+2+4              Burning Hammer

1~1                         Catapult Starter
  1                           Catapult
  2                           Lunging Palm Attack  *Stuns on CH*
  4                           Divine Intervention
1,2                         1-2 Punches
  1,1                         Firebolt
  3                           Clockwise (SPIN)
  4                           Counter-Clockwise (SPIN)
b+1                         Tiger Swat
f,f+1>4                     Dashing Elbow, Roundhouse
d/f+1                       Arrow Palm
d,d/f+1                     Lightning Bolt
  >2                          Stun Elbow
  3                           Clockwise (SPIN)
  4                           Counter-Clockwise (SPIN)
u/f+1,2,4,3+4               Beast Buster  *Throws on Hit*
d/b+1                       Nugget Knocker  *Stuns on CH*
WS+1                        Flash Uppercut  *Juggles*
  ~2                          Palm Explosion  *Stuns on CH*
WR+1                        Flaming Arrow
1+2                         Double Palm Strike
  >4                          Roundhouse
    b,f+1+2                     Shove Palms
f+1+2                       Quick Lariat
f,f+1+2                     Diving Press  *FU/FT on Hit - FD/Side on Miss*
b+1+2                       Twin Arrow  *Stuns*
d+1+2                       ANGRY BULL  *Special*
d/b+1+2                     Bridge
  4                           Curling Kick
  1+2                         Power Lift
  F+1+2                       Bascule Headbutt, (FD/FA)
2~b                         Punch/Spin  *Spin if Punch Connects from Front*
  2+3                         Hip Attack
f+2>2>1                     Backhand Chop Combo
f+2>2>2                     Burning Chop Combo
f,f+2                       Bison Smash
(b+2~1)_(b+2,1+2)           Hellbound
BT (2~1)_(2,1+2)            Hellbound
d+2,3                       Ducking Jab, Rising Knee
d/f+2                       Death Push
  1                           Sky Uppercut  *Juggles*
  3                           Forward Roll  *Links f+3 Moves*
  4                           Highkick  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/f+2                    Dashing Elbow
u/f+2                       Super Knuckle
WS+2                        Slice Uppercut
  1                           Backfist  *Stuns on CH*
  2                           Hammer Elbow
    >1+2                        Reverse Hip Check
  3                           Forward Roll  *Links f+3 Moves*
d/b+2                       Star Uppercut  *Juggles*
QCF+2                       Spirit Cannon  *Juggles*
SS+2,1                      Lightning Bolt
f+2+3                       BULL TACKLE  *Critical*
b+2+3                       Muscle Impact
(d+2+3)_(BT d+2+3)          Hip Drop
BT 2+3                      Back Hip Attack
3                           Fack Kicker
  ~B                          (BT)
b+3                         Liquid Sweep
  4                           Bowleg Sweep  *Juggles*
d+3                         Wang Shinkick
f+3                         Forward Roll
  ~D                          Bridge
  1                           Lariat
  2                           Backhand Chop
  3                           Nightmare Kick
  1+2                         Huracanrana Invertida {1+2}  *Throw*
f,f+3                       Layout Kick
d/f+3                       Left Knee
d/b+3                       Sweep Kick
WS+3                        Rise Spin Kick
SS+3                        Thrust Kick
WR+3                        Slash Kick
3+4                         Counter-Clockwise (SPIN)
f+3+4                       Dropkick  *(FD/FT) if Miss*
f,f+3+4                     Cartwheel Kick, (BT)
b+3+4                       Feint Step, (BT)
(u_d)+3+4                   Clockwise (SPIN)
d/f+3+4                     Huracanrana  *Throws on Hit - FU/FT on Miss*
(u/f+3+4)_(BT u/f+3+4)      Sunset Bomb  *Throws on Hit*
SS+3+4                      SLIDING DOUBLE ROLLBACK  *Critical - Juggles*
(FU/FT) 3+4                 Headspring
4                            Highkick  *Juggles on CH*
  4                           Spinsweep
    N+4                         Highkick
    d+4                         Lowkick
    1                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
      2                           Upper Cancel, Palm Explosion  *Stuns on CH*
4~2,1                       Desert Snake
4~3                         Spinning Wheel Kick, (FU/FT)
b+4                         Heaven Shatter Kick
f+4                         Toe Kick
  1+2                         Special Side Suplex  *Toe Kick Must Hit*
f,f+4                       Running Sobatto  *Stuns*
  ~B                          (BT)
d+4                         Spinsweep
  N+4                         Highkick
  d+4                         Lowkick
  1                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
    2                           Uppercut Cancel, Palm Explosion
u/f+4,3                     Twin Hopkicks  *Juggles*
  1                           Gut Knocker
    *Hold 1*                    Gut Rocker
u/f,N+4                     Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+4,3                  BOW AND ARROW  *Critical*
d/f+4>2                     Stampede Charge 
  >1                          MOUNTAIN CRUSHER  *Critical*
  3                           Orchid Kick
(d/b+4)_(BT d+4)            Low Dropkick
WS+4                        Skyscraper Kick
u/b~b                       Backflip Jump
b,b~u/b                     Super Somersault  *Against Wall - Unblockable*
2+3+4                       Hoedown Taunt
f+1+2 *Hold 1+2*            Western Lariat  *Unblockable*
1+4                         Shooting Body Press  *Unblockable*
  ~D                          Press Cancel
f+1+4                       Heaven Cannon  *Unblockable - Juggles*
  B                           Cannon Cancel
BT 1+4                      Sky Twister Press  *Unblockable*            Tenstring            Tenstring            Tenstring

Circle Spin (SPIN) - 3+4 or u+3+4
1                           Spinstrike Backfist  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                         Fierce Tiger
2                           Spinning Palm  *Stuns on CH*
3                           Flamingo Snap  *Stuns on CH*
  1                           Shoulder Check
4,1+2                       Wind Roll Explosion

Sample Combos
WS+1, f+2,2,1, f+2,2,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 44 pts.
SS+3+4, f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, d,d/f+1,2-=- 8 Hits -=- 53 pts.
b+1+2, d,d/f+1,3,1, d,d/f+1,3,1, d+1+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 61 pts. 
d/f+2,1, f,f+1 (x6), f,f+1,4 -=- 10 Hits -=- 54 pts.
u/f+4,3, d,d/f+1,3,1, d,d/f+1,3,1, d,d/f+1,2 -=- 8 Hits -=- 57 pts.


| JIN KAZAMA | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Bitch Kicks {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Arm Break Shoulder Toss {2}
         u/f+1+2            Shoulderlock Whiptoss {1+2}
           ~u/b+3+4           Extra Whiptoss Damager
         QCB+1+3            Wrist Takedown {1}
         d/f+2+3            Shun Ren Dan {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Shoulder Flip {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Arm Break, Shoulder Toss {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Bear Hug Slam

1,2                         1-2 Punches
  3                           Axekick
  >4                          Roundhouse Kick
d+1                         CORPSE THRUST  *Special*
b+1                         Crouching Demon Step - (CDS)
d/f+1                       Side Punch
  >4                          Roundhouse
  4~4                         Sidekick  *Stuns*
1,3                         Frontal Assault
  ~B                          Retreat
  2,1,4                       Kazama Fury
1,3~3                       Punch, Snapkick
  >d/f+3                      Sidekick
1,d+3,4                     Teaser Low Combo
f,N,d,d/f+1                 TWILIGHT GODFIST  *Critical - Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+1                 ELECTRIC TWILIGHT GODFIST  *Critical - Juggles*
WS+1,2                      Rising Punch, Overhand Left
  ~F                          (CDS)
1+2                         Straight Punches, Face Strike
f+1+2                       Dual Lancers
d+1+2                       Crouching Demon Step - (CDS)
d/f+1+2                     Suigetsu Strike  *Auto-Parries High/Mid*
2,1                         Punch, Gutpunch
  >4                          Sidekick
  >4~4                        Hell Trip
2,4                         Punch, Roundhouse Kick
f+2                         Right Elbow
d+2                         Ground Chase Punch  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
b+2>1                       Shun Masatsu
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/f+2                       Short Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 WIND HOOKFIST  *Critical*
f,N,d~d/f+2                 ELECTRIC WIND HOOKFIST  *Critical*
b,f+2                       Laser Fist
  >1>2                        Laser Rush
  >3                          Laser Twist
    ~F                          (CDS)
d/b+2                       Soul Backhand  *Stuns on CH*
  2>3                         Savage Sword  *Stuns*
  >3                          Tensho Rakufu
(u_u/b)+2                   Donkey Slap
f,f+2                       DEMON PAW  *Critical*
u/f+2                       Torso Thrust
3,1>4                       Kishin Rekko
d+3,3                       Lowkick, Midkick
(WS)_(f,N,d,d/f)+3          Bamboo Splitter
b+3                         Outside Face Crescent  *Stuns on CH*
  ~F                          (CDS)
d/b+3                       Reverse Roundhouse
f+3                         Sidekick
f+3~3                       Snapkick
  >d/f+3                      Sidekick
f,f+3                       Axekick  *Juggles* 
  1                           Chaser Jab  *Can Chain any Move Starting w/ 1*
d/f+3                       Heaven Gate Sidekick 
  >3                          Stinger
    ~F                          (CDS)
    ~B                          Backdash
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Spin Jump Kick  *Stuns on CH*
f,N,d,d/f,f,U/F+3           Crouch Dash Slash Kick
d+3+4                       Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
4                           Face Roundhouse  *Stuns on CH*
  ~3                          Twisting Demon Scissors, (FU/FT)
d+4                         Long Sweep
f+4                         Mid Snapkick  *Stuns on CH*
  ~F                          (CDS)
b+4                         Spinning Heel Kick
d/f+4                       Spin Axe Kick
d/b+4                       Shin Kick  *Juggles on CH*
f,f+4                       Slow Axekick
WS+4                        Axekick
f,N,d,d/f+4                 HELL TRIP  *Critical - Juggles*
  (~3)_(3+4)                  Twisting Demon Scissors, (FU/FT)
(u_u/f)+4                   HOPPING SNAPKICK  *Juggles*
u/f,N+4                     Power Hopping Snapkick  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
u/b+1+2                     Power Bodyhook  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
1+3+4                       Daemon Soul Taunt
b+1+2                       Daemon Soul  *Causes Block Damage*
(b+1+3)_(b+2+4)             Mid/High Parry
f+23..3..     Tenstring

Crouching Demon Step - (CDS) - b+1 or d+1+2
f                           Demon Dash  *Cannot be done from d+1+2 Step*
d/f                         Demon Crouchdash  *Can Perform Crouchdash Moves*
f,f                         Demon Dash
1>2                         Swinging Fist Strikes
1+2                         Dual Uppers  *Juggles*
2                           Swaying Willow
3                           Vacuum Jumpkick
4                           Low Sweeper

Sample Combos
f,N,d,d/f+1, b+3, b+2,1, d/b+2,2,3 -=- 7 Hits -=- 57 pts.
u/f+4, b,f+2,1, d/b+2,2,3 -=- 6 Hits -=- 44 pts.
d+3+4, b+3, b+3, b+3~f, CDS 1,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 63 pts.
WS+2, b,f+2,1, 1,2,4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 47 pts.
f,N,d,d/f+4, b+2,1, d/b+2,2,3 -=- 6 Hits -=- 41 pts.


| JUN KAZAMA | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Arm Grab Flip {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Katanuki {2}
         f+1+2,(1+4)_(2+3)  Tsukuyomi {1+2}
         d/f+1+2            Riai {1+2}
         d/f+2+3            Striking Oshi Taoshi {2}
         FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2   Falling Rain {1+2}  *Juggles*
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Cloud Taste {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Wind Wheel {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Twisted Limbs

1                           Highpunch
  1                           Screw Punch
    3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick Strings*
    4                           Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
    d+4                         Power Sweep
      ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
  2                           1-2 Punches
    ~u_d                        Sidestep
    b+1+2                       (Genjitsu)
    f+1+2                       (Izumo)
    4                           Roundhouse
  3                           Shin Lowkick
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
f+1                         Screw Punch
  4                           Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
  d+4                         Power Sweep
    ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
b+1                         Sparrow Trap
  :2                          Trapping Throw
d/f+1,1                     Plume Peony
d/b+1>2                     Akane Drop
d/b+1                       Natsuki
  >4                          Natsuki Drop  *Juggles on CH*
WS+1>4,2                    Tomo Sakura
WS+1>4,1+2                  Tomo Fuji
1+2                         INSTANT STRENGTH  *Special*
f+1+2                       (Izumo)
  1,2                         Harae
  1,4                         Harae Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*
  1+2                         Fallwind
  (1+4)_(2+3)                 Tsukuyomi {1+2}  *Throw*
  2                           Yukiwa Dance  *Juggles*
  3                           Backflip Kick  *Juggles*
    2                           Dashing Uppercut  *Juggles*
    4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings* 
  3+4                         Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
  4,1                         Wakeikazuchi
b+1+2                       (Genjitsu)  *Parries Low Attacks and Throws*
  1                           Kai Ruriko
  2                           Hollyhock
  3                           Lunar Halo  *Juggles on CH*
  4                           Solar Halo
f,f+1+2                     Collision Smash  *Stuns*
WS+1+2                      Sudare Nagashi  *Stuns on CH*
  ~d                          Nagashi Cancel
2>1                         White Lotus
  1+2                         Lotus Elbow
  4,1                         Lotus Paw
  4,3                         Lotus Kicks
f+2                         DASHING UPPERCUT  *Critical - Juggles*
  ~d                          Uppercut Cancel, Full Crouch
f,f+2,2                     Wheel Ayaka
f,f+2,3                     Wheel Katsuki
b+2                         Swallow
  1                           Ayaka
    >1                          Violet Strength
    >b+1+2                      (Genjitsu)
    >f+1+2                      (Izumo)
    >4                          Moon Roundhouse
  3                           Katsuki
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*
d+2                         Narumi  *Juggles on CH*
d/f+2>2                     Crosswise Smash
FC,d/f+2                    Sweeping Sparrow  *Stuns on CH*
d/b+2                       Iris
WS+2,1                      Paeonia
SS+2                        Kasanegasumi
2+3                         Sparrow Pirouette  *Parries High Punches*
f+3                         Front Kick
  ~u_d                        Sidestep
  b+1+2                       (Genjitsu)
  f+1+2                       (Izumo)
f,f+3                       MATOI HIRAGE  *Critical*
b+3                         Backflip Kick  *Juggles*
  2                           Dashing Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings* 
d/f+3                       Minazuki
d/b+3                       PIVOT REVERSE LOW  *Critical*
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Iwato Jumpkick
WS+3                        Sparrow Flip  *Juggles*
WR+3                        Leaping Swallow
3+4                         Glowing Clouds Fall Kick
d+3+4                       Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
(WS_FC)+3+4,3               Cartwheel Helicopter
  ~d                          Full Crouch
f+4                         Moon Roundhouse
f,f+4                       Katabami  *Stuns on CH*
b+4                         Shirabyoshi
  >2                          Glade Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
d+4,4                       Marbling Print
(u/b_u)+4                   Spinning Chikura
u/f+4,3                     HOUSEN HANA  *Critical - Juggles*
SS+4                        Kagura  *Juggles on CH*
u/b~b                       Backflip
  3                           Leaping Swallow
b+2+3                       Divinity  *Unblockable*
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Mid/High Attack Reversal

f+1,3                       Front Kick String
  1                           High Punch
    1                           Screw Punch
      3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick strings*
      4                           Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
      d+4                         Power Tailsweep
    2                           Uppercut
      ~u_d                        Sidestep
      4                           Snapkick
    3                           Shin Lowkick
    4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*

1+4                         White Heron
  ~u_d                        Sidestep
  b+1+2                       (Genjitsu)
  f+1+2                       (Izumo)
  2                           Gale
    1                           Punch
      1                           Screw Punch
        3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick strings*
        4                           Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
        d+4                         Power Tailsweep
          ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
      2                           Punch
        ~u_d                        Sidestep
        4                           Snapkick
      3                           Shin Lowkick
      4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*
    4                           Back Thrustkick
    d+4                         Sweep Kick
  3# [B to cancel]            Spinning Heel  *Unblockable after 3rd Spin*

d/b+4                       Leg Cutter String
  ~d                          Full Crouch
  [4],[4]                     [Double/Triple Leg Cutters]
    ~d                          Full Crouch
    3                           Cartwheel Kick
    1+4                         White Heron  *White Heron strings*

WS+1.1.1+4..2.1.1+2...4..4.3    Tenstring

Sample Combos
f+2, 3, b+4,2, f+3, b+2,1,f+1+2,2 -=- 9 Hits -=- 67 pts.
u/f+4,3, d, WS+1+2, f+3, b+2,1, b+2,1,f+1+2,2 -=- 10 Hits -=- 64 pts.
FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2, 3, b+4,3, f+3,1+2,1,2 -=- 8 Hits -=- 57 pts.
WS+3, u/f+3, b+4,2, f+3,f+1+2,1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 61 pts.
f,f+1+2, f,f, b+4,2, f+3, b+2,1,f+1+2,1,2 -=- 9 Hits -=- 62 pts.



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Bitch Kicks {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Hip Toss {2}
         f,f+1+2            Stonehead {1+2}
         FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2   Gates of Hell {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Steel Pedal Drop {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Skull Smash {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Reverse Neck Throw

1,1>2                       Shining Assault
1,2,2                       Demon Slayer
1,2>4,3                     Twin Stature Smash
b+1                         Short Elbow
  2                           Sokushitsu
d/f+1                       Gut Slugger
  2                           Donkey Punch
  f+2                         Demon Thrust
  4                           ROUNDHOUSE
WS+1,2                      Twin Pistons  *Juggles*
f,N                         Kazuya Mist Step
  d/f+1                       Thunder Godfist
    3                           Midkick
    4                           Hellsweep
  d,d/f+2                     Wind Godfist  *Critical - Juggles*
  d~d/f+2                     Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
  d/f+3                       Leaping Slash Kick
  d/f+4                       Hell Sweep
    1                           SPINNING GUTPUNCH  *Critical*
    4                           2nd Hell Sweep
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Thunder Godfist
  3                           Midkick
  4                           Hellsweep
1+2                         Shadow Fists
f+1+2                       Glory Demon Fist  *Stuns*
  2                           Demon Thrust
b+1+2                       KUMO KIRI  *Special - Stuns on CH*
d+1+2                       Twist Low Backfist
  ~B                          Backfist Cancel
(d/f_FC)+1+2                Ultimate Tackle
u/b+1+2                     Devil Transform
SS+1+2                      Corpse Slash Punch
2                           Jab
  2                           Back Midfist
  4                           Senshinto
b+2,4,1                     Black Devil String
f+2                         Soul Thrust
f,f+2                       Brutal Palm
d/f+2                       DEMON GUTPUNCH  *Critical - Stuns on CH*
d/b+2                       Evil Pound
(u/b_u_u/f)+2               Spinning Backfist
  >2                          Spiral Trip  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 WIND GODFIST  *Critical - Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+2                 ELECTRIC WIND GODFIST  *Critical - Juggles*
WS+2                        Kazuya Gutpunch  *Stuns*
3,1                         Snapkick, Jab
  >4                          Wicked Darkness  *Stuns*
b+3,1,4                     Blazing Demon
  1                           Kidney Shot
  3                           Low Fire Kick
f+3                         Oni Kick
f,f+3                       SPLIT AXE KICK  *Critical - Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Leaping Slash Kick
FC,d/f+3+4                  Devil's Tail
d+3+4                       Thunder Grind Foot  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Hell Sweep
  1                           SPINNING GUTPUNCH  *Critical*
  4                           2nd Hell Sweep
d/f+3,2>1                   Knee Twin Thrust
d/b+3                       Devil's Tail
u/f+3                       Searing Edge
WS+3                        Engetsusen
SS+3                        Shattered Spine
WR+3                        Running Sidekick
4~3                         Demon Flipstomp, (FU/FT)
d/b+4                       Low Slipkick
f+4                         Axe Kick
b+4,1                       Midkick, Elbow
d/f+4>4                     Delayable Axe Kicks
u_u/f+4,4,4,4               Jumping Kick, 2 Hell Sweeps, Roundhouse
u/f,N+4                     Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
WS_(f,N,d,d/f)+4,4          Axe Kicks
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
b+1+4                       Lightning Godfist  *Unblockable*
B+1+4                       Lightning Hell Godfist  *Unblockable*
f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..1..2.1    Tenstring
f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..3..2.1    Tenstring
f,f+N+2144.2.4.3..2.1       Ninestring

Devil Transformation - u/b+1+2
d/f+1,2                     Devil Pistons  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Thunder Godfist
  ~U/F                        Heaven Denied  *Only if Thunder Godfist Hits*
1+2                         Standing Laser  *Unblockable*
d+1+2                       Ground Laser  *Only when Opponent on Ground*
u/f+1+2                     Air Laser
u/b+1+2                     Transform Back to Normal
f,f+2                       DEVIL RUNTHROUGH FIST
SS+2                        Devil Twister  *Juggles*
3+4                         Flying Laser  *Unblockable*
  3+4                         Fly-Around, Reverse Laser

Sample Combos
f,N,d,d/f+2, d/f+3, d/f+3,2>1 -=- 5 Hits -=- 52 pts.
WS+1,2, 3,1,4, d/f+1,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 52 pts.
f,f+3, f,f, 3,1,4, d/b+2 -=- 5 Hits -=- 51 pts.
WS+2, 1,2,4,3 -=- 5 Hits -=- 50 pts.
Devil SS+2, f,N,d,d/f+1~U/F -=- 3 Hits -=- 61 pts.


| KING |

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)       Swinging DDT {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)       Brainbuster Suplex {2}
         QCF+1               Jaguar Driver {1}
           1+2,1+2             Flying Press {2}
           1+2,3,4,1+2         Boston Crab  *At Apex of Driver*
         QCB+1+2             Wishbone Powerbomb {1+2}, (BT)
         b+1+2               Irish Whip {2}
           1+2                 Close Drag
           1+3                 Spin and Let Go {1}
           2+4                 Quickslam {2}
           3+4                 Whip Down {3+4}
         u+1+2               Choke Ragdoll Forward Throw {1+2}
           ~B                  Choke Ragdoll Backwards Throw
         d/b+1+2             Figure-4 Leglock {1+2 - Later Break with 3+4}
         f,HCF+1             Giant Swing {1}  *Tech Roll for 1/2 damage*
         f,HCF+2             Tijuana Twister {2}
         d+1+3               Iron Lariat {1}  *Opponent Must Duck*
         d+2+4               Spin-Up Powerslam {2}  *Opponent Must Duck*
         d/f,d/f+2+4         Elbow Lock Multistarter-(F) {2} *Opponent Duck*
         *Close* d/f+3+4     Frankensteiner  *Attack on Far Hit*
         *Close* f,f+2+3     Body Splash  *Attack on Far Hit*
         f,N,D/F+1+4         Reverse Arm Hyperextension {1}
           1+2,1+2             Double Arm Snap {1}
           1+2,4,2+4           Russian Leg Sweep {2}
             4,3,4,3+4,1+2       Arm Crucifix
           2,1,1+2+3           Chicken Wing Face Lock {1+2}
	     2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4       Reverse Guillotine Choke {1}
	     1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3   Rolling Death Cradle {2}
         d/f+2+3             Coconut Crush {2}
         f,N,D/F+2+3         Standing Achilles Hold {2}
           1+2,3,1,1+3         Scorpion Death Lock {2}
           1,2,3,1+2           STF {1 Escape, 1+2 Reversal}
           1+2,1,3,1+2         Indian Death Lock {1+2 Escape, 3+4 Reversal}
             1,3,4,1+2,3+4       Romero's Special
         d/b,f+2+4           Tombstone Piledriver {2}
         WR+2+4              Shining Wizard {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)         Argentine Backbreaker {1}
         SS+2+4              Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Knee Crusher {2}
         SS+2+4              Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {2}
(Back)   2+4                 Cobra Twist Abdominal Stretch
         F+2+4               Half Boston Crab
         b,f+1+2             Octopus Slam
         SS+2+4              Cannonball Multistarter-(G)
(Tackle) (1,2,1)_(2,1,2)     Mounted Punches
           1+2,1+2             Armbar, Wristlock
           3+4                 Knee Cross Lock
             :1+2                Ultimate STF
         1+2,1+2             Armbar, Wristlock
         3+4                 Knee Cross Lock
           :1+2                Ultimate STF
(Air)    1+3                 Inverted Leg Lace
         2+4                 Leg Whipdown
         d+(1+3)_(2+4)       Catching Ankle Breaker
           1+2,1+2           Slingshot
           2,1,3,4           Giant Swing
         f,HCF+(1_2)         Swinging Powerbomb
         f,f,F+2+4           Running Powerbomb
(Wall)   (f_HCF+1)_(f,f,f+2+4)    Shining Torpedo
         Jaguar Step (1+4)_(2+3)  Shining Torpedo

Ground Throws
Face Up/Feet Towards
  d/b+2+4                   Mini Swing {2}
  D/B+2+4                   Figure-4 Leglock {1+2}
  D/F+2+4                   Crotch Dive {2}
Face Down/Feet Towards
  d/b+2+4                   Half Boston Crab {1}
Face Up/Feet Away
  d/b+2+4                   Crucifixion {1+2}
Face Down/Feet Away
  d/b+2+4                   Chicken Wing {1+2}
Face Up/Side
  d/b+2+4                   Flip Over (Left) {1}
  d/b+2+4                   Flip Over (Right) {2}
Face Down/Side
  d/b+2+4                   Bow Break (Left) {1}
  d/b+2+4                   Camel Clutch (Right) {2}

Multithrow Link Table

  | `C--D        U--V--W--K--L
  |  |              |     |
  |  `--E           |     `--M
  |              T  |
  `--F--G--H      \ |
        |          \|
           |        |  |
           P--Q     |  `--M
           |        |
           `--R--S  `--N--O--L

A. 3+4,(1+4)_(2+3)            Jaguar Step, Choke Sleeper Multistarter {1_2}
B. 2+4,1+2,1+2                Funeral Suplex {1}
C. 3+4,3+4,1+2                Pickpocket Sleeper {2}
D. 1,1,1+2                    Triple Mounted Punches {1}
E. 3,4,1+2,3+4                Stretch Muffler {2}
F. 1,4,2,3                    Cobra Twist Abdominal Stretch
G. 2,1,(1+3)_(2+4)            Fallback Suplex {1_2}
H. 2,3,1,1+2                  Diagonal Turtleshell Snap {1+2}
I. 1+2,1,2,1+2+(3_4)          Twisting Armlock Suplex {1_2}
J. 2,2,1+2                    Cannonball {2}
K. 1,2,3+4                    Powerbomb {1}
L. 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4          Wishbone Powerbomb {1_2}
M. 2,1,3,4                    Giant Swing {1_2}
N. 3+4,1+2,1+2+4              Manhattan Drop {2}
O. 1,2,3+4,1+2                Superfreak
P. 3+4,1+2                    Backdrop  *FU/FA if Stop after Backdrop*
Q. 1+2,4,1+2,1+2+3            Rising Sun {1+2}
R. 1+2,3,4,(1+3)_(2+4)        Shoulder Rack Drop {1_2}
S. 2+4,3+4,1+3,1+2,1+2+(3_4)  Screwdriver {1_2}
T. d/f+1+2                    Double Elbow Lock Multistarter
U. f,d/f+(1+3)_(2+4)          Reverse Arm Clutch Multistarter {1_2}
V. 2,1,1+2                    Backdrop {1}  *FU/FA if Stop after Backdrop*
W. 3+4,1+2                    German Suplex {1}

1,2                         Double Punch String
  2+4                         Fallback Ankle Trip {2}
  d+2+4                       Low Powerbomb {2} *Opponent Must Duck*
1,2,1                       Triple Punch String
  2+4                         Stalling Suplex {2}
  d+2+4                       Low Powerbomb  {2} *Opponent Must Duck*
d+1~N+2                     Mid Punch, Uppercut
b+1                         Sprint Hook  *Stuns on CH*
  2                           Uppercut
  4                           Heel Kick, (FU/FT)
f,f+1                       Jaguar Hook
d/f+1>2                     Elbow Smash, Side Swipe
(FC,d/f+1)_(f,N,d,d/f+1)    ANKLE SWIPE  *Critical - Juggles*
u/b+1                       Backhand Chop
1+2                         Uppercut, (BT)
  1                           Backhand
  3                           Blind Thrustkick
d+1+2                       ATLAS HAMMER  *Special*
f+1+2                       Quick Jaguar Lariat
f,f+1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
f,f,N+1+2                   Offensive Push
u/f+1+2                     Knuckle Bomb  *Juggles*
  *Hold down 1+2*             Burning Knuckle Bomb  *Unblockable*
f,N,d,D/F+1+2               Knuckle Duster  *Juggles on CH*
WS+1+2                      Engish Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+1+4                       Mid Chest Thrust
2,1                         Cross, Uppercut
b+2                         Black Arrow
  >1+2                        Headbutt  *Juggles*
  >4                          Toe Kick  *Throws on CH*
f+2>2                       Roaring Elbow Rush
  1                           Left Layout
  >2                          Spinning Elbow
    ~b                          Spinning Elbow Cancel
f,f+2                       Spinning Elbow Pounder
  ~B                          Elbow Cancel
  >1                          Scratch Attack
f,f,N+2                     Low Smash  *Stuns on CH*
  *stun* 1+2                  Jaguar Backbreaker  {1+2}
  *stun* 1+2,u,d,N+3+4        Jumping Powerbomb {3+4}
d/f+2,1                     Double Hook Impact
d/b+2                       Brain Chop  *Juggles*
u/f+2                       Flying Elbow Drop, (FU/FA)
SS+2                        Sneak Uppercut
WS+2,2                      Gut Chops
FC,d/f+2                    DYNAMITE UPPERCUT  *Critical - Stuns*
SS+2                        Victory Palm
f+2+3                       BLACK SHOULDER  *Critical*
f,f+2+3                     Body Splash, (FU/Side)  *Throw on Close Hit*
d+2+3                       Elbow Drop
f+3                         Bad Attitude  *Stuns on CH*
  :1+2                        Cougar DDT  *Only on non-CH Hit*
b+3                         Back Thrust Kick
d/f+3                       Mid Side Kick
d/f+3~4                     High Mist Trap, (FD/FT)
d/b+3                       Low Kickout  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+3                       Rolling Wheel Kick, (FU/Side)  *FU/FT on Miss*
BT 3                        Dust Kick
  :1+2                        Stunner Throw
3+4                         Jaguar Step Stance
(d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4),[4],[4]  ALI KICK[S]
  2                           MIDDLE SMASH
CH (d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4)       Counterhit Ali Kick
  4,4,4,4                     Ali Kicks
f+3+4                       Delayed Drop Kick  *FU/FT on Miss*
b+3+4                       Reverse Jaguar Step
f,f+3+4                     Drop Kick
WR+3+4                      Satellite Drop Kick, (FU/FT)
d/f+3+4                     Frankensteiner, (BT)  *Throw on Close Hit*
u/f+3+4                     Mini Spinning Boot, (FD/FT)  *FD/Side on Miss*
SS+3+4                      Spinning Headboot, (FD/Side)
BT 3+4                      Backturned Jaguar Step
4                           Highkick  *Juggles on CH*
f+4                         JUMPING REVERSE KICK  *Critical*
b+4                         Turnaround Kick, (BT)
f,f+4                       Convict Kick  *Throws on CH*
d/f+4,3                     Mincer
  4                           Spinning Back Kick
    ~B                          (BT)
  d+4                         Dropping Shin Kick  *FD/FT on Miss*
(d/b+4)_(BK d+4)            Dropping Shin Kick  *If Misses, FD/FT*
(u/b_u)+4                   Hopping Knee
u/f+4                       Knee Lift  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Black Knee Rising  *Stuns on CH*
b+1+3                       Mid/High Right Punch Reversal
b+2+4                       Mid/High Kick Reversal
  :3+4                        Figure-4 Leglock  *Right Kick Reversal Only*
F+1+2  *Hold down 1+2*      Jaguar Lariat  *Unblockable, Can be Ducked*
BT 1+2                      Jaguar Lariat  *Unblockable, Can be Ducked*
1+4                         Moonsault Press  *Unblockable*, (FD/FT)
121.1..24.4.4..1.(1_3)      Tenstring
121.1..      Tenstring
121.1..      Tenstring

Jaguar Step - 3+4 or b+3+4
(1+4)_(2+3)                 Choke Sleeper Multistarter  *See Throws Above*
1                           Jaw Straightener  *Stuns*
2                           Overhead Smash
3                           Spinning Savate  *Juggles*
  2+3                         Body Press, (FD/Side)  *Throws on Close Hit*
3+4#                        Jaguar Spins  *Dizzy after 6x*
 Note: Spins 2-5 will incrementally increase all Jaguar Step attack damages.
4                           High Spinkick
*2-5 Spins*,4               Momentum High Spinkick  *Unblockable*
d/f+4                       Mid Spinkick

Sample Combos
u/f+4, 2,1, f+2,2,1, b+3 -=- 7 Hits -=- 53 pts.
WS+1+2, 1,2, f+2,2,2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 48 pts.
FC,d/f+1, WS+4, d+3+4,2 -=- 4 Hits -=- 45 pts.
FC,d/f+2, d/f+4,3, f+1,2, f+2+4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 56 pts.
u/f+1+2, d/f+4,3, f+1, b+1,4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 55 pts.


| KUMA | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Bear Bite {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Bear Hug {2}
         f,f+1+4            Stone Head {1+2}
         HCB,f+1+2          Circus Roll {1+2}
         PBS f+1+2          Chew Toy {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Choke Slam {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Rag Doll {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Chew Toy

1,2                         One-Two Claw
f+1~1,1                     Bear Cannon  *Juggles*
b+1                         Bear Smash
  3+4                         (PBS)
WS+1                        Grizzly Uppercut
  1                           Killing Paw
  2                           Megaton Claw
d/f+1,2,1,2                 Uppercut Rush  *Juggles on CH*
FC+1,1,1,2                  Low Hammer Rush
  f+1                         High Paw
  d/f+1                       Mid Paw
  d+1                         Low Paw
FC,f+1,2                    Quick Uppercut Rush
  f+1                         High Paw
  d/f+1                       Mid Paw
  d+1                         Low Paw
FC,d/f+1,2,1,1              Bear Wildmill, Backpaw
d/b+1                       Wild Slap
  2                           Fish Slap  *Juggles on CH*
(u/b_u_u/f)+1               Hornet Sweep
1+2                         Bear Knuckle
  f                           Revolution Roll
  >1+2                        Double Uppercut  *Juggles*
    1+2                         Bear Hammer
  >3+4                        (PBS)
WS+1+2                      Double Uppercuts  *Juggles*
  >1+2                        Bear Knuckle
    >3+4                        (PBS)
f+1+2                       CLAW SCISSORS  *Critical - Stuns*
f,f+1+2                     RABID BEAR  *Critical*
  3+4                         (PBS)
d+1+2                       IRON BOOTY  *Special*
u+1+2                       BEAR SKIP  *Critical*
  3+4                         Skip Cancel, (PBS)
u/f+1+2                     Belly Flop
d/f+1+2                     Ultra Bear
d/b+1+2,1+2,2               Bear Bitchslaps
SS+1+2                      Salmon Swipe  *Juggles on CH*
d+1+4                       Forward Dancing Bear  *Only on Fallen Opponent*
2,1                         Jab, Elbow
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  3                           Knub Kick
b+2,1                       Howling Bear
  >1+2                        Claw Dagger
  3+4                         (PBS)
f+2>1                       Wild Lumberjack
f,f+2                       DEMON BEARFIST  *Critical - Juggles*
d/f+2,1                     Kuma Musou  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+2,d/f+1,2            Uppercut Rush
d/b+2                       Low Fish Catch
b,d/b,d,d/f+2               Megaton Claw
  1                           Dual Claw
  2                           Claw Smash
FC,d/f+2                    Short Bear Rush
  f+1                         High Paw
  d/f+1                       Mid Paw
  d+1                         Low Paw
WS+2                        Mad Angler  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+1+2                  Revolution Roll
  1                           Deathpaw
  1+2                         Rolling Bear, (FU/FT)
  2                           Upperswipe  *Juggles*
  3                           Butt Scoot, (FU/FT)
  3+4                         (PBS)
  4                           Flipper Bear, (FU/FT)
b,f+2+3                     Salmon Hunter
b+3~4                       Bear Back Kicks
d/f+3                       Stubby Kick
  2                           Honey Trap  *Juggles on CH*
d/b+3                       Knub Kick
u/f+3,4,1+2                 Grizzly Rush
  3+4                         (PBS)
WS+3                        Spinning Bear Kick
WR+3                        Bear Sidekick
f+3+4                       Black Bear Kickout
  1+2                         Butt Check
b+3+4                       Back Bear Cannon  *Juggles*
d+3+4                       (Sit Down)
u/f+3+4                     Hip Press, (Sit Down)
CH 4                        Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
u/f+4                       Bear Axle
  N,3+4                       (PBS)
  3                           Hell Axle, (FU/FT)
d/b+4                       Spinning Bear  *Juggles*
1+3+4                       Backwards Dancing Bear
3+4                         Prowling Bear Stance - (PBS)
FU/(FT_FA) d+1+2            Spring Hammerpunch, (Sit Down)
FU/(FT_FA) 1+2              Bear Backstroke, (FU/(FT_FA))
FD/FA F                     Revolution Roll
FD/FA 1                     Sideroll
  D                           (FU/FA)
  B                           Backroll
  F                           Revolution Roll
FD/FA 1+2                   Bear Forwardstroke, (FD/FA)
FD/(FT_FA) 3+4              Prowling Bear Stance - (PBS)
b,f+2+3  *Hold Down 2+3*    Power Salmon Hunter  *Unblockable*
b+1+2                       Terrible Claw  *Unblockable*
  f,d/f,d,d/b,b,u/b,u,U/F      Rolling Bear, (FU/FT)
  3+4                          (PBS)
FC,d/f+2.N+1.1+2.3.1+2.1+2.1+     Tenstring  *Stop at 8th or 9th
                                                       hit for (PBS)*
FC,d/f+2.N+1.1+2.3.1+2.3+4.1+       Tenstring

Prowling Bear Stance (PBS) - 3+4
F_B                         Crawl Forwards_Backwards
f,f                         Revolution Roll
b,b                         Bear Backroll
  3+4                         (PBS)
(u/f)_(u)_(u/b)             Bear Low Parry
d/b                         Crouching Bear
1                           Low Hunting Claw, (PBS)
1,2                         Low Hunting Claw, Bear Scratch, (PBS)
2                           Bear Scratch, (PBS)
d/f+2                       Big Tree  *Juggles*
1+2                         Paw Lift  *Juggles*
f+1+2                       Chew Toy Throw {1+2}
d+1+2                       Bear Rush, (PBS)
b+1+2                       Grizzly Spin
  3+4                         (PBS)
  1+2                         2nd Grizzly Spin
3_4                         Sideroll, (FU/FA)
3+4                         Bear Tackle
b+3+4                       Hunting Hip, Sit Down
d+3+4                       Resting Bear, (FD/FA)

Sit Down - d+3+4
B                           Roll Backwards
  3+4                         (PBS)
F                           Revolution Roll
1                           Sweep Swipe
2                           Upperswipe  *Juggles*
3+4                         Bear Butt
f+3+4                       Forward Bear Butt
  *Note: Bear Butt moves cannot be done after FU/(FT_FA) d+1+2 Transition*

Sample Combos
d/b+4, WS+4, d/f+2, d/f+2,1 -=- 5 Hits -=- 39 pts.
f,f+2, U/F,N+4, b+2,1, b+2,1,1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 66 pts.
CH f+1~1,1, b+2,1, d/f+2, d/f+2,1 -=- 8 Hits -=- 55 pts.
WS+2, b+2,1, u/f+3,4,1+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 46 pts.
PBS d/f+2, b+2,1, b+2,1, d+1+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 53 pts.


| KUNIMITSU | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)        Trapping Neck Slasher {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)        Hip Toss {2} 
         (u/f+1+2)_(f+3,1+2)  Arc Vault, (BT) {1+2}
         (f+1+4)_(f+3,1+4)    Jumping Headthrow {D}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)          Avalanche {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)          Tornado {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)          Deception Blade

1,1                         Jabbing Desk
1,2>4                       Flash Kick Combo
b+1,[1],[1],[1],[1],[1]     Spinning Hilt Strikes  *Dizzy after x6 Spins*
b+1,1,[1]                   Spinning Hilt Strike[s]
  D/B+3,3                     Spinning Low Sweeps
    3,[3]                       Spinning Low Sweep  *Dizzy after x6 Spins*
    f+4                         Falling Tree Kick
d+1                         Wing Strike
d/f+1,3                     Muten Cannon  *Juggles*
d/b+1                       Low Jab
WS+1,1                      Rise and Fall
1+2                         KUNAI THRUST  *Special*
b+1+2                       Kunai Sigil  *Juggles*
f+1+2                       KANAMEISHI  *Critical*
d+1+2                       Manji Vanish
  2,4                         MANJI TORNADO  *Juggles*
  3                           Diagonal Arrow
  4                           Icicle Drop
d/f+1+2                     Asura Blade
SS+1+2                      Wind Uppercut
2,2                         Ninja Twist
f+2,3                       Phoenix Tal
f,f+2                       DASHING UPPERCUT  *Critical - Juggles*
  U                           Firebreath  *If Dashing Uppercut Hits*
b+2                         Kunai Backhand
d+2,1,2,1+2                 Kunoichi Rage
d/f+2                       Manji Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/f+2                       LEAPING ANKLE SLICE  *Critical - Juggles on CH*
  D/B_D_D/F                   Slice Cancel, Full Crouch
WS+2                        Bladed Arc
WR+2                        Running Slash
3                           Spinning Roundhouse
  3                           Spinning Sweep
  4                           Zigzag Kick
f+3                         Setsunagake Dash - (SET)
  ~(b_d/b_d)                  (SET) Cancel
f,f+3                       Musasabi Flip
  2                           Ankle Slashout  *Juggles*
  4                           Face Springer
b+3,4                       Kodama Flip
d+3                         Frost Slide
u+3                         Taki Skyjump
  U                           Skyjump Return
d/f+3,2                     Ice Cleaver  *Juggles*
  D/B_D_D/F                   Low Slice Cancel, Full Crouch
FC,d/f+3                    Spinning Leg Sweep  *Juggles*
D/B#+3,3,[3],[3],[3]        Spinning Leg Sweeps[s]
  3                           Spinning Leg Sweep  *Dizzy after x6 Spins*
  4                           Falling Tree Kick
u/f+3                       Hop Knee  *Juggles*
  4                           Devil Knee  *Juggles*
u/b+3                       Evasive Leap, Full Crouch
WS+3                        Backflip Roundout  *Juggles*
WR+3                        Leaping Somersault Kick
f+3+4                       Lunge Jumpkick  *Juggles on CH*
f,f+3+4                     Rolling Shark Attack
  ~B                          (BT)
  U                           Taki Skyjump
  2,4                         Manji Tornado
  3                           Reverse Flipkick, (BT)
b+3+4                       Spinner, (BT)
u+3+4                       SOMERSAULT FLIPSTOMP  *Critical - Juggles*
d/f+3+4                     Falling Hail
u/f+3+4                     Poison Wind Flipstomp
  3+4                         Toxic Wind Flipstomp
u/b+3+4                     Hiryu Flip  *Juggles*
SS+3+4                      Kunai Dragontail
4,4,4                       Triple Roundhouse
f+4                         Dash Knee
  ~f                          (SET)
f,f+4                       Jumping Knee
b+4                         Tenrou, (BT)
  3                           Fox Wheel
d/b+4                       Kuzushi Kick
u/f+4                       Avoiding the Puddle
WS+4                        Rising Kick
u/b~b                       Backspring
  3                           Leaping Somersault Kick
f,f+1+2                     Kunai Murder  *Unblockable*
u+1+2                       Kunai Skyfall  *Unblockable - Juggles*
d/b+1+2                     Fire Breath  *Unblockable*
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Sky Drop Reversal
1(b+2)14..4..4..1.2.32      Tenstring

Setsunagake Dash - (SET) - f+3
1,2,4                       Moonlight Dance
1+2                         Arc Vault, (BT)  *Throw*
1+4                         Jumping Headthrow {D}  *Throw*
2                           Kasumi Slash  *Stuns on CH*
3                           Musasabi Flip
  2                           Ankle Slashout  *Juggles*
  4                           Face Springer
4                           Chakra Drop  *Air Throw*

Backturned Stance - (BT) - b+3+4
1                           Aratama Elbow, (BT)
  2                           Aratama Slash  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                         Kunai Sawblade
2,3                         Phoenix Tail
3                           Reverse Flipkick, (BT)
3+4                         Fox Crouch
d+4                         Fan Flare Sweeps
u/f+4                       Twisting Hopkick  *Juggles*

Sample Combos
d/f+2, f+3+4, f+4~F, SET 1, f+4~F, SET 1,2,4 -=- 8 Hits -=- 57 pts.
d+1+2,2,4, f+3+4, f+1, f+3+4, f+4~F, SET 1,2,4 -=- 9 Hits -=- 65 pts.
FC,d/f+3, WS+4, d+2,1,2,1+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 40 pts.
CH f+3,2, d/f+1, f+4~F, SET 1, f+4~F, SET 1,2,4 -=- 8 Hits -=- 59 pts.
u+3+4, f+4~F, SET 1, f+4~F, SET 1, f+4~F, SET 4 -=- 9 Hits -=- 63 pts.



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)               Rhinoceros {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)               Close Thunder {2} 
         u/f+1+2                     Apocalypse {1+2}
         u/f+3+4 *Hold 3+4*          Avalanche Drop
         (WR+2+4)_(DE 2+3)_(f+3~2)   S.H.B {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)                 Critical Knee {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)                 Euthanizer {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)                 Dynamite Shrinkage
(Air)    (WR+2+4)_(DE 2+3)           Rejection

1,1>1                        Delta Cutter
1,2                          1-2 Punch
1,4                          Region Attack
f+1,2                        Flash Claw
  F                            (SE)
f+1,2,3                      Flash Out
  D/B_D_D/F                    (DE)
b+1                          Chevron Slash
d/f+1                        Alert Jab
d/b+1,3                      Arc Combination
  D/B_D_D/F                    Stand Spin  *Can Link While-Standing Moves*
WS+1                         Streamer  *Juggles*
  D/F_F                        (SE) Slide  *If WS+1 Hits*
1+2                          Square Upper Hook
  ~B                           Hook Cancel
f+1+2                        Rushing Current  *Stuns*
f,f+1+2                      Elbow Corona
d+1+2                        Ground Battery
b+1+2                        WINDOW LIGER  *Critical*
d/f+1+2                      X-Ray Shot
FC,d/f+1+2                   Summer Circle Beret
d/b+1+2                      IMAGINARY NUMBER  *Special - Stuns on CH*
f+1+4                        Power Slug
2,1                          Suratsushi Fists
  3                            Midkick
  4                            Highkick
f+2,1                        Charge Factor
  F                            (SE)
f+2,4                        Death Mask
f,f+2                        Surge Bursting  *Juggles*
  D/F_F                        (SE)
f,b+2,1                      SYSTEM SHOCK  *Juggles*
d+2                          Takutei Fist
b+2                          Gill Bar Mash
  1                            Mashed Fist
  3                            Gilbert Cannon
d/f+2                        Knocking Fist  *Stuns on CH*
d/b+2                        Bead Shot
  F                            (SE)
  1                            Weaving Bead
  3                            Straight Bead
    *Hold 3*                     Power Bead
WS+2                         Lightning Starter
  D/F_F                        (SE)
  D/B_D                        (DE)
  1                            Ply Cutter
SS+2                         Shockwave
3                            Kickstart
  D/B_D_D/F                    Stand Spin  *Can Link While-Standing Moves*
f+3                          (DE) Stance
  ~2                           S.H.B.  *Throw*
f,f+3                        Electric Shock
d+3,1                        Tesla Gravity Shot
b+3                          Impulse Kick
  F                            (SE)
  4                            Impluse Boot
d/f+3                        Outpost Kick
  D/B_D_D/F                    (DE)
  3                            Post Foot
(u/b_u_u/f)+3                TRIGGER DOS  *Critical - Juggles*
WS+3                         Tower Cannon
d+3+4                        Stacking Stomp  *Opponent Must be Fallen*
  *Hold 3+4*,F                 (SE)
f,f+3+4                      Double Action
(u/b_u_u/f)+3+4              Avalanche
  1                            Arc Sweep
  *Hold 3+4*                   Avalanche Drop Throw
  4                            Knee Slider  *Throws on CH*
WR+3                         Running Slashkick
4                            Cord Line
b+4                          Magnetic Knee
CH b+4                       Magnetic Grab
f+4,1,2,1                    Volcanic Lightning Combo
f,f+4,3                      Double Pulse
d/b+4                        SHADOW CUTTER  *Critical - Juggles on CH*
(u/b_u_u/f)+4                STORM HEEL  *Critical - Juggles*
u/f,N+4                      Hopkick  *Juggles*
1+2+3+4,2                    Rising Fourth  *Juggles*
b+2+3                        Zeus  *Unblockable*
u/f+ 3...3.3,1   Tenstring  *7th Hit must Connect*
u/f+       Tenstring

Silent Entry Stance - (SE)
1                            Lightning Thrust
d/f+1                        Bolt Smash
2                            Arrest Shutting
3                            Storm Gear  *Juggles*

Dynamic Entry Stance - (DE) - f+3
(u,N)_(d_N)                  Dynamic Sidestep
1                            Cocking
  F                            (SE)
  2                            Sledging
  :2                           Precision Sledging  *2-Hits*
2                            Rim Fire  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                          Elastance  *Juggles*
2+3                          S.H.B.  *Throw*

Sample Combos
u/f+4, f+3, DE 2, d/b+2,1, f+2,1~F, SE 1 -=- 7 Hits -=- 58 pts.
WS+1~F, SE 3, 2, f+4,1,2, d/b+2~F, SE 1 -=- 8 Hits -=- 58 pts.
f,b+2,1, f+3, DE 2, d/b+2,1, f+2,1~F, SE 1 -=- 8 Hits -=- 58 pts.
f+1+2, d/b+2, d/b+2,1, f+2,1~F, SE 1 -=- 7 Hits -=- 63 pts.
u/f+3, FC+2, WS+2~F, SE 1 -=- 5 Hits -=- 49 pts.


| LEE CHAOLAN | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Neck Fracture {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Neck Twister Toss {2}
         f,f+3+4            Knee Bash {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Harassment {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Stunner {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Bulldog

f,N                         Mist Step
  b,N                         Reverse Mist
    4                           Silver Axe  *Juggles on CH*
  3                           Snap Shredder  *Juggles*
    4                           Inverted Axle  *Juggles*
  3+4                         Delayed Slide, (FU/FT)
  b+3+4                       (Hitman) Cancel
(b+1,1)_(b+1:1)             (Fang Rush)_(Precision Fang Rush)
  ~f,N                        Mist Step
  2                           Triple Fang
  3+4                         (HMS)
1,2                         1-2 Punches
  ~f,N                        Mist Step
  2>3                         Revolution Zwei
  4                           Violet Kick  *Stuns on CH*
    ~3                          (HMS)
    *Hold 4*                    Power Violet Kick  *Stuns on CH*
      ~3                          (HMS)
1+2                         Schwartz Rose Hook
f+1+2                       AGGRESSIVE ONE-TWO
d/f+1+2>3                   REVOLUTION ZWEI
  ~4                          (HMS)
2,1                         Violet Rush
  1                           Schwartz Rose Hook
  ~3+4                        (HMS)
  4                           Viper Revolution
2,2,3                       Rave War
f+2>1                       DOUBLE SIGNAL  *Critical*
d+2                         Gut Polisher  *Stuns on CH*
b+2                         Rear Cross Punch
  ~f,N                        Mist Step
  4                           Super High
    3                           Spin Cycle
    3+4                         (HMS)
WS+2,3                      Rocket Heel
3                           Mist Wolf Kick
  ~3                          Feint Mist Wolf
    :4                          Mist Trap
  >3                          Mist Wolf Combo
  ~4                          (HMS)
b+3                         Axe Kicker
  3+4                         (HMS)
  4                           Gun Kick
d+3                         Spinning Low Slip Kick
  ~4                          (HMS)
f+3,3,[3],[3],[3]           Acid Storm
  4                           Storming Foot
f,f+3                       SPINNING THRUSTER  *Critical*
u+3                         Evasive Backflip
  3+4                         (HMS)
u/f+3                       Quicksilver Sting
  1                           Brilliant Rose
  4                           Double Mazurek
d/b+3                       Low Slice Kick
d/f+3                       Step-In Kick
  2,3                       Mercury Drive  *Juggles*
u/b+3                       Wheel of Fate
WS+3,3                      Axe Kicks
  (d/f+3)_(D+3)               Mid_Low Infinite Starter
    3,3,3,3...                  Infinite Kicks
    u+3,3,3...                  Infinte Kicks Mid
    d+3,3,3...                  Infinite Kicks Low
WR+3,4                      Jumping Crow  *Juggles*
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3              Dragon Slide, (FU/FT)
3+4                         (HMS) Stance
f+3+4                       Feather Landing
d/f+3+4                     THRUST BLASTER  *Special*
u/f+3+4                     Silver Sting
d/b+3+4                     COMPASS SWEEP  *Critical*
SS Left+3+4                 Lee Screw
  ~3                          (HMS)
SS Right+3+4                Lee Screw
  ~4                          (HMS)
FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+3+4          Rainbow Flipkick, (FU/FT)
4,3,3                       Violet Spin Hammer
4,3,4                       Shaolin Spinkicks, Flipkick
4,4,4                       Machine Gun Kicks
4,u+3                       Roundhouse, Somersault
f+4,3                       Silver Whip
f,f+4                       Violet Heel  *Stuns on CH*
b+4                         Silver Heel  *Juggles on CH*
  ~3                          (HMS)
b,b+4                       Cutter
  ~3                          (HMS)
D#+4>4>4>4                  Low Turdkicks, Midkick
  ~3                          (HMS)
d+4                         Lowkick
  >N+4,3,3                    Violet Spin Hammer
  >N+4,3,4                    Shaolin Spin Kicks
  >N+4,4,4                    Machine Gun Kicks
  >N+4,u+3                    Roundhouse, Flipkick  *Juggles*
d/f+4                       Front Kick
FC,d/f+4                    Silver Tail
  3                           (HMS)
d,d/b+4                     BLAZING KICK  *Critical - Juggles*
u/f+4                       Violet Knee  *Juggles*
WS+4                        Rising Kick
  ~3                          (HMS)
FC,(u/b_u_u/f)+4            Low Flipkick  *Juggles*
  ~3                          (HMS)
FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+4            High Flipkick
u/b~b                       Backflip, (HMS)
b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
d+3+4                       Silver Cyclone  *Unblockable*
  3+4                         Cyclone Cancel, (HMS)
d/b+1+2, [u,u]              Silver Fang  *Unblockable*
  u,u                         Fang Cancel
b+1+2                       Taunt Punch Parry
  4                           Screw Kick  *After Successful Parry*
d/f+        Tenstring

Hitman Stance - (HMS) - 3+4
u_d                         Sidestep, (HMS)
f                           Mist Step
b                           Hitman Cancel
1,[1],[1],[1]               Jabbing Fist[s], (HMS)
1~3                         Trapping Kick Feint  *Throws on Hit*
1,4                         Jab, Violet Kick
  ~3                          (Hitman)
1+2                         Gut Punches
2                           Spinning Uppercut  *Juggles*
3                           Trapping Kick  *Throws on Hit*
u/f+3                       Shouting Silver Sting
4                           Shin Slicer
u/f+4                       Spinning Jumpkick  *Juggles on CH*

Sample Combos
d/f+2, 4,u+3, f,f+3 -=- 4 Hits -=- 47 pts.
u/f+4, 1,2,f~N, 1,2,f~N, 1,2,f~N, 3,4 -=- 9 Hits -=- 44 pts.
d,d/b+4, U/F,N+4, 1,2,f~N, 1,2,f~N, d/f+3+4 -=- 7 Hits -=- 60 pts.
HMS 2, f,f, b+2~f, b+2~f, 1,2,f~N, d/f+3,2,3 -=- 8 Hits -=- 58 pts.
f,N+3,4, 1,2,f~N, 1,2,f~N, 1,2,f~N, d/f+3+4 -=- 9 Hits -=- 57 pts.


| LEO KLIESEN | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Gut Palmer {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Swing Latch Strikes {2}
         f+f+1+2            Setting Strike {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Rib Displacer {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Tumble Dry {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Chiropractor

1,2                         1-2 Punches
  ~B                          (KNK)
  1,1                         Elbow Chain
  1,4                         Roundhouse Chain
  4                           Shincrack
1,4                         Jab, Highkick
d+1                         Hammer Fist  *Juggles on CH*
  ~D                          Full Crouch
b+1                         Gut Elbow  *Stuns on CH*
  4                           Rising Knee, (KNK)
d/f+1                       Gut Upper
  2                           Layout Hook
u/f+1,2                     Advancing Mountain  *Juggles*
  1+2                         Shan Dian  *Only if Advancing Mountain hits*
WS+1,4,1                    Short Up, Shincrack, Elbow
QCF                         Jin Bu Crouchdash
  1                           Toe Strike
  2                           Lunging Palmstrike
    ~b                          (KNK)
  3,1,2                       Crashing Mountain
  4                           Snapkick
f+1+2                       FLYING BARGE  *Special*
d+1+2                       (BOK)
d/f+1+2,1+2                 Spinning Barges
  QCF+2                       EXTENDED PALM STRIKE  *Critical*
d/b+1+2                     Axe Splinter
  ~D                          (BOK)
  1                           Axe Thrust
WS+1+2                      Chang Elbow
SS+1+2                      Advancing Palm
BT+1+2                      Sudden Elbow
b+1+4                       Twin Heights
2,1                         Twin Lancers
2,2                         Straight High, Elbow
f+2,2                       Right Hook, Mid Backfist
f,f+2                       LUNGING MACH  *Critical*
  ~1+2                        Shan Dian Charge  *Only if Lunging Mach hits*
d+2                         Overhead Punch
b+2                         Elbow Stab
  1                           Left High Poke
  1+2                         Hammer Strike
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles Standing Opponents*
d/b+2,2                     Right Palm, Overhead
u/f+2,1                     Leaping Uppercut, Backhand
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles*
2+3                         Gut Wrench
f+2+3                       Axis Palm
d/f+2+3                     Toe Cruncher
3,2                         High Combo
  ~D                          (BOK)
  3                           Orbit Boot
  ~B                            Boot Cancel
  4                           Rising Knee, (KNK)
f+3                         Swing Kick
  ~D                          (BOK)
f,f+3                       Wolf Flip
  ~D                          (BOK)
b+3,1                       Mid Kick, Mid Punch
  ~B                          (KNK)
  ~D                          (BOK)
  2                           Final Punch  *Only can be done if Charged Up*
d/f+3                       Tracking Roundhouse
FC,d/f+3                    Wolf Tail
d/b+3                       Lie Huo Fan  *Juggles*
u/f+3                       Leaping Chestkick
WS+3,1,2                    Crashing Mountain
WR+3                        Leaping Facekick
b+3+4                       (KNK)
d+3+4                       Groundstomp  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
QCF+3+4                     FLOWER FEET
4                           Standing Highkick  *Juggles on CH*
f+4                         Rising Knee, (KNK)
f,f+4                       Spinning Rise  *Juggles*
  3                           Reverse Kick
    4                           Floor Sweeper  
b+4,1+2                     Crushing Spirit
d+4,2                       Shinkick, Straight Palm
  1+2                         Shan Dian  *Only if Straight Palm hits*
d/b+4,1                     FLOOR SWEEPER  *Critical*
  2                           Final Punch  *Only can be done if Charged Up*
u/f+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
u/f,N+4                     Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
WS+4                        Snapkick
u/b~b                       Fan Leap Evasion
b,b~u/b                     Leaping Punch  *Against Wall*
b,b+1+2                     Fury Elbow  *Unblockable*
1+2+3+4                     Shan Dian Charge
u/b+1                       Lion's Jaw  *Parries High Punches*
  4                           Layout Kick, (BT)  *After Successful Parry*
b+1+2                       Lion's Mouth  *Parries High/Mid Attacks*
  2                           Elbow Revenge  *After Successful Kick Parry*
  2,2                         Axe Revenge  *After Successful Punch Parry*
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               High/Mid Attack Reversal
2,1,3,2,1,2,3,1,2,1+2       Tenstring
2,1,3,2,1,3,2,4,2,1+2       Tenstring

Bokuho Stance - (BOK) - d+1+2
1,2                         Ya Sui Ying Quan
1+2                         Tong Bei Shi  *Parries Mid/High Punches*
2                           LAUNCHING FIST  *Critical - Juggles*
3                           Leaping Roundhouse
4                           Rising Knee, (KNK)

Kinkei Stance - (KNK) - b+3+4
d/f                         Jin Bu Crouchdash  *Can Chain QCF Moves*
1                           Midstrike
  ~D                          (BOK)
  2                           Gut Palm
2                           Backhand  *Turns Opponent BT - Stuns on CH*
3                           Hopkick  *Juggles*
  4                           Snap Hopkick  *Juggles*
4                           Low Stomp

Sample Combos
d/f+2, f+2, b+1,4~d/f~u/f+1, b+2,1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 51 pts.
WS+2, 3,2,4~d/f, WS+3,1,2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 50 pts.
u/f+4, b+1,4~d/f, WS+3, f+4~d/f, WS+3,1,2 -=- 8 Hits -=- 54 pts.
BOK 2, U/F,4, b+1,4~d/f, WS+3,1,2 -=- 5 Hits -=- 65 pts.
f,f+4, 4, b+1,4~d/f~u/f+1, f+1+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 55 pts.



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)          Devotion Kiss {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)          Descending Spine Twister {2}
         d/f+1+2                Pendulum Snapper {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)            Arm Winder Toss {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)            Armbar Orbiter {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)            Judgement Signal
(Wall)   (1+3)_(2+4)_(d/f+1+2)  Larkspur

1,2                           1-2 Punch
  3                             Low Trap
  4                             Arch Screw
b+1                           Elysee Le Bras Allonge
  4                             Karo Kore
d/f+1                         Diffusion Hand
d+1,2                         Paddling Beat
  ~B                            (BT)
  4                             Languish Kick
QCF+1>2                       ROSE PIQUE  *Critical*
  ~B                            Pique Cancel, (BT)
WS+1,2,4                      Daisy Siren
FC,d/f+1                      Vine Slash
1+2                           TRIANGLE SPREAD  *Critical*
f+1+2                         Kitty Claws
b+1+2                         DENDOROBIUM  *Special*
SS+1+2                        Minuet Strike
2,3                           Low Trap Combo
2,4                           Arch Kick Combo
f+2                           Pendulum Punch
  3                             Mars Sword  *Juggles*
f,f+2                         Aronjebra Pierce  *Stuns*
d/f+2                         Rose Upper  *Juggles*
  ~B                            (BT)
d+2,2                         Bloody Masquerade
  3                             Hurricane
  4                             Lance Kick
b+2,1                         Heliotrope Fists
  ~B                            (BT)
QCF+2                         Shanze Strike  *Stuns on CH*
WS+2                          Rising Baton  *Juggles*
  ~B                            (BT)
3                             Peacock Kick, (BT)
  1                             Peacock Waltz
  2,3                           Peacock Jive
f+3                           Circle Knee
f,f+3                         Alstomeria  *Juggles*
  ~F                            Crouchdash  *Can Chain QCF Moves*
  3+4                           Reverse Wheel  *Only if Alstromeria Hits*
b+(3_4)                       Rabbit Airstep
  ~f                            Crouchdash  *Can Chain any Crouchdash Move*
  ~3                            Rabbit Tail  *Juggles*
  ~4                            Rabbit Spine Shot
d+3                           Twist of Fate
d/f+3                         Hooking Heel  *Juggles on CH*
d/b+3                         Circle Cutter
u/f+3                         Honey Hopkick  *Juggles*
SS+3                          Shirin Dart
WR+3                          Running Slash Kick
FC,d/f+3                      Horizon Slide  *Juggles on CH*
(WS_QCF)+3                    Backarc Wheel  *Juggles*
  4                             Forward Wheel
3+4                           Vertical Axis  *Throws on Clean Hit*
f+3+4                         Clock Kick
  3                             Delayed Clock Kick  *Juggles*
    4                             Clock Rewind
f,f+3+4                       Spine Shot
b+3+4                         (BT)
d+3+4                         Matterhorn Launch  *Juggles*
d/f+3+4                       Spinning Edge  *Juggles*, (BT)
  3+4                           Backwheel, (BT)
d/b+3+4                       Fressia Thrust
(u/b_u)+3+4                   Moonsault  *Juggles*
  ~f                            Crouchdash  *Can Chain any Crouchdash Move*
  3,3+4                         Alstroemeria
u/f+3+4                       Angel Knees
  3                             Angel Kick
  3+4                           Wing Cannon  *Juggles*
QCF+3+4                       CLOISONNE  *Critical*
f+4                           Arch Kick
f,f+4                         Alto Rodeo Stomp
  ~B                            (BT)
d/f+4>4                       Shut Up Stomper
d/b+4                         EDELWEISS SWEEP  *Critical - Juggles on CH*
u/f+4,3                       Mustang Lance
WS+4                          Rising Lance  
b+(1+3)_(2+4)                 Mid/High Punch Reversal
u~u/b                         Backflip
b,b~u/b                       Run-Up Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
b+1+4                         Final Spine Shot  *Unblockable*          Elevenstring
4.1.3.(3+4)3..4.3.1.(3+4).4   Tenstring

Back Turned (BT) Stance - (b+3+4)
1,2                           Cancer Une-Deux
2                             Rompez Fleuret
1+2                           Temptest
d+3,4                         Antelope Kicks
3+4                           Twist Fleuret, (BT)
  2                             Daisy Switch
d+3+4                         Flat Trip  *Juggles*, (BT)
  ~f                            Face Forward
4,3+4                         Spinning Edge, (BT)

Sample Combos
d/f+3+4, BT d+1, WS+2, 2, d+2,2,3 -=- 7 Hits -=- 51 pts.
WS+2, u/f+3+4, 1, 1,2, u/f+3+4,3+4 -=- 7 Hits -=- 53 pts.
u/f+3, d/f+1, d/f+1, 1, 1,2,4 -=- 7 Hits -=- 43 pts.
d/f+2, f+2,3, d/f+3+4, BT 1, 3,2,3 -=- 8 Hits -=- 57 pts.
d/b+4, d/f+2, d/f+1, 1, d+2,2,3 -=- 7 Hits -=- 58 pts.


| LAW (Marshall) |

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Twin Dragonstrike {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Leg Grab Takedown {2}
         d/f+1+2            Chastisement Punch {1+2}
           1,2,1+2            Bulldog
         f+2+3              Dragon Dive {1}
         f,f+3+4            Dragon Knee  *Juggles* {1+2}
         (DSS_DFS) 2+4      Triple Facekick Throw {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Headlock Kick {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Dragon Jewel Punch {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Throat Punch

1~[1],[1],[1]               Punch Rush
  1                           Punch
  2                           Rush Fist
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
    2                           Rush Fist
    F+2                         Midchop
      >1+2                        Power Backfist
      >2                          Dragon Knuckle
        ~b,f                        (DSS)
    3                           Rush Knee
    u/f+3,4                       Fake Flip, Skyscraper  *Juggles*
      ~b,f                          (DFS)
d+1,3                       Ducking Strike, Twist Kick
b+1                         Dragon Rain
  ~b,f                        (DSS)
  >2                          Dragon Thunder
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
    >2                          Dragon Storm
u/f+1,3                     Mugging Attack
QCF+1,2,1                   Flurry Fists
  2                           Whack Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+1,2                      Disoriented Fists
  ~b,f                        (DSS)
d+1+2                       (DSS) Stance  *High/Mid Punch Parry*
f+1+2                       Overhead Smash
BT 1+2                      Dragon Back Blow
WS+1+2                      Generic Riser
2,2                         Rage Dragon, (BT)
  1,2                         Dragon Fist Rage
    ~D                          Full Crouch
2,f+2,2                     Jab, Dragon Knuckles
f+2~1                       1-Inch Punch  *Stuns*
b+2,2                       Slick Backfists
b+2,3                       Junkyard Combo
  4                           Junkyard Kick  *Juggles*
    ~b,f                        (DFS)
  d+4                         Dragon's Tail
(FC_d)+2,3                  DRAGON SKYSCRAPER  *Critical - Juggles*
d/b+2                       Elbow, (BT)
  4                           Frogman, (BT)
    ~D                          Lie Down, (FU/FA)
F+2>2                       Dragon Knuckle
  1+2                         Spread Backfist
  >2                          Knuckle Combo
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
f,f+2                       Dragon Punch
  >1>3                        Dragon Strike
  3                           Head Ringer
d/f+2                       Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Power Uppercut  *Juggles*
SS+2                        Gut Punch
  ~b,f                        (DSS)
  1                           Gut Strike
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
    2                           Third Strike
      ~b,f                        (DSS)
      >1                           Backfist
BT 2,2                      Elbow, Power Backfist
3,3                         Feint Step-In Kick
3,4                         High Tails
d+3,3                       Dragon Low Hook
b+3                         ROLLING RIGHT KICK  *Critical*
d/b+3                       Leg Hunter Kick
d/f+3,3                     Mid/Low Lunge Kicks
  3                           Highkick
  4                           Flipkick
f,f+3                       Fierce Lunge Kick
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
(u/f_u_u/b)+3,4             Hopkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
(U/F_U_U/B)+3,4             Fake Flip, Skyscraper Kick  *Juggles*
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3              DRAGON SLIDE  *Critical*, (FU/FT)
FC+3,4                      Crouchkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
WS+3                        Twist Kick, (DFS)
BT u/f+3,4                  Turning Jumpkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
WR+3                        Kang Kick
3+4                         Stepping Drake
(d+3+4)_(FC+4),3            Shin Kick Somersault  *Juggles*
f+3+4                       Flying Axe  *Juggles on CH*
b+3+4                       LEANBACK THRUST  *Special*
d/f+3+4                     Banana Peel
u/f+3+4                     Uhara Stomp
SS+3+4                      Bicycle Kick
CH 4                        Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
FC,u/b_u_u/f+4              Low Flipkick  *Juggles*
  3                           Double Flipkick  *Juggles*
FC,U/B_U_U/F+4              High Flipkick
FC,U/B_U_U/F+3+4            Super Flipkick, (FU/FT)
4,(u_u/f)+3                 Roundhouse, Flipkick  *Juggles*
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
4,3,                        High Kick, Spin Kick
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
  4                            High Kick
    ~b,f                        (DFS)
f,f+4,3                     Velocity Legs
b+4,3                       Tiger Fang Kicks
d+4,3                       Stepping Razor
u/f+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
U/F+4                       Flip Kick  *Juggles*
  3                           Double Flipkick  *Juggles*
WS+4,3                      Rising Kick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       DRAGON'S TAIL  *Critical*
  4                           Flipkick  *Juggles*
d/f+4,3                     Thrust Kick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
BT 4,3                      Wolf Fang Kicks
BT d+4                      Mule Sweep  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
1+2+3+4                     Kiai Powerup
  *Hold 1+2+3+4*              Supercharge
    2                           Destiny Fist  *Juggles*
(FU/FT)_(FU/FA) 1+2+3+4     Despondent Rise
d/b+1+2                     Dragon Fang  *Unblockable*
  u,u                         Fang Cancel, (DSS)
  1,3                         Mugging Attack
b+1+2                       High/Medium Punch Parry  *If Punch is Caught*
  1                           Tricky Trap  *Turns Opponent Around*
  2                           Tricky Fist  *Stuns*
  3                           Tricky Step-In Kick
  4                           Tricky Lowkick
b+2+4                       High/Mid Parry
  ~b,f                        (DSS)  *Only if Parry Connects*
d/f+             Tenstring
d/f+122.13.3.D+3.D+3.(3_4).4.4   Tenstring
d/f+          Tenstring
d/f+  Tenstring

Dragon Sign Stance (DSS) or Dragon Fake Step (DFS) - d+1+2
DFS b,f                     (DSS)
1                           Dragon Knuckle
  >f+1                        Dragon Rave
  4                           Legend Kick
f+1                         Dragon Rave
1+2                         1-Inch Backfist
2                           Skull Rocker
f+2,2>1>2                   Dragon Judgement
  ~D                          Full Crouch
f+2~1                       1-Inch Punch  *Stuns*
f+2>f+2                     Rave Combo
  >1+2                        Rave Fang
  >2                          Rave War
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
2+4                         3x Facekick Throw {2}
3                           Whipping Kick
f+3                         Dragon Cannon
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
3+4                         Legend Kick
f+3+4                       Flying Axe  *Juggles on CH*
b+3+4                       Leanback Thrust
u/f+3+4                     Uhara Stomp
4,3                         Junkyard Kicks  *Juggles*

Tricky Step Stance - b+1+2 (Missed Parry)
1                           Dragon Knuckle
  >f+1                        Dragon Rave
  4                           Legend Kick
f+1                         Dragon Rave
1+2                         Fake Hook
2                           Fake Uppercut  *Juggles*
3                           Fake Step Cannon
f+3                         Dragon Cannon
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
3+4                         Stepping Drake
f+3+4                       Flying Axe  *Juggles on CH*
b+3+4                       Leanback Thrust
u/f+3+4                     Uhara Stomp
4,3                         Junkyard Kicks  *Juggles*

Sample Combos
d/f+2, b+2,3,4, f,f+2,1,3 -=- 7 Hits -=- 48 pts.
WS+2, 4, b+2,3,4 -=- 5 Hits -=- 46 pts.
f,f+3+4, 1,2,3, b+4,3 -=- 6 Hits -=- 35 pts.
U/F+4,3, b+2, f,f+2,1,3 -=- 6 Hits -=- 58 pts.
u/f+4, 4,u+3, f,f+4,3 -=- 5 Hits -=- 42 pts.


| MIGUEL CABALLERO ROJO | - Unlockable Character

(Front)   (1+3)_(f+1+3)     Enhancer {1}
          (2+4)_(f+2+4)     Bottleneck {2}
          d/f+1+2           Exciter {1+2}
(Left)    (1+3)_(2+4)       Slash Beat {1}
(Right)   (1+3)_(2+4)       Blast Beat {2}
(Back)    (1+3)_(2+4)       Shock Howling

1,2                         Punch, Back Knuckle
  1+2                         Hammering Attack  *Juggles on CH*
  4                           Upper Stroke
    F                           (SAV)
1,3                         Punch, Low Kick
b+1                         Rimshot
  F                           (SAV)
  4                           Low Rimshot Joint
b,f+1                       Obligarde
d/f+1                       Choking
  F                           (SAV)
  2                           Body Blow
d/f+1,1                     Double Choking
  F                           (SAV)
  2                           Body Blow
  3                           Low Kick
    F                           (SAV)
d/b+1                       DOWN PICKING  *Critical - Juggles*
WS+1                        Brass Upper
  F                           (SAV)
u/f+1                       Staccato Dunk
  F                           (SAV)
1+2                         Hammering
  D                           Full Crouch
  1+2                         Double Hammering
d+1+2                       BLOCKBUST  *Special*
f+1+2                       Inductance
b+1+2                       Arming  *Stuns on CH*
  F                           (SAV)
WS+1+2                      Wide Freight
(FC_d/b)+1+2                Tackle Takedown
2,1                         Separation Hook
  F                           (SAV)
f+2                         Buzz Strike  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+2                       Megawatt Upper
  1                           LOUD UPPER COMBO  *Critical*
  2                           Double Megawatt
    ~D                          Megawatt Cancel
b+2                         Pulling Off  *Stuns on CH*
  2                           Tearning Off
d+2                         Tapping
d/f+2,1                     BEAT UPPER  *Critical - Juggles*
d/f+2,2                     Beat Chopping
WS+2,2                      Distortion Slash  *Juggles*
  2                           Slashfist
FC,d/f+2                    Bucking, (FU/FA)  *Stuns on CH*
f+2+3                       CARGO RIDE  *Critical*
3                           Power Cord
  4                           Leg Socket  *Stuns on CH*
f+3,4                       Escassion
f,f+3                       Dirige Coche  *Stuns*
d+3                         Low Kick
d+3                         War Pedal  *Only on Fallen Opponent*
b+3                         Vibe Roller
  F                           (SAV)
d/f+3,2                     Brushing
d/b+3                       Heel Down
  F                           (SAV)
  4                           Double Heel Down
u/f+3                       Inlay Kick
WS+3                        Bridge Kick
WR+3                        Running Kickstart
3+4                         (SAV) - Savage Stance
d+3+4                       Quick Ankle Kick
b+4                         Phase Boots
f+4,2                       Cyclone Slap
d/f+4,1                     Cutting
  F                           (SAV)
  1                           Cutting Edge  *Stuns on CH*
d+4,1+2                     Sanding and Bunking
  F                           (SAV)
d/b+4                       Ankle Biter
u/f+4                       Rear Kick  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+4                    Decay Sweep  *Juggles*
b,u/b~b                     Wall Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
1+4                         Chouhatsu Taunt
f+3+4                       Dead Point Taunt
  ~F                          Death Point  *Unblockable*
(WS+1+2).  Tenstring

Savage Stance (SAV) - 3+4
d/f_d/b                     (SAV) Cancel
1                           Blister Knuckle
  F                           (SAV)
  1                           Twin Blister  *Stuns on CH*
  >2                          Blister One-Two
    F                           (SAV)
    >1                          Blister Binding  *Juggles*
  4                           Blister Crunch
b+1                         Fade Slash
  F                           (SAV)
  2                           Choke Down 
  4                           Choke Up
d/f+1                       Pick-Upper
  F                           (SAV)
1+2                         Hammer Gut  *Juggles*
  *Hold 1+2*                  Power Gut  *Juggles*
f+1+2                       Bunking
  F                           (SAV)
2                           Down Stroke
b+2                         Rocknut  *Parries Mid/High Punches*
d/f+2                       Upstroke  *Juggles*
3                           Torn Knee
  F                           (SAV)
  3                           Double Torn  *Stuns on CH*
    F                           (SAV)
b+3                         Sandburst
  F                           (SAV)
d/b+3                       Tail Piece
  F                           (SAV)
4                           Resonance Spin
d+4                         Side Low
  F                           (SAV)
  3                           Side Jack
    F                           (SAV)
d/b+4                       Grand Winder

Sample Combos
FC,d/f+4, f,f+2,1 -=- 3 Hits -=- 44 pts.
WS+2,2, d/f+1, d/f+4,1, d/f+4,1,1 -=- 8 Hits -=- 51 pts.
u/f+4, d/f+1~F, SAV d/f+1, d/f+4,1, f,f+2,1 -=- 7 Hits -=- 52 pts.
d/b+1, WS+4, d+4,1+2 -=- 4 Hits -=- 3 pts.
d/f+2,1, d/f+1~F, SAV u/f+3, d/f+4,1~F, SAV 1,2,1 -=- 9 Hits -=- 62 pts.


| NINA WILLIAMS | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)                Wrist Flip {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)                Lifting Toss {2}, (BT)
           1,2,1                        Falling Elbow
             2,1,3                        Arm Lock
         d/f+1+3                      Stomach Elbow, Wrist Flip {1}
         d/f+2+4                      Hammer Lock, Guillotine Snap {2}
         d/f,d/f+1                    Embracing Elbow Strike {1+2}
         u/f+1+2                      Overhead Toss {1+2}
         QCF>1+2                      Palm Grab {2}
           3,4,3,1+2                    Flip-Over Armbar {1+2}
           2,3,4,2,2                    Enbracing Knee/Neck Snap {2}
             1,3+4,1,2,1+2                Falling Neck Snap {1}
             1,2,4,3,1+2+3                Turtleshell Flip {2}
           1,3,2,1                      Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1}
             3,1,4,1+2,1+2                Rear Gatelatch Falconwing {1}
             2,1,3,4,1+2                  Falling Reverse Arm Lock {2}
         QCB,1+4                      Knee Bash
           1,3,2,1                      Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1}
             3,1,4,1+2,1+2                Rear Gatelatch Falconwing {1}
             2,1,3,4,1+2                  Falling Reverse Arm Lock {2}
           2,1,1+2,1+2+3                Octopus Special {2}
             1,3+4,1,2,1+2                Falling Neck Snap {1}
             1,2,4,3,1+2+3                Turtleshell Flip {2}
         QCF>3+4                      Crab Claw {1}
           (3+4,3,4,1+2)_(:3,4,1+2)     Rolling Arm Bar {1}
           (3+4,4,2,1+2)_(:4,2,1+2)     Achilles Tendon Lock {2}
             3,1,4,2+4                    Knee Cross Lock {1}
             1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2              Rolling Achilles Tendon Lock {2}

Note: The throws after the Achilles Tendon Lock can also be done after
        the Bone Cutter (WR+3) or (u/f+3+4) connects on a Clean Hit.
      The throws after the Embracing Knee/Neck Snap can also be done after
        a sucessful 1+2 after a Spider Knee.
      The throws after the Palm Grab can also be done after Nina b+2+4
        Attack Reverses an opponent's Left Punch (1).

(Left)    (1+3)_(2+4)              Rolling Groin Hyperextension {1}
(Right)   (1+3)_(2+4)              Whipping Toss {2}
(Back)    (1+3)_(2+4)              Jumping Overhead 3-Limb Break
(Tackle)  [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 1+2    [Mounted Punches,] Armbar
          [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 3+4    [Mounted Punches,] Knee Cross Lock

1_(d/f+1)_(BT 1)_(BT 2)>2   1-2 Punches
  >f+1+2                      Double Palm
  1>2>f+1+2                   2 Punches, Double Palm
  >1>4                        Punch, Lowkick
  >3                          Spider Knee
    :1+2                        Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter
  >4                          Roundhouse
1,4                         Jab, Highkick
  1                           Spinning Knifehand  *Stuns on CH*
  3                           Low Sweep
b+1                         Killing Blade  *Stuns*
u/f+1                       Jumping Spinslap  *Juggles*
(d+1~N+4)_(FC_d+2,4)        S-Mid Jab, Frontkick
(d_FC)+1,2,4                Twin S-Mid Jabs, Sidekick
FC,b+1                      Helping Hand  *Stuns on CH*
QCF+1                       Dashing Uppercut  *Juggles*
SS+1                        Snake Shot
  ~F                          Forward Crouchdash  *Can Link QCF Moves*
  ~B                          Backward Crouchdash  *Can Link QCB Moves*
  2                           Double Shot
WS+1,1+2                    Fluttering Butterfly
(f_WS)+1+2                  BLONDE BOMB  *Critical*
f,f+1+2                     Bombshell Blast
  *Hold 1+2*                  Power Blaster
b+1+2                       Lunging Double Palm Press
d/f+1+2                     Cross Blade  *Stuns on CH*
SS+1+2                      Spinning Double Palm
1+4                         IVORY CUTTER  *Critical*
b+1+4                       EBONY CUTTER  *Critical - Juggles*
2                           Jab
  >1>4                        Twin Jab, Lowkick
  f+1+2                       Double Palm
  >3                          Spider Knee
    :1+2                        Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter
  >4                          Roundhouse
b+2,2,2                     Backhand Combo
  ~u_d                        Sidestep Cancel
f+2                         Makunasu Claw
  >1                          Shun Uppercut  *Stuns on CH*
    >1+2                        MAKUNASU FALLS  *Juggles*
f,f+2                       Black Palm
d+2,3                       Cutthroat
QCF+2                       Shut Up
d/b+2                       Forearm Chop  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+2                       Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/f+2                       Slap Uppercut
  >1                          BACKHAND  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
SS+2                        Palm Uppercut  *Juggles*
3                           Left Standing Kick
  SS Right                    Evasive Roll
    ~D                          Full Crouch
    1+2                         Spinning Double Palm
3,3                         Highkick, Lowkick
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Highkick
  d+4                         Lowkick
3>4                         Twin Highkick
f+3                         Twin Flicker Face Kicks  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+3                       Bad Habit  *Stuns on CH*
(FC_d)+3                    Low Kick
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  N+4,3                       Easy Prey
  d+4                         Lowkick
b+3>4                       Snare Leg, Trap Kick
WS+3                        Spider Knee
  :1+2                        Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter
WR+3                        Bone Cutter  *Clean Hit - Achilles Tendon Lock*
QCF+3                       Sable Slide
d/f+3                       Sidekick
  >1                          Jab
    ~U_D                        Sidestep Cancel
    >2>f+1+2                    Punch, Double Palm
  >2                          Jab
    >1>4                        Jab,Lowkick
    >3                          Divine Cannon  *Juggles*
    D+3                         Lowkick
      2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
      4                           Highkick
    4                           Roundhouse
  >3>3>4                      Sidekicks, Highkick
  >4                          Leaping Roundhouse
    3+4                         Deadly Hunter
    4                           Deadly Assault
  >f+4                        Head Ringer
d/b+3                       Stiletto Heel
(u/f)_u_(u/b)+3             Cat Hopkick
u/f,N,d+3                   Hopping Lowkick
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  3                           Sidekick
  4                           Roundhouse
d/b+3+4                     DIVINE CANNON  *Special*
d+3+4                       Foot Stomp  *Opponent Must Be Grounded*
u/f+3+4                     Bone Cutter  *Clean Hit - Achilles Tendon Lock*
4                           Right Standing Kick  *Juggles on CH*
  SS Left                     Evasive Roll
    ~D                          Full Crouch
    1+2                         Spinning Double Palm
4,3                         Highkick, Lowkick
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Highkick
  d+4                         Lowkick
  d+4~N+3                     Guillotine Axes
f+4                         High Heel Lance
  3                           Jigsaw Heel  *Juggles*
    3                           Dropping Heel
  >4                          Lance Flick
f,f+4                       Flipstomp  *Techroll to Avoid Damage to Nina*
b+4                         Stinger Frontkick
(d+4>1)_(FC+4,1)            Low Kick, Spinchop
  ~U_D                        Sidestep Cancel
(FC_d),d/f+4                WIPE THE FLOOR  *Critical*
(u_u/b_U/F)+4               Tsunami Axe Kick  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+4,3                     Leaping Hunting Kicks
  ~U_D                        Sidestep Cancel
  4                           Highkick
d/b+4                       Falling Ankle Kick (FD/FA)
  3                           Divine Cannon  *Juggles*
WS+4,3                      Flashing Escape
SS+4                        Sidestep Sweep  *Juggles on CH*
QCF,F+4,2                   Poisoned Blades  *Juggles*
  3                           Blade Kick
QCB+4                       Jigsaw Heel  *Juggles*
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BK)  *Against Wall*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Mid/High Reversal
  *Reversing a Left Punch chains into the Palm Grab Multithrow Starter*

d/b+1+2                     Hunting Swan  *Unblockable - u,u to Cancel*
HCF,D/B+2+3                 Stunning Breath  *Unblockable - Stuns*

1_(d/f+1)_(BK 1)_(BK 2)_(WS+1)>2>1>  Tenstring
1_(d/f+1)_(BK 1)_(BK 2)_(WS+1)>2>1>  Tenstring
1_(d/f+1)_(BK 1)_(BK 2)_(WS+1)>2>1>2..4.3.. Tenstring

Sample Combos
b+1+4, d/f+3,2, d/f+3,2, 1+4 -=- 8 Hits -=- 55 pts.
QCB+4, u/f+4, d/f+1, d/f+3,2,3 -=- 6 Hits -=- 61 pts.
u/f+2,1, d/f+3,2, f+1,2, f+1+2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 62 pts.
QCF+1, u/f+4, d/f+1, f+4,3,3 -=- 6 Hits -=- 61 pts.
d/f+2, d/f+3,2~d SS+1~b, u/f+4, QCF+4,2,3 -=- 8 Hits -=- 64 pts.



(Front)   (1+3)_(f+1+3)            Shoulder Toss {1}
          (2+4)_(f+2+4)            Shoulder Popper {2}, (FU/FT)
          2+4~b                    Bloody Palm {2}
          d/f+1+2                  Striking Shiho-Nage {1+2}
          f,f+1+2                  Shoulder Ram {1+2}
          b+1+4                    Stomach Throw {1}, (BT)
          d/f+1+3:QCF+2            Kongo Blast {1}
(Left)    (1+3)_(2+4)              Dragon Screw {1}
(Right)   (1+3)_(2+4)              Tripping Hip Toss {2}
(Back)    1+3                      Reverse Neck Throw
          2+4                      Gatelatch Slam
(Tackle)  [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 1+2    [Mounted Punches,] Armbar
	  (2,D+1,1),(N+4~1~1+2)    Ultimate Punishment {1}

1,2                         1-2 Jabs
1,4                         Punch, Lowkick
d+1                         Tile Splitter
  2                           Deathfist
  *Hold 2*                    Chaos Fist
  4,2                         Falling Leaf
b+1,2                       Double Strike
b,f+1                       T-Elbow
d/f+1                       Quick Body Hook
  ~b                          Backsway
  1,2                         Jishi Combo
QCF+1                       Elbow Rush  *Juggles*
QCB                         Backdash
  1                           Bounce Tile Splitter  *Juggles on CH*
  1+2                         Knuckleduster  *Juggles*
  2                           Smoking Palm Strike
  3,2                         Low Sweep, Elbow
    >1                          Power Cutter
    >3                          Lightning Bolt
  4                           Phoenix Roundhouse
SS+1                        Hammer Smash  *Stuns on CH*
f+1+2                       Overhead Smash
b+1+2                       Hassou Strike
d+1+2                       IRON MOUNTAIN  *Special*
(FC_d/b)+1+2                Ultimate Tackle
(FC,d/f)_(QCF)+1+2          GUNBA  *Critical*
f+1+4                       Sidestepping Shoulder Ram
2,3_(d+3)                   Punch, Kick_(Lowkick)
d+2                         Stone Splitter  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
b+2                         Stunstrike  *Stuns on CH*
f+2,3,1                     Quick P-K Smash
f,f+2                       Dashing Elbow
  1                           Lungefist
    ~b                          Lungefist Cancel
  :1                          HOLY DRAGON CLAW  *Critical*
  2                           Lifting Leg Punch  *Juggles*
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       Ouha
u/f+2                       Mortar Punch
(u_u/b)+2                   Clock Cleaner
WS+2                        Thunder Liftpalm  *Juggles*
QCF+2                       DEATHFIST  *Critical*
(FC,d/f)_(D/F#)+2           Elbow
  >1                          Lungefist
  >2                          Lifting Leg Punch  *Juggles*
    ~(b_d/b)                    Leg Punch Cancel
3,2                         Piston Fire
d/b+3                       Spinning Ankle Crack
WS+3,2                      Knee Wrecker Combo
SS+3                        Ankle Kickout
QCF+3                       Gengetsu
b+3                         Knee Headstrike  *Stuns*
d/f+3,4                     Phoenix Wings
  *Hold 4*                    Power Phoenix  *Stuns*
u/f+3,4                     2 Jumping Kicks
f,f+3,4                     2 Jumping Kicks  *Juggles*
  >4                          Highkick
  >(f+4)_(d+4)                Midkick_Lowkick
QCF+3+4                     Mountain Raze  *Juggles*
b+4                         Ankle Bite
d/f+4                       Mid Stomach Kick  *Stuns on CH*
u/f+4                       Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
f,f+4                       Somersault Flip  *Juggles*
d+4,2                       Falling Leaf
  1+2                         SPREAD BACKHAND  *Critical*
D#(2 seconds)               Restless Taunt  *Auto-Powerup*
  u+3+4                       Idiot Flip Kick (FD/FA)  *Paul Takes Damage*
b,b~u/b                     Jumping Kick  *Against Wall*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Reversal

b,b+1+2                     Burning Fist  *Unblockable*

1232..1.2..          Tenstring
1231..           Tenstring
1231..2                     Fivestring

Sample Combos
u/f+4, 1,2, QCF+2 -=- 4 Hits -=- 39 pts.
d/f+2, 1, QCB+3,2,1 -=- 5 Hits -=- 42 pts.
WS+2, 1,2, d+4,2,1+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 54 pts.
QCF+1, d/f+1, f+2,3,1 -=- 5 Hits -=- 51 pts.
QCB+1+2, u/f+3, d+4,2,1+2 -=- 5 Hits -=- 58 pts.


| STEVE FOX | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)          Stomach Gutter, Tossaway {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)          Rabbit Punch {2}
         f,f+1+2                Lifting Arm Snap, Arm Suplex {1+2}
         (Flicker) 1+2          Gryphon Throw {1+2}
         (PKB) 1+2              Ten Count {1+2}
         QCB+2+4                Hip Toss, Falling Elbow {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)            Gut Slugger Toss {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)            Neck Takedown, Neck Snap {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)            Hugging Slam

1,1                             Snap Jabs
  d+1                             Body Blow
    ~B                              (FLI)
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
  2                               Shining Fist
1,2,1                           British Rush
  ~B                              (FLI)
  ~F                              (PKB)
  2                               British Edge
    3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
  d+2                             British Sweep
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
d+1                             Ankle Chaser
b+1                             Rushing Punch
  ~B                              (FLI)
  2                               Qick Two
    ~F                              (PKB)
  d+2,1                           Frigate Edge
u/f+1                           Dashing Fist
d/f+1,2                          Uppercut, Straight Punch  *Stuns on CH*
  1                               Straight Punch Feint, Left Hook
    ~B                              (FLI)
  f+1+2                           Straight Punch Feint, 1-2 Punch
  2                               Straight Punch Feint, Body Hook
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
u/b+1                           Leaning Gunshot
d/f+1+2                         SONIC FANG  *Special*
QCF+1                           Brit Smash
  ~B                              (FLI)
WS+1,2                          UPPERCUT, OVERHEAD BOMB  *Critical*
WR+1                            Low Scooper
f+1+2                           Gyroscopes
  ~F                              (PKB)
  1                               Gyroscopes Hook
d+1+2                           Ground Punch  *Grounded Opponent Only*
SS+1+2                          Foul Play
WS+1+2                          Finishing Blow  *Juggles*
2,1                             Short British Edge
  ~F                              (PKB)
  ~B                              (FLI)
  2                               Edge Upper
f+2,1                           Dashing Midpunch, Body Hook
  ~F                              (PKB)
  ~B                              (FLI)
  2                               Hook Feint, Delayed Blow
f,f+2                           EAGLE CLAW  *Critical*
b+2                             Body Bomb  *Stuns*
d+2,1,2                         Low Punch, Uppercut, Right Hook
d+2~N+1                         Low Punch Feint, Uppercut
  2                               Overhead Punch
  f+2                             British Hook
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
u/f+2                           Jumping Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/b+2                           Arrow Punch
WR+2                            Superman Punch
WS+2                            Rising Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
d/f+2                           Crescent Hook  *Stuns on CH*
[FC,]d/b+2                      LOW SWEEP PUNCH  *Critical*
3                               Left Sway Stance
d/b+3                           Low Knee Check
  2                               Left Hook
u/f+3                           Hopping Stomp
  2                               Dirty Smash
f+(3_4)                         Ducking Stance
F+3_4 *Hold F+3_4*              Power Ducking Stance
b+(3_4)                         Back Sway Stance
f+3+4                           Peekaboo Stance - (PKB)
b+3+4                           Flicker Stance - (FLI)
3+4                             Albatross Spin
4                               Right Sway Stance
u/f+4                           Hopping Snapkick  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                         Jumping Overhead Bomb  *Against Wall*
2+3+4                           Provocation Taunt
b+1+2                           High/Mid Punch Parry
QCB,f+2                         Mach Wick  *Unblockable*
d/f+1,2~f+1+2,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,2   Tenstring
d/f+1,2~f+1+2,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,f+2 Tenstring
d/f+1,2~f+1+2,1,1,2,1,1,3,2,3+4 Tenstring

Flicker Stance - (FLI) - b+3+4
1,[1]                           Left Punch[es]
  ~B                              (FLI)
  1                               Left Punch
    ~B                              (FLI)
    2                               Overhead Punch
  f+1                             Overhead Left
  (u_d)+1                         Left Body Hook
  2                               Overhead Punch
QCF+1                           Brit Smash
  ~B                              (FLI)
b+1+2                           High/Mid Punch Parry
2                               Overhead Punch
b+2                             Trident Lunge
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition

Peekaboo Stance - (PKB) - f+3+4
f                               Peekaboo Walk, (PKB)
d/b                             Peekaboo Cancel
1,2,1                           Albion Rush, (PKB)
d/f+1                           Argos Hook, (PKB)
  1,2,1                           Argos Rush
  2                               Cross Cut
d+1                             Patella Smash, (PKB)
b+1,1,2,1                       Lancaster Rush
  ~B                              (FLI)
f+1+2                           Break, (PKB)
2                               Spite Hook, (PKB)
f+2                             Gazelle Upper, (PKB)
b+2                             Leaning Meathook
d+2                             Leg Cracker
d/f+2                           Cutting Elbow  *Juggles*, (PKB)
(u_u/f)+2                       Dreadnaught Upper  *Juggles*
d/f+3+4                         Cobra Weave
  (F#_D/F#)+2,1,2,1,2...          Dempsy Roll
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition

Left Sway Stance- 3
1                               Left Shot
  ~b                              (FLI)
  >1                              Gut Hook
  f+1,1                           Centurion Rush
    ~b                              (FLI)
2                               Short Shoulder
  ~F                              (PKB)
  1                               Billy Club
b+3                             Back Sway Stance
f+3                             Ducking Stance
(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)                 Sway Stance Transition

Right Sway Stance - 4
1                               Short Shoulder
  ~F                              (PKB)
  2                               Dashing Cut  *Juggles*
2                               RIGHT BODY HOOK  *Critical*
(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)                 Sway Stance Transition

Back Sway Stance - b+3_4_(3+4)
1                               Overhead Bomb
2                               Limbo Uppercut  *Stuns*
(u+3_4)_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition

Ducking Stance - f+3_4
1                               Stomach Uppercut
2                               Power Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+2                             Right Hook
1+2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1           Tenstring
(u+3_4)_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition

Power Ducking Stance - F+3_4 (Hold F+3_4 until Grunt)
d_d/f                           Sway Stance In
u/f_u_u/b                       Sway Stance Out
1                               Spark Gazelle Punch  *Juggles*
N+2                             Spark Sea Hawk Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+2                             Spark Sea Hawk Hook  *Stuns*

Albatross Spin - 3+4
~[U_D]                          Sidestep Spin
  ~F                              (PKB)
  1                               Spinning Gutpunch
  d+1                             Spinning Low Punch
2                               Spin-Around Right
d+2                             Low Punch

Sample Combos
f+3,2, 1, d/f+1,2,1~b, FLI 1,2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 43 pts.
u/f+4, 1, 1, 1,2,1,2 -=- 7 Hits -=- 45 pts.
u/f+2, d/f+1,2,1~b, (FLI) 1,1,[1],2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 50 pts.
b+3,2, d/f+1, 1,2,1,d+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 56 pts.
(F+3)#,N+2, f+3,1, d/f+1,2,1~b, FLI 1,2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 57 pts.


| XIAOYU (Ling) | - Unlockable Character

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Slap, Forearm Chop {1}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      360 Degree Flip {2}
         d/f+1+2            Wristlock Flip {1+2}
         f+2+3              Human Hurdle {2}
         D/F+2+4            Shoulder Flip  {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Arm Hook Toss {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Reverse Flip {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Spinning Leg Trip

1,2,1                       Double Jabs, Storming Flower
1,d+2                       Jab, Uppercut, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Foward
  1+2                         Bird Flock
f,f+1                       Poison Flower
  ~D                          (AOP)
  3                           White Moon Kick
  4                           White Moon Axe
b+1                         Knifehand Reversal  *(BT) on Hit*
  ~B                          Face Forward  *Only on Successful Hit*
d+1                         Windmill Slaps
  D                           (AOP)
d/b+1                       STORMING FLOWER  *Special - Horizon Taunt on CH*
u+1                         Upward Slap, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Foward
d/f+1                       Turning Palm, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Foward
1+2                         Bird Flock
f+1+2                       Clouded Peak
f,f+1+2,1+2                 WING STRIKES  *Critical - 2nd Hit Juggles on CH*
u+1+2~3+4                   Overhead Slaps, Spin Cancel
u+1+2,2>1                   Overhead Slaps, Midpunch, Storming Flower
  ~B                          Flower Cancel, (BT)
u/f+1+2                     Red Sparrow Strike  *Juggles on CH*
d/b+1+2                     Crouching Jab
1+4                         High/Mid Parry
2,1                         Jab, Palmslap, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Forward
f+2,1,4                     Sun Rotation Dance
b+2                         Seven Stars, (BT)
  2                           Star Fist, (BT)
d/f+2                       Lifting Palm
  ~1                          Twin Lifting Palms  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Rising Slap  *Juggles on CH*, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Foward
  *Hold Down 2*               Slow Rising Slap  *Juggles*, (BT)
    ~F                          Face Forward
FC,d/f+2                    Lotus Twist
  ~D/F                        (BT)
  1                           Lotus Slap
    ~d/f                        (BT)
f,f+2>1                     Midpunch, Storming Flower
  ~B                          Flower Cancel, (BT)
3                           Forward Cloud Kick
b+3                         Overhead Footstrike, (BT)
d+3,4                       Low Sweep, High Roundhouse
f+3,1                       Rising Knee, Spinning Slap, (BT) 
  1+2                         Wings of Fury
f,f+3                       Raccoon Kick, (BT)
d/f+3                       Axe Stomp
  ~(D/B_D_D/F)                (AOP)
  4                           Skyscraper Kick
FC+3,2                      Sweep, Backhand (BT)
  1>4                         Lifting Flurry  *Juggles*
d/b+3                       Offensive Shove
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Bolting Rabbit  *Juggles*
SS+3                        Power Sweep  *Juggles*
  ~B                          Sweep Cancel, (BT)
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
WS+3                        Swan Hook
WR+3                        Diving Falcon, (AOP)
b+3+4                       (BT) Position
u/f+3+4                     Descending Stomps  *(BT) if Misses*
u/b+3+4                     Layout Flipkick  *Juggles*
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
4                           Skyscraper Foot
4~3                         FLIPSTOMP  *Critical - Juggles on CH*
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
SS+4                        Wang Sweep
f+4,4                       High/Low Mixer
f,f+4                       Lunging Kick
  :4                          Blocked Kickoff  *If Opponent Blocks Kick*
d/f+4                       Toe Kick
d/b+4                       Kneecap Kick
(u_u/f)+4                   Overhead Kick
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
b+4,4                       Ribkick, Mouth Knocker
FC,d/f+4                    Spin Sweep, (AOP)
  4                           2nd Spin Sweep
WS+4                        Skyscraper Kick
WS,b+4                      Falling Tiger Kick
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
u+41.2.(1+2).   Tenstring  *Stopping after 6th hit - (BT)*
u+41.244..2.1+2.1.4..2      Tenstring  *Stopping after 4th hit - (AOP)*

d+1+2                       (AOP) Stance
b+1+2                       Clockwise Circle Walk
  1+2                         Circle Walk Direction Change
  b+1+2                       Circle Walk Contiuation
  2+3                         Power Spinstrike  *Unblockable*
  >2                          Spinstrike
  3                           Stepping Razor *Stuns on CH*
  3+4                         Leaping Layout
  4                           Falling Tiger Kick
3+4                         Axis Spin In  *Parries Punches*
d+3+4                       Axis Spin Out  *Parries Punches*
f+3+4                       Forward Dive
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
b+3+4                       (BT) Position, Small Step Counter-Clockwise
f,f+3+4                     Overhead Flip
FC,d/b+3+4                  Crouching Backturn, (BT)
1+3+4                       Horizon Taunt
2+3+4                       Waving Taunt

Backturned Position - (BT) - b+3+4
1                           Reverse Elbow
  4                           Hidden Fortune
f,f+1                       Silver Needle, (AOP)
d+(1_2)                     Low Punch
1+2,1+2                     Battering Winds
f+1+2                       Cracking Palms
f,f+(1+3)_(2+4)             Reverse Dash Grab
1+4                         Backturned High/Mid Parry
d+1+4                       Backturned Low Parry
2                           Backhand (BT)
  1>4                         Lifting Flurry  *Juggles*
  2                           Windmill Slap
    1                           Windmill Slaps
      ~(D/B_D_D/F)                (Phoenix)
3                           Horse Kickout, Forward Tumble, (BT)
d+3                         Reverse Ankle Kick, (BT)
  ~D                          Face Forward
f,f+3                       Skip Midkick, (BT)
4                           Reverse Hook Kick  *Juggles*
d+4                         Power Sweep  *Juggles*
(d/f_d/b)+4                 Offensive Shove
d+1+2                       (AOP) Stance
3+4                         Backturned Axis Spin In
d+3+4                       Backturned Axis Spin Out
b+3+4                       Rain Dance Dodge, (BT)
f+3+4                       Roll Towards Opponent, (BT)
  ~3+4                        Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+3+4                     Reverse Overhead Flip  *Throw on Clean Hit*

Art of Phoenix Stance - (AOP) - d+1+2
d                           Phoenix Duck, (AOP)
(u/b_u_u/f)                 Stand Up
1,2                         Double Serving, (BT)
2                           Hard Stomach Strike
  >1                          Storming Flower
d+1                         Phoenix Lowstrike  *Throw on CH*
1+2                         PHOENIX BEAK  *Critical - Stuns on CH*
d+1+2                       Phoenix Uppercut  *Juggles*
3                           Low Kick, (AOP)
u/f+3                       Jumpkick
  1                           Phoenix Wing, (AOP)
  3                           Thrustkick
  4                           Skyscraper Snap
(u/b_u_u/f),N+3             Piroette Kick  *Turns Opponent BK when Hit*
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
U/F#,3                      Phoenix Hopsweep  *Juggles*
3+4                         Chang Cannon
4                           Rising Boot
f+4                         Spin Sweep, (AOP)
  4                           2nd Spin Sweep
(u_u/f)+4                   Twirling Kick
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
  4                           2nd Twirling Kick
(u/b_u_u/f),N+4             Sky Kick
4~3                         SCISSORLEG SWEEP, (FU/FT)  *Critical*
  ~(U_D)                      Rollout Standup
1+3                         Clockwise Axis Roll
  ~(U_D_F_B)                  Throw Cancel
2+4                         Counter-Clockwise Axis Roll, Throw [Cancel]
  ~(U_D_F_B)                  Throw Cancel
f+3+4                       Forward Roll
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
b+3+4                       (BT) Position

Sample Combos
d/f+2~1, 1,d+2, (BT) 2,1, f,f+1+2,1+2 -=- 8 Hits -=- 47 pts.
SS+3, b+3, (BT) 2,1, f,f+1+2,1+2 -=- 6 Hits -=- 53 pts.
(BT) 4, b+3, (BT) 2,2,2, (BT) f+3+4~3+4 -=- 6 Hits -=- 49 pts.
u/f+3, d/f+2, f+3,1, (BT) 2,1, d/b+1 -=- 7 Hits -=- 51 pts.
(AOP) d+1+2, U/F,N+4, f+3,1, (BT) 2,2, (BT) f+3+4~3+4 -=- 5 Hits -=- 62 pts.


Contributors: kayuza, jedibob, Star Saber, tyler2k, Jaguar Clash, Baraka,
-------------    Monokeros, Abigan2K, J Boot, KazMish2K5, Krzysztof Bielen,
                 oVo, sspaajms120, gaboyasha, AZYG4LYFE, synce.


Special Thanks
EFNet IRC channel #tekken
MarkMan at http://sdtekken.com
Castel at http://tekkenzaibatsu.com
Aris at http://avoidingthepuddle.com
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